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11 extremely Seventies pages from the 1975 Sears catalog

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9 jewelry trends that never made it out of the 1970s

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These 13 'Teen' magazine covers from the 1970s will take you back

'Teen' magazine kept up with the hottest trends of the '70s, and these covers make us feel absolutely nostalgic for the bygone era of bell-bottoms and overalls.

Fashion trends that 1970s kids will remember all too well

Bell bottoms and leisure suits weren't only for adults - kids rocked some pretty serious style, too.

13 bygone mall stores we want to shop at again

You could buy everything from sausages to sweaters to software at memorable mall shops like Hickory Farms and Service Merchandise.

9 groovy fashion trends from the 1970s

A decade of change means a decade of crazy fashion.

Did you own a pair of Moon Boots as a kid?

Your favorite winter footwear from childhood is in fashion again. Here are 5 fun facts about moon boots.

There is now a Star Trek clothing line

Snatch up Enterprise cardigans, Starfleet yoga shorts, Next Generation neckties and Klingon denim jackets before they're gone.

17 awesome haircuts from 1960s Teen

It was the era of beehives, mop-tops, bobs, Twiggy cuts and pageboys. Few decades had better hair style than the Sixties.

18 fabulous Star Trek costumes and fashions from the original series

As it is a landmark work of science-fiction, Star Trek is best known for its science. Nifty gadgets like the tricorder and replicator predicted technology like cellphones and 3D printers. The iconic 1960s show also dealt with issues both philosophical and political. Yet the Original Series does not get enough credit for its fashion. The bodysuits, dresses and coats could have come off the runways of Paris and New York. Brilliant costume designer Bill Theiss pushed boundaries and went where no hemline had gone before.  We put together a runway show of our own. Here are some of the most memorable looks from three seasons of Star Trek .  WATCH 'STAR TREK: ORIGINAL' ON METV - SATURDAYS AT 9PM | 8C.

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Swatch registers trademark for the phrase 'One More Thing'

About that one time Batman wore pink