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Love, American Style


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An anthology series of light romantic comedies, 'Love, American Style' features stories that explore love, romance and human relationships. Although never repeating the same location or set of characters, an ensemble cast was usually used, the actors switching roles from episode to episode. The show aired the pilot episode of 'Happy Days' and is seen as a forerunner of the mini comedic soap opera form, perfected later in such shows as 'The Love Boat.'

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  • 8/20 6:30PMLove and the Blue Plate Special / Love and the See Through Mind
  • 8/27 6:30PMLove and the Old-Fashioned Father
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MeTV's Summer of Love event serves up 'Love Boat' specials and 'Love, American Style'

Catch a young Harrison Ford, a forgotten cartoon and the rare pilot of 'Happy Days' in our eight-week event.

R.I.P. Martin E. Brooks

The actor known for roles on 'The Six Million Dollar Man,' 'McMillan & Wife,' 'Hunter' and many more died at the age of 90.