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Lucy and Bob Crane

TV star Bob Crane asks Lucy out to dinner on a date. He's about to learn about her masculine side when "Iron Man Carmichael" is hired to perform a parachute stunt at his studio.

Lucy Dates Dean Martin

Lucy is set up on a date with Dean Martin's stunt double. When the double can't make it, Dean himself substitutes on the date. During the date Lucy keeps telling him how bad it is that Dean Martin is stealing all of his glory.

Lucy Goes to a Hollywood Premiere

Lucy takes over a neighbor's "maps to the stars' homes" business. This leads to her acting as an usher at a big Hollywood movie premiere, in a uniform that's way too small. Look for cameos from Kirk Douglas, Jimmy Durante, Edward G. Robinson, Vince Edwards and "Mayor of Hollywood" Johnny Grant.

Lucy and Art Linkletter

As a contestant on Linkletter's television show, Lucy is offered $200 if she can keep from talking for 24 hours. Art sends her home with an audience member, Helen, to keep her honest. Helen's a plant from the show, as is the "convict" who bursts into Lucy's house searching for the "one-armed man."

Lucy, the Rain Goddess

Lucy is sent by the bank to contact Mr. Mooney, who's vacationing at a dude ranch. She becomes lost and stumbles into an indian reservation. They believe she's the rain goddess, sent to relieve the drought. She'd better produce some precipitation, and fast!