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Highway Patrol

Statue Of Limitations Dan Mathews attempts to catch three robbers before the statute of limitations runs out.

The Donna Reed Show

The Gentle Dew Mary fails to return home on time from a date and Alex decides the kids need more discipline.

The Facts of Life

Gamma Gamma Or Bust Blair is nominated for a placement in the Gamma Gamma sorority at Langley.

The Brady Bunch

Will The Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up? Jan is upset when her friend, Lucy Winters, sends a birthday party invitation but accidentally addresses it to Marcia. Tired of being the middle...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Flying Saucer The Clampetts see part of the Drysales' new advertising gimmick: Martians and a flying saucer. Drysdale plans to have them fly over the Rose Bowl,...

My Three Sons

Marriage And Stuff Steve's unusual behavior convinces his family that he is about to be secretly married. The boys plan to leave home to provide privacy for the...

Leave It to Beaver

Beaver's Graduation It's come down to the final week before junior high school graduation and Beaver is having a ball and even skips a class with Gilbert. However,...

Leave It to Beaver

Wally's Practical Joke Wally and Eddie fall prey to Lumpy's practical joking after he plants cherry bombs under the hoods of Eddie's car and Wally's car. Both Eddie and...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Lurid Letter A young widowed high school English teacher in a small town is accused via letter of making passes and more towards some of her male students. But...


The Investigation: Part 1 Sam Gerard is a well-known mobster who is about to be exposed. His estranged son, Craig, is arrested for murder but refuses to go to Sam for help....

Diagnosis Murder

Living On The Streets Can Be Murder Dr. Sloan investigates a free health clinic after several homeless people turn up dead... with missing organs.
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The Big Valley

The Odyssey Of Jubal Tanner Victoria sells land to an old friend who has deeply sentimental reasons for owning it, despite the fact that her own sons are part of a plan to...


The Newcomers Lars Karlgren, a Scandinavian immigrant and his teenage son, Petter, find the west even wilder than they had imagined when they settle in Dodge...


The Way Station Adam finds shelter overnight at a stagecoach way station. There he meets others ranging from a beautiful girl to a dangerous outlaw on the run.

The Rifleman

Young Englishman Lucas gets in trouble when he accuses the foreman of a neighboring ranch of rustling some of his cattle.

The Rifleman

The Gaucho Rumson, without even saying to whom he had sold his property, left the bill of sale with the bank and moved away from North Fork. Curge, who's...

Wagon Train

The Kitty Angel Story Kitty Angel finds herself not welcome on the wagon train because of her past. When Flint returns to the train toting a sick indian baby, she has...

T.J. Hooker

Lag Time Stacy loses her confidence after a procedural lapse with a robbery suspect nearly costs her her life.

Hawaii Five-O

F.o.b. Honolulu: Part 1 Wo Fat and other top international agents converge on Hawaii to place bids on printing plates for $20 dollar bills, which are in the possession of...


Mail Call Three After a delay of three weeks, five sacks of mail arrive, and everyone in camp reacts to good and bad news from home. Hawkeye receives love letters...


Temporary Duty With a temporary transfer of personnel between the 4077th and the 8063rd, Captain Roy Dupree replaces Hawkeye, while Lorraine Anderson makes eyes...

Return to Mayberry

"Reprising their roles in the original 'Andy Griffith Show,' Andy returns to Mayberry to run again for sheriff, only to discover his former deputy,...

Hogan's Heroes

The Merry Widow Hogan sets Klink up with a female agent to deliver secret documents, but ends up sending Schultz when Klink is sent with the wrong ones.

Hogan's Heroes

Crittendon's Commandos Crittendon is the only one to avoid capture when he and his commandos parachute into the area during a mission to capture Rommel.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests Paul Sand And Eydie Gorme In The Parolee, an just released parole tries to calm his girlfriend down before she makes a scene and gets him thrown back in jail. Then, in...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Prudent Proecutor DA Hamilton Burger asks Mason to defend an old friend who once saved his life in a boating accident 10 years before. The old friend of Burger's is...

The Twilight Zone

The Howling Man A man on a walking trip of post-World War I Europe gets caught in a storm. He takes shelter in a remote monastery and finds a mysterious prisoner.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Victim Four A husband searches desperately for his wife in a neighborhood where numerous murders have been committed.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Golden Opportunity A man's plan to leave his wife takes a turn he didn't foresee.


A Pittance Of Faith Model Gina Lardelli commits suicide. Or does she? About 20 of her friends feel strongly enough to pay Mannix to prove otherwise.


Photo Finish Frank agrees to look into a murder, convinced the Indian suspect did not commit the crime. His investigation unearths dozens of missing Indians and...

77 Sunset Strip

A Bargain In Tombs Stu Bailey goes to Rome in search of a missing heiress and finds an archaeology student helping loot a tomb.
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