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Our Miss Brooks

Kritch Cave Miss Brooks tries help dispose of some worthless property next to the school. Unknowingly, she sells the deed to the land that Madison High is...

The Donna Reed Show

Jeff Stands Alone Jeff spends a weekend in a strange town with no money, just to prove he can make it on his own.

Mister Ed

Horse Talk Wilbur and Ed help an old handyman who was wrongfully accused of drugging a horse before a big race.

I Love Lucy

The Fur Coat Ricky returns home with a $3,500 mink coat that he has rented for an act at the club. Lucy immediately jumps to the conclusion that it's her...

Petticoat Junction

The Baffling Raffle Uncle Joe has purchased the winning raffle ticket for a new TV. The only problem? Kate has the ticket, and she's on jury duty.

My Three Sons

A Lesson In Any Language In order to better his Spanish, Mike adopts the learn-while-you-sleep method using a pre-programmed record player.

My Three Sons

The Ugly Duckling Robbie has no hope in passing world literature until his teacher assigns a beautiful blonde to be his study partner.

Leave It to Beaver

The Bank Account Ward tries to teach Wally and Beaver the importance of saving by giving them a piggy bank. The boys quickly save up a handful of change and are all...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The Caretaker's Cat Wealthy Peter Baxter decides to test the loyalty of his heirs. He pretends to change his will cutting them all out and leaving his entire estate to...


The Outcast: Part 2 Matlock retires from law after bungling up a case. He heads out of town to do some fishing, but after a hitchhiker he encounters dies mysteriously,...

Remington Steele

Elementary Steele Laura and Remington join forces with an array of fictional detectives from the past—Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Phillip Marlow, Mr. Moto,...

The Big Valley

The 25 Graves Of Midas Nick and Heath travel separately to a mining town to investigate a collapsed mine. When Nick arrives, he finds a hostile populace—and no Heath.


The Preacher "Seth, a newcomer to Dodge is bullied by Keeler, a boxer."


How To Die For Nothing "Zach and Bulow, up with a cattle drive, are raising a ruckus."


A Knight To Remember Two robberies take place on stagecoaches that Adam is traveling on, and both times a knight in shining armor scares the robbers away. No one...

The Rifleman

Long Trek Lucas and Marshal Torrance run into trouble transporting a captured killer back to face trial.

The Rifleman

The Actress A deathbed request from an old friend sends Lucas to a neighboring town in search of the man's long-lost sweetheart.

The Beverly Hillbillies

Jed Cuts The Family Tree Mrs. Smith Standish is spending more time with the Clampetts, desperate to find out whether the family did in fact precede the ‘Mayflower.’ And...

Leave It to Beaver

Lonesome Beaver Wally goes away on a trip with the Boy Scout troop that he belongs to, leaving a lonesome Beaver behind. Finding his friends to be busy, Beaver...

The Brady Bunch

A Room At The Top When the family cleans out the attic, both Greg and Marcia realize what a great room it would be and begin fighting over who gets it. This leads to...

Gilligan's Island

How To Be A Hero The castaways attempt to make Gilligan feel like a hero.

Happy Days

Haunted After experiencing a few strange happenings, Richie begins to buy into the legend that the place where Ralph's Halloween party is to be held, the...
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The Andy Griffith Show

Look Paw, I'm Dancing Opie wants to attend his first dance—but first must learn how to dance!


The Best Of Enemies On his way to some R&R in Tokyo, a North Korean soldier forces Hawkeye to perform an emergency roadside operation on his buddy.


Letters Members of the 4077th share their impressions of war in response to letters from fourth graders in Hawkeye's hometown. Margaret writes about how...

The Andy Griffith Show

Barney Gets His Man An escaped convict vows revenge on the man who sent him back to prison: none other than Deputy Barney Fife.

The Andy Griffith Show

The Guitar Player Returns Mayberry guitarist Jim Lindsey (James Best), a success as a solo artist, returns to a hero's welcome. However, Andy suspects trouble.

Mama's Family

Now Hear This When Vint installs baby-monitoring intercoms in the house, the Harpers begin eavesdropping on each other—and it isn't long before everyone is upset!


The Gambler ALF develops a gambling habit and winds up in trouble with his bookie.

Hogan's Heroes

Never Play Cards With Strangers Hogan's plan to blow up a rocket fuel factory boomerangs back at him.

Hogan's Heroes

Color The Luftwaffe Red Hogan and his men volunteer to paint the headquarters of the Luftwaffe in order to steal an important map.

Carol Burnett and Friends

Guests John Byner And Francine Beers In The Diner, two robbers pose as cook and waitress when the police interrupt their hold-up at a restaurant. Then, in Carol and Sis, Carol and...

Perry Mason

The Case Of The 12th Wildcat Burt Payne coaches and owns 10% of a professional football team. His rich wife, Ellen, owns the remainder. Knowing that he's washed up and needing...

The Twilight Zone

The Passersby A Confederate soldier and a widower meet during the end of the Civil War.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Toby Albert finds his childhood love, and she agrees to marry him.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Alibi Me Georgie is a gang member looking for an alibi after the death of his alter ego.


Portrait Of A Hero Mannix investigates the mysterious death of an Air Force pilot who died right before the presentation of an experimental aircraft.


Achilles' Heel The son of a judge involved in a fraud case is framed for the murder of a young actress, in the hope that this will force a lighter sentence in the...

77 Sunset Strip

The Bridal Trail Caper A former rodeo star interrupts a wedding, threatening to expose secrets from the bride's past.
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