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The Saint

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Iris Lansing is a bad actress whose plays are financed by her criminal husband, Rick, who runs a protection racket and has caused the death of an elderly shop-keeper who refused to pay him. Lansing receives a call, allegedly from Simon, threatening to expose him unless he pays him a large sum of money.


While in Mexico Simon agrees to accompany Teresa into the mountains in the attempt to locate her husband, a man wanted by the police for an attempted political assassination. Here they are taken prisoner by El Rojo, the leader of the local rebels, who has a secret of his own.

The Man Who Was Lucky

Marty O'Connell, a smalltime bookmaker, and his girlfriend, Cora, are in trouble. Marty is a witness to a murder committed by gangster 'Lucky' Joe Luckner, so-called because nobody has ever successfully testified against him.


Simon investigates after a journalist friend is murdered while working to undercover the newly revived British Nazi party.

Starring the Saint

After church secretary Mrs. Yarmouth is played by confidence tricksters for church fundraising monies, Simon and Mrs. Yarmouth's actress daughter set off in hot pursuit to give the bunco artists a show of their very own.