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The Abbott and Costello Show

Saturdays at 6 AM & 6:30 AM

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Police Rookies

Mike the Cop helps Bud and Lou enroll in the Police Rookie School, where Lou blows up the gymnasium while playing with a hand grenade.

The Politician

Bud coaches Lou on running for public office, a political campaign that ends with Lou delivering a disastrous speech in a neighborhood park.

The Wrestling Story

Lou and Stinky agree to settle their differences with a wrestling match. When Stinky becomes ill, his little brother Ivan the Terrible takes his place.

Getting a Job

Bud and Lou are hired to deliver hats to the Susquehanna Hat Company on Floogle Street and encounter several lunatics on the way. Also, Stinky attempts to kill Lou by backing him into traffic. The "Loafing" routine is performed.

Bingo the Chimp

Mike the Cop tells Lou that he must have a license for his pet chimp. But Lou accidentally applies for a marriage license.