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Family Affair

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Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/12/1966 Ep 1: Buffy
The excellent family series begins when Bill Davis, a bachelor construction engineer, unexpectedly adopts Buffy, Jody and Cissy, who have lost their parents in an accident.
9/19/1966 Ep 2: Jody and Cissy
Cissy joins the family and Mr. French decides he does not want to be a Nanny. Mr. French changes his mind after Buffy puts her doll in his suitcase and decides to stay after all.
9/26/1966 Ep 3: The Gift Horse
Buffy and Jody decide to give Bill what they feel is the ideal gift - a horse!
10/3/1966 Ep 4: The Matter of School
Cissy wants to go to a public school, but she overhears Bill considering to send her to a boarding school and thinks that Bill doesn't want her home. Cissy goes to Bryerfield and Bill promises her an evening on the town when she comes home for the weekend
10/10/1966 Ep 5: Marmalade
Mr. French is chosen for an ad for marmalade and is a huge promotion success, until he tastes the marmalade that he is hawking.
10/17/1966 Ep 6: Room With a Viewpoint
Buffy doesn't like the new changes in her and Cissy's bedroom and refuses to ever step foot in it.
10/24/1966 Ep 7: Mrs. Beasley, Where are You?
Buffy's doll Mrs. Beasley gets knocked out of the apartment window by accident, upsetting Buffy immensely. She fnds out that a little girl owns a doll that looks just like her lost Mrs. Beasley, and realizes that it is not her doll.
11/7/1966 Ep 8: Who's Afraid of Nural Shpeni?
Mr. French gets Lebanese cooking lessons from a Middle Eastern restaurant owner named Nural Shpeni, and her family forces Mr. French to marry her, whether he wants to or not.
11/14/1966 Ep 9: A Matter for Experts
Buffy and Jody have been spending a lot a time with each other at school, and it is a major concern for the vice principal and a child psychologist who states that Buffy and Jody need to make friends and join in with other children.
11/21/1966 Ep 10: Beware: The Other Woman
When an old flame steps back into Bill's life, the children think that he will get married and send them back to Indiana.
11/28/1966 Ep 11: Take Two Aspirin
Bill gets a chance to work with a friend in Mexico on a job, but his trip is cut short when Mr. French comes down with the flu.
12/5/1966 Ep 12: Love Me, Love Me Not
The kids celebrate five years of living in the Davis apartment by throwing a surprise party for Bill, who doesn't make it because of a trip to Washington D.C.
12/12/1966 Ep 13: The Thursday Man
Cissy learns a lesson in snooping when she is to do a paper on Mr. French and discovers a shocking secret about him.
12/26/1966 Ep 14: Thick Deep
Cissy worships a teacher named Julian Hill and spouts his theories all through the household. Bill invites the teacher to dinner and Cissy sees that he is not the man that she thinks he is, after he admonishes Buffy and Jody.
1/2/1967 Ep 15: Hard Hat Jody
Jody talks about having a job with a man who builds buildings and even gets paid for it. Uncle Bill thinks he is making it up. Bill later meets the man and realizes it is the person he has been trying to meet for a construction project.
1/9/1967 Ep 16: That Was the Dinner That Wasn't
Cissy is disheartened because she will be left out of a mother-daughter event at school, and she doesn't tell Bill what is wrong with her.
1/16/1967 Ep 17: All Around The Town
Bill and the whole family are seeing the Gaynors off on their cruise. Buffy and Jody think that Bill is having dinner with them, but when they find out the thuth, they are left on the dock by themselves.
1/23/1967 Ep 18: One For the Little Boy
Giles French leaves town for a month, so his brother Niles comes to help with the Davis'. Jody is tired of always being around the girls and having to do the things they want to do. Uncle Bill decides to give him some masculine attention.
1/30/1967 Ep 19: Fancy Free
Jody & Buffy are excited to be moved to Upper First Grade at school, but it means more homework. They do not know how to do the math problems nor read some of the new books, and Bill is spending more time dating than helping the twins.
2/6/1967 Ep 20: A Helping Hand
The family learns this the hard way that helping other people is good, but only up to a point. Mr. French helps out a maid who is very bad with housekeeping by covering up her mistakes, until the charade is discovered.
2/13/1967 Ep 21: Once in Love With Buffy
Aunt Fran wants to take the kids back with her, believing that Bill is not a suitable guardian for them. Fran thinks that this fact is confirmed when Buffy mistakenly thinks Bill doesn't want them there.
2/20/1967 Ep 22: Ballerina Buffy
Buffy gets chosen for a lead in a ballet, which upsets a mother whose little was passed over. She has reason to suspect foul play when the casting director is Bill's old girlfriend Margo.
2/27/1967 Ep 23: The Mother Tongue
Buffy and Jody meet a new girl named Marilyn, who is the daughter of a Chinese diplomat and speaks no English. Mr. French tries to work out his Cantonese and unknowingly insults her.
3/13/1967 Ep 24: Everybody Needs Somebody
Buffy and Jody play matchmaker for Mr. French, but he thinks that they do not want him around because he punished them so severely.
3/20/1967 Ep 25: The Way it Was
Bill sends the kids away for a week-long trip at camp because they are driving him up the wall. He briefly returns to his bachelor life, but it isn't long before he starts missing the kids.
3/27/1967 Ep 26: All Nephews Are Created Equal
Mr. French gets a visit from his nephew David. French is shocked when David announces that he wants to become a dentist, but the final straw comes when he goes out with Cissy.
4/10/1967 Ep 27: The Prize
The twins win a baby lamb in a cereal contest, which causes no small amount of frustration from the other tenants in the building, especially when they're trying to sleep.
4/17/1967 Ep 28: What Did You Do In The West, Uncle?
The twins meet Bill's old friend Gabe at the rodeo. When he comes to stay with the family, Bill's worried that the kinds might like real life cowboy Gabe more than they like him.
5/1/1967 Ep 29: The Award
Buffy and Jody fall allergic to some clay they are working with and Bill mistakenly assumes that the kids are sick because of Bill's irregular parenting style.
5/15/1967 Ep 30: The Butler Method
Cissy has trouble finding a date for the Sadie Hawkins dance, and asks a boy who throws her a curve because of a broken leg. Bill suggests that an actor friend of his who is visiting escort her to the dance.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/11/1967 Ep 31: Birds, Bees and Buffy
When a neighboring family has a baby, the children start to ask questions about where babies come from. Uncle Bill has to explain.
9/18/1967 Ep 32: First Love
Buffy is in love with Jody's friend, but he has eyes for Cissy. Turns out Bill has eyes for someone off limits as well.
9/25/1967 Ep 33: Go Home, Mr. French
Mr. French's romance with an old flame puts his job in jeopardy when he thinks about working with his old love in another house.
10/2/1967 Ep 34: Arthur, the Invisible Bear
Jody's new imaginary friend - a large bear - is really getting him in trouble and it takes a trip to a psychologist to figure out what is going on.
10/9/1967 Ep 35: The Other Cheek
A young girl likes Jody, and shows her affection in the only way children know how - she picks on him and hits him. Jody, of course, does not fight back.
10/16/1967 Ep 36: The Candy Striper
Cissy becomes a candy-striper, but feels insecure after unknowingly breaking one of the supervisor's rules. She feels compelled to quit, but Bill urges her to face up to her mistake and keep her job.
10/23/1967 Ep 37: Fat, Fat, The Water Rat
Buffy goes to dance class but finds her teacher is not there. While waiting to be picked up, she meets some kids playing a game and joins them. When Mr. French sees her new friends, he realizes they are just looking to get in trouble.
11/6/1967 Ep 38: The Toy Box
Uncle Bill enforces an iron-clad confiscation order of toys constantly being left on the floor by the kids and they can never get them back. It hits a little too close when Buffy's beloved Mrs. Beasley is in danger of being taken away from her.
11/13/1967 Ep 39: Take Me Out of the Ball Game
Jody tries his hardest to be on a local stickball team, only to be beaten out by Buffy, who happens to be a great player as well.
11/20/1967 Ep 40: You Like Buffy Better
Cissy thinks that Buffy is being ignored by Bill because he appears to favor Jody. Bill then devotes himself solely to Buffy, which of course doesn't sit right with Cissy and Jody.
11/27/1967 Ep 41: Freddie
Freddie, Bill's old friend from Terre Haute, wishes that she had children after spending time with Buffy and Jody.
12/4/1967 Ep 42: Our Friend Stanley
Buffy and Jody make friends with a disabled boy named Stanley, much to the dismay of his overprotective mother.
12/11/1967 Ep 43: Somebody Upstairs
Someone new moves into the apartment building where the Davis family lives, and it is a Broadway star. Buffy and Jody can't keep their eyes off her.
12/18/1967 Ep 44: Star Dust
Bill is starstruck with his glamorous new neighbor, a famous actress who wants to give up show business and settle down with him.
12/25/1967 Ep 45: Best of the Breed
Buffy and Jody find a dog, and they bring it home to the apartment, where they try and keep it hidden from Mr. French. Once French finds out, they've still got the notoriously anti-dog landlord to deal with.
1/1/1968 Ep 46: Family Reunion
Bill and Mr. French visit the kids' old home in Terre Haute where they are faced with a painful decision: Stay with their aunt who tries to convince the kids they are a burden on Bill, or go back to New York.
1/8/1968 Ep 47: A Man's Place
A new romance that Mr. French has puts him in the position to make him think that his current life as a butler might not be good enough for his date.
1/15/1968 Ep 48: The Great Kow-Tow
Buffy and Jody become fascinated with all things Chinese after they are "adopted" by an elderly Chinese man who is part of a group of foreign friends Bill is entertaining.
1/22/1968 Ep 49: The Fish Watchers
Uncle Bill is working extra hours and the twins miss spending time with him. A co-worker suggests buying a fish tank and using that as a way to promote togetherness.
1/29/1968 Ep 50: The Day Nothing Happened
Bill is looking forward to a vacation, and Cissy is looking forward to her date with someone new. But the weather turns bad, and there is a massive blizzard, and everyone is kept at home.
2/5/1968 Ep 51: A House in the Country
Bill thinks the city might not be good for the kids, so he considers moving to a house in the suburbs. The kids, however, love where they are and do their best to persuade him to stay put in their city apartment.
2/12/1968 Ep 52: A Matter of Tonsils
When Buffy has an operation to remove her tonsils, Jody complains of a sore throat too. Uncle Bill and French think he's simply looking for attention, until the doctor looks at them.
2/19/1968 Ep 53: Member of the Family
Cissy is taking an art class and has been drawing caricature images of the family members, but does not mention one for Mr French. He is hurt at being left out, however, Cissy has his picture and wants to surprise him with it.
2/26/1968 Ep 54: His and Hers
Uncle Bill & Mr French attend Buffy & Jody's open night at school to view their latest art and work. At school, Bill meets another single parent with two young children and one teenager. Bill starts dating her and thinking of family merger.
3/4/1968 Ep 55: The New Cissy
A boy at school likes Buffy but does not talk to her. Cissy thinks the boys do not like her because there is something wrong with her, so Uncle Bill pays to have different people coach her in dress, makeup, talking, walking, and more.
3/11/1968 Ep 56: The Family Outing
Uncle Bill decides a weekend camping trip would be a great way for everyone to spend time together, but it turns out to be less than fun for those involved.
3/18/1968 Ep 57: Mr. French's Holiday
Mr French takes a two-week vacation to the west with the others staying home. When Bill is called away to South America for work, the children end up flying out west to be with Mr French and making his trip more enjoyable.
3/25/1968 Ep 58: The Mrs. Beasley Story
Jody and Buffy accidentally pull off the arm of Mrs Beasley and it is, needless to say, a traumatic event for Buffy.
4/1/1968 Ep 59: The Baby Sitters
The twins keep getting handed from babysitter to babysitter when French and Bill both have to be out at the same time, and Cissy gets a chance to go a concert.
4/8/1968 Ep 60: Family Portrait
When Bill returns home from a business trip, he finds that Cissy's hair style is different, Buffy has a new tooth, and he does not know who Jody's best friend is. Bill decides to stop traveling for his work, and become a full-time dad.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/23/1968 Ep 61: The Latch Key Kid
Buffy seeks more independence after meeting a girl named Lana whose mother leaves her alone while she goes out. Buffy also sees Jody being allowed to do more things on his own than she is.
9/30/1968 Ep 62: By a Whisker
Jody wants to join a club of older boys who deem him too young. To prove himself worthy of joining them, they put him up to a test of clipping French's whiskers and bringing them the results.
10/7/1968 Ep 63: A Waltz From Vienna
A teenager from a royal family in Vienna wants to marry Cissy, and she wants to marry him. She thinks she is a grown up who can make her own decisions, but Uncle Bill knows better.
10/14/1968 Ep 64: Your Friend, Jody
A friend of Bill's confides that he is worried about his son growing up in a home with mostly females. That makes Bill wonder about Jody not having enough time with boys. Bill sends him off to camp and dutiful Jody pretends to like it.
10/21/1968 Ep 65: The Substitute Teacher
Jody is attracted to a new substitute teacher, but is sad when she leaves. Uncle Bill meets Jody's secret crush and finds out that she looks somewhat like the children's mother.
11/4/1968 Ep 66: Oliver
Uncle Bill allows Buffy & Jody to have a friend stay over for a few days while the parents are out of town. But then Uncle Bill finds out the friend is actually a dog, and pets are not allowed in the apartment building.
11/11/1968 Ep 67: Christmas Came a Little Early
Buffy makes friends with another girl in the apartment building, and finds out the girl is very sick and may not live too much longer. Buffy asks Uncle Bill if they can have a Christmas holiday because Eve might not be alive in December.
11/18/1968 Ep 68: The Unsound of Music
Buffy's class is practicing to perform in a singing program, but Buffy's voice is terrible. Uncle Bill hires a singing coach to help her.
12/2/1968 Ep 69: Albertine
Jody and Buffy make friends with a new girl at school whose father seems to always be out of town. They then discover that the girl's father has in fact left the family and may never return.
12/9/1968 Ep 70: A Matter of Choice
Cissy befriends a girl who uses her to disobey her parents. Uncle Bill feels that Buffy and Jody would benefit from listening to fairy tales than watching war-based programs on TV, but the fairy tales end up giving them nightmares.
12/16/1968 Ep 71: Ciao, Uncle Bill
While on a job in Rome, Bill falls in love with a much younger woman who he plans to marry, until learning that she has no desire to share his life with Cissy, Buffy and Jody.
12/23/1968 Ep 72: A Nanny for All Seasons
After Mr. French is ribbed by his gentlemen peers about also being a nanny, he resigns himself to return to his role as a gentlemen's gentleman and starts to shun the children.
12/30/1968 Ep 73: Family Plan
Bill breaks his leg skiing and Buffy, Jody and Cissy give up all their free time to take care of him. Bill's girlfriend also wants to help him, which he thinks he wants, but realizes the children care much more than she does.
1/6/1969 Ep 74: To Love With Buffy
Bill takes Buffy on a trip with him to Puerto Rico to spend some time together. He then meets a flame of his, but he vows to spend all of his time with Buffy.
1/13/1969 Ep 75: A Family Group
Cissy brings home a friend named Dana who brags to everyone that her family life is absolutely fabulous, until Bill finds out that her parents are divorced and are looking for her.
1/20/1969 Ep 76: A Lesson For Grown-Ups
The kids overhear Bill talking about one of his bridges collapsing. He goes to the construction site to help with the disaster, and the kids think they are going to lose all their money to help pay for the bridge.
1/27/1969 Ep 77: Oh, To Be in England
Bill gets a job in England which seems like it might last a year. Everyone plans to move, but then it seems like Bill won't be able to go.
2/3/1969 Ep 78: A Matter of Privacy
The twins discover that they can eavesdrop on other people's private conversations with their new tape recorder.
2/10/1969 Ep 79: Lost in Spain (1)
Uncle Bill takes everyone on vacation to Spain, and almost as soon as they land, Mr. French and the twins get separated. Bill and Cissy join Mr. French in the search for Buffy and Jody. Part 1 of 3.
2/17/1969 Ep 80: Lost in Spain (2)
While Mr. French desperately searches for Buffy and Jody, the twins are going into unknown parts of Spain where they are picked up by a nun and a bunch of schoolchildren. Part 2 of 3.
2/24/1969 Ep 81: Lost in Spain (3)
Bill, Cissy and Mr French continue to search for Buffy and Jody in Spain. Meanwhile, the twins are being cared for at a school house run by nuns. Part 3 of 3.
3/3/1969 Ep 82: A Diller, A Dollar
Buffy has a chance to skip a grade, but she is failing. Bill thinks that she is failing to stay with Jody, but Buffy is actually in love with a boy in her grade.
3/10/1969 Ep 83: The Young Man From Bolivia
Jody has been exchanging letters with a pen-pal from Bolivia. Finally, the boy gets a chance to visit Jody in New York. When he arrives, everyone is more interested in him than Jody.
3/17/1969 Ep 84: Speak for Yourself, Mr. French
Mr. French has a new admirer. She is an attractive young secretary, and she is determined to spend time with him. He starts falling for her, but soon French realizes her ultimate goal is Bill.
3/24/1969 Ep 85: The Flip Side
Cissy falls for a popular musician who writes songs about her. When he leaves for his next tour date, lovestruck Cissy decides to surprise him by going to the concert. She is the one surprised when he starts singing to another woman.
3/31/1969 Ep 86: The Matter of Dignity
Mr French is accused of sending questionable letters to a young woman. He and Bill take a stint as a detective to find the source.
4/7/1969 Ep 87: Flower Power
Cissy meets some flower children in the park and, in awe of their freewheeling lifestyle, wants to be one of them. Uncle Bill is none too pleased.
4/14/1969 Ep 88: My Man, the Star
A movie producer spots Mr. French in the park and thinks he would be perfect to play Henry VIII in his new production. French flatly declines, but his friends and the Davis family convince him to go for it after all.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/25/1969 Ep 89: No Uncle is an Island
Mr. French, Cissy, Buffy and Jody decide to give Bill some time alone for the weekend. Unfortunately he's having a tough time finding that peace and quiet as he deals with a barrage of interruptions from the neighbors.
10/2/1969 Ep 90: The Wings of an Angel
A former friend of Bill's visits, asking for a favor. Harv has just gotten out of prison and needs to find a job. The twins are afraid of Harv, and Cissy thinks she can help him adjust to living outside of prison again.
10/9/1969 Ep 91: Uncle Prince Charming
One of Cissy's friends has a crush on Uncle Bill, and he cannot seem to shake her from this feeling.
10/16/1969 Ep 92: Cissy's Apartment
Cissy's independence is put to the test when she decides to stay in her own apartment with a friend. Her family won't quite leave her alone, but when they follow her wishes to do so, she's lonesome.
10/23/1969 Ep 93: The Jody Affair
While Jody is playing with his friends at school, a window gets broken and Jody is blamed for it. When Jody is suspended, Bill considers taking him to a private school. He reconsiders when one of Jody's friends confesses to breaking the window.
10/30/1969 Ep 94: With This Ring
Since most of Cissy's friends are getting engaged and married, Cissy decides it it is time for her and Gregg to be engaged, even if Gregg does not want it.
11/6/1969 Ep 95: What's Funny About a Broken Leg
Buffy breaks her leg while playing games with friends. When Uncle Bill tells her she will not be able to go to the circus, she is sad. Uncle Bill saves the day by bringing the circus act to the apartment building.
11/13/1969 Ep 96: The Birthday Boy
When the twins find out that Mr French's birthday is approaching, they ask Cissy to help them set up a birthday party for Mr French.
11/20/1969 Ep 97: The Stowaway
The twins make friends with a boy who does not have any parents and has run away from an orphanage. They hide him in the apartment, moving him from room to room in an attempt to keep him hidden from the others.
12/4/1969 Ep 98: Number One Boy
In Hong Kong for business, Bill is impressed with the work of a man named Ng Ho, and invites him to visit in New York. When he does, he starts to help around the apartment - just a little too efficiently for Mr French.
12/11/1969 Ep 99: A Tale of Two Travels
Cissy stays with a friend while the rest of the family goes to Boston. Subsequently, no one has a good time.
12/18/1969 Ep 100: Maudie
A former sweetheart of French's, once a common worker, is now a wealthy single woman. She asks Mr French to visit her in England, with the hopes to pursue their relationship.
12/25/1969 Ep 101: Goodbye Harold
Buffy and Jody's pet hamsters seem to always escape their cage and then get out of the apartment building. The twins realize the hamsters want to be free.
1/1/1970 Ep 102: The Girl Graduate
Cissy graduates from high school and wants to go to an all-night party with her friends.
1/8/1970 Ep 103: Grandpa, Sir
Cissy, Buffy, and Jody's grandfather visits, but cannot seem to get used to the grown-up children from the young children as he remembers them. Worse, the children do not remember him.
1/15/1970 Ep 104: Marooned
While Bill is in Vermont for business, he asks Mr French and the twins to visit there since it is so pretty. As French drives up, a snow storm turns into a blizzard and they are forced to take refuge in an abandoned cabin.
1/22/1970 Ep 105: Mr. Osaki's Tree
Jody is giving a bonsai tree from Mr Osaki. When the tree starts to die as Mr Osaki gets sick, Jody is worried the tree means Mr Osaki will die.
1/29/1970 Ep 106: The Language of Love
A friend of Buffy's is deaf, and Uncle Bill asks a friend of his, a doctor who specializes in deaf children, to see if he can do anything for the little girl.
2/5/1970 Ep 107: The Inheritance
The twins inherit a small amount of money, which to them, seems like riches. They begin to argue about how to spend the money.
2/12/1970 Ep 108: There Goes New York
When the twins hear a psychic predict that a tidal wave will wash away New York, nothing and no one can change their minds that this is going to happen.
2/19/1970 Ep 109: Wouldn't It Be Loverly
When the twins learn a classmate can do anything he wants in his home, they want the same freedom. Uncle Bill and Mr French decide to let them have what they want so they can learn the hard way.
2/26/1970 Ep 110: The Boys Against the Girls
Jody wants to be one of the boys on a stick ball team, but the boys all make fun of little girls. Jody does not want Buffy's feelings to get hurt.
3/5/1970 Ep 111: The Old Cowhand
Jody meets Chaps Callahan, an actor who played a cowboy in the movies and whom he worships. But Chaps is now an old man and not able to do everything he used to do in movies.
3/12/1970 Ep 112: Angle in the Family
Mr. French tries to help out a friend by letting his daughter see that her decision to be an actress is a big mistake, but the plan fails when Bill gets her a speaking part on Broadway and goes out with her.
3/26/1970 Ep 113: Family in Paradise (1)
Bill takes the entire family with him to Tahiti, seemingly the most wonderful place in the world. Buffy and Jody instantly make friends with native children, and Cissy falls for a handsome tour guide. Part 1 of 2.
4/2/1970 Ep 114: Family in Paradise (2)
Bill makes the decision to stay in Tahiti because the kids are happy with their new lives. Cissy is happy with her new boyfriend, but things are, unfortunately, too good to be true. Part 2 of 2.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/17/1970 Ep 115: The Good Neighbors
Buffy & Jody notice that while they know a lot of the tenants in the building, most of them do not know each other. They ask Mr French to help them throw a party for everyone. Some tenants get stuck in the elevator when going to the party.
9/24/1970 Ep 116: Desert Isle, Manhattan Style
Uncle Bill leaves Cissy in charge of babysitting the twins, but she neglects her duties when Gregg takes her on a plane trip to Dartmouth.
10/1/1970 Ep 117: Eastward, Ho!
Bill's friend, Eng Ho, is planning an arranged marriage for his daughter, Ming Lee, and wants Bill to give her a place to stay until the wedding. Cissy makes friends with her and takes her out with her friends, where she falls for a boy.
10/8/1970 Ep 118: Meet Emily
Bill decides to hire a female employee to help around the house and soften the edges of Mr French's stiffness. It takes a while, but soon the whole family enjoys having Emily around.
10/15/1970 Ep 119: The Return of Maudie
French's old friend Maudie visits. She's now a posh nobelwoman, but French recalls the days when she worked as a barmaid.
10/22/1970 Ep 120: It Can't Be Five Years?
Cissy, Jody and Buffy talk about when they first came to live with their Uncle Bill and realize it has been five years. They decide to throw a party for the occasion but Bill almost misses it due to work.
10/29/1970 Ep 121: Travels With Cissy
Love goes awry when Bill tries to stop Cissy from marrying Gregg. Bill takes Cissy to a party to distract her, where she meets a man named Steve and realizes she is not in love with Gregg. Soon Cissy & Steve are an item, and he proposes.
11/5/1970 Ep 122: Stamp of Approval
Bill and Jody try to get on the good side of female friends in order to get something they want. Bill wants a job at her company, and Jody wants a stamp for his collection.
11/12/1970 Ep 123: And Baby Makes Eight
Cissy takes care of her pregnant friend while her soldier husband is out on a job.
11/19/1970 Ep 124: Say Uncle
Jody and a classmate taunt each other with claims of "my father can beat your father", but the parents refuse to fight each other.
11/26/1970 Ep 125: Class Clown
Laughter is the best medicine, but not for every date. Bill goes out with a female comedian who seems to always be performing her act.
12/3/1970 Ep 126: The Unsinkable Mr. French
Everything at the Davis household seems to be in a state of chaos, but Mr French manages to keep things under control. That is, until one more thing goes wrong.
12/10/1970 Ep 127: Wish You Were Here
Determined to keep the memories of their father alive, Bill takes Jody, Cissy and Buffy to Indiana.
12/17/1970 Ep 128: Feat of Clay
Bill's new girlfriend gives him a genuine primitive Colombian artifact but Buffy and Jody accidentally break it after taking it to school. The twins try and repair it before anyone discovers what has happened.
12/31/1970 Ep 129: Heroes Are Born
Jody's newest hero figure is a football superstar who is Uncle Ken to one of Jody's friend. When Jody finds out that Ken is suspended from the team for placing bets, Jody is disillusioned.
1/7/1971 Ep 130: Nobody Here But Us Uncles
Afraid that their uncle will be alone when they grow up, the twins try to pair him with their teacher Miss Berry.
1/14/1971 Ep 131: Too Late, Too Soon
Emily Turner plays matchmaker to Mr French and Miss Faversham, while being the match-breaker for her son Jim Turner and Cissy's relationship.
1/21/1971 Ep 132: The Littlest Exile
Buffy and Jody make a new friend named Johnnie. They discover that the boy and his mother are hiding from militants that are interested in finding the father, who resides in a war-torn country.
1/28/1971 Ep 133: Put Your Dreams Away
Cissy meets up with her old friend Russ Brooks, who is joining the Peace Corps in Chile. Cissy wants to join Russ but Bill tries to discourage her decision.
2/4/1971 Ep 134: The Joiners
Bill secretly helps Buffy join a clique she wants to be part of but quickly finds good intentions backfire on him.
2/11/1971 Ep 135: Cinder-Emily
Jody and Buffy decide to help Emily go to her son Jim's graduation celebration. She wants a new outfit and someone to take her. The twins feel that Mr. French is an obvious choice.
2/18/1971 Ep 136: Goodbye, Mrs. Beasley
One of Buffy's friends tells her it is time to give up her doll, Mrs Beasley, as it is a child's toy. They go to a toy store where the owner looks like Mrs Beasley herself.
2/25/1971 Ep 137: Buffy's Fair Lady
Buffy tries her best to turn a young girl named Angela into a lovely young lady and puts together a party so Angela can make friends. However, things don't turn out as Buffy planned.
3/4/1971 Ep 138: You Can Fight City Hall
Buffy, Jody and their friend Ricky find a vacant lot where they can play, until the city decides to put a parking lot on that space.