Saturday Morning Cartoons are coming to MeTV this January!

Get ready for Bugs, Daffy, Tom & Jerry, Popeye and more!

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It is our most common request from fans: Please bring back Saturday morning cartoons. You asked for it. We are thrilled to announce it!

MeTV proudly presents the weekend debut of Saturday Morning Cartoons on January 2, 2021. Starting every Saturday at 7AM | 6C, this three-hour "all cartoons, all the time" block is reminiscent of the Saturday morning broadcasts of yesteryear.

Get ready to start your weekend with your favorite characters, from Bugs to Taz. Each hour will present a collection of cartoons featuring Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, Popeye and Friends, and Tom & Jerry.

These theatrical cartoon shorts came from the brilliant minds and pens of animation legends like Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Max Fleischer, and William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. They remain as beautiful and hilarious as you remember.

Th-th-th-th-that's not all, folks! Stay tuned for more exciting news involving your favorite cartoon characters — as well as some new friends. Subscribe to our newsletter and watch for teasers on MeTV to learn more in the coming weeks!

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RoseHirschi 5 days ago
I love the cartoons.. my husband and I and also my parents couldn't wait.. then the host the puppet and that diggy woman.. and she actually said a very poor humor joke on the air.
macdoesit 8 days ago
Saturday morning toons are great, no Bill or Tuna and less commercials. Weekday morning toons, dont waist your time, 4 toons and 40 minutes of Bill,Tuna and a load of commercials.
crickie952 macdoesit 8 days ago
I agree. I just watch on Saturday mornings. The puppet is so dumb!!!!!
ShawnKennedy 10 days ago
Thanks so much for Saturday Morning cartoons My wife and I love watching them.And how much better than watching the news .Your channel is the best love your programming. Good job keep it up.
Xena246 10 days ago
Thank you, MeTV, for this New Year's 'gift' to us. :) :) :) While you will never please everyone, you have definitely made this old girl happy! :) I always watch cartoons when I can, because they are 'light and fluffy', not depressing and heavy like most of what is out there these days. I think it was very kind of you to allocate a few hours out of the day to cartoons. I enjoy your other programs as well. My family has been watching you since 2012. We discovered you around the time that my grandmother was battling dementia. Her nurse suggested MeTV for her. :) We have all been watching MeTV ever since. Keep up the good work!!
haborst 12 days ago
Get rid of Bill, toona and crew, they are awful, talk too much, crummy humor, just show the cartoons....
macdoesit 13 days ago
was going to get my grandkids to watch but forget that. take it off the air, a total waist. programmer should be fired. yes i am ticked off.
macdoesit 13 days ago
just show cartoons like they do the flintstones. do not need a crappy host. soon as i see the host i turn channel and do not go back. what a sad joke, metv.
macdoesit 14 days ago
4 five minute cartoons, after every cartoon 10 minutes of the host and commercial = 20 minutes of cartoon and 40 minutes CRAP. NO THANK YOU, Disgusting.
I have to agree with you.I know it's only been two days but I really can't take the host and the "humor". Just show the cartoons .What about retro toy and breakfast cereal commercials to fill in the space between toons ?
they did this fake show to do a lot of commercials and what possible reason for host.
macdoesit 14 days ago
4 five minute cartoons, after every cartoon 10 minutes of the host and commercial = 20 minutes of cartoon and 40 minutes CRAP. NO THANK YOU, Disgusting.
BCSCHEPS 17 days ago
I've been waiting...and waiting...requesting and requesting and, FINALLY! THANK YOU FOR THESE ULTRA-MEMORABLE CLASSIC CARTOONS BACK ON THE AIR!
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Pepe LePew HOW I'VE MISSED ALL OF YOU THESE PAST DECADES (as well other "Looney Tunes" characters and Popeye and Tom & Jerry)!
Parents and grandparents can now introduce their children and grandchildren to the cartoons THEY loved as tykes (while they again enjoy watching them again, themselves with their kids!).
THANK YOU, 'ME TV' (but why did it take SO long for it to happen?)!
LOVE your 'Flintstones' revival, as well...METV has been the sole channel brave enough to listen to and accomodate people's desires for these retro-cartoons' return to broadcast TV!
Mrlost81 17 days ago
You know i love the line up with the cartoons and other shows but for me i would like to see some those forgotten shows like Bj and the Bear, The little rascals, The fall guy u know shows like that. It would be a treat to watch those shows again
Hawgleg1969 17 days ago
I'm a retired widower. I love the westerns of yesteryear. I'm much too old for cartoons. I've really enjoyed the classic westerns on Saturday morning. This is a big disappointment. Thanks for the memories.
You are still getting 8hrs of Western on Saturdays and 4hrs Monday through Friday. They decided it was for the best to offer variety to attract more viewers.
Yes, I want the westerns
cap965 17 days ago
Where is Bat Masterson and Track down??????
LittleMissNoName cap965 15 days ago
Gone. Ratings were not good enough keep them on the air. So it's either cartoons or infomercials.
Moparguy62 cap965 10 days ago
Look for fetv
JerseySlim 20 days ago
MeTV does not seem to understand its core demographic of OLD MEN LIKE ME WHO WANT TO WATCH WESTERNS. We do not want cartoons!
Then switch over to grittv and come back to METV around 10am est.
Westerns are not on at 10am in St. Louis
JoeyKilpatrick 22 days ago
Can we get Jonny Quest, Super Friends and Scooby Doo?
Love the way you think JK!
Play shows like Underdog. The Smurfs bullwinkle and Rocky as well Casper as well as The Superfriens Johny Quest Spiderman From The 60s
Also shows like The Jetsons Battle of the Planet's Gi Joe Transformers Heman and The Masters of the Universe She Ra Princess of Power . Alvin and the chipmunks cartoons from the Banana Splits like Adam Ant Secret Squirrel and others . Yogi Bear and other Hanna Barbara's Cartoons
Grynch_84 22 days ago
This is getting kinda strange. Please, no Bill. Is MeTV trying to create a version of TCM? Skits and comedy before and after toons are shown? I know it's too late, but yikes...
Plasmodicus 24 days ago
Cant please everybody. Some will like the new programming, some wont.
One things for sure, the viewers dont get to do the programming.
Beggars cant be choosers. So pick the shows you want to watch and then do something productive with the rest of your time like putting on your superhero costume and saving the world. :)
You know... like helping Superman capture and put corrupt politicians in jail, Helping Aquaman save the oceans from mountains of microplastics and radioactive waste, Helping Batman capture the Jokers responsible for creating a worldwide economic disaster. Helping the Atom locate and destroy billions of the subminiature Covid 19 viruses before more people are killed... you know.... stuff! I'm sure you can think of something if you put your mind to it... :) Beats cleaning the toilet.
DanDolgin Plasmodicus 23 days ago
With On Demand, Internet TV, and even some programs (at least some classics) on YouTube, you can pick the shows you want to watch.
66prostreetnova 25 days ago
I've been waiting for looney tunes and other cartoons to come back on TV for along time, thank you, Me TV
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DanDolgin craig0906 23 days ago
I'm confused, are the cartoon going to be on Saturdays and weekday mornings, as well? I don't know if the mature adult viewers will want cartoons 6 days a week in the mornings, 7 days, if you count the Flintstones on Sundays. As far as I can see, METV still hasn't released their Winter schedule.
Grynch_84 DanDolgin 22 days ago
Saturday's @ 6 AM or 9 AM depending which feed you get. (East/West)
Three hours.
M-F @ 4 AM or 7 AM depending on the feed you get. (East/West) One hour. Some kind of comedy skits etc. will be involved with that one. Here comes Bill...
BCSCHEPS craig0906 17 days ago
@craig0906: Tune in to the "Grit TV" channel, for your desired westerns!
It was wonderful of 'ME TV' to finally bring these greatly-requested, long-lost classic cartoons back on the air for the broadcast-TV fans. Not even the 'Cartoon Network' channel was so generous to do so.
VickiMSexton BCSCHEPS 12 days ago
Grit TV is not the same!
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