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Quiz: Can you name this 'Incredible Hulk' guest star?

Many famous faces appeared on the 1970s superhero series. We show you some celebs, you name them!

QUIZ: How much did these items cost in the 1970s?

Think you remember the price of groceries and goods in the grooviest decade of them all?


8 great music TV shows from the '70s and '80s

Series like 'Soul Train' and 'The Midnight Special' brought the concert and club to your living room.

13 T-shirts everybody wanted to wear back in the 1970s

We kept on truckin' with these groovy tees.

Lynda Carter was the best dressed woman on 1970s television

We take a look at the wonderfully groovy wardrobe of Wonder Woman.

11 extremely Seventies pages from the 1975 Sears catalog

Corduroy, Dacron and puppets galore!

The song of summer for every year in the 1970s

Toot-toot! Beep-beep! Skyrockets in flight! These were the ten jams that gave us delight in the sunshine.

13 Mark Hamill television roles before 'Star Wars'

Before he was Luke Skywalker, he was a lover, a fighter, a singer.

13 unlucky flops from the 1976–77 television season

Not even androids, mimes, Kim Basinger and Raymond Burr could save these series.

8 kooky Marvel characters you will never see in a movie

Alas, these oddballs from the pages of 1970s comic books will likely never join the Avengers.

10 funky, folky one-hit wonders from 1971

The pop charts were filled with Canadians, hippies, soul and mining tragedies 45 years ago.

There's no jive talkin' in these 12 fascinating facts about the Bee Gees

How deep is your love — and knowledge — of the Brothers Gibb? Hopefully, far greater after this list.

12 television stars who appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in the 1970s

Columbo, Chico, Cassidy and Carson all graced the front of the rock magazine in the 1970s.

8 facts you probably forgot about 8-tracks

Learn how the cassette tapes were linked to private jets, the birth of karaoke, Fleetwood Mac and Ford Mustangs.

8 Marvel superheroes who made it to television in the 1970s

Avengers like Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America and Dr. Strange all turned up on television in the disco decade.

40 years ago, the first song with "Disco" in the title hit number one

Johnny Taylor's "Disco Lady" was also the first single ever certified Platinum.

These zany interior design pictures prove that no decade was more colorful than the 1970s

These retro rooms are so bright, you're going to have to wear shades.

8 infamous April Fools' Day pranks of the 1970s

Would you have fallen for these piranha in New York, metric clocks and fake island nations?

Do you remember the show 'Matt Lincoln'?

The 1970 psychiatric drama featured a theme song that would become a cult folk classic.

Here is what your favorite toys from the 1970s are worth today

You'll have to save up for that Stretch Armstrong these days.

10 of the wildest unsolved mysteries from the 1960s and 1970s

What are your theories on D.B. Cooper, Jimmy Hoffa and other puzzling events from the past?

The Sunshine Family were the most 1970s toys of the 1970s

Steve, Stephie and Sweets shunned the pink plastic materialism of Barbie.

These 23 super-1970s photos will knock you right back to the 1970s

Dyn-o-mite! There's so much 1970s in these pictures, they'll put wood paneling and shag carpeting in your brain.

This show should have been a hit: The Magician

Before he Hulked out, Bill Bixby was a crime-solving illusionist with an awesome Corvette.

12 reasons kids from the '60s and '70s shouldn't be alive right now

We had a lot of fun growing up, but some of the stuff we did was downright dangerous!

18 awesome ads for 1970s albums you probably did not buy

We dig through the bargain bins of the disco decade for some lesser known records that did not quite become classics.

Remember Karen Carpenter with 8 overlooked Carpenters songs

Timeless singer, underrated drummer. Celebrate the Carpenters with deep cuts on Karen's birthday.

11 groovy male-female singing duos of the 1970s

Turn back the clock with the Captain, Tennille, Peaches, Herb, Cher, Mouth and more. Alas, love did not keep them together.

13 Oscar-worthy TV movies of the 1970s

The small screen was once loaded with big Hollywood names like Spielberg, Hepburn, Elvis and Carpenter. These television films deserved the cinemas.

The second best selling album of all time was released 40 years ago today

Only Michael Jackson moved more units than the Eagles' first Greatest Hits collection.

The 14 best celebrities to pick on 'Hollywood Squares' in the 1970s

Who would you rather have complete your tic-tac-toe? Paul Lynde or Charo?

17 products of the 1970s you can still buy right now

Who needs an answering machine, some Marathon Bars and a case of Tab?

The 9 most bizarre Grammy winners of the 1960s and 1970s

Marvin Hamlisch, Starland Vocal Band and Vaughn Meader did not turn out to be household names.

Do you remember Shields and Yarnell?

The 1970s were a magical time when mimes could get their own television show.

8 former NFL players who became television stars

The football tough guys made the leap to comedies, action shows, westerns and outer space.

Have you seen these 11 great 1970s Super Bowl commercials?

McDonald's, Master Lock, Coca-Cola and Noxzema made some unforgettable ads in the early days of the big game.

8 vintage TV dinners that we would still probably eat

Peel back the foil and dig into these beans, franks, crisps, peas, chopped meats and Twinkies. Did you ever eat a Libbyland meal?

11 once popular toothpastes you probably forgot about

Four out of five dentists recommend you revisit the past with these vintage toothpastes. Here are some minty fresh brands from '60s, '70s and '80s.

Ponch chased every trend of the 1970s on 'CHiPs'

Erik Estrada did more than ride motorcycles. He showed off his dancing, flying, skating and exercising skills, too.

This amazing home hasn't been touched since the 1970s

Amazing photos have surfaced of a home that hasn't been changed since it was built in 1972. This place will definitely take you back in time.

13 attention grabbing titles of 1970s and '80s after school specials

Nobody did teen drama and educational films better than '70s and '80s after school specials. Keep your eyes peeled for Oscar nominees!

10 strange banana flavored foods of the past

Our taste buds once had a hankering for banana soda, banana marshmallows, banana gum and banana meat loaf.

Pop Flashback: These were the top ten hits this week in 1971

There was a fascinating mix of soul, psych, country and schmaltz on the Billboard charts 45 years ago.

6 famous weatherman of the 1970s

Some were groundbreaking scientists, others were future game show hosts. Who did you trust with the forecast?

7 urban legends you probably believed as a kid in the 1970s

Did you ever believe that gum was made with spider eggs, or that a President called himself a doughnut?

These 13 'Teen' magazine covers from the 1970s will take you back

'Teen' magazine kept up with the hottest trends of the '70s, and these covers make us feel absolutely nostalgic for the bygone era of bell-bottoms and overalls.

11 one-hit wonders from 1976

Play that funky music for an afternoon delight. Boogie to the hottest flashes in the pan from forty years ago.

6 must-see 'Taxi' episodes for Andy Kaufman fans

Love Latka? Seek out this half dozen highlights from the comic's sitcom career.

Wow, these 9 things turn 40 years old in 2016

Wish happy birthday to Apple, Squiggy, punk rock, VHS and more.

Did you read these 10 bestselling novels of 1976?

Forty years ago, we were reading about sunken treasure, Hollywood, history and telepathy.