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The Abbott and Costello Show

Saturdays at 6 AM & 6:30 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)

Hillary's Birthday

While shopping for Hillary's birthay present, Lou nearly destroys a grocery store. Later, at her party, Mr. Fields becomes upset about the noise.

The Charity Bazaar

Bud and Lou participate in Hillary's charity bazaar, raising money with the "shell game." Lou blows his money at the kissing booth.

The Western Story

Bud and Lou accept Hillary's invitation to visit her uncle's B-Bar-Bop ranch.

Peace and Quiet

Lou sleeps all day but can't sleep at night. Bud takes him to see a psychiatrist. Eventually Bud checks him into a sanitarium for a night's rest. "Crazy House" is performed.

The Haunted Castle

Hillary will inherit a castle if she spends one night there. Bud and Lou come along with her for protection and Lou is scared out of his mind by frightful encounters.