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Highway Patrol

Art Robbery Two thieves get more than they bargained for when their plan goes awry.

The Donna Reed Show

A Penny Earned Donna resents getting 100% in the thrift category of a "rate your wife" quiz that Alex took in a magazine. This prompts Donna to change her image.

The Facts of Life

The Facts Of Life Goes To Paris: Part 4 Everyone's Paris plans take a turn when the girls get stuck with a strict guardian and Mrs. Garrett struggles at her cooking school.

The Brady Bunch

The Snooperstar Marcia is fed up with Cindy snooping in her diary. To teach her a lesson, she plants a bogus story about submitting a picture of Cindy to a talent...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Trotting Horse Granny needs to get around Beverly Hills and is having no luck with a driving lesson. When she hears that the Drysdale are looking at the horses,...

My Three Sons

It's A Dog's Life Steve has to show engineering plans to a British scientist on a rush visit to the United States.

Leave It to Beaver

Beaver's Typewriter Seeing an ad for typewriters on sale, Beaver talks his parents into letting him get one as long as he learns how to use it. However, Beaver...

Leave It to Beaver

The Merchant Marine Ward comes down hard on Wally after he comes home two hours late, this fuels June and Ward's suspicions that Wally is contemplating joining the...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Tarnished Trademark Axel Norstaad sells his much respected furniture trademark to Martin Somers, described by some as the slide trombone of the furniture business....


The Therapist Matlock is hired to defend a popular actor accused of killing the owner of a sex-therapy clinic at which he was staying. Meanwhile, the lawyer also...

Diagnosis Murder

Last Laugh: Part 2 Realizing that he's been duped, Mark goes all out to thwart a murderer's plans.

The Big Valley

Run Of The Cat Nick is attacked by a mountain lion. His physical injuries are bound to heal, but he suffers from terrible nightmares. Despite his condition, he is...


Friends Payoff "Matt’s good friend Ab Butler sends a note to him saying he’s laying out near Cotton Well with a bullet in his back. Matt and Chester go to find...


The Blacksmith "German immigrant and town blacksmith, Emil Wolhter and his German mail order bride, Gretchen Mueller, are to be married. Matt, Doc and Chester...


The Frenchman Hoss insults a feisty Frenchman who demands satisfaction with swords, unaware that the little rogue believes himself to be the reincarnation of...

The Rifleman

The Quiet Fear Lucas' old Army pal settles in North Fork with his deaf daughter.

The Rifleman

Sporting Chance An Englishman arrives with a custom-made rifle—and a plan to kill Lucas.

Wagon Train

The Marie Dupree Story A beautiful woman riding with the train likes flirting. When she gets mixed up with the wrong man, she strings along a boy on the train in order to...

T.J. Hooker

Psychic Terror After a girl is kidnapped, a skeptical Hooker is assigned to work with a psychic, who's been having a recurring dream of Hooker's death.

Hawaii Five-O

Most Likely To Murder Police officer Lew Morgan and his wife are long-time friends of Danno. When she is murdered, Morgan sets out to find the culprit. He uncovers...


Bug Out (part 1) "A rumor that there's going to be a practice bug-out causes anxiety. When Potter assembles the unit in an attempt to squelch the rumor, the call...


Bug Out A rumor that there's going to be a camp relocation causes anxiety. When Potter assembles the unit in an attempt to squelch the rumor, the call...

The Andy Griffith Show

Wedding Bells For Aunt Bee After Clara convinces Aunt Bee that Andy won't be able to find a wife as long as she's around, Aunt Bee begins searching for a man whom she can marry.

The Andy Griffith Show

Three's A Crowd Every time Andy tries to be alone with Mary, Barney shows up. After Andy explains that he wants to be alone with her, Barney believes that Andy is...
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Mama's Family

Bubba's Double Date When Bubba's date for the prom cancels at the last minute, Mama fixes him up with Iola's shy, homely niece, Vernette.


Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue? ALF has a crush on Lynn, so he makes a music video to impress her.

Hogan's Heroes

Man's Best Friend Is Not His Dog A dog buries a bone containing film from Carter's camera that has images of a new German tank.

Hogan's Heroes

Never Play Cards With Strangers Hogan's plan to blow up a rocket fuel factory boomerangs back at him.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guest Carl Reiner In Terminal Hospital, a shy doctor masquerading as a male nurse must save a patient. Then, in The Writer #1, the characters in Harvey's story come...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Bedeviled Doctor Dr. David Craig discovers that tapes of conversations with his psychiatric patients are missing and being used for blackmail purposes. When the...

The Twilight Zone

The Last Flight A World War I flying ace flies through a mysterious cloud—and lands at a modern U.S. air base in the year 1959.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

A Woman's Help After falling in love with his invalid wife's nurse, a man schemes to get rid of his wife altogether.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

The Museum Piece A museum piece causes problems for a curious visitor.


License To Kill—limit Three People Mannix is hired when a sniper begins killing citizens, the prime suspect being an escaped mental patient.


To Ride A Tiger "Cannon investigates a kidnapping case. The lawyer David Rackham has been abducted. Because he is diabetic and needs a certain drug, Cannon...

77 Sunset Strip

All Our Yesterdays Stu Bailey is hired by the greedy relatives of a silent film star to prove her incompetent so that they can get their hands on the money she is...
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