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How 'Lost in Space' led to the invention of the Super Soaker

A boy trying to build his own B-9 led to a lot of happily drenched children.

Who's the mystery man on 'The Andy Griffith Show'? We have an answer!

It turns out this Mayberry citizen had a very famous brother.

How Raymond Burr ended up battling Godzilla

Before he became Perry Mason, Burr was taking on giant lizards.

Behind the scenes of the surreal, silly 'Brady Bunch Hour'

Forty years ago, the Bradys returned with sequins and jazz hands. Here are things you might not know about the variety show.

10 undercover facts about 'Wiseguy'

The gritty '80s crime drama paved the way for shows like 'Breaking Bad.'

The man who made Spock's ears was a true humanitarian and patriot

Pioneering makeup artist John Chambers helped Jonathan Harris overcome a fear — and helped free hostages.

Batgirl turns 50 years old this month

The TV show played a major part in developing this iconic comic book character.

8 frothy facts about your favorite bartender, Ted Lange!

Bartender Isaac Washington celebrates a birthday today.

The strange, mysterious fate of the ship from 'Planet Of The Apes'

The iconic spacecraft has a fascinating history, from Lake Powell to Malibu to…?

10 minor goofs you never noticed in 'Star Trek'

They'll still make ships out of wood in the 23rd century.

10 fascinating 'Perry Mason' episodes that are not like the others

Have you seen the one in color and the one starring Bette Davis?

9 festive facts about 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

The network originally said, "Good Grief!" to this classic special.

Half a century ago, the TV networks finally went full color

Television's slow transition to color spanned many decades.

8 flippin' fantastic facts about Flip Wilson

Geraldine said it best, "what you see is what you get!"

Do you remember the Star Wars Holiday Special?

Stars like Bea Arthur and Art Carney traveled to a galaxy far, far away for this notoriously bad TV film.

You can probably find Star Trek's Enterprise chairs at a yard sale

Common office furniture was used to make Kirk's seat.

8 sock-it-to-you facts about 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In'

The comedy show spawned spin-offs, muscle cars, ice cream and magazines.

9 hard-boiled facts about 'Mannix'

Learn how Lucy, Neil Young and Mike Brady all interacted with the tough detective.

Let's not forget Roald Dahl hosted his own version of 'The Twilight Zone'

The children's author hosted a pretty scary show.

10 Hanks-tastic facts about 'Bosom Buddies'

Give thanks for Hanks. The sitcom celebrates its 36th anniversary.

60 years later, and 'The Price is Right' is still alright

The iconic game show celebrates its 60th anniversary this week.

10 dramatic facts about 'Family,' the critically adored 1976-80 series

The show made Kristy McNichol and Meredith Baxter Birney stars.

Meet Joe Lombardi, the Desilu FX master who made Lucy's bread and the Enterprise's buttons

Star Trek's computers were more like Jell-O shots than circuits.

'Who Shot J.R.?' by the numbers

The phenomenon came to a resolution 36 years ago today.

7 surprising guest stars on 'I Love Lucy'

Before she was Jeannie, Barbara Eden was causing trouble on the iconic sitcom.

9 big things you never knew about Linda Evans

'The Big Valley' star celebrates her birthday today.

Batman's original utility belt was made out of sponges

Holy absorbency! Find out how the 1966 prop was made — and how to make one yourself.

12 fantastic frontier facts about 'Little House on the Prairie'

The wholesome classic has some explosive secrets.

9 newsworthy facts about Ed Asner

From Lou Grant to Santa Claus, Asner does it all.

8 other shows Sherwood Schwartz wrote and produced

In honor of the TV legend's 100th birthday.

5 Pretty Cool Facts About "Police Woman"

Even the President refused to miss this pioneering cop drama.

10 things you never knew about Gene Roddenberry

The 'Star Trek' creator went from pilot to space pioneer.

11 vintage American sitcoms that were inspired by British series

Not all ideas are born in Hollywood.

The big time economics of 'I Love Lucy'

Making people laugh is serious money.

7 smashing facts about Loretta Swit

The real-life Hot Lips could have been Cagney, too.

Here's where some of your favorite classic TV shows were filmed

No, Gilligan's Island wasn't filmed on location.

7 spellbinding things you didn't know about Lara Park from 'Dark Shadows'

The real-life Angelique Bouchard celebrates her birthday today!

9 lovely facts about Lauren Tewes

Happy birthday to your favorite cruise director!

8 rippin’, roarin’ facts about 'Daniel Boone'

Don't call him Fess in France.

9 'happy' facts about Marion Ross

Marion Ross turns 88 today. Happy Birthday, Mrs. C!

Why did the Redshirts always die on 'Star Trek'? Laundry.

The poor Redshirts always bit the dust. Blame it on velour.

How a 'Star Trek' spacesuit ended up on Robin Williams and 'Happy Days'

It's a small world. Or should we say "Nanu-universe."

7 things you might not know about Winnie-the-Pooh's screen career

Happy 90th birthday, bear!

'The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea' sub has been flying upside down all this time

…and we never even knew it.

8 things you're guaranteed to love if you're a fan of 'The Andy Griffith Show'

Check out these side projects from the cast of the classic sitcom.

9 surprising things you didn't know about Angela Lansbury

The living legend holds an unusual record.

These 6 TV shows were canceled after one single episode

Only a true TV junkie has seen these historic flops.

12 authoritative facts about 'Who's the Boss?'

Tony Danza is one "Super Housekeeper" in Italy.

Golly! 12 things you might not know about Jim Nabors

Grab a handful of macadamia nuts and learn more about Gomer Pyle.

10 classic TV characters with numbers for names

Even the smallest role counts.