7 fast food jingles from the 1970s you totally forgot about

Do you remember "Who's got the best darn burger?"

Image: Hardee's / YouTube

In the 1970s, Master Lock took a bullet to drive sales, while monks helped push Xerox machines in landmark spots. Of course, fast food giants were well ahead of the curve when it came to crafting catchy commercials.

Our favorite chains have gone through new slogans and jingles like they were changing fryer oil. Four decades later, it's easy to forget those sing-alongs that once got stuck in our heads.

But when you hear them again — like you will in a moment — they'll come right back.

1. "When you're hungry, make tracks for Subway!"



The first Subway on the west coast did not open until 1978, so the chain was still growing, and somewhat regional. Speaking of regional, the sandwich shop used a bit of Southern boogie rock to push its foot longs.

Image: YouTube

2. "Say hello to our burgers!"



Waving jazz hands and wearing cheeky hot pants emblazoned with "Hardee's Buns" on the backside, employees in vintage Hardee's commercials were straight outta Broadway. "The taste that brings you back again," was the joint's primary refrain. 

Image: YouTube

3. "Who's got the best darn burger… Burger King and I!"


Burger King

Speaking of Broadway, BK played off a Rodgers and Hammerstein classic with its "Burger King and I" slogan. Was Yul Brynner too expensive/dignified to sell burgers on TV? Probably.

Image: YouTube

4. "We're the fresh food place"


Taco Bell

"Put a smile on your face… at Taco-Taco-Taco Bell!" This was before the chain shifted its focus to night owls and college kids.

Image: YouTube

5. "Hot 'n' juicy, hot 'n' juicy, hot 'n' juicy!"



A couple years before he became Mork's child on Mork & Mindy, funnyman Jonathan Winters was chomping burgers for the redhead. In this image, he's even wearing a whoopee hat much like cartoon burger lover Jughead.

Image: YouTube

6. "We do it all for you!"



"We do it all for you," the Golden Arches reiterated again and again. Geez, why the guilt trip, Mickey D's? "You're why we keep our prices low, because you deserve a break today." Note that "you deserve a break today" has a different melody here.

Image: Museum of Classic Chicago Television / YouTube

7. "Open wide, America!"


Burger Chef

Hey, it's James Cromwell of Babe!

Image: Bionic Disco / YouTube



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JDnHuntsvilleAL 50 months ago
I was thinking it would be really interesting if any of the young actors in any of these commercials posted a comment about their experiences.
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