#LoveSven all February long with a scary good sale and new mug!

It's the season of loving...Svengoolie!

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Love is in the air... and the coffin... and the Sven cave!

MeTV is celebrating the season of love with our favorite graveyard guy, Svengoolie! In the spirit of Valentine's Day, take 14% off selected Svengoolie items in the MeTV store with special code LOVESVEN at checkout! Sale items include Svengoolie mugs, phone cases, buttons, magnets, beanies, knit caps and the Svengoolie At Home Box. Don't like Valentine's Day? That's fine, this sale goes all February long!

May we suggest using the code to buy the spiffy new mug for yourself or your best ghoulfriend?

This month on social, we're having a #LoveSven fest with different themed weeks showing your love for the ghost with the most! Tag MeTV and Svengoolie in your posts with #LoveSven this month and you might get featured on our social! You can also submit photos here!

Week One: Why do you #LoveSven? Share why you keep coming back to the Sven Cave and enduring the painful jokes week after week.

Week Two: Share your Svengoolie fan creations! Artwork, costumes, toys — if you created it, we want to see it!

Week Three: Tell us your favorite Svengoolie movie and why! What's your favorite film you've seen on Svengoolie over the years?

Week Four: Take a picture with your Svengoolie merch! Are you rocking the T-shirts? Do you spend each Saturday watching with your Svengoolie doll? Show us you with your Sven swag!

Watch Svengoolie on MeTV!

Saturdays at 8 PM

*available in most MeTV markets
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banjones 24 days ago
Can’t wait for Saturday to come around each week.
Andybandit 25 days ago
I love the Saturday Night movies on Svengoolie.
justjeff 25 days ago
Sorry, MeTV... all of my money is tied up in poverty...
Toonhead justjeff 24 days ago
Hey JJ it seems that we share another MeTv icon! Love ❤️ Sven too! My lovely new wife and I spend every Saturday enjoying the best and longest running horror/sci-fi show on tv. Sven puts the rest to shame!
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