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Can you name the TV show that featured these boss characters?

Bosses have long been a part of TV shows. On sitcoms, they are typically portrayed as bald men with three piece suits, a big desk and a hot temper. On cop shows, the boss is likely a screaming captain, typically portrayed as a bald man with a button-down shirt, a messy desk and a hot temper. More often than not, however, they prove themselves to be nice guys after all.  Let's see how well you can identify some memorable bosses from classic television. We'll start with some recurring characters… before we get into some more obscure characters. If you can get 8 or more of these right, you deserve a promotion.

Can you identify these TV shows from their wallpaper patterns alone?

Who's hiding behind damask?

Pick: What would you watch on TV in 1971?

Are you a fan of Scooby, Shadows and Sullivan?

What kind of products did these popular 1950s brands make?

Do you know the difference between Ipana, Pi-Li and Puss 'N Boots?

Did these popular TV couples get married in the real world?

So did they ever tie the knot or not?

Can you guess which TV costar was in every episode?

These characters punched the clock on huge hit shows.

Can you guess the TV show by just the front door?

Ready to prove that you remember every detail of your favorite sitcoms? Opportunity knocks!

Think you can identify the TV show by its very first line of dialogue?

Let's see how memorable the opening lines of classic TV shows were.

Which classic TV star won more Emmy Awards?

Now's your chance to pick the winners.

Poll: What would you watch on TV in 1974?

Would you say hello to the Fonz or goodbye to Festus?

Can you complete the names of these 1970s one-hit wonders?

You definitely know the songs, but do you remember the band names?

Can you guess the show based on the last words said in the final episode?

We return to these shows again and again. But do you remember their original goodbyes?

Which of these things do not belong in the 1970s?

This is your moment: Prove you're '70s to the max.


5 of the wildest pieces of vintage Star Trek merch

Who doesn't want a sad Spock staring at them from across the room?

10 fascinating flops from the 1984 television schedule

We bet you do not remember George Clooney in 'E/R.' No, a totally different one.

Remember when this 'Poltergeist' star became Fonzie's worst nightmare?

The horror movie star appeared in 12 episodes of 'Happy Days' as Fonzie's pint-size adversary.

Revisit Alan Thicke's hilariously meta guest appearance in 'Hangin' With Mr. Cooper'

This week for TGI-Me: Watch 'Hangin' With Mr. Cooper'!

These photographs are a spooky time capsule to 1970s Halloween in New York

Ghosts, ghouls, and giant masks from the 1970s have come back to haunt you.

Top 10 times 'Saturday Night Live' hilariously spoofed classic TV

Live from New York, it's all your favorite classic TV shows referenced by 'SNL'!

We bet you have this hot commodity in your kitchen cupboard

There is a whole subculture of vintage Pyrex collectors out there who scour the internet, estate sales and thrift stores for their favorite kitschy patterned dishes.

Fins up: 10 cars that prove car designs were just cooler in the 1950s

Take a tour through the tailfin's finest hour.

The '60s were a time for flaming desserts

Fire up a new Thanksgiving tradition or try one of these to light up any old evening.

8 sauces we'd give anything to dip everything in from fast food chains we miss

Nostalgia for old fast food chains has added new meaning to what makes a special sauce.

12 TV shows that made big screen movies with the original casts

Dark Shadows, McHale's Navy and Get Smart were making their own movies long before the reboots.

Here's what was on magazine covers in October 1977

Donny & Marie, Rocky and The Hardy Boys were dominating newsstands 40 years ago.

This 'Highway Patrol' super-fan perfectly recreated the show's flashy 1955 Buick

Warning: This post will induce car envy. Remember what Dan Mathews said: "It isn't what you drive, but how you drive that counts!"

The 7 scariest monsters that spooked us on 'The Twilight Zone"

Enjoy, if you dare, this tale of men, the macabre, masks and monsters.

Do you remember the cartoon 'Here Comes the Grump'?

The creator of Yosemite Sam came up with another mustache-sporting grouch. The toon even got a reboot this year.

These old-school theme park maps helped you find all the fun in the '50s, '60s and '70s

Go back in time for this guided tour of Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Kings Island and more!

13 Disney theme park attractions you will never ride again

Remember the Flying Saucers, Astro-Jets and Swan Boats?

18 photos of TV stars in Halloween costumes to get you in an October mood

Need some inspiration for a Halloween costume? Look no further than 'The Love Boat' and 'Lassie.'

Take a peek behind the scenes of 'My Favorite Martian' with these rare set photos

This was one of the cooler apartments in 1960s television.

Download and print retro recipe cards from MeTV!

Keep mom's secret meatloaf alive! Record your favorite recipes to keep on savoring the memories.

Six episodes that showcase the hip beatnik brilliance of 'Route 66'

Dig into this underrated television series with a handful of episodes that capture its human, jazzy cool.

Every Emmy Award 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' ever won

One of history's best-loved ensemble casts won plenty of awards to prove it.

Do you remember any (or all) of these 27 obscure 1970s TV show intros?

Even if you don't know the shows, you'll have some theme songs stuck in your head.

The brilliance of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' boiled down to 10 essential episodes

Here's a beginner's guide to the classic sitcom, with full episodes for streaming.

23 chips and crackers you will never snack on again

Warning: The article will give you the munchies.

The most famous rant in TV history is from 1961, and it's still relevant today

"When television is good, nothing is better."

10 twisted 1970s TV horror movies that deserve a reboot

They creeped us out as kids — and they could be the next 'It' remake.

20 things you see in every cop show, as proven in action-packed 'T.J. Hooker' GIFs

It's just not a cop show without explosions, foot chases and a partner who protests your doughnut intake.

These were the top fall movies of 1977 — how many have you seen?

George Burns and Richard Dreyfuss gave Saturday Night Fever a run for its money.

The 10 most timeless TV bromances that all friends should aspire to

These original bromances became models for male bonding.

9 huge fashion trends that were popularized by TV shows

From Mork's suspenders to Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos, we retread TV's biggest hit fashions.

8 TV stars from the 1980s who recorded one-hit-wonder pop songs

Tracey Ullman, Bruce Willis, Max Headroom and "Bo Duke" were big singers, too.

Watch vintage vacation spots decay before your eyes in these stunning postcard photos

One photographer captures the abandoned resorts of yesteryear.

10 tragically underrated episodes of 'Twilight Zone'

Connecting the most overlooked episodes with their more popular counterparts.

10 TV characters whose personalities drastically changed over the course of a series

Do you remember the moment Shirley Feeney dropped her accent?

The interior of this mansion is the most '90s thing we've ever seen

It's like the 'Saved By the Bell' credits come to life.

10 best TV shows set in Texas

We count down our favorite Lone Star State series, from cowboys to comedies.