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Doc Martin

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The series follows Doc Martin as he turns his back on life as a celebrated London surgeon and moves to a sleepy Cornish village to become the local doctor. Despite his surgical brilliance, Doc Martin lacks any interpersonal skills and his bedside manner soon starts to upset his new patients.

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46 min
S1E1 Going Bodmin Dr. Martin Ellingham gives up life as a London surgeon,...
46 min
S1E2 Gentlemen Prefer Martin decides to fire secretary Elaine for her...
46 min
S1E3 Sh*t Happens A stomach bug hits Portwenn.
46 min
S1E4 The Portwenn Effect Martin has to deal with a man who's convinced he's living...
46 min
S1E5 Of All the Harbors in All the Towns Martin gains an unwanted admirer.
46 min
S1E6 Haemophobia The villagers of Portwenn discover Doc Martin's fear of...
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