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Highway Patrol

Runaway Boy Highway Patrol tracks a young, resourceful runaway.

The Donna Reed Show

A Friend Indeed Jeff takes the blame for some pranks pulled by one of his classmates, but refuses to tell who he's protecting.

The Facts of Life

The Sound Of Silence Tootie refuses to believe she is suffering from hearing loss until she is in an accident.

The Brady Bunch

Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy Cindy has been cast as in the school play, but learns she can only invite one parent to the show. Torn between whom she should choose, Cindy fakes...

The Beverly Hillbillies

The Big Chicken After Granny mistakes an ostrich that Drysdale owns for a giant chicken, which she believes she caused by means of her "growing tonic" made for...

My Three Sons

The Sure Thing Robbie's friend has a grandfather who trains horses.

Leave It to Beaver

Brother Versus Brother Beaver gets a new girl in his class and is instantly smitten. He begins walking her home from school but he soon realizes that the girl has an...

Leave It to Beaver

The Yard Birds Ward doesn't take any excuses when he puts his foot down and demands that Wally and Beaver clean the yard. They each reluctantly cancel their plans...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Glamorous Ghost Eleanor Corbin pleads amnesia after police find her running and screaming through woods near her apartment building. Her loss of memory is of...


The Court Martial: Part 1 Matlock is hired by a friend to defend his enlisted son. The boy's been charged with killing a sadistic lieutenant whose mistreatment led to the...

Diagnosis Murder

Death By Extermination The body of a real estate agent is found in the walk-in closet of Mark's sister's new house.

The Big Valley

The Jonah Things start going wrong with the fruit harvest when Waldo comes on the scene. The ranch hands firmly believe he’s “Jonah” and pressure nick to...
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Small Water "Matt & Chester are bringing in Leroy Finn to face murder charges. Leroy gets the drop on Chester during the night and Matt kills him. Matt &...


Say Uncle "Martin Nagel is a hard working store owner that has plans to build up his business and eventually leave the business to his son, Lee Nagel. When...


Land Grab The Cartwrights play host to an eccentric old soldier friend of Ben's while trying to track down a mysterious swindler named Polk, who is illegally...

The Rifleman

Two Ounces Of Tin Sammy Davis Jr. stars as Tip Corey, son of a man allegedly murdered in North Fork.

The Rifleman

Deadly Image On the trail Len Richards and his brother, Ab, confront a Lucas McCain look-alike, Earl Bantry and his sidekick K.C. Peters, for slaughtering one...

Wagon Train

The Sarah Drummond Story During a storm, Flint takes shelter at a farmhouse. He soon discovers the husband is refusing his wife the care of a midwife and must determine why...

T.J. Hooker

Gang War With two barrio gangs threatening to launch a war, Hooker pursues the real cause of unrest — an illegal-arms dealer who would profit handsomely.

Hawaii Five-O

Nightmare Road A research scientist, Dr. Royce, is set up by revolutionaries to be transported away from the islands in a submarine. McGarrett must stop this from...


Margaret's Engagement Margaret, calling from Tokyo, holds the camp in suspense until she returns with the news of her engagement to Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott....


Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind While fixing a stove that explodes, Hawkeye's face is badly burned. His eyes are bandaged, and it is not known if he will ever see again. Meanwhile...

The Andy Griffith Show

The Bookie Barber A bookie from Raleigh sets himself up in Floyd's barbershop as an extra barber, trying to avoid the heat. Andy gets suspicious when the new barber...

The Andy Griffith Show

Andy On Trial A news mogul swears revenge on Andy after he is arrested for what he deems a minor infraction. In retaliation, he sends a reporter to Mayberry to...

Mama's Family

Pomp And Circumstance A disappointed Bubba refuses to go to his graduation when he learns his parents will not be there. And Mama, the valedictorian and speaker for the...


Jump On his 45th birthday, Willie feels unfulfilled, so ALF suggests he go skydiving.

Hogan's Heroes

Color The Luftwaffe Red Hogan and his men volunteer to paint the headquarters of the Luftwaffe in order to steal an important map.

Hogan's Heroes

Guess Who Came To Dinner? Hogan learns his underground contact may be a double agent after he arranges for her to go to England.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests Anthony Newley And Bernadette Peters In The Invisible Man's Mother, Carol discusses life with her invisible son. Then, in The Englishman, Tony believes he can get anything he wants by...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Howling Dog Evelyn Forbes escapes from a mental institution only to be charged with murder. The key to the case is a dog that continues to howl no matter what.

The Twilight Zone

The Purple Testament A lieutenant develops the disquieting ability to foresee which of his men will die prior to battle.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Coming, Mama A woman begins to realize that her mother has no intentions of cutting her from her apron strings.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Deathmate An older woman tries to convince her young lover to end her husband's life.


Deadfall: Part 1 Intertect is accused of stealing plans and a formula to create a laser ray, forcing Mannix and Lew Wickersham into a deadly feud.


The Prisoners Gordon Bell gets involved in a fight. When his opponent dies, Gordon is arrested and charged with murder. Cannon has to bring the truth to light ....

77 Sunset Strip

The Well-selected Frame Jeff Spencer is hired by a woman to get divorce evidence against her husband, but her real plan is to murder him and frame Jeff for the crime.
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