MeTV's Gift Guide: Find the perfect present in the MeTV Mall!

If you haven't finished holiday shopping, now is your opportunity! See what the MeTV Mall has to offer this holiday season.

If you haven't finished holiday shopping, now is the perfect opportunity! 

The MeTV Mall has hundreds of nostalgic items perfect for any classic TV fan or music lover. Take a look at the MeTV Gift Guide and see just a few of the many items that are now available in the MeTV Mall. 

From nostalgia to fashion statement pieces featuring your favorite MeTV characters, the MeTV Mall has it all this holiday season. Start your holiday shopping here!

1. Holiday Gift Guide: The Andy Griffith Show T-Shirt

There are more ways than one to don Don this holiday season. This Andy Griffith Show t-shirt is the perfect gift for any classic TV lover!


2. Holiday Gift Guide: Jensen Portable Stereo Compact Disc Player with AM/FM Radio

The holiday season isn't complete without some nostalgic tunes! This retro radio will have everyone moving and grooving all season long.


3. Holiday Gift Guide: TV Time 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This TV Time puzzle might just be the missing piece to your holiday shopping! This perfect present isn't just a puzzle; it's a trip down memory lane. 

Keep piecing together your holiday shopping list, and be sure to check this item out in the MeTV Mall!


4. Holiday Gift Guide: Batman Hoodie

Holy Holidays, Batman! Elevate anyone's winter wardrobe with this Batman (1966) hoodie, now available in the MeTV Mall. 

This hoodie is made for crime-fighting and keeping out of the cold — be the hero this holiday deserves! 


5. Holiday Gift Guide: Star Trek Funko POP Vinyl Figure

Boldly go where no holiday has gone before! Captain Kirk is ready to help take control of this holiday season. This Captain Kirk Funko Pop is the perfect gift for any Star Trek: The Original Series fan. 

Set the phasers to festive! 


6. Holiday Gift Guide: Ghostbusters Collector's Edition Monopoly Board Game

Who are you going to call for some holiday fun? 

This classic Monopoly game will bring anyone maximum nostalgia this holiday season. Deck the halls with ghosts and game boards!


7. Holiday Gift Guide: A Holiday Gift Basket

There is nothing wrong with sticking to the classics — it's kind of what we're all about at MeTV. 

Spread the holiday cheer with this assorted spread of chocolate, cookies, candy canes and more! Wrap up the warmth with our classic holiday gift baskets, now available in the MeTV Mall.


8. Holiday Gift Guide: Jaws Shark Ceramic Mug

Take a big bite out of holiday shopping with this Jaws mug! This mug is perfect for anyone who is looking to sip in style this holiday season. 


9. Holiday Gift Guide: I Love Lucy Shirt

There is no splainin' to do here! 

Any classic TV fan will fall in love with this I Love Lucy long sleeve shirt. It's more than just apparel — it's classic comedy wrapped in comfort.


10. Holiday Gift Guide: Ms. Pac-Man Micro Player Retro Arcade Machine

Level up your holiday gifting game with this mini Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine in the MeTV Mall! 

Make this holiday a pixel-perfect celebration — it's the gift that brings the arcade to you.


11. Holiday Gift Guide: Jensen 3-Speed Stereo Turntable with Stereo Speakers

Give the gift of vinyl this holiday season! This Jensen Turntable is the perfect gift for any music lover. 


12. Holiday Gift Guide: Star Trek: TOS Adult Robe

This is the warp speed way to stay warm this holiday season! Beam anyone up with coziness with this Star Trek: The Original Series robe.


13. Holiday Gift Guide: Svengoolie® and Kerwyn™ Bobblehead

Bobble all the way with Sventa Claus this holiday season! These Svengoolie and Kerwyn bobbleheads will make any horror fan jump for joy. 


14. Holiday Gift Guide: Woody Woodpecker Hoodie

This Woody Woodpecker hoodie is the perfect way to bring classic cartoon charm to the winter season. Take a look in the MeTV Mall! 


15. Holiday Gift Guide: Scooby-Doo Sticker Pattern Ceramic Mug

Jinkies! Get cozy with this classic Scooby-Doo holiday mug where every cup of hot chocolate comes with a side of mystery-solving fun. 

This gift is perfect for anyone who loves Scooby snacks and seasonal sips — the perfect combo for the holidays. 


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JHP 8 days ago
#2 really?
Gees I got 4 boomboxes that have a CD player and cassette player (actually 2 recorder and or player compartments) which when filled with 4 to 6 "D" batteries weighed as much as a garbage cart after thanksgiving. And they all are good as day #1

#11 I got a pioneer and a Technics turntable - early 80's

and no I won't do a swap for a TAGS t-shirt:)
CaptainDunsel 14 days ago
I see stores have dropped the "one size fits all" nomenclature of years gone by. Anyone who thinks "one size fits all" never saw Michael Dunn standing next to Richard Kiel.
Peter_Falk_Fan 14 days ago
You're going to need a bigger mug.
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