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Highway Patrol

Resort A recovering addict gives Dan Mathews a tip on a distribution center cover.

The Donna Reed Show

Have Fun Mary returns from her first date with a boy (George Hamilton), which doesn't go well. Donna and Alex then recall different versions of their first...

The Facts of Life

Brian And Sylvia Tootie's friendly family visit is hijacked when her aunt debates taking a new job in New York.

The Brady Bunch

Cyrano De Brady Peter falls for Jan's friend Kerry, but needs Greg's worldly advice. Greg plays Cyrano for Peter, causing Kerry to think that it's Greg who has...

The Beverly Hillbillies

Drysdale's Dog Days Granny demands to see her money in cash, and Drysdale tries to talk her out of it. He fails and upsets the Clampetts by accidentally throwing...

My Three Sons

Lady President Steve becomes an escort to a visiting congresswoman.

Leave It to Beaver

Mistaken Identity A police officer catches Richard throwing rocks at the windows of an old abandoned house. When asked for his name, he tells the officer it is...

Leave It to Beaver

Wally's Dream Girl Wally falls head over heels for a popular girl in school, Ginny Townsend. To get them together, June slyly invites Ginny on a picnic and the...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Duplicate Daughter A mixed-up mess involving blackmail, murder and a boyfriend confounds Mason as he struggles to put all the pieces together.


The Heist: Part 2 Matlock and Jerri head out to the beach with Billy and Cliff as Cliff prepares for an upcoming triathlon. Matlock runs into retired F.B.I. agent Ed...

Diagnosis Murder

Restless Remains Mark calls the police to report the death of get-rich-quick magnate Robin Westlin, but the police discount his report as he was also recovering...

The Big Valley

Ladykiller Nick may become the latest victim of a family who preys upon male customers at their hotel. His pursuit of the young woman of the family gives them...
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Cheyenne's "Matt and Chester come across a family murdered by renegade Cheyennes. The Cavalry arrests Matt by mistake then let him go. Matt goes after the...


Target "Danny Kader falls in love with a Gypsy camped on his father's land. Pa Kader (John Carradine) takes potshots at the Gypsies trying to force them...


The Tax Collector At the behest of a local bureaucrat, good-for-nothing Jock Henry becomes Virginia City's tax collector. Jock also becomes drunk with power, levying...

The Rifleman

Trail Of Hate Lucas is out for vengeance when Mark is used as a pawn in a bank robbery scheme.

The Rifleman

Woman From Hog Ridge Lucas shoots a horse thief who turns out to be a member of the Boyle clan, and now Ma Boyle is after him.

Wagon Train

The Willy Moran Story Willy Moran, Adams' old Civil War commanding officer, is now a drunkard. Adams offers him a job on the wagon train, provided that he can stay sober.

T.J. Hooker

Payday Pirates Hooker's wife is knocked out during a factory-district robbery. Meanwhile, Hooker assigns Stacy to field conditioning, teaming her with a...

Hawaii Five-O

The Big Kahuna Sam Kalakua, a distant uncle of Kono, is being frightened into an early grave by a fake apparition of the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes and fire,...


House Arrest Hawkeye hits Major Burns and Houlihan is a witness. Despite Hawkeye and Trapper's claims that it wasn't intentional, Frank makes allegations...


Aid Station Hawkeye, Houlihan and Klinger go to an aid station at the front. Working closely together under heavy fire and unsanitary medical conditions, the...

The Andy Griffith Show

Andy, The Marriage Counselor Andy counsels a Mayberry couple who are constantly bickering with each other.

The Andy Griffith Show

Mayberry On Record Andy becomes suspicious when a record promoter comes to town to gather material for a folk music album.

Mama's Family

Buck Private Bubba Wanting to impress his girlfriend, Bubba enlists in the Army.


Fever The Tanners pamper ALF after he catches his first Earth cold.

Hogan's Heroes

The Most Escape-proof Camp I've Ever Escaped From Colonel Klink's "no escape" record is jeopardized when Malcom Flood, a British escape artist, lands in Stalag 13 and intends to continue his...

Hogan's Heroes

The Tower Hogan blackmails General Burkhalter to keep Klink from being transferred to the Russian front for failing to keep Hogan from blowing up a radio tower.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests William Conrad And Alan King In Laurel and Hardy, the gang pays homage to the slapstick duo. Then, in The Other Doctor, Harvey and Bill are golfing pals until a rival doctor...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Lucky Loser Mason has all kinds of trouble when a murder brings him into the tangled financial and personal affairs of the wealthy Balfour family.

The Twilight Zone

Come Wander With Me A singer searches for an authentic folk song.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Hitch Hike A businessman has second thoughts about having picked up a hitchhiker.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Across The Threshold An overly possessive mother takes charge of her bachelor son's life.


Design For Dying A politically ambitions publisher hires Mannix to find evidence that his wife is cheating. But when Mannix has no trouble finding this evidence, he...


Cain's Mark Cannon is hired when a young brother of a gun manufacturer and collector vanishes from sight.

77 Sunset Strip

5: Part 6 Bailey's international search for murderers and missing treasure finally takes him back to New York for the startling conclusion.
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