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Lucy Plays Florence Nightengale

Lucy needs Mr. Mooney to sign a check so she can buy Chris a dress for a dance. With Mooney in the hospital with a broken leg, Lucy slips in but is soon kicked out. Plan B: pretend to be a doctor.

Lucy Conducts the Symphony

Viv's cousin, Harold, a symphony percussionist, has been hired to play for a New York orchestra. In an attempt to relax the high-strung man, Lucy hypnotizes him into a deep sleep. Come showtime, however, they can't wake him up.

Chris Goes Steady

Chris decides to go steady with a boy who turns out to be Mr. Mooney's son. Lucy and Mr. Mooney don't like it and team up to show the kids a lesson by teaching them the real responsibilities of a serious relationship. And then the two adults must camp out in a treehouse to make sure the two don't elope.

Lucy Goes to Art Class

When both Lucy and Viv enroll in an art class to win the affections of handsome John Brooks III, Vivian tricks Lucy into posing for the class so she can get a date with Brooks.

Lucy and the Bank Scandal

When Lucy finds a note in Mr. Mooney's office that reads "ten thousand dollars buried in back yard," she and Viv spend the night digging up Mr. Mooney's backyard.