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Peter Gunn

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Bullet in Escrow

Ed Stone is released from prison, met by a friend who gives him a gun and makes a call to Peter Gunn.

Tramp Steamer

The Rico brothers' testimony was responsible for Matt Poliska's deportation, and when Dave Rico is shot, his dying word is Poliska. But Poliska's not supposted to be in the country.


A young boy tells Gunn that he saw his father beaten up during the night. But when Gunn calls the police, Sepi disappears.

Dream Big, Dream Deadly

Detective Eddie Sellers comes close to solving a $2-million-dollar robbery and pays with his life. His brother, Cal, also a detective, is afraid he's next.

Take Five for Murder

Gunn is hired by the manager of teen idol Bobby Jeeter to payoff a blackmailer and find out who is doing the blackmailing.

The Price Is Murder

Two escaped convicts go after Peter Gunn, and the best way to do that is get his girl first.

The Young Assassins

Charlie Mays is on Death Row and his 17-year-old son is heading down the same old road as his dad. Charlie asks Pete for help in saving the boy from himself.


Two thugs selling protection; if you don't pay for protection, you're blown up and permanently out of business. Gunn is hired by Mother when she runs into problems with The Owl.