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Mork and Mindy

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In this spin-off of HAPPY DAYS, Mork (Robin Williams) is a clueless but good hearted alien who is sent from his home planet of Ork to Earth in order to learn about humans. His ship lands near Boulder, Colorado where he is befriended by Mindy (Pam Dawber)who puts Mork up in her attic while he learns about human foibles and makes nightly reports to his boss Orson about his discoveries.

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25 min
S1E6 Mork Goes Public When Mork discovers that Mindy desperately needs money to...
25 min
S1E13 Mork's First Christmas Mork is frightened and oveywhelmed by the mad rush of his...
22 min
S1E16 Young Love Mork conducts a highly unusual wedding ceremony for his...
25 min
S1E18 Mork Goes Erk Mindy goes into a deep depression when Mork drops the...
25 min
S1E20 Mork's Mixed Emotions Hilarious happenings take place when a kiss from Mindy...
22 min
S1E24 It's a Wonderful Mork Mork feels like such a misfit that he wants to leave...
25 min
S1E25 Mork's Best Friends Mork is overjoyed with his new pet -- a tiny, furry...
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