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The Saint

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The Smart Detective

Neither Inspector Teal nor Simon are impressed by Peter Corrio, a smug private detective who boasts that his security system for the fabulous Oppenheim emerald is foolproof. They are suspicious because he has managed to solve so many jewel thefts that have evaded the police. Suspicion only grows when Simon meets Jane Dixon, whose brother was killed trying to flee the police after having had stolen jewels planted on him. Dixon believes Corrio planted the jewels and has also organized other jewel thefts.

The Crooked Ring

Steve Nelson is an up-and-coming young boxer with a promising career. However, his girlfriend, Connie, approaches Simon because she is fearful of his next opponent, a mysterious Australian known as the Masked Angel, who has actually killed a man in a fight, although there was no evidence of foul play. The Saint is suspicious of the Angel's manager, Doc Spengler, the more so after a man who has offered to spy on Spengler is found dead and the Saint is shot at.

The Crime of the Century

Simon must foil plans to use nerve gas in a heist of plates and paper from the Bank of England's printing house. A trail of murder and kidnapping unfolds before Simon as he works to stop the "crime of the century."


On the island of Haiti Simon meets the beautiful Sibao, a mystical young woman. Her fiancé, Theron Netlord, a young Englishman, is entranced by voodoo and marrying Sibao purely to learn its secrets and gain power for himself.

The Frightened Inn-Keeper

Simon is summoned to a remote inn in Cornwall by Julia Jeffroll. When he arrives it is clear that her father, the inn-keeper, though telling him there is nothing wrong, is very scared, apparently of three guests at his inn.