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Jamie Farr picks his 10 favorite 'M*A*S*H' episodes

The 'M*A*S*H' star tells you why his picks are "The Best by Farr"

Jamie Farr, who portrayed the beloved Corporal Max Klinger on M*A*S*H, selected his 10 favorite episodes of the groundbreaking sitcom. In the exclusive videos below, Farr shares cherished M*A*S*H memories as he explains why he picked each episode.


The Klinger Wardrobe Shocker

Episode: "Chief Surgeon Who?"

Jamie Farr remembers being introduced to Corporal Klinger's unusual wardrobe for the first time.


Klinger Goes Hang Gliding

Episode: "The Trial of Henry Blake"

Remember the hang gliding Klinger? Jamie Farr shares the story behind the high-flying scene.


Klinger the Nurse

Episode: "Crisis"

Cramped quarters and Corporal Klinger’s eccentricities in "Crisis" continue to crack Jamie Farr up as he reminisces on the episode.


Klinger in Love

Episode: "Springtime"

Klinger, marriage and broken high heels — Jamie Farr speaks about why "Springtime" is one of his fondest M*A*S*H memories.


Klinger & General MacArthur

Episode: "Big Mac"

Klinger dressed as the Statue of Liberty elicits a salute from General MacArthur! But nothing could prepare Jamie Farr for fan reactions after the episode aired.


The Surprise of “Abyssinia, Henry”

Episode: "Abyssinia, Henry"

Jamie Farr explains why the shocker in "Abyssinia, Henry" was a surprise to the cast as well as the viewers.


Ab Libbed Interviews

Episode: "The Interview"

Jamie Farr discusses how he enjoyed the ad libbed nature of “The Interview.”


Ab Libbed Movie Night

Episode: "Movie Tonight"

Those jabs at Father Mulcahy weren’t in the script! In another ab libbed moment, the cast spontaneously came up with dialogue in "Movie Tonight."


Klinger Held Hostage

Episode: "What’s Up, Doc?"

When Klinger is taken hostage by a wounded soldier who wants to go back to Toledo, hilarity ensues. Jamie Farr cracks up remembering how his character did all he could to be held at gunpoint.


An Episode in One Take

Episode: "Point of View"

Jamie Farr talks about the pressure of shooting one-take episode “Point of View.”

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