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Peter Gunn

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The Feathered Doll

Plainclothes policeman Jay Madigan is found knifed on the docks near the carnival. Pete uncovers that the shooting gallery at the carnival is smuggling something, heroin.

The Young Assassins

Charlie Mays is on Death Row and his 17-year-old son is heading down the same old road as his dad. Charlie asks Pete for help in saving the boy from himself.

The Game

Some jewels have been stolen, and an insurance man named Nickerman wants to pay the thieves to return them. So he hires Gunn to contact the crooks.

Edge of the Knife

A distraught father is worried about his daughter, Ellen Majeski, who did time for being an accomplice in a robbery. Now after her release, she has disappeared and her father has hired Gunn to find her. The twist: her father died when she was four years old.


Bank manager Poole places smoke bombs throughout his bank and then cleans out the place.