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Remington Steele

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Season: 1 2 3 4 5
10/1/1982 Ep 1: License to Steele
Convinced that being a woman might scare off prospective clients, private investigator Laura Holt invents a male "boss" and gives him the name Remington Steele. All goes well until her creation shows up.
10/8/1982 Ep 2: Tempered Steele
Laura and Remington become involved with industrial espionage when they're hired to supervise the installation of a foolproof burglar alarm system.
10/22/1982 Ep 3: Steele Waters Run Deep
Remington and Laura must find a missing video game genius who has disappeared along with $5 million and the plans to his company's newest video game.
10/29/1982 Ep 4: Signed, Steeled, & Delivered
A geeky CIA researcher with a price on his head comes to the agency for help.
11/5/1982 Ep 5: Thou Shalt Not Steele
Remington doesn't want to provide security for a multi-million dollar painting because of the curse it is believed to bear, but Laura is eager for the business.
11/12/1982 Ep 6: Steele Belted
Remington becomes distrustful and jealous when a smooth-talking attorney seems more interested in Laura than in a client suspected of murder.
11/19/1982 Ep 7: Etched in Steele
When Remington decides to write a book, he and Laura become involved with a best-selling author of lurid romances.
11/26/1982 Ep 8: Your Steele the One For Me
Laura and Remington run afoul of the Yakuza when she shows him how to deal with what starts as a jaywalking case.
12/3/1982 Ep 9: In the Steele of the Night
Laura and Remington attend a reunion for private investigators. When the event's hated host dies under mysterious circumstances, the sleuths must investigate each other.
12/10/1982 Ep 10: Steele Trap
Attending a weekend party on an isolated tropical island, Remington and Laura fear for their lives when the guests are murdered one by one.
1/7/1983 Ep 11: Steeling the Show
Remington and Laura become entangled with an aging, eccentric B-movie queen who is convinced that someone is out to kill her.
1/14/1983 Ep 12: Steele Flying High
Remington is surprised to be named honorary chairman of a charity that seeks to save the bald eagle, blithely unaware of its ulterior motive: He is suspected of possessing a compromising report, and there are those who would do anything to get their hands on it.
1/21/1983 Ep 13: A Good Night's Steele
Laura and Remington are called in to a sleep disorder clinic to investigate the case of a doctor who went missing along with a supply of morphine.
1/28/1983 Ep 14: Hearts of Steele
Remington and Laura pose as a troubled husband and wife as they seek to find out who is trying to kill their client, a high-powered divorce lawyer.
2/11/1983 Ep 15: To Stop a Steele
Laura and Remington find themselves in competition with each other when they are hired by a jeweler and would-be thief to find a stolen $2 million, 60-carat precious stone.
2/18/1983 Ep 16: Steele Crazy After All These Years
Murphy, looking into a missing persons matter, finds that he has a murder on his hands. Laura and Remington join him in the investigation, which leads to a college campus ghost and alumni who, years ago, were involved in radical politics.
2/25/1983 Ep 17: Steele Among the Living
After the apparent murder of an artist, Laura and Remington find a number of suspects but no body or paintings.
3/4/1983 Ep 18: Steele in the News
A television station hires Laura and Remington to investigate threats and sabotage directed at a format change from serious news to a jazzed-up, happy-talk news team.
3/15/1983 Ep 19: Vintage Steele
Much to her dismay, a former lover turns to Laura for help when he finds a body floating in a winery.
3/22/1983 Ep 20: Steele's Gold
Laura, Remington and Murphy go on a treasure hunt after a gold prospector's journal is stolen at a costume party that ends in murder.
4/5/1983 Ep 21: Sting of Steele
Daniel Chalmers, a charming con man, gets reacquainted with his protege, Remington Steele, when the two plan a sting operation against Albert Hoskins, a crooked casino owner who has murdered Chalmers' associate.
4/12/1983 Ep 22: Steele in Circulation
Laura and Remington get involved in the punk rock scene when they try to locate $2.3 million missing from the Federal Reserve Bank, where the money was to be shredded.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/20/1983 Ep 23: Steele Away With Me
When the body of a murdered Mexican boy shows up at Laura's doorstep along with a tuna fish full of diamonds, she and Remington follow the leads to Acapulco.
9/27/1983 Ep 24: Red Holt Steele
Laura finds her life in jeopardy when she and Remington investigate corporate sabotage.
10/11/1983 Ep 25: Altared Steele
A man with multiple identities turns to Laura and Remington for help when he cannot remember who he is and finds himself marked for murder.
10/18/1983 Ep 26: Steele Framed
Remington is horrified when he hits a pedestrian with his car. However, the accident begins to look more and more like premeditated murder.
11/1/1983 Ep 27: A Steele at Any Price
Laura and Remington set up a competing syndicate in hopes of locating an investigative reporter who has disappeared inside a ring of international art thieves.
11/8/1983 Ep 28: Love Among the Steele
Laura and Remington set out to unravel a romantic and sinister mystery involving a vintage car, missing million-dollar jewels and murder.
11/15/1983 Ep 29: Scene Steelers
When a parrot dies during the production of a television commercial, Remington and Laura go into action to find out who is trying to sabotage the operation.
11/29/1983 Ep 30: Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws
Laura and Remington become parents when they are left with an abandoned baby with dangerous ties to the underworld.
12/6/1983 Ep 31: My Fair Steele
Laura and Remington are hired by a dying business tycoon to locate the twin sister of his jet-setting daughter. Following the man's death, one twin appears but the other disappears—presumably kidnapped.
12/13/1983 Ep 32: Steele Threads
Laura goes undercover as a high-fashion model while Remington plays a slightly vulgar wholesale buyer as they try to find out who's stealing their client's design secrets.
1/10/1984 Ep 33: Steele Eligible
A prominent magazine lists Remington among its five "most eligible bachelors," but the honor soon turns into a nightmare when two of the bachelors are murdered, prompting Laura to launch an immediate search for the killer.
1/17/1984 Ep 34: High Flying Steele
Laura and Remington join the circus, performing on the trapeze and eating fire as they investigate a homicide that occurred years before.
1/31/1984 Ep 35: Blood is Thicker Than Steele
Expatriate Walter Gallen is brought back from his tropical exile to testify on the government's behalf against his former employer. Fearing retaliatory harm against his two children, he hires Laura and Remington to protect them until his testimony is completed.
2/7/1984 Ep 36: Steele Sweet on You
Donald Piper, Laura's dentist brother-in-law, comes to Los Angeles for a convention. Upon his arrival, he discovers that his partner, Howie Sabatchnick, has been killed.
2/21/1984 Ep 37: Elegy in Steele
Laura and Remington are given but one hour to live when the crafty Major Descoine pays a visit to their office and, after the threat, vanishes behind a puff of smoke.
2/28/1984 Ep 38: Small Town Steele
A missing persons case brings Laura and Remington to a small town, where the entire populace is in on a secret involving hidden money and murder.
3/6/1984 Ep 39: Molten Steele
Society matron Emily Dumont hires Laura and Remington to track down who placed an ad in a sex magazine using her name and telephone number.
3/20/1984 Ep 40: Dreams of Steele
Laura and Remington are hired to transport the famous Royal Lavulite Jewels from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles. When the gems are replaced with fakes while en route, the sleuths find themselves involved in a murder investigation.
3/27/1984 Ep 41: Woman of Steele
When gorgeous female operative re-enters Remington's life, Laura finds herself defending not only a priceless art collection but her partner as well.
5/15/1984 Ep 42: Hounded Steele
Mildred decides to help a friend locate a missing dog, but in the process she uncovers a bizarre plot concerning the fabulous Jennings Diamond and a world-renowned former jewel thief.
5/22/1984 Ep 43: Elementary Steele
Laura and Remington join forces with an array of fictional detectives from the past—Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Phillip Marlow, Mr. Moto, Miss Marple—to help save the life of a beautiful singer being threatened by an extortionist.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/25/1984 Ep 44: Steele at It
Laura opts for a romance with Remington on the French Riviera, but soon after their arrival he is mysteriously linked with a beautiful French girl and chased by a deadly trio of jewel thieves.
10/2/1984 Ep 45: Lofty Steele
Laura finds evidence of a corporate embezzlement plot hidden in her apartment. The dangerous perpetrators aim to end her investigation and, if necessary, her life.
10/16/1984 Ep 46: Maltese Steele
Laura and Remington comb the exotic Mediterranean isle of Malta for the missing body of a murdered thief whose quarry—the Maltese Cross—puts the detective team and Mildred in mortal danger.
10/23/1984 Ep 47: Second Base Steele
Laura and Remington meet up with former New York Yankees greats Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford when they go undercover at an exclusive adult baseball camp to investigate a possible murder.
10/30/1984 Ep 48: Blue Blooded Steele
Remington is coaxed by his mentor, the charming con man Daniel Chalmers, to pose as the long-lost son and heir to the $12 million estate of the late Duke of Rutherford. Laura, suspicious, trails the pair to England, where Remington is a sitting duck.
11/13/1984 Ep 49: Steele Your Heart Away
An amnesiac Remington finds himself hospitalized in Ireland after escaping from would-be killers. When Laura is summoned, the pair embark on an adventurous and dangerous romp through the Emerald Isle to put the pieces together.
11/20/1984 Ep 50: A Pocketful of Steele
Steele's pockets are picked by a lad who unknowingly grabs evidence in a loan-sharking case, putting his life in danger.
11/27/1984 Ep 51: Puzzled Steele
Enticed to exotic Malta, the outraged Laura and Remington find themselves tackling trumped-up competition against one another to solve the surprisingly dangerous case of a missing journalist.
12/4/1984 Ep 52: Cast in Steele
A series of odd accidents and ominous notes spur three film stars to hire Remington and Laura after meeting them at a gala awards ceremony.
12/11/1984 Ep 53: Breath of Steele
Two singing-telegram girls who seemed to witness the shooting of a tycoon are targeted for murder. They hire Laura and Remington, causing chaos in Laura's life when they move into her apartment for protection.
12/18/1984 Ep 54: Let's Steele a Plot
After the death of a member of the Mystery Writers of America, a million dollars is embezzled from the treasury of the guild. Laura and Remington are hired to catch the culprit, but truth and fiction seem inseparable with this imaginative bunch.
1/8/1985 Ep 55: Gourmet Steele
When an anonymous restaurant critic, despised for his scathing reviews, is marked for murder, Remington and Laura are hired to find him or her—and Remington is mistaken for the targeted gourmet.
1/15/1985 Ep 56: Stronger Than Steele
The out-of-work actor who was once "Atomic Man"—and Laura's childhood idol—is sought for murdering the producer of a newly recast movie version of the show. Laura sets out to nail the real killer, and risks a charge of aiding and abetting a fugitive.
1/22/1985 Ep 57: Have I Got a Steele For You
The bungling George Mulch believes his brainchild, the Courtney Doll, will rival the Cabbage Patch Kids, but when an investor's wife suspects fraud and hires the Steele Agency, it's clear this isn't a matter of child's play.
1/29/1985 Ep 58: Springtime For Steele
After a couple attempts on her life, singer Rocky Sullivan's old friends, Remington and Laura, go after unscrupulous show business agents.
2/5/1985 Ep 59: Steele in the Family
When Remington finds a corpse in his bathtub, he and Laura are drawn into the dangerous case of a call girl's murdered client.
2/12/1985 Ep 60: Diced Steele
Tossed into the high-stakes gambling world of Las Vegas, Remington and Laura tail alleged jewel thief/card shark Eddie Grogan for an insurance company.
3/5/1985 Ep 61: Now You Steele It, Now You Don't
The sudden death of an antiques importer and the disappearance of kleptomaniac Grace Kelton are the puzzling consequences of Laura's recovery of stolen statues.
3/12/1985 Ep 62: Illustrated Steele
The "funnies" are no longer a laughing matter to Remington and Laura's client, comic strip inker Arte Wayne, when a popular detective strip begins featuring an ill-fated Arte lookalike who's close calls are mirrored in his own life.
3/19/1985 Ep 63: Steele in the Chips
When the co-inventor of a no-cal chocolate chip cookie disappears with the recipe, three of his relatives, who would kill for the cookies, each hire Laura and Remington to find him.
5/7/1985 Ep 64: Steele Trying
Remington invents a case as a ruse to whisk Laura off to romantic San Francisco, where they tail a mythical errant husband. However, the trip turns treacherous when the "husband" courts exotic dancer Rita del Rio—and murder.
5/14/1985 Ep 65: Steele of Approval
Hired to check into the background of young senatorial candidate William Westfield, Laura pursues the case—and romance—in Mexico with the dashing politician. Meanwhile, a frantic, home-based Remington faces loss of the agency's license, and perhaps Laura.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/25/1985 Ep 66: Steele Searching: Part 1
In London, Laura and Scotland Yard are both looking for Steele, who is hot on the trail of a man who holds a clue to his past.
10/1/1985 Ep 67: Steele Searching: Part 2
Radical miners mistake Steele for assassin Daniel Chalmers, hired to kill the Earl of Claridge.
10/22/1985 Ep 68: Steele Blushing
When modest Laura turns up nude as a magazine's babe of the month and the credited photographer hires the Steele Agency for protection, a puzzled Remington tries to fit the pieces together.
10/29/1985 Ep 69: Grappling Steele
Laura and Remington are thrust into the bigger-than-life world of pro-wrestling when tough but likable Crunch Kramer hires them for protection after a series of death-threat letters and gym "accidents."
11/12/1985 Ep 70: Forged Steele
A confused Remington seems to have lost the agency in an all-night poker game. Although he can't recall playing in the game, his signature appears on a promissory note and, as evidence mounts, even Laura begins to doubt him.
11/19/1985 Ep 71: Corn Fed Steele
Without the knowledge of her employers, Mildred has invested $75,000 in a provocative tax shelter, a pig-breeding farm. When some valuable sows are stolen, the investment is in grave danger, so Laura and Remington fly to Iowa to find the purloined porkers.
12/3/1985 Ep 72: Premium Steele
It's no mere bureaucratic snafu when Steele Agency client Lester Shane is declared legally dead. Laura and Remington pursue his case with the help of Remington's former colleague, con-artist-turned-entrepreneur Monroe Henderson.
12/10/1985 Ep 73: Coffee, Tea or Steele
Laura and Remington go undercover as stewardess and passenger on Platinum Airlines after a dead body shows up on a baggage carouse.
12/17/1985 Ep 74: Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele
Three Santas crash the agency's Christmas open house, threaten to blow up the building and hold Laura, Remington, Mildred and four frightened guests hostage for $2 million dollars.
1/7/1986 Ep 75: Steele on the Air
As Laura and Remington investigate the murder of a radio station's eye-in-the-sky traffic reporter, a pair of popular disk jockeys emerge as prime suspects.
1/14/1986 Ep 76: Steele, Inc.
When the body of a Remington impersonator turns up in the San Diego county morgue, the befuddled Laura and Remington become murder targets as they set out to learn the man's identity.
1/28/1986 Ep 77: Steele Spawning
Spoiled, bungling Bingham Perret, son of a wealthy caviar importer, tries to do business without Daddy and a menacing Russian begins tailing him. Bing then turns to Laura and Remington to save his hide and bail him out of a brewing international blow-up.
2/11/1986 Ep 78: Suburban Steele
Laura's neurotic sister, Frances, calls, insisting there is a dead man in her kitchen. Laura is skeptical but, though the detectives find no body in the house, a corpse does turn up in the trash can.
2/18/1986 Ep 79: Santa Claus is Coming to Steele
Out of jail on bail, the killer who held Steele Agency partygoers hostage on Christmas tries to scare Laura and Remington into amnesia in hopes they won't testify against him.
2/22/1986 Ep 80: Steele Blue Yonder
When World War II Brigadier General Johnny Cooper suddenly gambles away a fortune and takes 3 AM joy rides in his P-40 Flying Tiger, his daughter, Eleanor, hires the Steele Agency to determine whether there's method to the charming old gent's madness.
3/1/1986 Ep 81: Sensitive Steele
Posing as a husband and wife to investigate a series of accidents at a trendy California sensitivity spa, Laura and Remington finally discuss how they really feel about each other—and become the victims of the next "mishap."
3/8/1986 Ep 82: Steele in the Spotlight
Remington and Laura are thrust into the TV spotlight by a magazine show that hires them to crack hollywood's unsolved 30-year-old mystery: The disappearance of 1950s TV star Billie Young, who vanished after her best friend's death.
3/15/1986 Ep 83: Steele at Your Service
"Who killed the butler?" That's the quirky mystery Remington and Laura are hired to solve by servants of the wealthy Wellingtons, a filthy-rich family hiding deep, dark secrets.
3/22/1986 Ep 84: Steele in the Running
Mistaken for someone else while running in a triathlon, Laura is nabbed by goons and then released, whereupon she and Remington enter a deadly cat-and-mouse game with the world-be kidnappers as both pursue an elusive Laura lookalike.
3/29/1986 Ep 85: Beg, Borrow, or Steele
Laura and Steele return from New York to find police barricades around their apartments—and grisly accounts of their murders on TV.
5/3/1986 Ep 86: Steele Alive and Kicking
Thinking he's fatally ill, Vinnie Dowd frames himself for murder so his wife can claim the reward. However, when prison doctors say he's cured, Vinnie escapes and makes a beeline for the Steele Agency.
5/10/1986 Ep 87: Bonds of Steele
Wedding bells ring for Remington as he tries in vain to keep Laura from getting to the church on time while he exchanges vows with a woman of questionable repute; but then a second ceremony looms for the oddly eager groom.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
1/5/1987 Ep 88: The Steele That Wouldn't Die
With their Mexican honeymoon plagued by mishaps, Steele and Laura are aided by a man claiming to be an archaeologist.
1/5/1987 Ep : The Steele That Wouldn't Die: Part 2
Steele must clear himself of the murder of an Immigration agent who suspected that his marriage to Laura was a sham.
4/3/1987 Ep 89: Steele Hanging in There: Part 1
The Steeles' marriage charade is threatened when a woman from Steele's past surfaces and Tony pops up in Los Angeles as an Immigration agent.
4/10/1987 Ep 90: Steele Hanging in There: Part 2
In London, Steele is blackmailed by Tony; and a woman from Steele's past claims to be his wife.
4/17/1987 Ep 91: Steeled With a Kiss: Part 1
Accused of being a double agent, Tony hides out in Steele's newly inherited Irish castle, but the estate security chief has other plans for him.
4/24/1987 Ep 92: Steeled With a Kiss: Part 2
Daniel Chalmers plots to deliver Tony into the hands of the KGB.