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The Doris Day Show

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You're as Old as You Feel

Doris' father is beginning to feel his age, which depresses him and he starts acting like an old man, so Doris sets out to convince him that he's not as old as he feels.

Doris Strikes Out

Doris has a date with a French movie star, but finds out that Buck, who has injured his back, has volunteered her replace him as umpire in the boys' baseball game.

Doris Finds an Apartment

Doris finds an apartment in San Francisco that's above an Italian restaurant. It's just the kind of place that she's looking for, but when she throws a party to celebrate her new place, the landlord cancels her lease.

Let Them Out of the Nest

The boys get a job as egg delivers. One morning, however, they get sick to their stomachs so Doris has to deliver the eggs.