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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Little Girl Blue Gomer is pleased when asked to be one of three busboys for a visiting colonel. But his attention is turned to the officer's sad little daughter,...

Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

A Star Is Born "Carter becomes the star of a documentary about the Marine Corps."

Petticoat Junction

A Cottage For Two Betty Jo's ramshackle "dream house" in the woods threatens to end her romance with Steve.

Petticoat Junction

Mind If We Join Your Wedding Floyd Smoot, suddenly engaged to none other than Selma Plout, convinces Steve Elliott that he and Betty Jo should have a double wedding.

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Gloria Swanson Story Jethro gets a job as a paperboy, and on the papers he delivers, the Clampetts see that one of their favorite silent movie stars, Gloria Swanson, is...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Woodchucks Jethro is desperate to meet a girl, planning to mail himself to Paris. However, Jed talks him out of it. When the Biddle Bird Watchers come to...


Every Man A Witness Gilman battles lynch-law justice to save a suspected murderer.


Mccallin's Daughter A young girl alerts Gilman to an impending bank robbery.

Have Gun, Will Travel

Strange Vendetta Paladin's new friend, stabbed by an assassin, makes a dying request to have his body taken back home to his hacienda in Mexico.

Have Gun, Will Travel

High Wire A hobo who was once a circus performer bets a gambler that he can walk across the saloon on a tightrope. When Paladin sees that the gambler intends...


Maverick Springs Bret is hired by a wealthy Texan to save her brother from a conniving woman, soon realizing that he's up against a master crook.

Wagon Train

The Beauty Jamison Story Flint, at a grave, sees a man stabbed in the back with a note saying, "Deliver to Beauty Jamison." As that is the daughter of the man interred he...

The Big Valley

Boots With My Father's Name Victoria starts brooding about how Tom could truly love her if he was unfaithful and fathered a bastard child. She journeys to Heath’s hometown to...


The Well All of Dodge City is suffering from a drought. A rainmaker (Guy Raymond) tries to put an end to it before the town's public well, their last source...


A Hot Day For A Hanging On behalf of his father, Hoss sets out to deliver a large sum of money to the town of Dutchman Flats. Upon his arrival, however, Hoss is arrested...


Incident Of The Tumbleweed After two lawmen are killed while moving a prison wagon to Ft. Craig, Gil and Rowdy volunteer to bring its seven dangerous convicts to trial....

Wanted Dead or Alive

No Trail Back Joe Hooker, after raiding a bank on behalf of his brother, Ben, is bitten by a dog with rabies. Upon learning this, the sheriff ends his pursuit....

Wanted Dead or Alive

Man On Horseback Charley Red Cloud is blamed for the murder of Will Bascomb. Bascomb's brother, Merv, places a high bounty on Red Cloud.

The Rifleman

The Sister Rebecca Snipe is returning to North Fork after a long visit away. Upon her arrival, Mark is smitten with her and gets it in his head to play...

The Rifleman

New Orleans Menace Tiffauges, a wealthy and sadistic Frenchman who is used to getting whatever he wants, decides he wishes to purchase the McCain Ranch. Tiffauges'...

The Wild Wild West

The Night Of The Avaricious Actuary Agents West and Gordon have been investigating a series of explosions that have demolished several palatial homes. While they are guests of the...

Wonder Woman

The Deadly Sting Wonder Woman discovers that a mobster has been using a college professor's invention to manipulate college football players.
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Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein "The Wolfman tries to help foil Dracula's attempts to transfer Lou's brain into the ailing Frankenstein monster."


Shoot A Crooked Arrow The Archer, a medieval crook modeled after Robin Hood, steals from Bruce Wayne to give to the poor Gothamites. When Batman and Robin try to stop...


Walk The Straight And Narrow The Archer interferes with the Wayne Foundation's plan to help poor Gothamites. Alfred, disguised as Batman, Robin and Bruce discover the real...

Star Trek

Mirror, Mirror Kirk and three of his officers are accidentally transported into a parallel "mirror" universe where violence, greed and evil are commonplace.

Battlestar Galactica

Galactica Discovers Earth: Part 1 After 30 years of searching, the Battlestar Galactica and its ragtag fleet locate Earth. However, it soon becomes clear that Earth is not advanced...

Outer Limits

The Premonition When a test pilot crash-lands on Earth, he finds that the world around him is moving much slower than he is.

Outer Limits

The Probe After their plane is destroyed by a hurricane, a group of people find that their lives have been spared by aliens — but have they been...

Lost in Space

Two Weeks In Space Two aliens, who are actually intergalactic bank robbers, transform themselves into earthlings. They revive a man named Zumdish who operates a tour...

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

The Abominable Snowman In Antarctica, the crew of the Seaview is menaced by a creature created through a scientific experiment with weather.
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