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Mystery Science Theater 3000

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For 10 side-splitting seasons and one feature film, the crew of the Satellite of Love orbited Earth, faced with the arduous assignment of watching and lampooning only the most wretched movies ever made.

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89 min
S1E5 The Corpse Vanishes In the theater, Joel and the Bots get the third...
97 min
S1E10 Robot Holocaust After the ninth chapter of Radar Men From The Moon (1952)...
98 min
S1E11 Moon Zero Two The crew stages their own moon landing pageant as they...
97 min
S1E12 Untamed Youth The guys watch a 1950s teen flick about youths sentenced...
97 min
S1E13 The Black Scorpion Giant scorpions rise out of a volcano and attack Mexico...
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