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Which 'Taxi' character are you?

Are you a Latka, an Elaine or a Louie?

It takes all types to drive a cab. Taxi featured one of the great ensemble casts in television history. Danny DeVito, Andy Kaufman, Marilu Henner, Carol Kane, Christopher Lloyd — we could go on.

Just about every personality type was working at the fictional Sunshine Cab Company. So, which of these iconic sitcom characters are you?

Take this personality quiz and find out!

Speaking of characters…. Come back on March 15, when we kick off Me Madness 2017. This year, you vote on the best MeTV character of all time.

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  1. Pick a color.
  2. Bob James wrote the brilliant theme song to the show. Pick your favorite Bob James album cover artwork.
  3. Which theme song are you most likely to whistle?
  4. If you weren't driving a cab, what job would you most likely have?
  5. Pick a place to visit on vacation.
  6. What word best describes your mood right now?
  7. You have to make something in the kitchen. What is most likely to happen?
  8. Pick a 'Taxi' guest star.
  9. Finally, pick a fabric.
Which 'Taxi' character are you?

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