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Straight-laced Joe and laid-back Brian run a one-plane airline together on Nantucket surrounded by an eclectic and always funny group including the spacey mechanic, Lowell; the concert cellist and waitress, Helen; snarky nemesis, Roy and lovelorn taxi-driver, Antonio.

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23 min
S1E1 Legacy Estranged brothers Joe and Brian Hackett end a family...
23 min
S1E2 Around the World in Eighty Years Brian convinces Helen that a sexy new outfit may improve...
23 min
S1E3 Return to Nantucket, Part 1 When Brian learns his estranged wife Carol will be...
23 min
S1E4 Return to Nantucket, Part 2 Brian’s estranged wife Carol finds herself unable to...
23 min
S1E5 There Once Was a Girl from Nantucket Brian gets Joe in trouble when he fixes him up with the...
23 min
S1E6 All for One and Two for Helen Joe suspects the worst when Brian and Helen spend an...
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