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The Saint

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The Persistent Patriots

Having saved the life of married politician Jack Liskard, Simon is called upon again to help Liskard when the man is the victim of blackmail, over some letters he once wrote to a girl called Mary. While Mary is happy to return the letters, it seems that they have gone missing. Simon receives a phone call telling him that if he wants the letters he must rendezvous at an old church.

Escape Route

With the connivance of Chief Inspector Teal, Simon gets himself sent to a prison from which there have been several successful escapes within the past few months. Simone's job is to identify the organizers.

The Man Who Liked Lions

In Rome Simon is due to meet Tony, a journalist friend anxious to tell him about a man who 'liked lions' but Tony is found dead, stabbed with a knife carved with a lion's head. Claudia, Tony's girlfriend, tells Simon that Tony's diary should contain a clue as to the reason for his murder, but other addressees in the diary are also dying off.

The Angel's Eye

Aristocrat Lord Cranmore is anxious to sell a family diamond called the Angel's Eye. Simon rides shotgun with Cranmore's employee, Tom Upwater, and his daughter, Mabel, as they go to Amsterdam to have the diamond cut. When the diamond is stolen, it's up to Simon to uncover the culprit.

The Convenient Monster

A man and a dog are both killed by the shores of Loch Ness by what would appear to have been the monster. Local author Noel Bastion and his wife Eleanor, a former big game hunter, agree to help Simon keep watch in case the monster appears again.