Download video chat backgrounds from your favorite MeTV shows

Use these classic television sets to jazz up your calls in Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more!

We are spending more time than ever on video conferencing calls with family, friends and colleagues. Platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have a nifty feature that allows you to change your background. Instead of showing the blank wall behind your couch, you can sit in the Brady living room or the Enterprise bridge with these fun classic television backdrops from MeTV!

You can find tips on changing your background for Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

First, download these familiar sets from MeTV shows! Let us know if there are any more you'd like to see.

1. The Andy Griffith Show

Step into the Taylors' living room! Bonus: Warm yourself by the fireplace!


2. Star Trek

Take control of the helm on the Enterprise bridge! Bonus: You can also use the Transporter!


3. M*A*S*H

Relax in "The Swamp" at the 4077th!


4. The Brady Bunch

Hang out in front of the stairs in this iconic living room!


5. Svengoolie

Now you can stand on the set β€” watch out for flying chickens!


6. Green Acres

Home, sweet Hooterville!


7. The Flintstones

Take your tech back to the Stone Age in Bedrock! Bonus: Sit in the Flintstones living room.


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cynkgreen 1 day ago
Could not get any to download. Error msg with a bunch of code. 🀨
cynkgreen 1 day ago
What about Dodge City with Matt Dillon & Kitty?
Coreyray3 1 day ago
I’d like to have a Cheers background.
LargeActor 3 days ago
Yeah , I "Love" That "Sevengoolie" Horror Guy" Just Super, Fantastic , And He Knows It Too",I Tune In Every Saturday Too Watch The "Classic Horror Shows".!!! It's A Treasure Trove Of "Talent"And Charisma" Not Too Mention The Great Work In These "Classic Horror Films">!!! For Me I Can Only "Congratulate" Them On Their Performances , And Too Say Many "Blessing" And May God Be With You.! (AMEN)>
KX8DRA 3 days ago
Hogan's Heroes! (Would love to look like I'm in the radio room in the tunnel)
LilG KX8DRA 1 day ago
That would be amazing
RioRita 4 days ago
From Have Gun-Will Travel, how about Paladin's suite at the Hotel Carlton, or the hotel's lobby??? So cool!!!
dbldog 4 days ago
I'd love to see The Rifleman or The Waltons
cocacola 6 days ago
how about a happy days background
Mercer4life48 7 days ago
I would love to see the Waltons background
SusanKite 8 days ago
Bridge of the Seaview from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea or the complex from Time Tunnel.
RW 8 days ago
How about Emergency and Adam 12?
Redwavess 8 days ago
Thanks! More ideas... how about Love Boat, Gilligan's Island, and Happy Days... Oh and Saved by the Bell would be awesome!!! :)
Bartron53 8 days ago
Where are the western backgrounds? Have Gun - Will Travel, lobby of the Carleton Hotel, The Rifleman, either McCain’s house or Micah’s office, or Rawhide, around campfire with chuckwagon in background are some ideas for you.
RioRita Bartron53 4 days ago
I like the way you think!!!
adamsgirl Bartron53 3 days ago
What about the ponderosa, inside the house or the big valley inside the Barkley home
George12 10 days ago
I can’t get any to download.
dbldog George12 4 days ago
once you see the image open in a new screen save it as a jpeg and then add it to zoom
Html_bucket 10 days ago
What about starsky and hutch back ground.
BruceLee 11 days ago
How about backgrounds from H.R. Pufnstuf, happy days, the Gruesome Family from the Flintstones, The Munster's, Adam 12, Carol Burnett Show
mark 11 days ago
How about the Long Branch Saloon for Gunsmoke? Would like to buy Kitty a beer.
beckb1956 11 days ago
I couldn’t get mash to download.
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