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Peter Gunn

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Pay Now, Kill Later

After serving 14 years for a crime he did not commit, Spain decides to commit the crime for which he was erroneously sentenced.

Pecos Pete

There's trouble in Texas when a cowboy gets clobbered, and his brother, a cattle baron, hires Pete to find his killer.

Murder on the Midway

Peter Gunn is hired by a man known as the Baron to protect Rowena, the roommate of a murdered carnival dancer. Rowena is the Baron's girlfriend, and when she becomes infatuated with Gunn, trouble soon follows.

Edie Finds a Corpse

Edie is having her apartment renovated and uncovers a body.


A series of unsolved robberies have an insurance company looking to Gunn to find the culprits. The investigation begins where a partner in a diving company was found murdered.