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Wanted Dead or Alive

Saturdays at 4 PM & 4:30 PM

eastern (on most MeTV stations)

Death Divided by Three

Josh and Jason are on the trail of an outlaw wanted for murder in Arizona. The outlaw's wife is also seeking her husband.

Most Beautiful Woman

John Garth comes to town looking for his darling, Lil, because he feels something terrible has happened. There was a fire in the saloon and he thinks she may have died.


Josh caught "Doc" Phillips, the partner of Clell Fennon. He now wants to use him as bait to get Fennon—worth $5,000.

Tolliver Bender

To net a $1,000 reward Josh saves Tolliver Bend from a hanging so he can testify in a nearby trial. Double-crosses are immediately hatched by those who want Bend dead and by those who want the money.

The Partners

Josh gets arrested for horse theft. He soon learns that Jason set him up so that he can go after Billy Joe Henry alone.