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Happy Days

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1/15/1974 Ep 1: All the Way
Potsie sets Richie up with a girl known to have a reputation. Richie doesn't get far with her but leads Fonzie and others to believe he did.
1/22/1974 Ep 2: The Lemon
Tired of driving around in Howard's DeSoto, Richie and Potsie buy a car of their own. The car has several problems including an engine that won't run consistently. This causes problems when they try to impress two girls.
1/29/1974 Ep 3: Richie's Cup Runneth Over
Richie and Potsie are invited to Potsie's cousin's stag party. In an attempt to lessen the effects of the alcohol they will consume, they each drink several cartons of milk and a sip of olive oil.
2/5/1974 Ep 4: Guess Who's Coming to Visit
Ritchie sneaks out after dark with Potsie Weber to watch Fonzie drive Ralph Malph's newly souped up ride in a midnight drag race against challenger Skizzy Scollick.
2/12/1974 Ep 5: Hardware Jungle
Thinking he has to work late, Richie asks Fonzie for a refund on concert tickets that he bought from him. Later, it turns out Richie doesn't have to work late, and he finds himself in the awkward situation of having to ask for the tickets back.
2/19/1974 Ep 6: The Deadly Dares
Richie and Potsie, in their never-ending effort to get girls, decide that they want to join a gang called the Demons. However, in order to be accepted, they'll have to perform several dares.
2/26/1974 Ep 7: Fonzie Drops In
After taking a look at a B+ Potsie got on an exam, Fonzie decides to drop back into school. He asks Richie to do his homework and cheat for him.
3/5/1974 Ep 8: The Skin Game
Richie and Potsie obtain fake IDs in order to attend a burlesque show—where Ralph says Bubbles McCall takes it all off!
3/12/1974 Ep 9: Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
Richie and his girlfriend, Arlene, break up after two weeks of dating. Neither one of them has dates for the prom, so they end up going together as friends.
3/26/1974 Ep 10: Give the Band a Hand
To make some money, Richie, Potsie, Ralph and Bag form a band. They secure a gig, but Richie and Potsie lose the money (including that of Ralph and Bag) playing poker.
4/2/1974 Ep 11: Because She's There
Richie is put in an awkward situation when he is set up with a girl much taller than him. Meanwhile, Howard is frustrated by Marion's ineptness at playing bridge.
4/9/1974 Ep 12: In the Name of Love
Cindy, a new girl in school, asks Richie to tutor her. Richie is interested in more than just studying and makes several attempts to win her over.
4/16/1974 Ep 13: Great Expectations
Roger seeks Fonzie's advice regarding his love life. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi write a song for their band, and Potsie tries to get into the Leopard Lodge.
4/23/1974 Ep 14: The Best Man
Howard's old Army buddy, an African American, asks Howard to be the best man at his wedding. Howard and Marion consider holding the wedding at their home when the man can't find anyone else willing to do it.
4/30/1974 Ep 15: Knock Around the Block
Richie gets into the good graces of Dukes gang leader, Frankie Melina, when he rescues the tough's little sister from bullies and walks her home. Trouble still brews, however, when he dares to tread on Dukes turf, trying to rescue Potsie's stolen bike.
5/7/1974 Ep 16: Be the First on Your Block
Howard wants to buy a bomb shelter to protect his family. Problems quickly arise when several of Richie's friends ask if they can use it.
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9/10/1974 Ep 17: Richie Moves Out
Richie feels that he doesn't have enough privacy, so he decides to move in with Chuck. He quickly discovers, though, that bachelor life isn't quite what he expected.
9/17/1974 Ep 18: Richie's Car
Richie buys a car from Fonzie and finds out that it is stolen.
9/24/1974 Ep 19: Who's Sorry Now?
Richie's old girlfriend comes back to Milwaukee and wants to go steady with him.
10/1/1974 Ep 20: You Go to My Head
Richie reads a book about abnormal psychology and begins to think that there's something wrong with him.
10/8/1974 Ep 21: R.O.T.C.
Richie is named R.O.T.C. squad leader but has trouble controlling his squad. After several warnings to obey his commands, he puts them all on report.
10/29/1974 Ep 22: Haunted
After experiencing a few strange happenings, Richie begins to buy into the legend that the place where Ralph's Halloween party is to be held, the old Simpson house, is haunted.
11/12/1974 Ep 23: Wish Upon a Star
Richie wins a date with movie star Cindy Shea to a school dance, and Gloria breaks up with him because of circumstances surrounding it.
11/19/1974 Ep 24: Not with My Sister, You Don't
When 12-year-old Joanie Cunningham is invited by Fonzie's leather-clad nephew, Spike, to go to a movie on her first real date, her parents and big brother, Richie, do what they do best...worry!
11/26/1974 Ep 25: Big Money
After Richie wins $3,200 on a gameshow, the show's host hands him an envelope containing the answer to the $5,000 question.
12/3/1974 Ep 26: A Star Is Bored
In order to get new uniforms for their baseball team, Richie, Potsie and Ralph attempt to find a celebrity to play the title role in their upcoming fundraiser production of 'Hamlet.' When they can't get a big name to play the part, Fonzie agrees to do it.
12/17/1974 Ep 27: Guess Who's Coming to Christmas
Fonzie tells Al the story of the time an unexpected visitor turned Howard Cunningham's plans for a traditional family Christmas upside down.
1/7/1975 Ep 28: Open House
Richie and Potsie plan to host a poker night at the Cunningham house as Howard and Marion will be out of town. However, their plans change when three young women stop by after their car breaks down, and Potsie invites them to stay the night.
1/14/1975 Ep 29: Fonzie's Getting Married
Fonzie announces that he's getting married and brings his bride-to-be to the Cunningham house for dinner. There, Howard recognizes her as a stripper he saw at a hardware convention in Chicago.
1/21/1975 Ep 30: The Cunningham Caper
An ill Richie is home alone while the rest of the family go to see Cinerama. Hearing noises downstairs, he investigates and finds a burglar!
1/28/1975 Ep 31: The Not Making of the President
Richie goes against Howard and, to get a girl, campaigns for Adlai Stevenson in the 1956 Presidential race.
2/11/1975 Ep 32: Cruisin'
Richie, Postie and Ralph are forced to go cruising for girls in Howard's DeSoto after Marion dents Richie's car at the supermarket. They find three girls but, later, find their boyfriends—who are members of street gang the Dragons!
2/18/1975 Ep 33: The Howdy Doody Show
Richie gets an in for an interview with famous children's entertainers Bob Smith and Howdy Doody when little sister Joanie appears on the television show. Richie is later confronted with an ethical dilemma, however, when Life magazine offers to buy his one-of-a-kind photo of clown Clarabelle caught without his makeup.
2/25/1975 Ep 34: Get a Job
Looking for work, Richie, Potsie and Ralph agree to fix the fence of an attractive divorcee. When the woman leaves for a while, Potsie and Ralph decide to take off as well, leaving Richie to finish the job by himself.
3/4/1975 Ep 35: Fonzie Joins the Band
Howard secures a gig for Richie, Potsie, Ralph and Bag to play at the Leopard Lodge dance. Fonzie is able to get the guys tuxedos, but, in return, he joins them as a member of the band. When Fonzie plays a loud bongo solo during a slow dance, Richie is chosen to give him the news that he's out of the band.
3/11/1975 Ep 36: Fish and the Fins
To hide from overzealous fans, a popular rock group (one of the members was Richie's childhood friend) is staying at the Cunningham house, but Richie can't tell anyone that they're there. This poses a problem for Richie because nobody believes he actually knows them.
3/18/1975 Ep 37: Richie's Flip Side
When Richie becomes a disc jockey at a local radio station, his boss informs him that he has the potential to become the next Wolfman Jack. Richie begins to develop an inflated ego and neglect his friends.
4/29/1975 Ep 38: Kiss Me Sickly
Fonzie asks Richie to watch after his girl, Denise, while he's out of town at a demolition derby. Denise, upon hearing what Fonzie's asked Richie to do, decides to test Richie's trustworthiness. Richie succumbs to temptation and makes out with Denise at Inspiriation Point, later finding out that she has mononucleosis.
5/6/1975 Ep 39: Goin' to Chicago
Richie, Potsie and Ralph go on a trip to Chicago with the school choir. Not wanting to stay in their hotel room all night, they decide to sneak out and see a show.
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9/9/1975 Ep 40: Fonzie Moves In
With Howard's hardware store about to face new competition, the Cunninghams decide they need to rent the room above their garage to generate extra income. Howard is shocked when Richie rents it to Fonzie.
9/16/1975 Ep 41: Motorcycle
When Fonzie finds his bike in pieces, the search is on to find the culprit.
9/23/1975 Ep 42: Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 1
Trying to revive his slumping "cool," Fonzie plans a televised motorcycle jump over a record 14 garbage cans in the parking lot of Arnold's Drive-In.
9/30/1975 Ep 43: Fearless Fonzarelli: Part 2
Surgery fixes the Fonz's injured knee but the Cunningham's coddling and his fear that pain will make him appear "uncool" keeps him lying on the couch, until Richie resorts to extreme measures to get Fearless Fonzarelli walking again.
10/7/1975 Ep 44: The Other Richie Cunningham
Needing to make a good impression for a prospective business deal, Howard asks Richie to take the "Prince of Porcelain's" daughter out on a date. Richie, however, already has big plans and asks Potsie to take his place and pretend to be him.
10/14/1975 Ep 45: Richie Fights Back
After being embarrassed at Arnold's by a couple of hoods, Richie wants to take a jujitsu class to learn how to stand up for himself.
10/21/1975 Ep 46: Jailhouse Rock
While Richie, Potsie and Ralph are in the restroom at Arnold's discussing a plan to fight a newly imposed curfew, the lights go out and they discover they're locked inside for the night.
10/28/1975 Ep 47: Howard's 45th Fiasco
At his 45th birthday, Howard realizes that his life has been very dull up to this point, and he attempts to run away to Tahiti.
11/4/1975 Ep 48: Fonzie the Flatfoot
Fonzie poses as a police officer in order to stop a rumble between two rival gangs.
11/11/1975 Ep 49: A Date with Fonzie
The Fonz picks two of his favorite chicks out of his not-so-little black book to help Richie out of a dating dry spell.
11/18/1975 Ep 50: Three on a Porch
With nothing to do for the Easter holiday, Richie, Potsie and Ralph decide to rent a cabin at Lake Whitefish. They pretend to be much older businessmen in order to secure the cabin and get girls.
11/25/1975 Ep 51: Fonzie's New Friend
Fonzie provides an African-American drummer to play with the band at Richie's party.
12/2/1975 Ep 52: They Call It Potsie Love
Joanie develops a crush on Potsie after he sings to her at Arnold's.
12/16/1975 Ep 53: Tell It to the Marines
Convinced that no girl could be attracted to him and that he's useless, Ralph threatens to enlist with the Marines.
1/6/1976 Ep 54: Dance Contest
Marion, tired of the monotony of everyday house chores, decides to enter a televised dance contest. When Howard won't participate with her, she secretly enlists the help of Fonzie.
1/12/1976 Ep 55: The Second Anniversary Show
Fonzie's friends reminisce about the impact he's made on their lives when the Cunninghams throw him a surprise birthday party at Arnold's Drive-In.
1/13/1976 Ep 56: Fonzie the Salesman
When his garage gets a new owner, Fonzie decides to quit. He is unable to find another job as a head mechanic, but, with Howard as his inspiration, vows to find his true calling.
1/20/1976 Ep 57: Football Frolics
Needing money to get tickets to a big football game, Richie, Potsie and Ralph decide to babysit 15 children on the night of Mardi Gras.
1/27/1976 Ep 58: Fonzie the Superstar
With Potsie away, the guys try to get Fonzie to take his place as the band's singer for the Senior Dance.
2/3/1976 Ep 59: Two Angry Men
Fonzie takes Howard to court after Fonzie's pigeon cage falls through the roof of his apartment during a blizzard. Fonzie claims the weight of the snow caused the roof to collapse while Howard claims it was the pigeon cage.
2/10/1976 Ep 60: Beauty Contest
Richie, Potsie and Ralph stage a beauty contest at Arnold's in order to meet girls. They plan to enter a plant into the contest who won't accept the prizes when chosen as the winner. Richie is uneasy about this but reconsiders when a cheerleader he's interested in enters.
2/17/1976 Ep 61: Bringing Up Spike
Spike is an accomplice during a burglary at Arnold's, and it is up to Fonzie to set him straight.
2/24/1976 Ep 62: A Sight for Sore Eyes
Fonzie fears that his famous cool will be compromised if he wears the reading glasses prescribed to cure his headaches.
3/2/1976 Ep 63: Arnold's Wedding
Arnold asks Fonzie to be the best man at his wedding, but Fonzie is hesitant because of the "Fonzarelli curse." Arnold's fiance calls the wedding off when she thinks she'd be holding back Arnold's career.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
9/21/1976 Ep 65: Fonzie Loves Pinky: Part 2
After receiving a head injury at the derby from "The Millachi Crunch," Pinky is hospitalized. Fonzie gets revenge and wins the derby; he also realizes that he wants to be more than just Pinky's boyfriend.
9/21/1976 Ep 64: Fonzie Loves Pinky: Part 1
Fonzie's former girlfriend and fellow motorcyclist, Pinky Tuscadero, comes back into his life, making him realize he still loves her. She wants to be in a demolition derby with him but Fonzie says that it's no place for a woman.
9/28/1976 Ep 66: Fonzie Loves Pinky: Part 3
Fonzie and Pinky have decided to get married, but a series of events may prevent them from becoming Mr. and Mrs. Fonzerelli.
10/5/1976 Ep 67: A Mind of His Own
After having been in several fights recently, on the advice of the Cunninghams, Fonzie agrees to see a psychologist.
10/19/1976 Ep 68: Fonzie the Father
Fonzie's friend's pregnant wife stays with Richie at the Cunningham house while the rest of the family is away on vacation.
10/26/1976 Ep 69: Fonzie's Hero
Potsie saves Fonzie from a fire at the garage. Out of gratitude, Fonzie grants Potsie any one favor, and Potsie wants to pal around with the Fonz.
11/9/1976 Ep 70: A Place of His Own
So Richie can have a night alone with his girl, Fonzie lets him to use his apartment and claim it as his own. Fonzie needs some rest, so he sleeps in Richie's bed without Howard, Marion and Joanie knowing.
11/16/1976 Ep 71: They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They?
A motorcycle mishap forces the Fonz to push his broken bike for 12 miles, just before he is to partner with Joanie Cunningham for a grueling dance marathon.
11/23/1976 Ep 72: The Muckrakers
Richie, wanting to become a tough reporter, sets out to investigate the food at Jefferson High. During his investigation, he discovers that Fonzie is afraid of liver.
11/30/1976 Ep 73: A.K.A. the Fonz
Kirk, the new acting sheriff, tries to exert his power by forcing Fonzie to leave town.
12/7/1976 Ep 74: Richie Branches Out
Richie falls in love with a Wisconsin Cola poster girl and poses as a successful hardware businessman in order to meet her.
1/4/1977 Ep 75: Fonzie's Old Lady
Fonzie meets an older woman whose car he fixed and agrees to meet her the next day for doubles tennis at a country club.
1/11/1977 Ep 76: Time Capsule
Richie and the guys organize a time capsule for a school project. Howard agrees to let them use the vault at his store for the capsule, and Potsie accidentally locks them all inside.
1/18/1977 Ep 77: The Book of Records
To get some publicity, Al tries to have someone break a world record at Arnold's. Meanwhile, Fonzie's cousin, Angie, is in town for a visit and proves to be extremely clumsy.
1/25/1977 Ep 78: A Shot in the Dark
Richie makes a lucky shot to win a basketball game and suddenly becomes a big hero.
2/1/1977 Ep 79: Marion Rebels
Not having enough to do now that Richie and Joanie are growing up, Marion gets a job waitressing at Arnold's.
2/4/1977 Ep 80: The Third Anniversary Show
The Cunninghams and their friends reminisce through special moments and enjoy a few surprises on the night of Howard and Marion's surprise 20th wedding anniversary celebration.
2/8/1977 Ep 81: Graduation: Part 1
Marion Cunningham is forced to reveal Fonzie's secret plan to graduate with Richie's senior class just before Principal Conners' startling announcement at the high school prom that puts the graduation ceremony itself in jeopardy.
2/15/1977 Ep 82: Graduation: Part 2
Fonzie's friends convince their principal to let the night school graduate participate in Jefferson High School's commencement ceremony, but then must find a way to help the Fonz make his valedictory speech.
2/22/1977 Ep 83: The Physical
Richie, Fonzie, Potsie and Ralph receive notices from the Army to report for physicals.
3/1/1977 Ep 84: Joanie's Weird Boyfriend
Thinking her life is dull and that she's always treated like a little kid, Joanie wants to join the Red Devils gang.
3/8/1977 Ep 85: Fonz-How, Inc.
Howard comes up with the idea for a trash compactor, and Fonzie becomes his partner to help him build it. They become very excited about the success they could achieve and present "The Gulper" to a corporation for consideration.
3/15/1977 Ep 86: Spunky Come Home
Fonzie gets a dog, and she escapes when Ralph and Potsie accidentally leave the gate open. Ralph tells Fonzie that the dog, Spunky, was stolen.
3/22/1977 Ep 87: The Last of the Big Time Malphs
Novice bookmaker, Ralph Malph, loses his shirt on a football game and must face his father to avoid the fists of a street tough named Bruiser.
3/29/1977 Ep 88: Fonzie's Baptism
After crashing in a stock-car race, Fonzie begins to worry about what will happen when his number comes up. Al suggests Fonzie seek the guidance of his brother, Father Anthony Delvecchio.
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9/13/1977 Ep 90: Hollywood: Part 2
Fonzie takes his screen test with Richie as his reading partner. The director loves Fonzie, but the studio is more impressed with Richie and offers him a contract.
9/13/1977 Ep 89: Hollywood: Part 1
A Hollywood talent scout, needing a mechanic for his limousine, sees Fonzie at Arnold's and thinks he could be the next James Dean. The Cunninghams, Potsie and Ralph go to Hollywood with Fonzie for his screen test.
9/20/1977 Ep 91: Hollywood: Part 3
Fonzie faces jumping a caged shark on water skis, and Richie decides whether he wants to sign the Paramount Pictures contract he was offered.
9/27/1977 Ep 92: Hard Cover
Facing a dating slump, Fonzie suggests that Richie go to the library to meet girls. Doing so, he meets Lori Beth Allen, who invites him to her dorm room.
10/4/1977 Ep 93: My Cousin, the Cheat
After Chachi is caught by a truancy officer, Fonzie and Richie arrange for Joanie to tutor him. He then gets caught cheating on a test and, as a result, gets suspended from school and gets in hot water with Fonzie.
10/25/1977 Ep 94: Fonsillectomy
Fonzie has to have his tonsils removed and will miss a big Halloween party.
11/1/1977 Ep 95: The Apartment
Richie, Potsie and Ralph get an apartment of their own.
11/8/1977 Ep 96: Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero: Part 1
Pinky Tuscadero's younger sister, Leather, comes to Milwaukee looking for a gig. Al gives her and her group a job at Arnold's after a successful audtion, but Officer Kirk threatens to shut the place down after learning of Leather's troubled past.
11/15/1977 Ep 97: Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero: Part 2
After Howard refuses to let Joanie go on tour with Leather, she follows through with her threat to run away from home.
11/22/1977 Ep 98: My Fair Fonzie
Fonzie is invited to a socialite dinner party, not knowing that the people who have invited him hope he will make a fool of himself.
11/29/1977 Ep 99: Bye Bye Blackball
Richie, Potsie and Ralph want to join the best fraternity on campus, but they have to survive "Hell Week" first.
12/6/1977 Ep 100: Requiem for a Malph
Ralph is caught with the girlfriend of the football team's star fullback, Rebel E. Lee. Instead of a fight, Fonzie arranges a boxing match between Rebel and Ralph to settle their dispute.
12/13/1977 Ep 101: Nose for News
After getting a "D" on a paper for his investigative reporting class, Richie decides to do a story about the corrupt sanitation department, which is forcing Howard to pay a weekly surcharge.
1/3/1978 Ep 102: Grandpa's Visit
Howard's father comes for a visit after being forcibly retired because of his age. Not wanting to sit around, he gets a job at Fonzie's garage. After one day, Fonzie, not having the heart to do it himself, asks Howard to fire his father.
1/10/1978 Ep 103: Potsie Gets Pinned
After one date with Jennifer Jerome, Potsie wants to ask her to marry him. Howard suggests that they get pinned instead, but, after asking her, Potsie suddenly backs out.
1/17/1978 Ep 104: Joanie's First Kiss
Joanie is set to go on her first car date, so Fonzie and Richie show her how to counter any advances her date may make toward her. Joanie says she may not want to counter his advances and would like to experience her first kiss.
1/24/1978 Ep 105: Marion's Misgivings
When Marion's friend is dumped by her husband for a younger woman, Marion begins to think that Howard may do the same to her.
1/31/1978 Ep 106: Richie Almost Dies
Lori Beth reports that Richie isn't moving after they crash his new motorcycle.
2/7/1978 Ep 107: Spunkless Spunky
Fonzie's dog, Spunky, appears depressed and distant. After a visit to the veterinarian, it is determined that Spunky's problem is mental.
2/14/1978 Ep 108: Be My Valentine
Joanie daydreams about the gang singing romantic Valentine's Day songs.
2/21/1978 Ep 109: Our Gang
Richie tells Chachi the story of how he met Fonzie in order to convince him that joining a gang is a mistake.
2/28/1978 Ep 110: My Favorite Orkan
An alien, Mork from Ork, comes to Earth looking for an average person to study and picks Richie.
3/23/1978 Ep 111: Fourth Anniversary Special
Lori Beth has to write a term paper on the typical middle-class family, so she interviews each Cunningham family member as well as their friends. Fonzie says he'll tell her something nobody else knows about the Cunninghams.
5/9/1978 Ep 112: Do You Want to Dance?
Fonzie's girlfriend is a moderately successful ballet teacher, but Fonzie has trouble accepting that she may be happier as a professional performer in New York.
5/16/1978 Ep 113: Second Wind
Al is to receive a man-of-the-year award from the Sons of Italy, but he doesn't have a date. Fonzie sets him up with a meter maid, and she agrees to go with him to the banquet.
5/23/1978 Ep 114: Rules to Date By
Richie and Lori Beth have a fight and break up before leaving for a weekend trip on which their band is to back up Leather and the Suedes. Meanwhile, Howard and Marion argue about women's rights.
5/30/1978 Ep 115: Fonzie for the Defense
Fonzie and Howard are picked for jury duty. The case appears cut and dry, but Fonzie isn't so sure. Meanwhile, Richie, Potsie and Ralph practice for a fraternity festival, and Marion is to hold a paint sale at the hardware store in Howard's absence.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
9/12/1978 Ep 117: Westward Ho: Part 2
The gang stages a rodeo in an attempt to raise money to pay off the note H.R. Buchanan holds on Uncle Ben's ranch.
9/12/1978 Ep 116: Westward Ho: Part 1
The entire gang goes to Colorado to help Marion's Uncle Ben at his dude ranch. They have to come up with enough money in five days to pay off Ben's neighbor, who holds a note on the ranch.
9/19/1978 Ep 118: Westward Ho: Part 3
With the deadline looming, the gang is still short $1,017.38 for H.R. Buchanan's note, so Fonzie volunteers to ride a killer bull for a $1,000 prize.
9/26/1978 Ep 119: Fonzie's Blindness
When Al accidentally hits Fonzie in the head with a serving tray, he becomes blind.
10/5/1978 Ep 120: Casanova Cunningham
Richie tells Lori Beth a wild story to hide the fact that he's actually escorting a baton twirler to the fraternity dance.
10/10/1978 Ep 121: Kid Stuff
Fonzie and his girlfriend's son are getting along as if they were father and son, but then it is revealed that she and her estranged husband are getting back together.
10/17/1978 Ep 122: Sweet Sixteen
Joanie thinks she's found true love in Jefferson High's star quarterback. However, when she sees him sweet-talking another girl, she breaks up with him and is faced with not having a date for her sweet-sixteen party.
10/24/1978 Ep 123: Fearless Malph
Writing a story about fears and phobias, Richie finds out that Ralph is afraid of nearly everything.
10/31/1978 Ep 124: The Evil Eye
After Al Delvecchio's right arm is cursed to do the bidding of an old witch, Richie and his pals perform a Halloween exorcism.
11/3/1978 Ep 125: The Claw Meets the Fonz
Al thinks about taking on an investment partner to create an Arnold's franchise. When Al suggests consulting an accountant and lawyer before they complete the deal, the man he's dealing with calls in his goons.
11/14/1978 Ep 126: The Fonz Is Allergic to Girls
Fonzie comes to think that he is allergic to girls.
11/21/1978 Ep 127: The First Thanksgiving
Upset that the rest of the family is watching a football game instead of helping her prepare the Thanksgiving dinner, Marion reminds them of the meaning of the holiday with the story of the first Thanksgiving.
11/28/1978 Ep 128: The Kissing Bandit
Al fears an old lady has cursed him.
12/5/1978 Ep 129: The Magic Show
Howard and Al are co-chairmen of a Leopard Lodge fundraiser. When the magician/escape-artist they hired injures himself while attempting the milk-can escape, Fonzie suggests another magician, the Amazing Randi.
12/12/1978 Ep 130: Richie Gets Framed
Richie, who is running for class president, gets his picture taken at a massage parlor by his opponent. Richie thinks his campaign will be ruined if the picture gets out.
12/19/1978 Ep 131: Christmas Time
Fonzie receives a Christmas gift from his father but is reluctant to accept and open it. Meanwhile, Richie and Lori Beth argue about what they've spent on each other's gifts, and Joanie is upset at Howard for getting an artificial tree.
1/16/1979 Ep 132: Smokin' Ain't Cool
Joanie starts smoking to fit in with a club she's recently joined. Howard initially forbids her to smoke but, eventually, allows her to make her own decision.
1/23/1979 Ep 133: Ralph Versus Potsie
When Richie takes over a local newspaper's advice column, Postie and Ralph write in asking how to solve their constant bickering. Richie suggests they literally draw a line down the center of the room and for Ralph to stay on one side and Potsie on the other.
2/2/1979 Ep 134: Stolen Melodies
Leather and the band audition for a television music show but are turned down. Leather's song, however, is stolen and recorded by another band.
2/6/1979 Ep 135: Married Strangers
It's their 23rd anniversary, and Howard and Marion are angry at each other over a rate-your-mate test they took in a magazine. They are to go on a second honeymoon, but Marion angers Howard even further when she wants everything to be exactly the same as it was on their first.
2/13/1979 Ep 136: Marion, Fairy Godmother
Ralph asks Leather to the annual military ball. Ralph, under the advisement of Fonzie, learns to act like a serious gentleman, and Leather, under the advisement of Marion, learns to dress and act like an elegant lady.
2/20/1979 Ep 137: Fonzie's Funeral: Part 1
Fonzie discovers thousands of dollars in counterfeit money hidden in a casket inside of a hearse he is working on. When he doesn't return from the funeral parlor after bringing back the hearse, the guys fear the worst.
2/27/1979 Ep 138: Fonzie's Funeral: Part 2
Fonzie survives an explosion at the garage triggered by the counterfeiters. The counterfeiters don't know that Fonzie has survived, so a phony funeral is staged at their funeral parlor to entrap them.
3/6/1979 Ep 139: Mork Returns
Mork returns to 1950s Milwaukee to learn about relationships in this retrospective episode.
3/13/1979 Ep 140: The Duel
A fencing champion from France visits UWM for an exhibition. After he insults Joanie and America, Richie challenges the champion to a duel.
5/8/1979 Ep 141: Chachi's Incredo-Wax
Needing extra money, Chachi begins selling Incredo-Wax, a miracle product that is supposed to shine anything. Unfortunately, it also has disastrous side effects.
5/15/1979 Ep 142: Potsie Quits School
With Potsie afraid that he will fail his anatomy final, Fonzie encourages him to use music as a tool to help study. Meanwhile, Joanie and Howard are at odds over her less-than-stellar report card.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
9/11/1979 Ep 143: Shotgun Wedding
While on vacation at Lake Pinewood, Richie and Fonzie meet two lonely milkmaids. When the girls' father catches them in his barn, he says they will have to get married.
9/18/1979 Ep 144: Chachi Sells His Soul
Wanting to be treated more like an adult, Chachi sells his soul to the devil. In order to get him out of the deal, Fonzie has to go 24 hours without receiving a kiss from a girl.
9/25/1979 Ep 145: Fonz Meets Kat
The merchant seamen are in town, and with them is Rico, a sworn enemy of Fonzie. Fonzie is primed to fight, but Father Delvecchio wants to talk him out of it.
10/2/1979 Ep 146: Marion Goes to Jail
Marion forgets to set the parking brake in her car, and it rolls down a hill and through the wall at Arnold's. To show Howard that she is a responsible person, she goes to court to take full responsibility for her actions—and ends up in jail.
10/9/1979 Ep 147: Richie's Job
Wanting to have some money of his own, Richie gets a job loading papers for The Milwaukee Journal. However, one of Richie's coworkers doesn't like him right from the start.
10/23/1979 Ep 148: Richie Falls in Love
Angry with Lori Beth about her wanting him to wear a Humpty Dumpty costume for a Homecoming parade, Richie goes to a bar to be alone. He meets a young woman there and finds they work in complementary fields. The woman asks Richie to go with her on a trip to Venice, and he accepts.
10/30/1979 Ep 149: Fonzie's a Thespian
When Marion is to star in a community theatre play, her director/co-star begins to make unwelcome advances toward her.
11/6/1979 Ep 150: Burlesque
Howard puts on a burlesque show for his Leopard Lodge with the hope that it will earn him the honor of being the Grand Poobah. The show is in jeopardy of being halted when the girls hired for the show are snowed-in in Buffalo, New York.
11/13/1979 Ep 151: Joanie Busts Out
In a somewhat rebellious move after Howard and Marion won't let her go to Chicago for a concert, Joanie decides to become a model. However, she is unaware that the studio shoots nudes.
11/20/1979 Ep 152: King Richard's Big Night
Richie is named the 1961 Delta Gamma King and acts like a jerk after receiving the honor. However, nobody knows that his behavior is the result of his ginger ale being drugged.
11/27/1979 Ep 153: Fonzie Versus the She Devils
Unknowingly, Richie, Potsie and Ralph are invited to a party hosted by the She Devils gang in which the Devil who brings in the biggest nerd wins a $100 prize.
12/4/1979 Ep 154: The Mechanic
When a wheelchair-bound man is hired by Fonzie to work at Bronko's Auto Repairing, he drives Fonzie crazy and is rude to everyone he meets.
12/11/1979 Ep 155: They're Closing Inspiration Point
Milwaukee's East Boulevard Business Association, led by Howard, wants to build an expressway off-ramp through Inspiration Point. Everyone does their best to stop the construction and save Inspiration Point.
12/18/1979 Ep 156: Here Comes the Bride Again
After initially being reluctant to go through with it, Howard agrees to have a second wedding where he and Marion will renew their vows.
1/8/1980 Ep 157: Ah, Wilderness
The guys and their girls go on a camping trip for their spring vacation. Under Richie's leadership, however, everything seems to go wrong and nobody has a good time.
1/15/1980 Ep 158: Joanie's Dilemma
Joanie is unsure about whether she wants to go with her boyfriend to "The Alamo," a special section of Inspiration Point.
1/22/1980 Ep 159: Hot Stuff
Chachi accidentally sets Arnold's on fire, with Fonzie, Potsie and Ralph trapped inside.
1/29/1980 Ep 160: The New Arnold's
As 50/50 partners, Fonzie and Al are at odds about various aspects of the new Arnold's and threaten to not build it at all.
2/5/1980 Ep 161: The Hucksters
After hearing from a former employee about the wonders of television advertising, Howard thinks it will help his hardware store. The person he hires to handle the advertisement guarantees a 40% increase in business in exchange for complete control of the project.
2/12/1980 Ep 162: Allison
Fonzie meets a deaf woman at the electric company office where he is attempting to straighten out a billing error for Howard. He gives Richie the indication that this girl may be the one.
2/26/1980 Ep 163: Fools Rush In
Joanie thinks Chachi is losing interest in her, and Chachi thinks Joanie isn't taking him seriously. On the advice of Lori Beth, Joanie invites Chachi over for dinner on a night where she is babysitting Potsie's cousins. Chachi tells Al that he's finally going to make his move with Joanie.
3/4/1980 Ep 164: Father & Son
Richie goes to a Leopard Lodge convention with Howard in Chicago despite wanting to go to a Bears game with Potsie and Ralph.
3/11/1980 Ep 165: A Potsie Is Born
Potsie secures an audition as a singer for a local club. The potential success goes to his head, and he treats those around him as inferiors.
3/25/1980 Ep 166: The Roaring Twenties
Howard's Uncle Joe, after reading Richie's report on the 1920s, tells him a story about what really happened during Prohibition.
5/6/1980 Ep 167: Ralph's Family Problem
Ralph becomes depressed over his parents' divorce. Meanwhile, Marion practices for her upcoming role as the witch in a 'Hansel & Gretel' play.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
11/11/1980 Ep 168: No Tell Motel
When Joanie and Chachi sneak off to a concert in Chicago, they end up having to share a motel room—the honeymoon suite—because it is the only one left.
11/18/1980 Ep 169: Live and Learn
Fonzie gets a job teaching auto mechanics at Jefferson High School, but gets frustrated when his students don't pick everything up as quickly as he did.
11/25/1980 Ep 170: Dreams Can Come True
Marion goes on a gameshow in hopes of winning the money needed to send Lori Beth to Greenland for her wedding.
12/2/1980 Ep 171: Hello, Roger
Roger Phillips, Marion's nephew, comes to Milwaukee to become an English teacher and the basketball coach at Jefferson High School. He gets off on the wrong foot with Fonzie, however, after he inadvertently empties his locker, insults him and crashes into his motorcycle.
12/9/1980 Ep 172: Joanie Gets Wheels
Despite Howard's objection, Joanie decides to buy a car because she and Chachi are tired of having to double-date, and Chachi cannot afford to buy his own.
12/16/1980 Ep 173: White Christmas
On Christmas Eve, a terrible blizzard traps Howard and Joanie at the hardware store and Fonzie, Potsie, Chachi, Jenny and Roger at Arnold's.
12/30/1980 Ep 174: And the Winner Is
Fonzie wants to win the "Teacher of the Year" award to spite a fellow teacher.
1/6/1981 Ep 175: If You Knew Rosa
Al announces that he's given up his search for Rosa Coletti, a woman with whom he was involved 20 years ago. However, he receives a letter from his mother saying that she's found Rosa and that she'll be coming to Arnold's next Saturday night.
1/13/1981 Ep 176: The Sixth Sense
After crashing his worn-out motorcycle, Fonzie decides it's time to invest in a new one. He doesn't have quiet enough money, however, so the gang decides to help him out.
1/27/1981 Ep 177: It Only Hurts When I Smile
Fonzie comes down with a terrible toothache but refuses to see a dentist. Meanwhile, Howard is upset about Joanie's choice of attire for a wedding she's attending.
2/3/1981 Ep 178: Welcome to My Nightmare
After a day of everyone asking favors of him, Fonzie has a nightmare about a mad scientist draining his cool.
2/10/1981 Ep 179: Broadway It's Not
Chachi becomes jealous after seeing a kissing scene involving Joanie and another actor during rehearsals for a school musical. Fonzie also considers quitting as director.
2/17/1981 Ep 180: Bride & Gloom
After Jenny's date dumps her before a big masquerade ball, Fonzie agrees to take her. They dress as a bride and groom and, as part of the party, have a make-believe wedding. However, because the captain of the boat performed the ceremony, the marriage may be legal!
2/24/1981 Ep 181: Hello, Mrs. Arcola
Because she's never been to his house or met his mother, Joanie thinks that Chachi is ashamed of her. Fonzie invites the Cunninghams over to the Arcola's for dinner on Chachi's behalf. Fonzie surmises that Chachi is embarrassed of his mother and uncle and of the fact that they're poor.
3/3/1981 Ep 182: Fonzie Gets Shot
After Fonzie is accidentally shot during a weekend trip to Potsie's uncle's cabin, Fonzie, Chachi and Roger each describe their versions of what happened.
3/17/1981 Ep 183: Potsie on His Own
Postie faces a dilemma when he can't afford his apartment but wants to impress a girl who like men who live alone.
4/7/1981 Ep 184: Tall Story
Chachi discovers a great basketball player who recently transferred to Jefferson High. However, he initially holds back when performing for Roger and, suddenly, changes his mind about being on the team when his father orders him home in the middle of a practice.
4/14/1981 Ep 185: Scholarship
Desperate to get Chachi on the school's basketball team, a scout for Eastern Florida University offers him a scholarship and several other superfluous perks. Fonzie is extrememly excited for Chachi, but Howard and Roger think the scholarships are too good to be true.
5/5/1981 Ep 186: R. C. & L. B. Forever
Richie and Lori Beth want to get married, but Lori Beth cannot go to Richie's base until they're already married. Roger suggests that they have a ceremony in which a proxy stands in for Richie because he can't be there in person. Fonzie volunteers to be the proxy.
5/12/1981 Ep 187: Howard's Bowling Buddy
When Marion hurts her back before a big bowling game, Howard finds a new partner in the lovely Fern Flagg. He tells Marion that she is an old spinster, and Marion is furious when she discovers he's lying.
5/19/1981 Ep 188: Mother and Child Reunion
Fonzie takes his auto shop class to an out-of-town junkyard and meets a waitress at a diner whom he thinks is his mother.
5/26/1981 Ep 189: American Musical
Chachi struggles with an essay on the causes, hardships and influences of immigration until Fonzie tells him several stories in a series of musical vignettes.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
10/6/1981 Ep 191: Home Movies: Part 2
Fonzie's Falcons and their rival gang, the War Mongers, attempt to settle an old scores with a game of softball. The outcome is disputed, and a rumble ensues. Marion confronts Howard about his anxiety over becoming a grandfather, and Chachi continues to try to make up with Joanie.
10/6/1981 Ep 190: Home Movies: Part 1
Joanie prepares some home movies to send to Richie. In the movies, Lori Beth announces that she's going to have a baby; Al's mother visits for the entire summer; Howard is consumed with Braves baseball; and Fonzie and his former gang, the Falcons, get ready to settle old scores with a rival gang.
10/13/1981 Ep 192: Not with My Mother You Don't
Al tells Chachi about his dull, mundane life, so Chachi suggests that he ask his mother out. He shows up at Arnold's the next night disheveled and tells Chachi that his mother is already seeing someone. Chachi is shocked and vows to get to the bottom of it.
10/27/1981 Ep 193: Another Night at Antoine's
Chachi tells Joanie that he wants to date other girls and soon realizes that he's made a big mistake. He tries to straighten things out with her, but she goes out on a dinner date with another guy.
11/3/1981 Ep 194: Little Baby Cunningham
Lori Beth asks Fonzie to be her coach in a new birthing method called natural childbirth. He's fully on board until he learns he has to be in the delivery room with her.
11/10/1981 Ep 195: The Other Guy
Fonzie and Roger are dating the same girl but don't know it. Meanwhile, Joanie is upset that she and Chachi don't go out as much as they used to, and Howard and Marion argue about love letters he wrote to her.
11/17/1981 Ep 196: Fonzie, the Substitute
Fonzie substitutes for Roger in his hygiene class, and, as a prank, the students hide the lesson plan and tell Fonzie they're learning about sex. Roger is later informed that he will be fired as a teacher as a result of Fonzie's teachings.
11/24/1981 Ep 197: Just a Piccalo
In order for Jenny to join the Rondells, a popular club, she has to steal a statue from Pfister Park and bring it to their clubhouse. Joanie is there to help, and they are both caught by Officer Kirk.
12/1/1981 Ep 198: No Thank You
Fonzie is rejected several times by a new teacher at Jefferson High. After he kisses her in a final attempt to win her over, she screams and runs out of the house. Roger talks to her and finds out that she is a nun.
12/8/1981 Ep 199: Baby, It's Cold Inside
While her parents weekend in New York and sister-in-law Lori Beth flies to visit faraway husband Richie, Joanie Cunningham must prove more than her babysitting mettle when she is challenged with both a sick baby nephew and a broken furnace.
12/15/1981 Ep 200: Hello, Tough Guy
Dateless for an upcomming concert, Jenny is set up with Eugene Belvin by Joanie and Chachi. They, along with Fonzie, try to make Eugene appeal to Jenny by making him seem more manly.
1/5/1982 Ep 201: To Beanie or Not to Beanie
Joanie has to decide where she wants to go to college: UCLA or the local UWM. She wants to go to UCLA, but Howard very much wants her to go to UWM. After much deliberation, Joanie announces that she's not going to college at all.
1/12/1982 Ep 202: Southern Crossing
After seeing reports on television, Al feels compelled to visit the South to take part in an upcoming freedom march. Fonzie, concerned for his friend's well-being, decides to go with him. Meanwhile, the Cunningham's television set is broken, and, while it is away being repaired, Howard suffers withdrawal symptoms.
1/19/1982 Ep 203: Grandma Nussbaum
Fonzie and Chachi's grandmother becomes very upset at them for suggesting that she move into a retirement home after they observe signs of senility.
1/26/1982 Ep 204: Poobah Doo Dah
Al is chosen to head the Leopard Lodge's annual Poobah Doo Dah when he says he can get his distant cousin, Frankie Avalon, to perform. However, as Al is auditioning other acts to round out the show, Avalon calls to say he can't make it.
2/2/1982 Ep 205: A Touch of Classical
Initially furious that the music teacher, Cynthia Brannigan, hires the Boston Conservatory Orchestra for the annual Jefferson High concert, Fonzie changes his tune when he realizes that famous composer Tchaikovsky was very much like himself. Fonzie decides to get the entire Jefferson High gang to like classical music.
2/9/1982 Ep 206: Hi Yo Fonzie, Away
The gang tries to get the Lone Ranger, Fonzie's idol, to appear at his birthday party. Meanwhile, Fonzie thinks about becoming a one-woman man.
2/16/1982 Ep 207: Great Expectations
Roger seeks Fonzie's advice regarding his love life, Joanie and Chachi write a song for their band, Potsie tries to get into the Leopard Lodge and Marion is the lead in her theater group's musical.
2/23/1982 Ep 208: Hello, Flip
Roger's family sends his brother, Flip, to Milwaukee with the hope that Roger can straighten him out. Roger entrusts Flip to pick up Marion after he attends a Fats Domino concert, but he skips the concert to hang out with some hoodlums and leaves Marion to walk home in the cold.
3/2/1982 Ep 209: Chachi's Future
After a day of fishing with Howard, Chachi gets to thinking about his future. He leaves the house determined not to come back until he finds a career that would be sufficient to support Joanie should they get married one day.
3/16/1982 Ep 210: Tell-Tale Tart
Jealous of Joanie's friendship with a new girl in school, Mikki, Jenny spreads a false rumor that Mikki is pregnant. As the rumor circulates, Fonzie is added to it as being the child's father.
3/23/1982 Ep 211: Love and Marriage
After a month of dating, Al wants to ask Chachi's mom to marry him. Being an old fashioned guy, Al asks Chachi's permission. He grants it but doesn't think his mom will want to marry Al.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
9/28/1982 Ep 212: A Woman Not Under the Influence
It's love at first sight for Fonzie when he sees a woman in a store as they pass each other on the escalator. Potsie happens to know who she is (Ashley Pfister), and Fonzie vows to find her and make her his.
10/12/1982 Ep 213: Letting Go
Joanie and Chachi come back to Milwaukee after spending the summer in Chicago. Joanie wants to move there to be with Chachi and to continue their music career. After telling Howard and Marion her plans, which include attending Northwestern University, Howard refuses to let her go.
10/19/1982 Ep 214: Empty Nest
Now that Joanie, Lori Beth and Richie Jr. have left the Cunningham house, Marion looks to find ways to occupy her time. Meanwhile, Fonzie isn't able to run Arnold's by himself in addition to his garage and teaching duties, so he looks to sell his half of Arnold's.
10/26/1982 Ep 215: A Night at the Circus
In an attempt to get Ashley's young daughter, Heather, to warm up to him, Fonzie takes her to the circus. Meanwhile, K. C., Howard's niece, moves in with Howard and Marion while her parents look for a new boarding school. Marion asks Howard to consider letting her stay permanently.
11/9/1982 Ep 216: Little Case of Revenge
Fonzie receives a good citizenship award from the Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, but the ceremony is interrupted by a disgruntled childhood classmate of the Fonz who's been waiting 17 years for his revenge.
11/16/1982 Ep 217: Who Gives a Hootenanny?
Joanie and Chachi have the opportunity to appear on a television music show but learn that their format is folk. Meanwhile, Fonzie is upset that folk music seems to be replacing rock 'n' roll.
11/23/1982 Ep 218: Going Steady
Fonzie pledges his love to Ashley but risks losing her when he allows an old girlfriend to spend the night at his apartment. Meanwhile, Howard teaches K. C. to drive.
11/30/1982 Ep 219: Such a Nice Girl
Marion encourages K. C. to date, so she accepts an invitation to Arnold's Gala Costume Ball from Melvin Belvin.
12/7/1982 Ep 220: There's No Business Like No Business
Facing competition from a hardware store at a new mall, Howard says he'll have to close Cunningham Hardware.
12/14/1982 Ep 221: All I Want for Christmas
When Heather asks Santa to patch up the rift between her mother and grandparents, Fonzie decides to make her wish come true. Meanwhile, K. C.'s parents visit for Christmas, and a rivalry between Howard and his brother reignites.
12/28/1982 Ep 222: Since I Don't Have You
Roger's old flame from his school days shows up, and Roger cannot resist her. Fonzie attempts to prevent her from breaking his heart again.
1/4/1983 Ep 223: Hello, Pfisters
Ashley receives an invitation to her estranged parents' wedding anniversary party. She doesn't want to go, but Fonzie insists.
1/11/1983 Ep 224: I Drink, Therefore I Am
Roger tries to convince Flip to stop drinking and hanging out with guys that do. Flip doesn't take his advice, and he and his friends accidentally hit Heather with their car.
1/18/1983 Ep 225: Prisoner of Love
Fonzie hires a convict, via a work-release program, to be a mechanic at his garage. After the convict, Jim, sees K. C. perform a song at Arnold's, she invites him to dinner. Howard stops K. C. from seeing Jim after Fonzie informs him and Marion of Jim's felonious past.
1/25/1983 Ep 226: Life Is More Important Than Show Business
A record producer hears a demonstration tape of Joanie and Chachi and is eager to sign them. However, Chachi has an argument with Mario, a member of the band, and says they're breaking up.
2/1/1983 Ep 227: Nervous Romance
During a celebration of Fonzie and Ashley's six-month anniversary of their first date, they recall the events of that evening.
2/8/1983 Ep 228: I'm Not at Liberty
It's Heather's birthday, but Fonzie (along with Potsie and Roger) has to report for the Army reserves. He promises Heather that he will be at her party, but he didn't count on Officer Kirk being the commanding officer.
2/15/1983 Ep 229: Wild Blue Yonder
Fonzie and Roger miss their flight to Minneapolis for a teacher's convention, so they agree to go with Potsie's uncle, Omar, who has a small plane. Omar jumps out when there is trouble with the engine, leaving Fonzie and Roger by themselves with no parachutes.
2/22/1983 Ep 230: May the Best Man Win
Fonzie is the best man at the wedding of an old pal, but the bride-to-be stops the ceremony after spotting Fonzie. Meanwhile, K. C. awaits word about a part in the school musical.
3/1/1983 Ep 231: Babysitting
Fonzie babysits Heather when Ashley leaves for a tax seminar, but his attention is drawn away by a televised heavyweight title fight leaving Heather resentful toward him. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi return to Milwaukee after Joanie says she's sick.
3/15/1983 Ep 232: Turn Around and You're Home
After deciding to quit the band, Joanie moves back in with Howard and Marion to enroll in a teaching program at the University of Wisconsin. Chachi tries to convince her to stay with him in Chicago because he isn't willing to move back to Milwaukee.
3/22/1983 Ep 233: Affairs of the Heart
Jenny dumps a nice guy to be with a former Olympic swimmer, but K. C. learns that the swimmer doesn't feel the same way about Jenny as she feels about him. Meanwhile, Fonzie wants to have a swimming pool put in the Cunninghams' backyard.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
9/27/1983 Ep 234: Because It's There
Fonzie finds a note he wrote as a child containing a list of things to accomplish in the next 20 years. On the list is one goal he hasn't yet accomplished: climb Suicide Hill on a motorcycle. The problem is that he's already tried it and failed.
10/4/1983 Ep 235: The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi
New events in Joanie's life cause Chachi to resent her for not having enough time for him. Each has their own solution: Joanie wants to break up, and Chachi wants to get married.
10/18/1983 Ep 236: Where the Guys Are
In an attempt to help Fonzie move on after his breakup with Ashley, Potsie, Chachi and Roger take him on a retreat to a singles resort. However, to get him to go, they tell him they're going to a sporting camp. When they arrive at the lake, Fonzie discovers what the resort is all about and says he's going to leave.
10/25/1983 Ep 237: Welcome Home: Part 1
Richie (with Lori Beth and Richie Jr.) and Ralph return from the Army. Howard is able to get Richie an interview with The Milwaukee Journal, but Richie doesn't appear to be interested.
11/1/1983 Ep 238: Welcome Home: Part 2
Still upset about having given up on his dream as a screenwriter and having to pretend to be happy all the time, Richie takes out his frustrations on everyone around him and even punches Fonzie.
11/8/1983 Ep 239: Glove Story
After being nothing more than a coatrack for Fonzie's scarf during a rumble, Chachi enters the city boxing championship tournament to earn his respect. Fonzie is elated when Chachi wins his first fight.
11/22/1983 Ep 240: Vocational Education
Roger is the new principal of the tough George S. Patton Vocational High School. He thinks he can handle the students there but is sorely mistaken.
12/6/1983 Ep 241: Arthur, Arthur
Fonzie's long-lost brother from San Francisco, whom Fonzie didn't know existed, tracks Fonzie down in Milwaukee. Initially, Fonzie is happy to have a brother, but soon comes to hate him.
12/13/1983 Ep 242: You Get What You Pay For
Howard hires Fonzie's students to build a second bathroom. However, when he learns that the room will take all semester to complete, Howard fires Fonzie and the students and says he'll finish the bathroom himself.
1/10/1984 Ep 243: Kiss Me, Teach
Joanie accepts an assistant-teaching position at Patton High and immediately encounters trouble when a student has a crush on her.
1/17/1984 Ep 244: The People vs. The Fonz
Fonzie is accused of hitting a trouble-making student but refuses to testify at a school-board hearing. By not doing so, he runs the risk of being ruled against and getting fired.
1/24/1984 Ep 245: Like Mother, Like Daughter
Howard is jealous and upset when Marion's high-school boyfriend, Frederick, comes to visit. He becomes enraged when Frederick takes Joanie out on a date.
1/31/1984 Ep 246: Social Studies
Chachi is hesitant about asking girls out for fear that he will be rejected. Fonzie tells Chachi that girls will ask him out because he has the Fonzarelli power.
4/24/1984 Ep 247: The Spirit Is Willing
Fonzie meets a beautiful woman, Nancy Haley, at his garage and ends up driving her home. But when he goes back later to return her forgotten purse, he is informed that the Haleys moved out 10 years ago—after their daughter was killed in an automobile accident.
5/1/1984 Ep 248: Fonzie Moves Out
Howard is offered the vice president position at a large hardware store chain and considers taking it and moving to New York. Despite nothing being final, Fonzie feels as though the Cunninghams are pushing him to leave and decides to immediately move out of his apartment.
5/8/1984 Ep 250: Passages: Part 2
Fonzie's adoption request is reconsidered after a stern talk by Howard to the adoptions administrator. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi continue to prepare for their wedding.
5/8/1984 Ep 249: Passages: Part 1
After realizing they're dating people that look like each other, Joanie and Chachi decide to meet in order to explore the option of getting back together. Meanwhile, Fonzie wants to adopt an orphaned boy to whom he's been a Big Brother.
6/28/1984 Ep 251: So How Was Your Weekend?
Marion and Joanie take a trip to Mother Kelp's to help her move. From the time they arrive, Mother Kelp does nothing but critcize Marion. Meanwhile, Howard, Fonzie, Chachi and Roger spend the weekend playing poker.
7/5/1984 Ep 252: Low Notes
After having to borrow money from Marion and being hassled by Fonzie about being a bum, Chachi takes a job as a dance instructor. Meanwhile, Howard takes away Potsie's salary after he sells power drills for $13.05 less than cost.
7/12/1984 Ep 253: School Dazed
Joanie brings home one of her students in an attempt to help with her drug problem. The student promises Joanie that she'll make changes in her life, but she immediately takes several pills after everyone has gone to bed.
7/19/1984 Ep 254: Good News, Bad News
After his single makes it onto the record charts, Chachi is invited to go on tour with The Beach Boys as one of their opening acts. However, he quits the tour after learning he has diabetes.
9/24/1984 Ep 255: Fonzie's Spots
With the recent death of a fellow Leopard Lodge member, Howard fears that he may be ousted as Grand Poohbah for not attracting any new members other than Potsie during his five-year reign. He gets Fonzie, Chachi and Roger to join as pledges, and they have to follow the orders of Potsie during their initiation.