What classic TV show is Gavin MacLeod in?

The character actor went beyond his roles in 'The Love Boat' and 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show.'

Just because Gavin MacLeod is arguably best-known for his role of Captain Stubing on The Love Boat and Murray Slaughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show doesn't mean he didn't have an impact across classic television with various appearances. 

With over 100 acting credits to his name per IMDb.com, MacLeod could pop into almost any show and make his presence felt. 

Below are snapshots of MacLeod in shows not titled The Love Boat or The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Can you guess what show he's in?

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  1. In which Western does MacLeod play the character of Rian Powers?
  2. In what show does MacLeod play a movie producer?
  3. In what show does MacLeod play the role of a journalist named Dan Platte? MacLeod acted in this series three times.
  4. In this series, MacLeod plays a crook masked as a dance instructor.
  5. Here, MacLeod is a jewelry wholesaler in...
  6. What Western is he in here?
  7. Here, MacLeod plays a manager of and up and coming rock star. What show is it from?
  8. In what show does he portray a fictional police officer?
  9. What show does MacLeod play Major Kiegel?

What classic TV show is Gavin MacLeod in?

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HansShultz1 1 month ago
Ooh, I know Major Kiegel, he is not very nice.
Wenatchee7 1 month ago
7/9 Who can forget he played Big Chicken on Hawaii Five-O.
Nala92129 1 month ago
The first time I saw Gavin "MacLeod" on TV was as a Brooklyn-sounding thug on the Untouchables. He had one line; "Happy Fourth of July, Mr. Bernard!" as he tossed a Molotov cocktail into hapless Mr. Bernard's limo.
geatornez82 1 month ago
4/9. Ouch!
Not mentioned in this quiz, but my mom is a fan of Hawaii 5-0. She told me she was revisiting the show, and she saw an episode that had Gavin MacLeod in it as a character named "Big Chicken," and she was just floored.
CoreyC 1 month ago
I could see Gavin as Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek TNG.
Bricat2001 1 month ago
3/9 i guessed allt thos time :p
jtrain 1 month ago
8/9, got the last one wrong.
JHP 1 month ago
6/9 Just loved him as the Mel's cousin selling jewelry (buddy - "shoehorn")
geatornez82 JHP 1 month ago
"With the discount, ten dollars."
JHP geatornez82 1 month ago
you bet:) x10
UnforgettableG 1 month ago
9 out of 9 and he was also in Mcales Navy
RobertK 1 month ago
6 of 9. Usually the voice of reason as Murray Slaughter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and he played Doug Heffernan's Uncle Stu on King of Queens. A great actor in so many shows who could play any role well!
SalIanni 1 month ago
I have a question about Gavin MacLeod. When I watch him guest star on a TV show from the 1960s like "The Dick Van Dyke Show", "The Andy Griffith Show", or his regular appearances on "McHale's Navy", I noticed that he spoke with a very heavy, exaggerated Brooklyn-type accent. By the time he was doing "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and moved on to "The Love Boat" (which I will get to watch again starting Monday at 2 pm) the accent disappeared and he spoke with a very clear, normal voice. Has anyone else noticed this and what do you think made him lose the accent?
Michael SalIanni 1 month ago
In Kelly's Heroes he's very different from Captain Stubbing. I suspect it's acting, rather than an evolving accent.
JHP SalIanni 1 month ago
I thought him as Mur on the MTM show had a really heavy NY accent yet
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