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The Saint

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The Lawless Lady

Countess Audrey is not only a glittering socialite but a ruthless jewel thief whose chauffeur robs the homes of her wealthy associates. Her master plan is to organize a cruise for several rich couples, whom she will drug and rob. She has recruited a new gang member for this plan; unfortunately, he happens to be Simon.


Simon bumps into a young friend, Bill Fulton, who has captured the heart of the daughter of a self-righteous millionaire. Unimpressed with the man's smug airs and attitude toward his friend, Simon wagers £5,000 with the millionaire that his exquisite art collection will be purloined within four days.

The High Fence

Chief Inspector Teal is investigating a spate of burglaries that seem to be linked to a criminal known as the High Fence, who uses the Cosy Corner cafe as his rendezvous. Simon gets an actress friend, Gaby, to take a job as a waitress at the cafe to keep surveillance on its customers.

The House on Dragon's Rock

Simon has been summonsed by the local doctor of a Welsh village, where residents have been attacked by strange, monstrous creatures. The link would seem to be with a research laboratory at nearby Dragon's Rock, run by the secretive Dr. Sardon. Sardon's niece, Carmen, is herself very worried and Simon joins her to investigate.

The Gadic Collection

The Gadic collection forms the priceless centerpiece of an art exhibition at the Silbakin Museum in Turkey and several groups of people are out to steal it, most notably the wealthy local art collector Turin. Turin is sure that Simon has taken the collection, a suspicion that lands Simon in a perilous situation.