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9/9/1974 Ep 1: Joe
Rhoda comes back to her hometown of New York, where she meets and falls in love with a divorced businessman.
9/16/1974 Ep 2: You Can Go Home Again
Rhoda takes on the impossible chore of finding an apartment in New York that she can afford.
9/23/1974 Ep 3: I'll Be Loving You, Sometimes
Rhoda is feeling the warmth of love with Joe, but gets an icy chill when he suggests they date other people.
9/30/1974 Ep 4: Parents' Day
Rhoda is scared to meet up with Joe's parents, but is even more afraid of having him meet her family.
10/7/1974 Ep 5: The Lady in Red
A book that Rhoda wrote about the lighter side of being overweight has a publisher interested.
10/14/1974 Ep 6: Pop Goes the Question
Rhoda has always dreamed of becoming married, but when Joe finally pops the question, it isn't the one she expected.
10/21/1974 Ep 7: The Shower
Rhoda's wedding shower is attended by a motley group of old friends from high school.
10/28/1974 Ep 9: Rhoda's Wedding: Part 2
On the night before Rhoda and Joe's wedding, Rhoda and Mary are reminiscing about all their past bad dates, while Phyllis laments not feeling like she has any real purpose for the wedding. As such, Rhoda asks Phyllis to drive her from Brenda's apartment to her parent's place for the ceremony. On the wedding day, Rhoda waits and waits and waits, finally coming to the realization that Phyllis might not be coming.
10/28/1974 Ep 8: Rhoda's Wedding: Part 1
It's two days before Rhoda and Joe's wedding. One item still of contention between Rhoda and Ida is the wedding itself. Ida wants a larger wedding than Rhoda has planned, and takes steps to ensure she gets what she wants.
11/4/1974 Ep 10: The Honeymoon
The newlyweds receive a wedding gift from Rhoda's family which they don't want—a cruise to the Caribbean.
11/11/1974 Ep 11: "9-E" is Available
Joe and Rhoda have problems finding an affordable apartment that suits them both.
11/18/1974 Ep 12: I'm a Little Late, Folks
With Joe having financial troubles, Rhoda is afraid to tell him she may be pregnant.
11/25/1974 Ep 13: Anything Wrong?
Rhoda can see that Joe is bothered in some way, but he won't let on to what it may be.
12/2/1974 Ep 14: 'S Wonderful
Rhoda has a feeling that Brenda's new boyfriend is hiding that he is married.
12/9/1974 Ep 15: Good-Bye Charlie
Joe's best friend is in town and Rhoda dislikes him upon their first meeting.
12/16/1974 Ep 16: Guess What I Got You for the Holidays
Joe is afraid his business will go under due to a mound of unpaid debts.
1/6/1975 Ep 17: Whattaya Think It's There For?
As Joe's business nears bankruptcy, he finally agrees to accept a loan from Rhoda's parents.
1/13/1975 Ep 18: Not Made for Each Other
Rhoda becomes mentor for her shy and lonely friend.
1/20/1975 Ep 19: Strained Interlude
An old boyfriend has invited Rhoda to join him for dinner, but she worries what Joe will think.
1/27/1975 Ep 20: Everything I Have is Yours, Almost
Rhoda discovers a doctor's bill addressed to Joe and believes he is hiding a secret ailment from her.
2/3/1975 Ep 21: Chest Pains
Ida tries to gently inform Rhoda and Brenda that she is ill.
2/10/1975 Ep 22: Windows by Rhoda
Rhoda's new window dressing business has her swamped with work.
2/24/1975 Ep 23: A Nice Warm Rut
Rhoda tries to help Brenda loosen up from her dull, yet safe life.
3/3/1975 Ep 24: Ida, the Elf
Ida is afraid that Joe will leave Rhoda if she doesn't pay more attention to her housework.
3/10/1975 Ep 25: Along Comes Mary
It's a matter of bad timing as Rhoda's best friend, Mary, stops by the Gerard household for a visit.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/8/1975 Ep 26: Kiss Your Epaulets Goodbye
Carlton gets into trouble after he allows strangers to enter the building and they choose the Gerard apartment to rob.
9/15/1975 Ep 27: Rhoda Meets the Ex-Wife
Rhoda has her first face-to-face meeting with Joe's ex-wife.
9/22/1975 Ep 28: Ida's Doctor
Ida falls in love with her doctor.
9/29/1975 Ep 29: Mucho, Macho
It's anniversary time for Rhoda and Joe, but they are having difficulty in celebrating when they keep losing their tempers.
10/6/1975 Ep 30: The Party
The Gerard's party doesn't go as planned when a psychiatrist tries to hold a group encounter session, which causes the guests to reveal some surprising thoughts about the other party goers.
10/13/1975 Ep 31: Brenda's Unemployment
Brenda's joy over quitting her bank teller's jog turns to depression after setting out to interview for a new one.
10/20/1975 Ep 32: With Friends Like These
While Brenda is already upset about being unemployed, she and Rhoda find out that a pair of close friends are taking advantage of them.
10/27/1975 Ep 33: Somebody Down There Likes Him
Brenda takes in a beautiful roommate to help with a rent increase. But when she develops a crush on Joe, something's got to change.
11/3/1975 Ep 34: Call Me Grandma
Brenda rebels after Ida sets her up with another creep to date in hopes that she finds a husband and that Ida can become a grandmother.
11/10/1975 Ep 35: Myrna's Story
Rhoda's window dressing business has been booming, but after finding out that her partner, Myrna, has a new way of gaining accounts, Rhoda puts a stop to it.
11/17/1975 Ep 36: Love Songs of J. Nicholas Lobo
Brenda panics when she learns her boyfriend, Nick, may be moving, and persuades Joe into reluctantly hiring him at his demolition business as a wrecker.
11/24/1975 Ep 37: Friends and Mothers
Ida becomes jealous when Rhoda becomes friends with an older, yet vivacious woman in the neighborhood.
12/1/1975 Ep 38: A Night with the Girls
Rhoda believes that she and her girlfriends can have fun without their men around, but things become embarrassing when Myrna begins being flirtatious.
12/8/1975 Ep 39: Bump in the Night
Rhoda becomes a bit nervous when she spends a night alone while Joe is away on business. To make matters worse, a neighborhood burglar may have her targeted because she can identify him.
12/29/1975 Ep 40: If You Don't Tell Her, I Will
Brenda and Rhoda both find themselves with unwanted house guests and need to find a way to get rid of them.
1/5/1976 Ep 41: Rhoda's Sellout
Rhoda must lose some pride if she wants to keep an important account dressing the window of a well-to-do tuxedo chain-store, as the owner wants things done his own way.
1/12/1976 Ep 42: Attack on Mr. Right
When Brenda's boyfriend seems to be taking her for granted, Rhoda steps in and coaches her in the finer points of winning Mr. Right.
1/19/1976 Ep 43: If You Want to Shoot the Rapids You Have to Get Wet
Rhoda, who until finding Joe, had never had a great record when it came to men, is giving marriage counseling to her friend, Susie.
1/26/1976 Ep 44: The Return of Billy Glass
Martin Morgenstern hasn't seen his friend Billy in more than 35 years, and when he comes for a visit he finds himself reminded that he was once engaged to Ida.
2/2/1976 Ep 45: A Federal Case
Brenda falls for a federal agent who asked to use her apartment to keep watch on a suspect across the street.
2/9/1976 Ep 46: The Marty Morgan Story
When Martin begins acting differently than usual, Ida jumps to conclusions that he must be having an affair.
2/16/1976 Ep 47: Let's Call it Love
Not having much time together, Rhoda and Joe decide to lock themselves away in their apartment.
2/23/1976 Ep 48: It's Not My Fault, Is It?
Lenny quits his job and sinks into depression after Brenda turns down his marriage proposal one more time.
3/1/1976 Ep 49: Don't Give Up the Office
Rhoda fears her window dressing business is going broke, and so is she.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/20/1976 Ep 50: The Separation
While out house hunting, Joe veto's Rhoda's choice of a dream house, leading to a separation of the Gerards.
9/27/1976 Ep 51: Together Again for the First Time
Rhoda makes an unexpected stop at Joe's new apartment, which leads to an awkward 'first' date between the two.
10/4/1976 Ep 52: No Big Deal
Rhoda switches apartments with her neighbor as an economy move, but the swinging bachelor asks her for a date.
10/11/1976 Ep 53: I Won't Dance
Brenda joins Rhoda for a weekend getaway for singles to distance herself from missing Joe.
10/18/1976 Ep 54: H-e-e-e-r-e's Johnny
Rhoda's friend fixes up Rhoda with a loud, pushy, arrogant and egotistical showbiz type.
10/25/1976 Ep 55: Two Little Words—Marriage Counselor
In an attempt to get their marriage back on track, Joe and Rhoda see a marriage counselor. During the session, Joe discloses a startling piece of information.
11/1/1976 Ep 56: An Elephant Never Forgets
A problem weighs heavy for Rhoda when she learns she has gained a few pounds, while Brenda has slimmed down for the first time in her life.
11/8/1976 Ep 57: Rhoda Questions Her Life and Flies to Paris
Rhoda has herself convinced that her life has become drab, and does something impulsive to prove to Joe that she is not dull.
11/15/1976 Ep 58: Meet the Levys
Rhoda is convinced by Gary to pretend she is his girlfriend and meet his family, who gives their prospective daughter-in-law the once over.
11/29/1976 Ep 59: Man of the Year
Another meeting with Joe's best friend, Charlie Burke, ends horribly.
12/13/1976 Ep 60: You Deserve a Break Today
A wealthy bank depositor has asked for Brenda's hand in marriage.
12/20/1976 Ep 61: A Touch of Classy
Sally's ex-husband reveals that he is to be married again, and that he'd like for Sally to lower her alimony.
12/27/1976 Ep 62: Guess Who I Saw Today
Rhoda gets an emotional shock when she sees Joe with another woman for the first time.
1/3/1977 Ep 63: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
Rhoda throws a last-minute New Years party for her idle friends and neighbors who have nothing better to do.
1/10/1977 Ep 64: Love for Sale
Rhoda and Brenda help out Gary as he runs a day-long sale at his clothing store, and Brenda comes home with a new romance in tow.
1/16/1977 Ep 65: A Night in the Emergency Room
After Rhoda inadvertently breaks up Brenda and her new boyfriend, musician Nick Lobo, he winds up breaking Rhoda's big toe.
1/23/1977 Ep 66: Somebody Has to Say They're Sorry
Rhoda is jailed after being mistaken as a prostitute by the police because one lives a few doors down from her apartment.
1/30/1977 Ep 67: The Ultimatum
Rhoda informs Joe that if he doesn't return home soon, she will begin to date other men.
2/6/1977 Ep 68: Rhoda's Mystery Man
Rhoda receives anonymous gifts of candy, roses and a diamond pendant from an unknown mystery man.
2/13/1977 Ep 69: Nick Lobo, Superstar
Having made a promise to his father five years earlier, Nick Lobo, Brenda's musician boyfriend, now must become a "superstar" or go back to work at his father's business as a trash collector.
2/20/1977 Ep 70: Nose Job
Rhoda cannot believe that Brenda has scheduled to have cosmetic surgery to have a nose job.
2/27/1977 Ep 71: The Second Time Around
Rhoda goes out on a date with Brenda's boss.
3/6/1977 Ep 72: Pajama Party Bingo
During an all-night pajama party, a game of "truth or dare" brings back a sisterly jealousy between Brenda and Rhoda.
3/13/1977 Ep 73: To Vegas With Love
Rhoda heads to Las Vegas for another date with Johnny Venture, an amorous long-distance suitor.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
10/2/1977 Ep 74: The Return of Ida
Ida returns home from her cross country tour only to discover that Rhoda is divorced and Brenda refuses to talk about her private affairs.
10/9/1977 Ep 75: The Job
After weeks of depressing pavement pounding, Rhoda manages to talk the owner of a rundown costume-rental company into giving her a job.
10/16/1977 Ep 76: Lady's Choice
Brenda is enjoying having both Gary and Benny aiming for her affection, that is until they both show up for a date on the same night.
10/23/1977 Ep 77: One is a Number
Rhoda seems back to her old life when she realizes she has a pair of great theater seats and no one to go with.
10/30/1977 Ep 78: Ida Works Out
Ida wants to buy her husband a new waterbed for their wedding anniversary, so she takes on a job working at the Doyle Costume Company.
11/6/1977 Ep 79: Rhoda Likes Mike
Rhoda's new boss at the Doyle Costume Company introduces her to Mike, one of his customers who is the owner of a couple of restaurants.
11/13/1977 Ep 80: The Weekend
Rhoda sets up for a weekend alone with her new man, Mike.
12/4/1977 Ep 81: Home Movies
Ida sets up a family dinner, and to keep it from being dull breaks in with the home movies.
12/11/1977 Ep 82: Johnny's Solo Flight
Rhoda is left to clean up the mess when Johnny's solo debut in the nightclub fizzles out.
12/25/1977 Ep 83: Who's Shy?
Rhoda urges Brenda to try therapy to help her get past her shyness.
1/8/1978 Ep 84: Blind Date
Ida informs Rhoda that she has arranged for her to go on another blind date.
1/15/1978 Ep 85: Ida Alone
Brenda and Rhoda try to give Ida's spirits a boost after she realizes all her friends are deceased.
1/22/1978 Ep 86: All Work and No Play
Rhoda finds out she is spending all her time at the costume shop and hasn't had time for her family and friends.
1/29/1978 Ep 87: Happy Anniversary
Ida is hinting around to see if a party is scheduled for her anniversary, but everyone tells her that she is mistaken.
2/5/1978 Ep 88: The Jack Story
Rhoda's boss is set to meet with his oldest friend, and ask her for a favor.
2/12/1978 Ep 89: Rhoda Cheats
Rhoda and Brenda decide to go to night school, where the teacher believes Rhoda was cheating on a test.
2/19/1978 Ep 90: Gary and Ida
Rhoda and Brenda have tired of playing "mom" to Gary, now that his parents are living in Florida. Ida takes over but soon she, too, has had more than she can handle.
2/26/1978 Ep 91: As Time Goes By
Rhoda and Jack are locked in a store basement as a party rages upstairs to bring in new business.
3/5/1978 Ep 92: Two's Company
Gary and Benny go into business together, but find out that working with friends is a horrible idea.
3/12/1978 Ep 93: Brenda and the Bank Girl
Brenda's bank is holding their final First Security Bank Girl, and she is finally in the running to win.
4/2/1978 Ep 94: So Long, Lucky
Rhoda finds her day has been filled with a number of wacky mishaps.
4/9/1978 Ep 95: Jack's Back
When an evening out with Jack is shortened due to his bad back, Rhoda finds herself playing nurse to him.
4/16/1978 Ep 96: Five for the Road: Part 1
Jack has been feeling down all week, so Rhoda decides to cheer him up by heading out on a road trip...but even that turns out to be a disaster.
4/23/1978 Ep 97: Five for the Road: Part 2
With Rhoda and Jack's car stuck in mud in the middle of nowhere, food supplies are running low and tempers are running high.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
??? Ep 110: Brenda Runs Away
Brenda runs away having felt that everyone around her was trying to run her life.
??? Ep 109: Earl's Helping Hand
Earl, Benny's brother, offers Jack the $5,000 he needs to keep his store from going into debt. But this is only a plot to spend more time with Rhoda.
??? Ep 108: Martin Swallows His Heart
Martin accidentally swallows a golden heart-shaped pendant he bought for Ida.
??? Ep 107: The Date in the Iron Mask
Rhoda's date manages to get his head stuck inside a kooky mask just before it's time to head off to an awards dinner.
9/23/1978 Ep 98: Martin Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Rhoda and Brenda have set up a 60th birthday party for their father, but are told that he is feeling ill. Later they learn the truth, that he had moved out more than two weeks ago.
9/30/1978 Ep 99: In Search of Martin
Rhoda, Brenda and Bennie head to Florida in search for their father.
10/7/1978 Ep 100: Rhoda vs. Ida
Rhoda becomes upset when she learns that Ida is dating a much younger man.
10/14/1978 Ep 101: Brenda Gets Engaged
Brenda and Bennie become engaged, but Ida refuses to give her blessing for this wedding.
10/21/1978 Ep 102: Meet the Goodwins
Rhoda accompanies Brenda on her first meeting with Bennie's family, and who'd expect that Rhoda would hit it off with Bennie's brother? Unfortunately, this leads to one of her worst dates ever.
10/28/1978 Ep 103: Ida's Roommate
Ida decides to add a roommate in order to divert the cost of living in New York. But the couple she chooses leaves her to rethink her idea.
11/11/1978 Ep 104: Martin Comes Home
Martin returns from Florida and is ready to reconcile with Ida. But Ida believes she deserves a second courtship to see if they still have that spark.
12/2/1978 Ep 105: Jack's New Image
Rhoda convinces Jack that he will need a set of new clothes to match his svelte body, but both wish they hadn't.
12/9/1978 Ep 98: The Total Brenda
Benny has a feeling of being down, so Brenda decides to give him her total attention to cheer him up.