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Can you name the show by its Halloween decorations?

We love Halloween episodes. It's always fascinating to see how our favorite characters will dress up in costume. It says a lot about their personality. Take Hawkeye's Superman outfit on M*A*S*H , for example. To celebrate the holiday, some shows throw a Halloween party, while others send their characters into creepy mansions or ghost encounters. We grabbed some freeze frames from some memorable haunted house and Halloween episodes. Try to name them all! If you need to brush up on your Halloween episodes, tune in to MeTV all day on October 31 for some special trick-or-treat episodes.

How normal is your taste in Halloween candy?

Candy corn: yea or nay?

Quiz: Which TV character should you be for Halloween?

The best part of Halloween is dressing up. Okay, perhaps it is the candy. Still, wearing a great costume is a blast. Coming up with a clever idea is half the challenge. We're here to help. Answer these ten quick questions and our spooky algorithm will spit out a look based on classic television. No matter your budget or skill level, we'll have you covered.

Quiz: Can you name which show Vincent Price is on?

He was a horror icon, but Vincent Price appeared on dozens of funny television shows, too. We give you a screen shot of his guest appearance. Think you can name the show?


11 spooky Halloween episodes of classic TV shows

Stay tuned for more fun and frights.

Celebrate Michael Landon's birthday and Halloween with "A Little Kiss"

We remember the legendary actor with his breakthrough role in 'I Was a Teenage Werewolf' and his debut single.

Tune in Friday and Saturday for classic Halloween episodes

Watch MeTV for perfect holiday programming, from a haunted Happy Days to a spooky Bonanza. Plus, Svengoolie hosts Super Sci-Fi Saturday Night!

Carve your own Svengoolie pumpkin with this official pattern!

Download a pattern of the horror host for the ultimate Sven-o'-lantern!

How to apply Svengoolie makeup

Get in the Halloween spirit and look like the iconic TV horror host. Instructions drawn by the man himself!

Which decade had the best Halloween candy?

If you had a time machine, would you trick or treat in the 1950s, '60s, '70s or '80s? Runts, Razzles, Nerds, Fizzies, Zotz and more step into the arena.

The Scary Lucy statue is becoming a Halloween attraction

A man dressed as the Lucille Ball "tribute" will haunt a mall in western New York.

Halloween candy ads from the 1950s and 1960s

Let's go trick or treat in the past with vintage advertisements for Brach's, Baby Ruth, Milky Way, Necco Wafers and more.

Svengoolie's Halloween Blog: ...But I'm Not WEARING a Mask!!!