Classic TV bandanas are now available in the MeTV Store

Accessorize with Star Trek, Andy Griffith, Lucy and more!

Many of your favorite TV characters are now available as colorful bandanas.

Visit the MeTV Store to see more.

Watch I Love Lucy on MeTV!

Weekdays at 6:30 AM

*available in most MeTV markets

1. Andy Griffith Show - Fishing Hole

Can you whistle through a bandana? Give it a try and head down to the fishing hole with Andy and Opie.

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2. I Love Lucy - Faces

Laugh at the many funny faces of Lucy.

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3. M*A*S*H - Flagged

Remember your friends at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital with this M*A*S*H* bandana.

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4. Andy Griffith Show - Barney Head

Remember your favorite deputy with this Barney Fife bandana.

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5. Star Trek - Among The Stars

Join the crew of the Starship Enterprise with this stellar bandana.

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6. Three Stooges - Stooges All Over

Say Hello...Hello...Hello... to this Three Stooges bandana.

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7. Brady Bunch - Squares

Check out this very groovy Brady Bunch bandana.

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8. Twilight Zone - Another Dimension

Step into another Dimension with this Twilight Zone bandana.

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9. Star Trek - Spock

Live long and prosper with this Spock bandana.

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10. I Love Lucy - 3D Logo

Share the love with this colorful I Love Lucy title screen bandana.

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JewelsChuck 6 months ago
They’re good except for the fact that when you make a mask 😷 it’ll hide the graphics.
Cowgirl 6 months ago
They don't have a Bonanza one & that's a shame.
thomasrwalden 6 months ago
I’d love a Lost in Space one. “Danger Will Robinson!”
idkwut2use 6 months ago
Hm, useful! I have a lot of bandannas, but the Lucy collage is neato..
MrsPhilHarris 6 months ago
What a fun idea! I want the Lucy heart.
LucyImHome1951 6 months ago
Not one but TWO I Love Lucy! The question...which one?
Klink 6 months ago
Let’s get some Hogan’s Heroes gear
TheDavBow3 6 months ago
Love the Star Trek ones! Neato!!
Timcody64 6 months ago
Gotta get the Andy Griffith Show Banderas...
Cool !!!
Lantern 6 months ago
Is the idea to use these as masks? I for one wouldn't want to ruin them that way.
TMfan Lantern 6 months ago
They are polyester, so using them for face masks would not be a good idea.
Moriyah 6 months ago
Would y'all think a Gomer Pyle bandanna would be good?!
Timcody64 Moriyah 6 months ago
Yes, Gomer Pyle would like a good one ! !
Jayme 6 months ago
Nope. do not need stylized bandannas.
cperrynaples Jayme 6 months ago
Yep, they make you look like bandits! In fact, why not a Gunsmoke or Bonanza bandana?
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