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The Donna Reed Show

Weekdays at 5:30 AM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)

Dr. Stone and His Horseless Carriage

Alex gets a 1910 automobile from a friend and starts restoring it. Gale Gordon guest stars as Mr. Webley.

Donna's Prima Donna

Mary decides she wants to skip college and continue singing in a band, which doesn't sit well with Donna. Shelley Fabares sings "Johnny Angel."

Aloha Kimi

Alex goes to Hawaii to help a girl who was injured in a surfing accident. Miyoshi Umeki guest stars as Nurse Mac.

For Angie With Love

Feeling competition from another boy, Jeff attempts to buy Angie a nicer gift than the one he already has for her birthday party. Paul Petersen sings "She Can't Find Her Keys."