Can you guess how much holiday grocery ingredients cost in the '50s?

There was so much food you could buy under $20 to celebrate the holidays.

While grocery shopping, you might notice that ingredients are higher than usual. Most of the time, things like an increase in prices make you think about earlier decades when groceries were affordable.

Remember when you could get vegetables from your local grocery store for 25 cents per pound in the 1950s? Can you guess how much these groceries were during that time? Remember, the food choices are holiday-dinner-inspired.

Note: Some prices were different depending on the state during that time, so these are average prices from Classmate's blog.

  1. On average, what was the cost of a turkey in the 1950s?
  2. How much was a pound of butter in the 1950s?
  3. How much was a block of American cheese in the 1950s?
  4. How much was five pounds of potatoes in the 1950s?
  5. On average, how much was a box of cake mix in the 1950s?
  6. On average, how much was a dozen eggs in the 1950s?
  7. On average, how much was a gallon of milk in the 1950s?
  8. How much was five pounds of sugar in the 1950s?
  9. How much was two pounds of apples in the 1950s? (For apple pie purposes)
  10. How much was a can of cranberry sauce in the 1950s?

Can you guess how much holiday grocery ingredients cost in the '50s?

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jtrain 10 hours ago
8/10 got the first and last ones wrong.
ELEANOR 1 day ago
If you have ever watched the grocery store checkout scene in "Yours, Mine and Ours," you would be truly amazed. They had four carts full of groceries and the tape was about three yards long and the total was -- get this -- was between $100 and $200. Those were the days my friend, I'd thought they'd never end.
Zip 1 day ago
Any random person: "Boy, this holiday season is really going to suck. The economy is trashed, nobody has any money to buy anything, and people are miserable. We can't feel much worse than this."

MeTV writing staff: "Hold my beer!"
tmikemay5 1 day ago
Wish the 50s would come back life was so much easier back then seems like
Snickers tmikemay5 1 day ago
Yea, back then you didn't have to worry about getting shot going shopping.
Bullitt2019 2 days ago
Since many people were only making less than $2.00 per hour, food was still expensive.
Snickers 2 days ago
5/10. Then again I wasn't born until 1957.
AnnieS 3 days ago
A dozen eggs was $.79? I don't think so.
Snickers AnnieS 2 days ago
Were talking about the 50's when things didn't cost as much and the hourly wage was a $1.25 an hour.
vinman63 Snickers 2 days ago
Technically eggs are cheaper today than the 50's.
Snickers vinman63 2 days ago
You been to the store lately? I just paid $4.69 for a dozen eggs.
vinman63 Snickers 1 day ago
I assume you are making more than 7 an hour.
Snickers vinman63 1 day ago
A little more than that but still hard making ends meet.
Wendy57 3 days ago
Pretty poor performance indeed.
TheOnlyONE 3 days ago
10/10. It was the logical answers.
Steve67 3 days ago
3/10 What do I know about 50's groceries? Not much
texasluva 3 days ago
7 out of 10. Good prices never the less. Though minimum wage 1957-1959 was $1 buck an hour 🙄.
JERRY6 texasluva 2 days ago
you got more for 1.00 than you get for 10.00 today . bought my first cat in the 60's for 100.00 and the car was a good car lasted 8 years , can't buy a tire for 100.00 today
Snickers JERRY6 2 days ago
I think you mean your first car for $100.00 not your cat
lynngdance Snickers 2 days ago
Expensive cat 😆
tootsieg 3 days ago
7/10. Back in the 50’s my aunt had a food budget of $20. a week.
Inrodwetrust tootsieg 3 days ago
Living large lol
Snickers tootsieg 2 days ago
I can remember going to the store and getting a quart of milk and a loaf of bread for a $1.00.
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