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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Hit And Write When Sgt. Carter scratches a parked car and offers to pay for it, the owner shows up with a bill for a completely demolished fender.

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Two On The Bench Sgt. Carter won't believe that Gomer really knows football star Moose Lewis.

The Abbott and Costello Show

In Society A wealthy society matron pays Bud to attend a formal reception and impersonate the Duke of Gluten. Lou comes along pretending to be his cousin, the...

The Abbott and Costello Show

Life Insurance Mr. Fields takes out an insurance policy on Lou. Later, Bud takes Lou on a hunting trip, and Lou suspects Bud and Mr. Fields have plotted to kill...
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The Little Rascals

Second Childhood, Hook And Ladder, Two Too Young "The Little Rascals gradually thaw an old, crochety woman into a zestful person. (1936), The Little Rascals play fireman and put out a real fire....


Bad Judgement A murder witness agrees to testify—then his family is threatened.


Terror Gilman's quarry: a typhoid carrier.

Have Gun, Will Travel

The Piano European pianist Franz Lister comes to the United States to give a concert for Mona Lansing, a former saloon hostess. When Lister's piano is...

Have Gun, Will Travel

Ben Jalisco "Escaped killer, Ben Jalisco, is a ruthless hunter who has murdered more than 30 men. Now he is after his wife, Lucy, who informed on him and...

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Wagon Train

The Tom Tuckett Story Ever since he was young, Tom Tuckett has been sent to good schools and looked after by an unknown benefactor. When he joins the wagon train,...

The Big Valley

The Death Merchant The Barkleys are plagued by neighbors who claim a boundary changed when a stream changed course. Into the picture comes Handy Random, a gunman who...


The Hanging To Marshal Matt Dillon and his deputies falls their grimmest task in many years—the hanging of a ruthless gunman.


The Miracle Maker Susan Blanchard is injured in a wagon crash. Though there is nothing physically wrong with her, Susan is psychosomatically incapable of leaving her...


Corporal Dasovik A corporal who shuns responsibility seeks Favor's help after he's put in command of a squad escorting indian prisoners to a reservation.

Wanted Dead or Alive

The Showdown Johnny Haywood, a childhood friend of Josh's, claims to be innocent of the crime of which he is accused. When he escapes, Josh is ordered to bring...

Wanted Dead or Alive

Surprise Witness Josh captures a notorious killer but no one wants to testify against him, until a surprise witness comes forward, his mother.

The Rifleman

The Lost Treasure Of Canyon Town In a ghost town, Lucas, Mark and Micah tangle with the Newman family and learn the secret of the town's 20-year-old mystery of a lost gold mine.

The Rifleman

Dark Day At North Fork Blinded in an explosion, Lucas fights despair as he prepares for a meeting with a gun-toting enemy.

The Wild Wild West

The Night Of The Bubbling Death When Victor Freemantle, a dangerous revolutionary, steals the U.S. Constitution, agents James West and Artemus Gordon are sent by the government to...

The Incredible Hulk

Nine Hours To save the lives of a reformed gangster and a kidnapped boy, David turns to an alcoholic ex-policeman for help.

Wonder Woman

Beauty On Parade Wonder Woman infiltrates a dangerous sabotage ring that operates under the cover of a government-sanctioned beauty contest. Dick Van Patten guest...

Star Trek

All Our Yesterdays Kirk, Spock and McCoy become trapped in the past of another world.


Dracula ('31) ""There are far worse things awaiting man than death." This horror classic stands as the most famous and celebrated film version of the popular...


A Piece Of The Action The Green Hornet and Kato are confronted by an evil foreman running a counterfeit rare-stamp operation. The Dynamic Duo get involved, too.


Batman's Satisfaction Batman and Robin come to the aid of the Green Hornet and Kato, who try to pick up the trail of the escaped stamp counterfeiters.

Land of the Giants

Deadly Pawn An eccentric industrialist with an obsession for chess captures several of the Earthlings and forces Barry to play his own twisted version of...

The Time Tunnel

The Kidnappers In an attempt to rescue Ann from kidnappers, Tony and Doug travel more than 6000 years into the future.

Lost in Space

The Thief Of Outer Space "A person known as ' the thief from outer space' appears in a puff of smoke, will agrees to help him rescue a princess who was lost more than 200...

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Deadly Invasion Faceless aliens invade Earth and try to take an underwater atomic base under their control.
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