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The Saint

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Joan Wingate is convinced that her sister, Lida, is being blackmailed and asks Simon for his help. When they go to meet Lida at the Quarterdeck Club, they find her murdered.

The Miracle Tea Party

A man is murdered in a phone booth on Waterloo station while Simon is making a call. But before his death, he manages to slip a mysterious package of "Miracle Tea" into the bag of a young nurse. Now Simon wants to know why.

The Saint Sees It Through

Simon goes to Hamburg undercover to intercept a ring of art smugglers. The ring seems to target Tante Ada's nightclub, where the star vocalist, Lili, is an ex-girlfriend of Simon. She also is a patient of Dr. Zellermann, who is a key player in the ring.

The Ever-Loving Spouse

Simon takes a trip with unlikely company through Mexico to find a missing husband. Tampered brakes, knives, guns and a band of rebels all have a role in ensuring that this trip is one Simon won't soon forget.

The King of the Beggars

Another adventure begins in Rome when Simon sees a local beggar deliberately run down. Adding to the mystery is a beautiful actress, Theresa, who poses as a beggar on the streets, in pursuit of the mysterious "King of the Beggars," who takes a share of beggars' alms in return for protection.