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Quiz: Which TV crime solver should you partner with?

Matlock, Rockford, Mason, Quincy. Some of these P.I.s and puzzle solvers had sidekicks. Some just had cool cars. But they all needed help. 

So, which memorable television sleuth should you team up with? Answer these questions and find out.
  1. Pick a color.
  2. How much should we charge the clients?
  3. What should we wear?
  4. What kind of car are we driving around?
  5. Stakeout time. We have to sit in the car for hours. You supply the snacks.
  6. Pop a cassette in the car stereo.
  7. Quick, the suspect is getting away by sailboat! What should we do?
  8. We have some down time now. What should we do?
  9. What special skill do you possess?
  10. What branch of the Armed Forces would you join?
  11. There's a body on the floor.
Quiz: Which TV crime solver should you partner with?

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