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Adam West almost became James Bond, perhaps thanks to a chocolate milk ad

"Captain Q" might have led West to working alongside Q.

Eddie Haskell did not become Alice Cooper, he became a police officer

Reality can be just as fascinating as urban legends.

Hold up, Gary Burghoff and Lynda Carter were in a band in the 1960s

Before they were actors, they were bandmates.

8 fabulous facts about Joan Collins

Before 'Dynasty,' she was one of the greatest guest stars on 1960s television.

Yvonne Craig dressed up as Batgirl to demand equal pay in a 1973 Public Service Announcement

Wait… who is that playing Batman?!

12 far-out things you never knew about 'The Jetsons'

It's only 45 more years until 2062!

Remembering Lee Miller of 'Perry Mason'

The two men quietly worked together for four decades.

8 bat-tastic facts about Yvonne Craig

The Batgirl actress would have been 80 today.

These 12 sitcoms of the 1990s were brief hits but only lasted a year

These one-year wonders made the Top 40, but were quickly canceled.

You might recognize Michael Pate as the ultimate 1960s TV villain, but he was a true Australian icon

He teamed with Carroll O'Connor to craft some memorable British bad guys.

Navel gazing: The first female belly buttons ever seen on TV

Bellies have a bizarre history on the small screen.

8 non-hazardous facts about Denver Pyle

He was only two years older than his onscreen daughter.

Here are a dozen rap songs that referenced Andy Griffith

Mayberry and Matlock have maintained hip-hop credibility for decades.

The Cheers bar was technically an illegal fire trap

The front door was not up to code.

These TV shows were Top 10 hits in the 1970s — yet only lasted one year

Television has its own version of the one-hit wonder.

8 great Harrison Ford television roles before Han Solo

Even in these early roles, he oozed the swagger and charm of Indiana Jones.

Andy Warhol was the weirdest and most wonderful guest on 'The Love Boat'

The legendary pop artist took a TV cruise in 1985.

8 reasons why 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' might be the greatest TV show ever

Brilliant directors, brilliant actors, brilliant writers. It's that simple.

6 major TV characters that were recast after an actor died

Sometimes the show must go on.

Lucille Ball sent Carol Burnett flowers the day she died

The two legends had a surprisingly close friendship.

The final appearances of your favorite TV characters are not always where you expect

Gilligan, Andy Taylor and Lucas McCain turned up for the last time in unlikely places.

9 arresting facts about the lovely Barbara Hale

The actress sort of stumbled upon a career in show business.

12 surprising facts about 'Gunsmoke'

Can you imagine Raymond Burr as Marshal Matt Dillon?

Lucy's iconic 'Vitameatavegamin' dress has a famous home

You'll never believe who has this classic outfit from 'I Love Lucy.'

Well, it turns out redshirts are not more likely to die on 'Star Trek'

Being a redshirt isn't as bad as it sounds.

11 out-of-this-world facts about 'The Outer Limits'

Caution: One of these images was deemed too scary for 1960s TV.

Remembering Janos Prohaska, the man who brought memorable TV creatures to life

The talented monster man played memorable space aliens, birds on 'Bewitched' and comedic bears.

12 tiny little goofs you never noticed in 'I Love Lucy'

We can 'splain these minor slip-ups.

9 insanely true facts about Chuck Connors

The actor was a favorite of a famous Soviet leader.

8 riveting facts about Frank Gorshin

The most famous Riddler had a few tricks up his sleeve.

9 reasons Doris Day is a certified legend

The icon celebrates her 95th birthday today!

Dabbs Greer - the most famous actor you didn't know

He appeared in more than 200 TV shows.

9 all together ooky facts about John Astin

He's the lesser-known Riddler on Batman.

The story of 'Phoenix Five,' Australia's attempt at 'Star Trek'

The 1970 charmingly cheap TV series made 'Lost in Space' look like '2001: A Space Odyssey.'

11 little details you might have missed in 'The Andy Griffith Show'

Discover the disappearing beauty shops and upside-down maps of Mayberry.

Do you remember 'Wait Till Your Father Gets Home,' the primetime family cartoon between the Flintstones and the Simpsons?

This animated sitcom had similar roots to 'Happy Days' — and featured one of its stars.

8 cuchi-cuchi facts about Charo!

The over-the-top Spanish star has had quite the life.

The original Romulan Bird of Prey model from Star Trek was trashed

There's a behind-the-scenes reason the Romulans switched to Klingon spaceships.

10 hard-hitting facts about 'Kung Fu'

Long before 'Iron Fist,' 'Daredevil' and 'Into the Badlands,' there was Caine.

'The Brady Bunch' kids almost died while filming this scene

Here's the story of a near-death experience on 'The Brady Bunch.'

James Best briefly left 'The Dukes of Hazzard' because the crew washed him with a hose

Roscoe P. Coltrane deserved a proper shower.

Lynda Carter was behind the craziest stunt on 1970s television

The actress risked her life for the perfect shot.

Are the Brady's the most respected art collectors on television?

Carol Brady's art collection extends beyond the broken vase.

9 watertight facts about 'JAG'

The U.S. Navy legal drama became one of the most successful TV shows in history.

The story of Alan Hale's seafood restaurant

The Skipper went from the island to the restaurant industry in Los Angeles.

Star Trek's phaser rifle helped sell the series but was never used again

This cool prop gun disappeared for decades. Discover its fate.

Ron Howard's favorite episode of 'The Andy Griffith Show' was based on his own life

It's a lesser-known episode.

Meet the voices behind 'The Flintstones' who appeared all over 1960s TV

You yabba-dabba-didn't know these actors appeared on so many sitcoms.

8 newsworthy facts about your captain, Gavin MacLeod

America's favorite captain celebrates a birthday today!

11 visual details you never noticed in 'Star Trek'

It takes a keen eye to spot the bubble wrap, missing fingers and North America.