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Lou Goes Green for Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night

See a green Lou Ferrigno every Saturday during Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night. 'The Incredible Hulk' kicks off the fun Saturdays at 7PM | 6C.

Don't Make Lou Angry

You wouldn't like him when he's angry. Watch Lou Ferrigno on 'The Incredible Hulk,' Saturdays at 7PM | 6C.

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Follow along with Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night on Twitter using each show's #MeTV hashtag, Saturdays starting at 7PM | 6C.

The Incredible Hulk - Saturdays at 7PM | 6C

You know you love him when he's angry—Dr. David Banner and his alter ego, The Hulk, have bashed and crashed their way into MeTV's Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night. Watch 'The Incredible Hulk' Saturdays at 7PM | 6C.