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Wanted Dead or Alive

Saturdays at 4 PM & 4:30 PM

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The Choice

Jane Koster asks Josh's help with her husband, Frank, who is also a bounty hunter. He is out looking for Stacy Lenz with a score to settle and Jane fears for his life.

Three for One

Josh, with prisoner Tom Fellows in tow, stops in Center City for the night, unaware that one of Tom's cohorts is devising a plan to free him.

The Twain Shall Meet

Josh allows a newspaper reporter from the east to follow him on a manhunt for a story.

The Looters

After a town is hit by a tornado that kills the sheriff, three dangerous prisoners escape from jail and appoint themselves the law.

Journey for Josh

Josh and the beautiful female prisoner he is transporting to trial fall in love, but tragedy awaits when the woman's partner follows.