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Lucy and the Winter Sports

Lucy again tries to impress her athletic boyfriend by bragging about her mastery of various winter sports. When he invites her on a ski trip, she takes a crash-course in skiing from Mr. Mooney.

Lucy and the Plumber

Mr. Mooney approves of Lucy hiring a plumber to fix her kitchen, and the one who shows up looks exactly like Jack Benny (and his assistant bears resemblance to Bob Hope).

Lucy and the Good Skate

Wanting to spend more time with her daughter, Lucy and Chris go roller skating. But when Lucy gets home, she can't get the skates off because her feet had swollen, and she has to wear them to a dance that night.

Lucy and the Scout Trip

Lucy and Viv have to replace a man on the Scout trip, and Lucy gets lost in the woods.

Lucy Goes into Politics

Mr. Mooney is running for city comptroller. How can he lose with Lucy and Viv on his team? For starters, a certain redhead could forget to book any talent for his big campaign rally.