Can you name the products in these vintage Halloween commercials?

Boo… who?

For companies, Halloween is a good time to scare up some sales. Especially for those who sell sweets and treats. 

Below, we grabbed screen shots from vintage Halloween commercials of the 1970s, '80s and '90s.

Try to summon the correct answer!
  1. He was not a ghost, though he looked like one.
  2. Whose Halloween special is being advertised here?
    Image: DHX Media / CBS
  3. Halloween was time to make these donuts.
  4. What cereal is being advertised here?
    Image: Post
  5. Okay, which cereal is being advertised here?
    Image: Kellogg's
  6. What fast food chain is in this spooky scene?
  7. Can you figure out the fast food chain that gave out these eyeball straws?
  8. Name the beer brand that featured this party animal.
  9. Which toy store featured this fellow in its Halloween ad?
  10. Which company made these Zinger snack cakes?
  11. Figure out the fast food chain in this Halloween scene.
  12. Okay, which defunct burger joint had this werewolf meet "Jeff"?
  13. What was the name of the "Monster" cereal advertised here?
    Image: General Mills
  14. Finally, can you figure out the TV character in the middle?
Can you name the products in these vintage Halloween commercials?

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CruiseGirl4Life 9 months ago
13/14 some of these products were regional. There weren't any Burger Chefs or Mummy cereals in our area.
Lon 9 months ago
13/14. What is Yummy Mummies?
jholton30062 10 months ago
Got 'em all, but didn't get thge popup at the end that gave my score.
MrBill 10 months ago
13/14; missed only the Dolly Madison question.
Terrence 10 months ago
I actually missed two because both Dolly Madison and Hostess produced and sold Zingers.
BrownieMom 10 months ago
The number correct "bar" isn't showing up.
ErinWard BrownieMom 10 months ago
Mine too.
Fritz BrownieMom 10 months ago
Same story for me, too.
scp 10 months ago
13 out of 14. Missed #12.
anthony 10 months ago
9/10. Yummy Mummy?,Yummy Mummy?I can't believe there was a cereal called Yummy Mummy.😰😰😰😰.Oh BTW the one I missed was Yummy Mummy.
scp anthony 10 months ago
It was one of the five monster cereals. The Big Three, which still appear each Halloween, are Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry. The other two were Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy. Those two appear sporadically.
anthony scp 10 months ago
We had the big 3 in my neck of the woods,but I don't even vaguely remember The other two.Are you sure they weren't regional?
RobCertSDSCascap scp 10 months ago
Sold from 1987-92. According to General Mills, Yummy Mummy is not one of the Monster Cereals.
DCThornton 10 months ago
Question 14 Correction: Jamie Sommers
JaySee DCThornton 10 months ago
Correction: Jaime.
Barry22 10 months ago
12/14, never heard of the mummy cereal. Toys-r-Us (may) make a comeback.
MrsPhilHarris 10 months ago
2 wrong. Jamie Summers looks like Mary Ellen Walton.
anthony MrsPhilHarris 10 months ago
Yeah she does a little
Jeffrey 10 months ago
I got 13 out of 14. I missed #13, said it was Mummy-O's, when it was really Yummy Mummy.
anthony Jeffrey 10 months ago
Yummy Mummy,Yummy Mummy.If I hear Yummy Mummy one more time i'm gonna have a fit!
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 10 months ago
I got them all, but why isn't the score showing up? I took it twice and made sure I answered all the questions, still nothing!
It's not showing up for me either.
Bret 10 months ago
13/14. Missed unlucky number 13
BrittReid 10 months ago
Never heard of Yummy Mummy cereal?
anthony BrittReid 10 months ago
RobCertSDSCascap BrittReid 10 months ago
Sold from 1987-92. According to General Mills, Yummy Mummy is not one of the Monster Cereals.
cperrynaples 10 months ago
13/14! missed the Zingers! A quick rundown of who's who: [1] Poppin' Fresh [4] Fred and Barney [5] Toucan Sam [8] Spuds McKenzie [9] Jeffery Giraffe [RIP]. Number 14 didn't really look like Lindsey Wagner, but since Jacklyn Smith and Lynda Carter are brunettes, I still got the answer!
Jacklyn Smith?!?! Jacklyn Smith did not play Sabrina Duncan, she played Kelly Garrett. Kate Jackson played Sabrina Duncan. So, you still got the answer right, by being wrong!
Your reply makes no sense at all. cperrynaples was just commenting on the masks, not who played what roles in what shows.
Apologies to all on that mistake! Yes, I did mix them up, but since Smith and Jackson are both brunettes, my answer is still partially VALID!
I love being right when i'm wrong.
Well, isn't that cute!
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