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Lucy Builds a Rumpus Room

Lucy and Viv decide they need an extra room where they can entertain visitors.

Vivian Sues Lucy

Viv trips over one of Jerry's toys and suffers a minor injury. She's upset to learn Lucy actually thinks she might sue over this little mishap. To teach her a lesson, Viv exaggerates her injury and runs the redhead ragged with demands.

Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna

Lucy and Viv try to replace the TV antenna on the roof.

Lucy, the Music Lover

Lucy isn't interested in her blind date, a classical violinist, until he hits it off with Viv. In her frantic effort to impress her date with her false love of chamber music, she accidentally slams his hand in the piano lid.

Lucy Is a Kangaroo for a Day

Lucy takes a secretarial temp job so she can afford a bicycle for Jerry. In short order, she's flooded the office in a water cooler mishap. When she's sent on an errand run, she accidentally destroys her suit. Only Lucy would think to borrow a kangaroo costume to finish her route.