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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Goodbye, Dolly Gomer saves an old horse from the glue factory and tries to hide her at the base.

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

The Price Of Tomatoes When Gomer finds a farmer on a far-off part of Camp Henderson, everybody tries to throw him off. That is, until they realize he has legal papers...

The Abbott and Costello Show

The Western Story Bud and Lou accept Hillary's invitation to visit her uncle's B-Bar-Bop ranch.

The Abbott and Costello Show

The Haunted Castle Hillary will inherit a castle if she spends one night there. Bud and Lou come along with her for protection and Lou is scared out of his mind by...

The Little Rascals

Shrimps For A Day, The Lucky Corner, Pigskin Palooka "A magic lantern turns a married couple into kids again, and they expose a prison-like orphanage. (1935), The Little Rascals help Gus when he's...


Killer Takes All Gilman learns that a murdered gambler made an unusual wager before he was killed.


Outlaw's Wife Marriage to an outlaw makes Abigail Duke unwelcome in her hometown.

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Long Weekend Paladin tries to tame a wealthy miner who's on one of his semiannual binges.

Have Gun, Will Travel

El Paso Stage Paladin tangles with a lawman who bends the law to suit his crooked aims.

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Wagon Train

The Vittorio Bottecelli Story A king orders his womanizing nephew to San Francisco. He joins the wagon train but causes the Major problems as the husbands are complaining about...

The Big Valley

Shadow Of A Giant Nick and Heath join a posse led by famous lawman Seth Campbell. Heath is uneasy, as he feels Campbell is too cavalier with peoples’ lives.


The Mission Marshal Dillon is helped by an apparently friendly young runaway who later faces him as a deadly adversary.


The Savage After Adam is wounded by Indians and left for dead, a reclusive mountain woman nurses him back to health. She is known to the Indians as While...


The Race The race is on when a disgruntled Rowdy signs as trail boss for another drive and pulls all the stops to beat Favor's herd to market.

Wanted Dead or Alive

Most Beautiful Woman John Garth comes to town looking for his darling, Lil, because he feels something terrible has happened. There was a fire in the saloon and he...
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Wanted Dead or Alive

Jason Josh caught "Doc" Phillips, the partner of Clell Fennon. He now wants to use him as bait to get Fennon—worth $5,000.

The Rifleman

The Sixteenth Cousin A Japanese nobleman seeks revenge when his servant is insulted.

The Rifleman

Hostages To Fortune At Halloween, rustlers take advantage of the seasonal disguises to raid a cattle ranch.

The Wild Wild West

The Night Of The Vicious Valentine Agents West and Gordon are sent to investigate the killings of wealthy industrialists and find that all are linked back to an evil matchmaker, Emma...

The Incredible Hulk

Proof Positive With newspaper the National Register under a new publisher, pressure is put on Jack McGee to prove that the Hulk is real.

Wonder Woman

A Date With Doomsday Diana uses a computer dating service to investigate a stolen vial containing a deadly virus.

Star Trek

Let That Be Your Last Battlefield The Enterprise finds itself host to two alien beings from the same planet, who share an intense and self-destructive hatred for each other.


House Of Frankenstein "After escaping from an asylum the mad Dr. Niemann (Boris Karloff) and his hunch back assistant (J. Carrol Naish) revive Count Dracula (John...


The Sandman Cometh Catwoman teams with the Sandman to lure a rich insomniac.


The Catwoman Goeth Batman races to save Robin, stop the Sandman from marrying a millionaire and find his missing Batmobile. Meanwhile, the Sandman plans to...

Land of the Giants

Genius At Work A giant boy genius develops a pill that can transform Earthlings into giants. Fitzhugh becomes the first test subject and is eager to take...

The Time Tunnel

The Walls Of Jericho Warrior-prophet Joshua sends Tony and Doug into Jericho as spies before he attacks the Biblical city.

Lost in Space

Follow The Leader John Robinson is possessed by an alien spirit. The alien forces the family to prepare to return to the spirit's home world, even if it requires he...

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Monster From The Inferno A creature that is purely brains tries to take over the Seaview.
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