Is this futuristic cartoon technology from The Jetsons or something else?

Can you place these robots, computers, and high-tech gadgets?

The technology from The Jetsons may seem farfetched, but some things have come about— just not in the exact form seen in the iconic Sixties cartoon. We can make “tele-viewer” calls and have a robot vacuum the living room.

But The Jetsons wasn’t the only cartoon from that era that looked to the future. We’ve gathered animated tech from different places and put it all together. Can you guess which gadgets are from The Jetsons and which ones are from something else?

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  1. What is this scene from?
  2. What about this one?
  3. What is this robot from?
  4. What about these helpful machines?
  5. What is this robot from?
  6. What are these futuristic decor options from?
  7. What are these teleportation stations from?
  8. What is this control panel from?
  9. What is this automatic sausage slicer from?
  10. What is this gadget from?
  11. What is this enormous wall-mounted computer from?
  12. What is this video screen from?
  13. What is this technological living room from?
  14. What is this transforming armchair from?
  15. What is this futuristic intercom from?

Is this futuristic cartoon technology from The Jetsons or something else?

Your Result...

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dmarcus 1 day ago
15/15 Easy quiz. Hey Jetsons isn't on here in Connecticut. What a Bummer. Jersey Matters with Larry Mendte is on instead... MeTV, lets get the Jetsons on, move the time slot of either show. Btw, The Bugs Bunny show on Sat. mornings are great with the original intro bumper "Perfect"! Maybe you can get some old Flimation cartoons on as well.
Jeffrey 2 days ago
I got 12 out of 15 correct. ----------I got 10, 11 and 12 wrong.
robyni23 3 days ago
You got 13 out of 15
Did you hit all the right buttons on this quiz?
hermanstein2015 4 days ago
10/15 not too shabby but what can you do lol?!
MrChrisM 4 days ago
13/15 If it was too easy it wouldn't be a quiz. The two I got wrong I was unsure about.
Lacey 5 days ago
15/15. It is sad that I had no problem recognizing where these still came from.
Mike 5 days ago
14/15. One really got me. guessed badly
ncadams27 5 days ago
#9 - it seems there could be a much easier way to do this.
racauth 5 days ago
This morning at 1030 CST AM, i got Joe Osteen religious broadcasting NOT Jetsons !?!? Here in the midwest. Jetsons is not even listed in lineups.. Now, the Brady Bunch is starting at 11 AM per norm...... Did anyone out there see the Jetsons this moring...?
Call your local station and ask them politely to take the charlatan off the air, or please bury his show in a graveyard time slot.
MrChrisM racauth 4 days ago
Joe Olesteen instead of MeTv you have my sympathy
bruceisloose racauth 4 days ago
It was listed as The Flintstones in my DISH guide, but it was The Jetsons.
HulkFan02 racauth 4 days ago
I did sometimes
obectionoverruled 5 days ago
Dang, only 9 of 15. Guess I was doing too much homework back in fourth grade. Or watching Leave it to Beaver and the Fugitive instead of cartoons.
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