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Can we guess your age based on your taste in snacks?

Taste buds don't lie.

How many of these delicious extinct snack foods have you tried?

See if you are the ultimate snack historian.


12 fast food sandwiches you will never eat again

Who remembers the taste of a Barnbuster, Bell Beefer or McFeast?

11 vintage Easter recipes that will hop you back to a pastel past

Would you eat a basket of ham and jelly beans?

10 flavors of your favorite foods you will never eat again

We hope that lime was not your favorite candy flavor.

The Hunt's Snack Pack was the most dangerous treat of our childhood

"Don't play with it or lick it," Snack Pack the Talking Horse warned.

Don't you miss these 1970s cereals?

Seventies kids know Buc Wheats and Fortified Oat Flakes were way more delicious than they sound.

14 pizzas (and pizza-flavored snacks) you will never eat again

Did you cook pizzas in your toaster?

7 fast food jingles from the 1970s you totally forgot about

Do you remember "Who's got the best darn burger?"

Infographic: The first locations of 50 American fast food chains

We found one for all 50 states. Almost. Sorry, South Dakota.

12 vintage soft drink mascots you probably forgot about

Do you remember Rooty, Oaf and Perky?

7 extinct steakhouse chains you will never eat at again

There was always a place to get meat and potatoes at the mall.

8 bygone diet foods we thankfully never have to eat again

We won't ask you to drink any Sego, Metrecal or Slender.

10 old fashioned Christmas candies that will take you back

The only hard thing about the holidays was the candy.

These bizarre vintage holiday recipes are best left to the ghost of Christmas past

Kids, time to decorate the Meat Tree!

14 vintage Thanksgiving foods we're thankful to never eat again

Sometimes it's okay to say, "No, thanks."

7 more fast food chains we wish we could eat at again

Arthur Treacher's and Hamburger Hamlet will forever have a place in our hearts... and stomachs.

11 classic candies introduced in the 1960s

Those were some sweet and sour times.

15 classic candies introduced in the 1950s

Did you trick or treat for Atomic Fireballs, Black Taffy and Pixy Stix?

8 popular snack foods that turned 50 years old this year

Yes, Fresca is as old as 'Star Trek.'

See how your favorite candy bar wrappers evolved over the decades

What did a Baby Ruth look like when you were a kid?

9 defunct grocery stores you will never shop at again

Big Bears and Food Fairs — it was once a Jitney Jungle out there.

10 fast food failures you rightfully forgot about

Seafood at Taco Bell? Kentucky Fried… Beef? These spin-offs and experimental dishes were doomed.

The top 3 breakfast cereals of all time. What is your favorite?

Hint: It's not Raisin Bran.

These were the top 12 diet colas in America, according to a 1975 taste test

This will have you hankering for a Tab.

Here's what dieting looked like in the 1960s

What flavor of Sego would you rather drink, Cherry Brandy or English Toffee?

10 popular desserts of the 1960s that deserve a comeback

It was a decade of flambée, fondue, Jell-O and junket.

Then and Now: The evolution of 23 fast food logos

Do you remember the original looks of Burger King, Taco Bell, Sonic, Subway and more?

10 forgotten Coke and Pepsi products of the 1960s

Could you go for a can of Devil Shake, Simba or Veep?

13 more forgotten cereals from the 1960s

What's up? Buttercups! Plus, Sugar Cones, Cornados, Crispy Critters and more.

14 horrifying, baffling foods from vintage ads

Two words: "Mayonnaise Pears."

Space Food Sticks were the coolest snack of the 1970s

We once snacked like NASA astronauts.

12 vintage cream corn recipes you should probably not look at before eating

Not a fan of canned cream corn? Wait until you see Scramblebuns and Bologna Boats.

Crystal Pepsi is coming back in August

What other defunct sodas would you like to see return from the grave?

40-year-old Twinkie lives on at Maine high school

Would you take a bite on a dare?

18 vintage hot dog ads that celebrate the joy of encased meats

Would you eat Wiener Wraps, Sack O'Sauce and Hot Dog Chowder?

These vintage doughnut ads prove we love our fried dough

Doughnuts are for everyone — even the family dog.

These flop grocery products should have never hit the shelves

Turns out, consumers do not want frozen dinners from their toothpaste and bacon in their toasters.

15 vintage ice cream ads that will have you hungering for summer

Ice cream for breakfast! It was a thing.

Who remembers McDonaldland?

Did you want to visit McDonaldland in the 1970s?

10 things your school cafeteria probably served in the '60s and '70s

What was your favorite dish from the lunch lady?

9 restaurant chains that no longer exist

Who could go for one more meal at one of these formerly huge sit-down restaurants?

12 delicious bygone beverages you will never drink again

Did you drink mixes like PDQ, Funny Face, Keen and Moo Juice?

6 cereals from our childhood that got rid of the word 'sugar'

Who remembers when Golden Crisp was called Sugar Crisp?

Here's a guide to 8 popular TV diners, bars and restaurants

We'd love to grab a bite to eat at these famous fictional restaurants.

10 favorite foods that don't taste the same as when you were a kid

Do fries, ice cream and cookies taste different than you remember? There is a reason.

12 long-forgotten cereals kids in the 1950s used to love

Who remembers the scary clown on the box of Sugar Smacks?

Do you remember the original 'Supermarket Sweep'?

People were raiding grocery shelves on game shows long before the 1990s.

9 Rich Facts about the 100 Grand Bar

The most luxurious candy bar turns 50 years old this year. It's worth even more in South Africa.

12 things you never knew about Doritos

You'll never guess what "Cool Ranch" Doritos are called overseas.