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Which came first?

We'll give you two items, you have to guess which one is older.

  1. 'I Love Lucy' or 'The Honeymooners'?
  2. Doritos or Fritos?
  3. Mary Tyler Moore or Valerie Harper?
  4. Burger Chef or Burger King?
  5. NBC or CBS? (On television, not radio.)
  6. MacGyver or The A-Team?
    Image: (right) Universal Television
  7. Twinkies or Oreos?
  8. White Castle or Wendy's?
  9. Bottle Caps or Now & Laters?
    Image: (right) Odyssey, (left) Evan-Amos
  10. Don Knotts or Andy Griffith?
  11. Lemonheads or Gobstoppers?
    Images: (left), (right) Evan-Amos
  12. Last one: 'The Addams Family' or 'The Munsters'?
Which came first?

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