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T.J. Hooker

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Season: 1 2 3 4 5
3/13/1982 Ep 1: The Protectors (Pilot)
T. J. Hooker, a veteran cop hardened by divorce and the shooting death of his partner, trains recruits as they take on their first assignments.
3/20/1982 Ep 2: The Streets
Hooker has to escort an overeager newswoman while hunting for a mugger who leaves a Bible at the scene of his crimes.
3/27/1982 Ep 3: God Bless the Child
Hooker questions whether a teenager's fatal fall from a building was suicide.
4/3/1982 Ep 4: Hooker's War
Hooker and Romano stumble onto a van filled with illegal firearms.
4/10/1982 Ep 5: The Witness
Hooker tries to persuade a frightened woman to testify against a psychotic murderer.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/25/1982 Ep 6: Second Chance
Hooker links a recent homicide to an unsolved case he investigated eight years earlier. Meanwhile, a new police desk clerk has caught Romano's attention, but he is unaware that she is the captain's daughter.
10/2/1982 Ep 7: King of the Hill
Hooker tries to clear a friend arrested for a series of robberies linked to an auto shop. Romano takes part in a departmental go-cart race.
10/16/1982 Ep 8: The Empty Gun
Fellow officers criticize Romano for not shooting a juvenile who killed an officer.
10/23/1982 Ep 9: Blind Justice
Hooker tries to protect a frightened robbery witness from the culprits who don't know she's blind.
10/30/1982 Ep 10: Big Foot
Hooker and Romano pursue a rapist who's left just one clue: a size 13 footprint.
11/6/1982 Ep 11: Terror at the Academy
A vengeful sniper who has been shooting at police cars is planning to attack the police academy.
11/13/1982 Ep 12: The Survival Syndrome
News footage and eyewitness accounts point to the same conclusion: Hooker shot and killed an unarmed youth on a crowded street.
11/20/1982 Ep 13: Deadly Ambition
An ambitious detective is out to nail Hooker's friend on a charge of aiding jewel thieves while working as a diamond-exchange guard.
11/27/1982 Ep 14: A Cry for Help
Hooker helps a hearing-impaired teenager who's been left to take a murder rap by his fellow gang members.
12/4/1982 Ep 15: Theives Highway
Hooker tries to avert a war between independent truckers and a produce wholesaler who's been sabotaging their trucks.
12/18/1982 Ep 16: The Connection
Hooker searches for a dealer supplying PCP to high-school students.
1/8/1983 Ep 17: The Fast Lane
Concern for a teenager in trouble leads Romano and Hooker to a gang of thieves selling stolen liquor to high-school students.
1/15/1983 Ep 18: Too Late for Love
Romano unwittingly supplies information to fur thieves when he falls for a pretty model who's working for the gang.
1/22/1983 Ep 19: The Decoy
Stacy acts as a decoy to flush out a psychotic who has killed five women including a cop.
1/29/1983 Ep 20: The Mumbler
Thieves blow up an armored car and take flight leaving only one clue: a homing pigeon's metal leg band.
2/5/1983 Ep 21: Vengence Is Mine
A close friend of Hooker's takes matters into his own hands when his daughter is a victim of sexual assault.
2/12/1983 Ep 22: Sweet 16 and Dead
Hooker's concern for a teenage prostitute leads him to a pimp who's bribing city officials.
2/19/1983 Ep 23: Raw Deal
Hooker and Romano set up a trap for a family man with a secret drug connection.
2/26/1983 Ep 24: Requiem for a Cop
A private investigator's murder puts Hooker on the trail of an arsonist who's torching condemned buildings.
3/5/1983 Ep 25: The Hostages
Fran Hooker and Stacy are taken hostage in a hospital by robbers who are trying to break out their critically wounded cohort.
4/30/1983 Ep 26: Payday Pirates
Hooker's wife is knocked out during a factory-district robbery. Meanwhile, Hooker assigns Stacy to field conditioning, teaming her with a no-nonsense training officer.
5/7/1983 Ep 27: Lady in Blue
A rookie cop is wounded by fleeing gun thieves, and Hooker blames himself for teaching her the aggressive style of pursuit that led to the shooting.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
10/1/1983 Ep 28: The Return
Hooker pursues bank robbers who use the same tactics as the gang that wounded him and killed his partner five years earlier.
10/8/1983 Ep 29: Carnal Express
Stacy goes undercover as an exotic dancer to crack a white-slavery ring.
10/15/1983 Ep 30: Chinatown
Chinatown is the scene of a thriving black market in guns and a place where more than memory links Hooker to the past.
10/22/1983 Ep 31: Chearleader Murders
The murder of a high-school cheerleader leads Hooker to an illegal abortion clinic and a pornographic film ring.
10/29/1983 Ep 32: The Shadow of Truth
Two separate murders occur near a muckraking reporter, and Hooker suspects that she was the target.
11/5/1983 Ep 33: Walk a Straight Line
Hooker must decide whether to report a veteran cop's alcoholism after his on-the-job drinking leads to the shooting of the cop's partner.
11/12/1983 Ep 34: A Child Is Missing
Hooker trolls for a diamond thief who also kidnapped his own son as an act of revenge against the boy's mother.
11/19/1983 Ep 35: The Trial
Romano feels betrayed when Hooker defends an officer charged with cowardice in an incident that left Romano wounded.
11/26/1983 Ep 36: A Matter of Passion
A murder investigation leads Hooker to a drug-money laundering ring.
12/3/1983 Ep 37: Blue Murder
Hooker pursues the killers of criminals freed on technicalities — the suspects all being fellow officers.
12/10/1983 Ep 38: Undercover Affair
Hooker is suspended when his pursuit of heroin pushers interferes with a Federal investigation targeting the ring's supplier.
12/17/1983 Ep 39: Slay Ride
Despite being undercover as Santa Claus, Hooker finds it hard to get into the Yuletide cheer with Fran and his children away. Meanwhile, Stacy becomes emotionally attached to a sick baby abandoned by a couple involved in armed robberies.
1/7/1984 Ep 40: The Lipstick Killer
The pattern Hooker detects in the murders of several nurses suggests he has less than 48 hours to prevent the killer from striking again.
1/14/1984 Ep 41: The Snow Game
Hooker and Corrigan go undercover as drug dealers to nail the kingpins of a cocaine ring.
1/28/1984 Ep 42: Exercise in Murder
The pursuit of a gang of diamond thieves leads to a broken romance for Corrigan and tragedy for Hooker after he accidentally shoots a nine-year-old boy.
2/4/1984 Ep 43: Hooker's Run
Hooker must keep an informant safe from her boyfriend, who is accused of murder.
2/25/1984 Ep 44: Hot Property
Stacy's future, which includes prospects of marriage, looks bright until she's implicated in the disappearance of drugs.
3/3/1984 Ep 45: Death on the Line
Although the man implicated in a series of rapes and robberies is dead, Hooker isn't convinced the case is closed.
3/10/1984 Ep 46: Death Strip
Romano poses as a stripper in a club where the owner and a dancer are suspects in a drug ring.
3/24/1984 Ep 47: Psychic Terror
After a girl is kidnapped, a skeptical Hooker is assigned to work with a psychic, who's been having a recurring dream of Hooker's death.
5/5/1984 Ep 48: Gang War
With two barrio gangs threatening to launch a war, Hooker pursues the real cause of unrest — an illegal-arms dealer who would profit handsomely.
5/12/1984 Ep 49: Deadlock
After interrupting a weapons heist, Romano is wounded, and Hooker is trapped in an elevator in a guns-drawn test of wills with one of the thieves.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
10/13/1984 Ep 50: Night Vigil
Hooker puts his career on the line combing the city for a burly robber who shot Stacy and left her with a bullet lodged close to her heart.
10/20/1984 Ep 51: Two Faces of Betsy Morgan
A teenaged prostitute is targeted by a pair of psychotic killers who know she can identify them in the murder of another girl.
10/27/1984 Ep 52: Hot Pursuit
Hooker and the department draw the ire of a city councilman over a high-speed pursuit after a bank hold-up hostage loses her unborn child during a chase.
11/3/1984 Ep 53: Hardcore Connection
Hooker leans on a reluctant ex-prostitute whose ex-roommate could clear the name of a dead vice cop accused of taking a bribe.
11/10/1984 Ep 54: Anatomy of a Killing
Hooker volunteers to help a colleague solve a drug-related murder and finds that the cop's daughter is their only hope for convicting the killers.
11/17/1984 Ep 55: Target: Hooker
Romano is temporarily blinded and his girlfriend is killed during two attempts on Hooker's life.
12/1/1984 Ep 56: A Kind of Rage
A blow to the head precipitates episodes of explosive behavior in Corrigan. Meanwhile, Hooker tries to stop a strangler of skid-row denizens.
12/15/1984 Ep 57: The Confession
Hooker pursues the man who raped a female priest, but he's stymied by the victim, who won't testify after hearing her attacker's confession.
12/29/1984 Ep 58: Grand Theft Auto
Romano's new sports car is stolen, but the girl who witnessed the crime and the subsequent murder of her uncle won't talk to the police.
1/5/1985 Ep 59: Street Bait
Stacy poses as bait for a killer of young blonde women and turns up a strong case against a vice cop moonlighting as a security officer.
1/12/1985 Ep 60: The Surrogate
Hooker tries to persuade a radio sex therapist to help him search for the killer of four unfaithful wives who were callers to her program.
1/26/1985 Ep 61: Trackdown
A colleague from Hooker's detective days needs help tracking down a serial killer who's taken hostages.
2/2/1985 Ep 62: Outcall
Stacy poses as a masseuse to find out who's trying to take over massage parlors.
2/9/1985 Ep 63: The Bribe
Charged with bribery and corruption, Hooker heads to Las Vegas to meet with the prostitute accused of paying him off.
2/16/1985 Ep 64: Love Story
Hooker's fierce pursuit of the gang behind a series of rapes and robberies may be motivated more by revenge than duty.
2/23/1985 Ep 65: Hollywood Starr
Hooker teams with a Hollywood detective in search of a jewel thief wanted for murder.
3/2/1985 Ep 66: Sanctuary
Stacy and a seriously wounded Corrigan are taken hostage by a murderous trio who take refuge in a church.
3/9/1985 Ep 67: Homecoming
Hooker's vacation with his children is interrupted by a race-track robbery that leaves an officer dead.
3/16/1985 Ep 68: Serial Murders
An officer's drug problem endangers Hooker as they pursue suspects in a string of cross-country serial murders.
3/23/1985 Ep 69: Lag Time
Stacy loses her confidence after a procedural lapse with a robbery suspect nearly costs her her life.
4/6/1985 Ep 70: Throwaway
Corrigan is accused of planting a gun on a suspect he shot while investigating a series of box-office heists.
5/4/1985 Ep 71: The Chicago Connection
Hooker goes undercover to nail a drug dealer.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/25/1985 Ep 72: The Ransom
Hooker's daughter is held for ransom until his family is taken out of witness protection.
10/2/1985 Ep 73: The Return of a Cop
Hooker's dad, a retired cop, arrives unexpectedly and shows more than a passing interest in Hooker's current case.
10/9/1985 Ep 74: To Kill a Cop
After an off-duty officer is shot dead in a grocery store, Hooker promises the family he'll find the culprit.
11/6/1985 Ep 75: Death Is a Four Letter Word
The investigation of a pornographic actress' murder is hampered by her uncle, a cop obsessed with nailing the killers himself.
11/13/1985 Ep 76: The Assassin
A man Hooker served with in Vietnam is out to assassinate a Russian trade delegate.
11/20/1985 Ep 77: Rip-Off
Hooker clashes with a Fed out to bust the drug dealer who killed one of Hooker's cops in a bungled sting operation.
11/27/1985 Ep 78: Funny Money
When a stake-out turns for the worse, Corrigan questions his choice of career.
1/29/1986 Ep 79: The Night Ripper
Hooker's under pressure to solve a grisly series of sex murders.
2/5/1986 Ep 80: The Obsession
Armed robbers take Stacy hostage, and one of the suspects has personal ties to the mayor.
2/12/1986 Ep 81: Taps of Officer Remy
Hooker probes the murder of an officer who was once his lover.
2/19/1986 Ep 82: Nightmare
Stacy loses her memory following a car accident and is taken in by a motorist who says he's a doctor.
2/26/1986 Ep 83: Shootout
Stacy's job performance is hampered by the fear that she'll be the next victim of a murderous gang of bank robbers.
4/30/1986 Ep 84: Murder by Law
Hooker searches for a murderer whose victims all were female lawyers who attended the same law school.
5/7/1986 Ep 85: Partners in Death
Corrigan and Stacy's preoccupation with each other leads to an incident that leaves Hooker wounded.
5/14/1986 Ep 86: Death Trip
Hooker protects a retired mobster-turned-informant.
5/21/1986 Ep 89: Into the Night
While off duty, Hooker is forced to shoot a hitman before he can find out who the man was hired to kill.
5/21/1986 Ep 88: Blood Sport: Part 2
Hooker, Corrigan and Sheridan travel to Hawaii on special assignment to protect the life of a U.S. Senator and his family who are threatened by terrorists.
5/21/1986 Ep 87: Blood Sport: Part 1
Hooker, Corrigan and Sheridan travel to Hawaii on special assignment to protect the life of a U.S. Senator and his family who are threatened by terrorists.
5/28/1986 Ep 90: Deadly Force
Hooker's pursuit of a murderous jewelry-store robber is impeded by a TV-news reporter.