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Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/5/1958 Ep : Three Part Mother
Donna is in for trouble when she feels obligated to attend three different functions on the same night: one for Alex, one for Mary and one for Jeff.
9/12/1958 Ep : Change Partners and Dance
Donna teaches Mary's prom date how to dance—with the unintended result of the boy developing a crush on Donna!
9/19/1958 Ep : Dough Re Mi
Donna and Jeff both get involved in fundraising ventures.
9/24/1958 Ep : Weekend Trip
Donna and Alex experience difficulties while getting away with the kids for the weekend.
10/1/1958 Ep : Pardon My Gloves
When a boy criticizes Donna's acting in a local play, Jeff fights him and ends up with a black eye.
10/8/1958 Ep : The Hike
Donna takes Alex's place on a camping trip with Jeff and his friends.
10/15/1958 Ep : Male Ego
Alex feels threatened when it seems that Donna has become the head of the household.
10/22/1958 Ep : The Football Uniform
Jeff, Alex and Donna each try to outbid everybody else for a football uniform for Jeff.
10/29/1958 Ep : The Foundling
When the Stones find a baby on their doorstep, they begin searching for its mother.
11/26/1958 Ep : Guest in the House
A patient of Dr. Stone runs way from military school and spends Thanksgiving weekend with the Stones.
12/3/1958 Ep : The Baby Contest
Alex is the judge of the town baby contest, run by Donna's club.
12/10/1958 Ep : The Beaded Bag
Alex buys a beaded bag for Donna that she wouldn't buy because of its hefty price tag. Donna then wonders whether Alex feels she tricked him into buying it for her.
12/17/1958 Ep : The Busy Body
Donna's uncle comes for a visit, and the more he tries to help everyone, the more he messes things up.
12/24/1958 Ep : A Very Merry Christmas
Donna convinces the hospital janitor (Buster Keaton) to play the part of Santa Claus for the children's ward on Christmas Eve.
12/31/1958 Ep : Mary's Double Date
Mary has to choose between two football players for a date to the school prom.
1/7/1959 Ep : Jeff's Double Life
Jeff hurts his arm and chooses to secretly go to a doctor in town instead of telling his own pediatrician father about the injury.
1/14/1959 Ep : Nothing but the Truth
David Barker from the nearby military school returns to spend his birthday with the Stones.
1/21/1959 Ep : It's the Principle of the Thing
Donna tries to help a man earn enough money to pay for his son's medical treatment by giving him work around the house.
1/28/1959 Ep : Jeff vs. Mary
Jeff believes that his parents love Mary more than they love him.
2/4/1959 Ep : Have Fun
Mary returns from her first date with a boy (George Hamilton), which doesn't go well. Donna and Alex then recall different versions of their first date.
2/11/1959 Ep : Donna Plays Cupid
Donna tries her hand at matchmaker with the local librarian and Dr. Boland.
2/18/1959 Ep : Love Thy Neighbor
Donna and Alex are invited to their neighbors' anniversary party, where they end up trying to reunite the fighting couple.
2/25/1959 Ep : The Report Card
Donna is dismayed when Jeff brings home a report card with all C grades. She believes her son can do better.
3/4/1959 Ep : Boys Will Be Boys
David Barker returns to get a rabies shot from Dr. Stone. He stays the weekend and he and Jeff get into trouble.
3/6/1959 Ep : The Testimonial
When Donna realizes that a retiring town doctor isn't really ready to retire, she turns his farewell dinner into a testimonial.
3/11/1959 Ep : The Ideal Wife
Fed up with being taken for granted, Donna lashes out at Alex, the kids and the dry cleaning man.
3/18/1959 Ep : Mary's Campaign
Mary gets carried away by her nomination as class secretary and tries to change her family to fit her campaign.
3/25/1959 Ep : The Flowered Print Dress
After spending an evening with a younger couple, Donna and Alex question whether the life has gone out of their marriage.
4/1/1959 Ep : April Fool
A singing idol (James Darren) stays with the Stones when he suddenly becomes ill before a concert.
4/8/1959 Ep : The Parting of the Ways
Mary's friend thinks her parents are breaking up and comes to Mary for advice. Mary then thinks Donna and Alex are having problems.
4/15/1959 Ep : The Hero
Alex's college roommate (Ben Gage), a football hero, visits and gets a lesson on the important things in life.
4/22/1959 Ep : Do You Trust Your Child
Donna becomes known as an expert in dealing with children, but the advice changes when the children are her own.
4/29/1959 Ep : Grateful Patient
When a neighbor promises Alex a big return on an investment, the family starts thinking of ways to spend the money they will get.
6/3/1959 Ep : Operation Anniversary
Jeff takes two part-time jobs in order to repay his debts. Meanwhile, Donna tries to collect money that Alex's patients owe him.
7/13/1959 Ep : Miss Lovelace Comes to Tea
The Stones hire a housekeeper so Donna can have more time for her charity work.
7/20/1959 Ep : Tomorrow Comes Too Soon
Time away from Mary and Jeff makes Donna and Alex realize how much they'll miss the kids when they eventually leave home.
7/27/1959 Ep : Advice to Young Lovers
While helping Mary win back her boyfriend, Donna recalls how she got Alex to propose.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/5/1959 Ep : The Neighborly Gesture
Jeff spends so much time with the new neighbors that Alex becomes jealous.
9/24/1959 Ep : That's Show Business
Mary and a very shy boy are teamed as dance partners in the school play.
10/1/1959 Ep : Sleep No More My Lady
After a restless night and a long trip, Donna falls asleep during Alex's speech at a medical convention.
10/8/1959 Ep : A Penny Earned
Donna resents getting 100% in the thrift category of a "rate your wife" quiz that Alex took in a magazine. This prompts Donna to change her image.
10/15/1959 Ep : A Friend Indeed
Jeff takes the blame for some pranks pulled by one of his classmates, but refuses to tell who he's protecting.
10/22/1959 Ep : The First Child
A nervous couple with a newborn baby continually interrupts Alex and Donna with their worries and questions.
10/29/1959 Ep : Going Steady
Mary bribes Jeff so he'll go to a girl's party so she can meet the girl's older brother.
11/12/1959 Ep : Nothing Like a Good Book
Donna and Alex attempt to get their children interested in literature.
11/19/1959 Ep : Flowers for the Teacher
Jeff's new teacher (Marion Ross) fears losing control of her class, but her strict authority results in an absentee problem.
11/26/1959 Ep : All Mothers Worry
A boy on Jeff's football team is forced to quit the team by his overprotective mother. Guest starring members of the Los Angeles Rams: Sid Gillman, Jon Arnett, Les Richter, Bill Wade, Don Burroughs and announcer Bob Kelley.
12/3/1959 Ep : Jeff Joins a Club
Jeff's hopes of joining a club are dashed when he has to bring the new kid in town to the meeting.
12/10/1959 Ep : The Punishment
Donna is forced to ground Mary and Jeff for disobeying her and resents the fact that she is always the one doling out punishment.
12/17/1959 Ep : A Difference of Opinion
Donna and Alex try to hide their disputes from the children when they learn the kids are embarrassed by the way their friends' parents fight.
12/24/1959 Ep : The Homecoming Dance
Donna and Alex worry about Mary's blind date with a college boy, so they drive Mary to the college dance.
12/31/1959 Ep : The Lucky Girl
All the women in town think Alex is the most wonderful guy, making Donna feel that she is simply the lucky one to have him.
1/7/1960 Ep : The Broken Spirit
Jeff turns too-good-to-be-true when he believes he his responsible for an older man's accident.
1/14/1960 Ep : The Secret
Mary hides an engagement ring for her friend, Carol (Roberta Shore). When Donna finds it, she thinks Mary is planning to elope.
1/21/1960 Ep : The New Mother
David Barker (Charles Herbert) runs away again from military school and Jeff hides him in the basement.
1/28/1960 Ep : Just a Housewife
Donna is offended by a radio show host's treatment of women who are housewives, so she tries to raise his consciousness.
2/4/1960 Ep : The Free Soul
A friend of Alex's father comes to visit and influences Jeff to do what he wants to do and neglect responsibility.
2/11/1960 Ep : The First Quarrel
Alex gives advice to Jim, a friend who is arguing with his wife; meanwhile, Donna gives conflicting advice to Jim's wife, Alice.
2/18/1960 Ep : A Place to Go
Donna's club fixes up an old house for Jeff and his friends to play in.
2/25/1960 Ep : A Night to Howl
Convinced they have fallen into a rut, Donna and Alex spend a night on the town, though they would both rather be at home.
3/3/1960 Ep : The Editorial
When Jeff's editorial about homework assignments is pulled from the school paper, he decides to print and distribute it himself.
3/10/1960 Ep : The Gentle Dew
Mary fails to return home on time from a date and Alex decides the kids need more discipline.
3/17/1960 Ep : The Fatal Leap
Donna is annoyed by Alex's eagerness to attend a friend's bachelor party.
3/24/1960 Ep : The Perfect Pitch
Donna pushes Jeff into taking trumpet lessons when she learns he has perfect pitch.
4/7/1960 Ep : Pickles for Charity
Everyone loves Donna's pickles, but when she tries to sell them to raise money for charity, no one will buy them.
4/14/1960 Ep : Mary's Growing Pains
Mary has a crush on a young intern from the hospital and misinterprets his kindness as romantic interest.
4/21/1960 Ep : Alex Runs the House
Alex comes up with a new method for housekeeping while Donna and Jeff are away visiting relatives.
4/28/1960 Ep : The Career Woman
Donna's high school friend, Molly (Esther Williams), now a famous designer, comes to Hilldale to see if she would be happy living there.
5/5/1960 Ep : Jeff, the Financial Genius
Jeff repays his debts with other boys by swapping his belongings.
5/12/1960 Ep : Mary's Crusade
Mary tries to make her friend beautiful for the school dance and promises she won't go to the dance unless they both have dates.
5/19/1960 Ep : The First Time We Met
Donna tries to fix up a young doctor with a nurse. Meanwhile, she and Alex can't agree on how they first met.
5/26/1960 Ep : The Gossip
News spreads fast when Donna tells someone that her friend is having a baby; then rumors spread of Donna and Alex having marital problems.
6/2/1960 Ep : Love's Sweet Awakening
The boy who grew up next door to the Stones takes a romantic interest in Mary, but she doesn't notice him.
6/10/1960 Ep : The Wedding Present
Donna is pressured into buying an antique and then can't bring herself to tell Alex.
6/17/1960 Ep : Cool Cat
A stray cat follows Jeff home and later brings along her kittens.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/3/1960 Ep : Worried Anyone?
Donna and Alex worry when Mary's date takes her out in a beat-up old car.
9/15/1960 Ep : Weekend
The Stones vacation at a mountain resort and find the accommodations don't meet their expectations.
9/22/1960 Ep : The Mystery Woman
A woman sees Donna and claims to be an old friend, but Donna can't remember her or find out who she is.
9/29/1960 Ep : Donna Decorates
Donna redecorates the living room with some unwelcome help from Dennis the Menace (Jay North). Joseph Kearns guest stars as Mr. Wilson.
10/6/1960 Ep : The Love Letter
Jeff ghostwrites love letters for their handyman, who can't write English. Donna and Mary find one of the letters and think it belongs to Jeff.
10/20/1960 Ep : How the Other Side Lives
After spending a weekend at a wealthy friend's house, Mary is ashamed to invite her friend over to visit.
10/27/1960 Ep : Alex's Twin
Mary dates a boy who she believes is just like Alex was when he was younger.
11/10/1960 Ep : Higher Learning
Jeff takes an IQ test and is rated a genius, so Donna and Alex decide they should send him to a special school.
11/17/1960 Ep : Never Marry a Doctor
No one wants to be believe that a down-on-his-luck handyman is responsible for missing money.
11/24/1960 Ep : It Only Hurts When I Laugh
Alex has his appendix removed and proves that doctors make the worst patients.
12/1/1960 Ep : The Model Daughter
Mary wants to be a fashion model, but Alex is skeptical about the modeling school to which she has applied.
12/8/1960 Ep : Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Mary makes her first adult decision when her dates for the evening run up a restaurant bill, but can't pay for it.
12/15/1960 Ep : Donna Goes to a Reunion
When Donna learns that an old boyfriend will be at her class reunion, her nervousness piques Alex's curiosity.
12/22/1960 Ep : Someone Is Watching
Jeff feels responsible for a friend's bike accident, but then learns that the boy pretended to be injured for attention.
12/29/1960 Ep : The Lean and Hungry Look
Alex is critical of Donna's willpower when she decides to diet.
1/5/1961 Ep : Character Building
Donna tries to instill responsibility in Mary and Jeff, but then gets caught behaving irresponsibly herself.
1/12/1961 Ep : World's Greatest Entertainer
In order to boost Jeff's ego, the family praises him for his bad celebrity impersonations. Jeff then signs up for the school talent show.
1/19/1961 Ep : Variations on a Theme
Mary and her friend conspire to outdo another girl who is giving a party by throwing a party of their own.
1/26/1961 Ep : The Stones Go Hollywood
The Stones take a trip to Hollywood, where director George Sidney gives them roles in his film, "Pepe."
2/2/1961 Ep : Donna Directs a Play
Donna takes over as director of the school play when the original director leaves to star in a movie role.
2/9/1961 Ep : Trip to Nowhere
Donna promises to take the kids camping while Alex is away from home.
2/16/1961 Ep : The Geisha Girl
Donna and Alex are unhappy with their friends, who aren't very accepting of the new doctor's Japanese wife.
2/23/1961 Ep : The Busy People
Alex takes up painting when Donna decides he needs a hobby.
3/2/1961 Ep : Tony Martin Visits
Donna runs into singer Tony Martin while fighting a parking ticket in traffic court. Tony martin sings "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams."
3/9/1961 Ep : Aunt Belle's Earrings
Alex's aunt comes to town and is reunited with her old flame, a man whom Alex does not like.
3/16/1961 Ep : Poodle Parlor
Donna and her friend open a poodle parlor after their husbands claim the two women have no business sense.
3/23/1961 Ep : Mary's Heart Throb
While Mary is babysitting, the family's older son returns home unexpectedly, having dropped out of school.
3/30/1961 Ep : Donna's Helping Hand
Donna tries to convince Alex to take the job as Board of Health Director.
4/6/1961 Ep : Merry Month of April, The
Donna has their income tax return prepared by a professional despite Alex's wish to do it himself.
4/13/1961 Ep : Music Hath Charms
Donna gives Alex an apothecary jar with a wind-up music box inside, which plays "their song." However, it turns out that Alex doesn't really like the song.
4/20/1961 Ep : Let's Look at Love
Mary decides to give up dating when she sees two boys flipping a coin to decide who will take her out on a date.
4/27/1961 Ep : For Better or Worse
Alex boasts that he doesn't need to ask Donna's permission to go fishing like his friends.
5/4/1961 Ep : Jeff, the Treasurer
Jeff is entrusted with the class treasury, but proceeds to lose the money.
5/11/1961 Ep : The Good Guys and the Bad Guys
When Jeff is teased for joining the church choir, he skips choir practice to train to fight the bullies.
5/18/1961 Ep : Military School
Mary has a crush on her boyfriend's cousin, who is visiting from military school.
5/25/1961 Ep : Mary's Driving Lesson
Mary's friend, Scotty, teaches her how to drive. Their battles behind the wheel remind Donna of her driving lessons years ago with Alex.
6/1/1961 Ep : The Mustache
Alex comes home from a hunting trip unshaven. His barber convinces him to keep the mustache, which Donna doesn't like.
6/8/1961 Ep : Mary's Little Lambs
Mary's pushy boyfriend gets her to help him set up a daycare in the Stone household.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
9/14/1961 Ep : One Starry Night
Mary has a date with a singer, but doesn't know that he is the famous James Darren. Darren sings "Goodbye Cruel World" and "Mighty Pretty Territory."
9/21/1961 Ep : A Rose Is a Rose
Jeff must rewrite his lackluster English assignment or Donna and Alex won't let him play in the father-son baseball game.
9/28/1961 Ep : The Close Shave
Jeff thinks he growing a beard, so he buys a shaving kit and shaving supplies.
10/5/1961 Ep : Mouse at Play
Donna's friend, Iris (Cloris Leachman), convinces her to go to the hair stylist (John Astin) and change her hair color.
10/12/1961 Ep : The Monster
The large animal that keeps wandering around the Stone's house during the night ends up being a dog in need of a home.
10/19/1961 Ep : New Girl in Town
Donna tries to fix up Jeff with Angie (Candy Moore), a girl whose family just moved to town.
10/26/1961 Ep : One of Those Days
Donna and Alex decide to take a day off and spend time in the country.
11/2/1961 Ep : All Is Forgiven
Alex and Donna reunite a fighting couple (Patricia Barry and William Windom) by trying to get them to adopt a baby.
11/9/1961 Ep : The Electrical Storm
Jeff is expelled from school when he refuses to turn in his friend for a school prank.
11/16/1961 Ep : The Paper Tycoon
Jeff hires neighborhood kids to help deliver papers on his paper route, keeping most of the profits for himself.
11/23/1961 Ep : Private Tutor
The tutor Donna hires to help Mary with her French lessons turns out to be the same boy Mary wants to take to an upcoming party.
11/30/1961 Ep : Alex, the Professor
Alex gives a public lecture, and then begins to use his lecture theories on the children.
12/7/1961 Ep : The Fabulous O'Hara
Donna tries to convince a man that moving from town to town isn't the way to raise his grandson. Cecil Kellaway guest stars as O'Hara.
12/14/1961 Ep : Way of a Woman
When Mary's boyfriend breaks their skiing date, Donna asks Alex to take her on a trip to Chicago.
12/21/1961 Ep : A Very Bright Boy
The son of Donna's friend comes to visit (Johnny Crawford); he has a high IQ, but feels that he doesn't fit in.
12/28/1961 Ep : The Toughest Kid in School
A new kid in school tries to impress Jeff and his friends by pretending to be a misbehaving delinquent.
1/11/1962 Ep : Dr. Stone and His Horseless Carriage
Alex gets a 1910 automobile from a friend and starts restoring it. Gale Gordon guest stars as Mr. Webley.
1/18/1962 Ep : For Angie With Love
Feeling competition from another boy, Jeff attempts to buy Angie a nicer gift than the one he already has for her birthday party. Paul Petersen sings "She Can't Find Her Keys."
1/25/1962 Ep : Aloha Kimi
Alex goes to Hawaii to help a girl who was injured in a surfing accident. Miyoshi Umeki guest stars as Nurse Mac.
2/1/1962 Ep : Donna's Prima Donna
Mary decides she wants to skip college and continue singing in a band, which doesn't sit well with Donna. Shelley Fabares sings "Johnny Angel."
2/8/1962 Ep : Explorer's Ten
Jeff's astronomy club tries to earn enough money to purchase a telescope.
2/15/1962 Ep : The New Office
Alex decides to move his medical office from the house to newly leased office space.
2/22/1962 Ep : The Golden Trap
Donna and Alex go away on a trip, leaving the house in Mary's care.
3/1/1962 Ep : Free Flight
Donna's complaint to an airline about their service results in a free trip for her and Alex.
3/8/1962 Ep : The Wide Open Spaces
When Donna and Alex visit their friends who live on a farm (William Windom and Patricia Breslin), they find the couple longing for city life.
3/15/1962 Ep : The Fireball
Jeff and Angie get the lead parts in the school play.
3/22/1962 Ep : Once Upon a Timepiece
Donna buys a watch at a pawn shop, but then finds its original owner.
3/29/1962 Ep : Hilldale 500
Alex helps Jeff build a racing kart so he can enter a race.
4/5/1962 Ep : Winner Take All
Alex tries to help a father who is upset with his son's performance in baseball.
4/12/1962 Ep : Skin Deep
Mary learns a lesson in beauty when she turns down a date with a boy who has big ears.
4/19/1962 Ep : The Fortune Teller
Donna plays fortune teller at a bazaar and her predictions come true.
4/26/1962 Ep : Man of Action
Jeff and Smitty (Darryl Richard) leave Smitty's little brother at the house, making Alex look after him.
5/3/1962 Ep : Donna Meets Roberta
Alex buys a woman's house, knowing that the property value will soon increase. Roberta Sherwood and Gale Gordon guest star.
5/10/1962 Ep : The Caravan
The Stones spend their family vacation on the road in a rented house bus.
5/17/1962 Ep : The Swingin' Set
Jeff and Smitty try to get prom dates to the dance. Paul Peterson sings "Keep Your Love Locked."
5/24/1962 Ep : On to Fairview
Jeff gets a job for a day so that he can earn enough money to buy a necklace.
5/31/1962 Ep : The Man in the Mask
Jeff interviews baseball player Don Drysdale, who gives him some tips for umpiring a girl's softball game.
6/7/1962 Ep : The Father Image
While Jeff and Mary want Alex for their own agendas, Alex becomes increasingly concerned for a young patient who just underwent surgery.
10/4/1962 Ep : To Be a Boy
Jeff and Smitty make a vow to stop dating so they can save enough money to build a boat.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5
6/14/1962 Ep : Dear Wife
Alex and Donna think Mary has eloped with a boy for whom she has suddenly fallen.
9/20/1962 Ep : Mister Nice Guy
Mary is suspicious of Jeff's motives as he suddenly becomes kind and considerate towards her before her departure for college.
9/27/1962 Ep : Mrs. Stone and Doctor Hyde
Donna fills in for Alex's vacationing nurse and finds her husband to be a tyrant.
10/11/1962 Ep : Who Needs Glasses?
Jeff pretends to have problems with his eyesight in order to get a pair of glasses, which will make him look older.
10/18/1962 Ep : Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary
Mary decides it is time to leave home and move into the college dormitory.
10/25/1962 Ep : My Dad
House calls and emergencies keep Alex from spending time with Jeff. Paul Petersen sings "My Dad."
11/1/1962 Ep : Fine Feathers
Jeff finds a stray bird, but doesn't want to take responsibility for it until he learns the bird may be valuable.
11/8/1962 Ep : Rebel With a Cause
Donna is asked to participate in a survey about "the average woman" and is angered at how average everyone thinks she is.
11/15/1962 Ep : Big Star
Mary discovers a great singing talent in her boyfriend, who is shy and afraid of an audience. Shelley Fabares sings "Big Star."
11/22/1962 Ep : Man to Man
Jeff gets Alex to go camping on the pretense of spending quality time together; however, his real plan is to meet with friends who will be at the campsite.
11/29/1962 Ep : The Baby Buggy
Everyone chips in to buy the elderly baby doctor (Fay Bainter) a new car to replace her old clunker.
12/6/1962 Ep : The Makeover Man
Mary tries to change her boyfriend into the kind of man she wants him to be, but succeeds only in making him unhappy.
12/13/1962 Ep : The Winning Ticket
Jeff stops by a raffle at a supermarket and wins a new car with a raffle ticket he found on the ground.
12/20/1962 Ep : The Soft Touch
When Alex and Jeff both try to collect money due to them, Donna and Mary feel that the men in their family are softies.
12/27/1962 Ep : Jeff Stands Alone
Jeff spends a weekend in a strange town with no money, just to prove he can make it on his own.
1/3/1963 Ep : Just a Little Wedding
Donna agrees to let Mary's friend get married in their home, but has second thoughts when the girl's mother (Binnie Barnes) shows up.
1/10/1963 Ep : A Woman's Place
When Donna spends all of her time campaigning for town council, Alex dreams Donna is the president—and he is the first lady!
1/17/1963 Ep : The Chinese Horse
A strange woman convinces Donna to buy a Chinese horse statue for her at an auction. The woman then disappears and can't be found.
1/24/1963 Ep : The New Look
Mary resents her wholesome reputation and thinks about becoming a new woman with a new personality.
1/31/1963 Ep : A Way of Her Own
Trisha (Patty Petersen), an eight-year-old orphan girl, follows the Stones home from their day at the park.
2/7/1963 Ep : Three Is a Family
Mary feels jealous of the attention Trisha is receiving from the family.
2/14/1963 Ep : Big Sixteen
When Jeff and Joanne have a fight just before his sixteenth birthday, Jeff tries his luck with an older woman.
2/21/1963 Ep : Pioneer Woman
Donna and Mary follow the men up to a mountain cabin to prove that modern women are not pampered women.
2/28/1963 Ep : The House on the Hill
Donna visits the home of a wealthy recluse to solicit a donation for a charity fundraiser.
3/7/1963 Ep : Where the Stones Are
The family follows Mary on a weekend boat trip with her friends in order to check on her.
3/14/1963 Ep : The Two Doctors Stone
Donna cancels the plans for a family trip because she feels that Trisha is getting sick; however, Alex feels she shows no signs of being ill.
3/21/1963 Ep : Everywhere That Mary Goes
A new boy at Mary's school follows her everywhere; he believes that he is protecting her from other boys, who he feels do not treat her right.
3/28/1963 Ep : The Handy Man
Donna is the only person who sees the solution to the problems of a handyman (Doodles Weaver) who can't fix anything.
4/4/1963 Ep : Friends and Neighbors
Alex's friend and his new bride (Bob Crane and Ann McCrea) buy the house next door to the Stones.
4/11/1963 Ep : Boys and Girls
Jeff and Mary attend a college dance, where they watch their dates run off together.
4/18/1963 Ep : All Those Dreams
The Stone family travels to Chicago, where Jeff tries to get in touch with professional baseball player Don Drysdale.
4/25/1963 Ep : All Women Are Dangerous
Two girls are battling for an invitation to a concert from Jeff, but he can't make up his mind on which girl to ask.
5/2/1963 Ep : The Big Wheel
Jeff buys an old bus, which breaks down in front of the Stone's house the day of Mary's big party.
5/9/1963 Ep : Day of the Hero
Jeff asks a girl to the prom, but when he thinks he's going to be voted class president, he invites a different girl.
11/28/1963 Ep : What Are Friends For?
Jeff gets Smitty to take his place on a date that Alex set up.