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The Doris Day Show

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The Chocolate Bar War

Doris and her boss attend a dinner party given by an important businessman. The man's wife just happened to battle Doris over the sale of Scout candy.

The Still

Doris discovers that two nice old ladies have their own still and use it to make "white lightning." In order that they not get arrested for making illegal liquor, she takes their "product" from them, but winds up getting arrested and thrown in jail herself for transporting moonshine.

The Date

Doris sets up a blind date between Buck's friend, Frank, and Juanita, which leads to greater expectations by Juanita than what Frank has in mind.

The Songwriter

Leroy is convince there's fast and big money to be made writing lyrics to country songs. He writes a song and submits it to a record company and it is accepted. He is then sent a letter asking for more songs. Doris and Buck are perplexed because to them the song is not very good.