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The Donna Reed Show

Weekdays at 5:30 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)

The Punishment

Donna is forced to ground Mary and Jeff for disobeying her and resents the fact that she is always the one doling out punishment.

Jeff Joins a Club

Jeff's hopes of joining a club are dashed when he has to bring the new kid in town to the meeting.

All Mothers Worry

A boy on Jeff's football team is forced to quit the team by his overprotective mother. Guest starring members of the Los Angeles Rams: Sid Gillman, Jon Arnett, Les Richter, Bill Wade, Don Burroughs and announcer Bob Kelley.

Flowers for the Teacher

Jeff's new teacher (Marion Ross) fears losing control of her class, but her strict authority results in an absentee problem.

April Fool

A singing idol (James Darren) stays with the Stones when he suddenly becomes ill before a concert.