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6:00am The Facts of Life
Brave New World: Part 1 - As Blair and Jo enter Langley college, Mrs. Garrett makes a hard choice.
6:30am Diff'rent Strokes
Substitute Teacher - Arnold and his buddies fabricate a "little white lie" in an attempt to get rid of an overly conscientious substitute teacher, but their tall tale could result in more than just removing the teacher from the classroom — it could destroy his entire career.
7:00am The Beverly Hillbillies
The Pollution Solution - Drysdale is trying to get his money back, while Jed is trying to prevent him from doing so. And Jethro is trying to come up with a way to beat the smog problem. Drysdale sends Jane over to get the money, posing as a guard. When Jed doesn't give it to him, Drysdale tells him what he's got is a drop in the bucket, and only the President could really do anything. Jed returns the money and says he plans to give all his money to the President.
7:30am My Three Sons
The Standing Still Tour - With the rest of the Douglases away, Ernie and Uncle Charley invite over one of Charley's old friends, who Ernie immediately identifies as a famous actor.
8:00am Leave It to Beaver
The Party Spoiler - Wally asks June and Ward if he could have a party and with some prodding, Wally finally gets their permission. June quickly begins the plans and Beaver gets a look at the guest list and quickly finds that he's not invited. For revenge, Beaver decides to sabotage Wally's party with a variety of gags that he bought at a magic shop.
8:30am Leave It to Beaver
The Mustache - Wally's on-again off-again girlfriend, Julie Foster, seems to have thrown him over for a new guy in school who just happens to have a mustache. Wally's ego is bruised when Eddie tells him that Julie thinks he's naive and immature. This is the last straw and Wally decides to grow a mustache, much to the dismay of his family.
9:00am Perry Mason
The Case Of The Frantic Flyer - A double cross, a double murder, a plane crash, missing money and an innocent widow charged with crimes she didn't commit are the elements of this case.
10:00am Matlock
The Parents - When a woman who was planning to give her unborn baby to couple Howard and Amy has second thoughts and is soon found dead, the couple in question are the natural suspects. Matlock sets out to prove that someone else may have had a motive.
11:00am Diagnosis Murder
Restless Remains - Mark calls the police to report the death of get-rich-quick magnate Robin Westlin, but the police discount his report as he was also recovering from dental surgery at the time.
12:00pm In the Heat of the Night
Even Nice People: Part 1 - Corrupt developers set their sights on Lana's farm. When she refuses to sell they enlist the services of an arsonist to force her out.
1:00pm Gunsmoke
Prairie Wolfer - Two prairie wolfers steal money from Dolan, a hardened storekeeper. When one tries to give it back trouble starts.
2:00pm Bonanza
Peace Officer - When Sheriff Coffee takes a leave of absence, a ruthless lawman is hired to take his place.
3:00pm The Rifleman
The Coward - Lucas becomes involved in a battle between an aspiring writer and a cocky, bragging trail boss.
3:30pm The Rifleman
Surveyors - Mark runs away from home after his father questions his story about overhearing a plot to rob the bank.
4:00pm Wagon Train
The River Crossing - A green Army colonel wipes out a village of Comanche women and children thinking he is getting revenge. The wagon train must chose between crossing a swollen river or facing a Comanche chief who seeks justice.
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5:00pm Charlie's Angels
Nips And Tucks - When a congressional witness is found dead, the Angels investigate a plastic surgeon's association with a racketeer whom they learn wants surgery to change his identity.
6:00pm Mama's Family
Mama Goes Hawaiian: Part 1 - An old Hawaiian custom rings true for Iola, Bubba and even Mama when a visit to Lover's Grotto brings them romance.
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6:30pm The Jeffersons
Marathon Men - George and Tom enter a marathon to determine the superior specimen.
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7:00pm M*A*S*H
Dear Ma - Radar writes home to his mother, as Hawkeye conducts the camp foot inspection, and Colonel Potter gets some shrapnel in his backside.
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7:30pm M*A*S*H
Der Tag - Potter decides Frank would be less of a pain if the others were friendlier to him; they oblige, with some startling results.
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8:00pm The Andy Griffith Show
Three's A Crowd - Every time Andy tries to be alone with Mary, Barney shows up. After Andy explains that he wants to be alone with her, Barney believes that Andy is planning to propose.
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8:30pm The Andy Griffith Show
The Bookie Barber - A bookie from Raleigh sets himself up in Floyd's barbershop as an extra barber, trying to avoid the heat. Andy gets suspicious when the new barber has the same three clients.
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9:00pm Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
A Little Chicken Soup Wouldn't Hurt - Lonely widow Molly Gordon feels old and useless until Gomer and his appreciative buddies eat her wonderful home cooking.
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9:30pm Green Acres
Love Comes To Arnold Ziffel - Fred Ziffel objects to Arnold's love affair with Haney's "basket" hound Cynthia. Realizing that their relationship can never work, Arnold breaks things off. When Cynthia performs miserably at the county field trials, Haney wants to sue over his heartbroken hound.
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10:00pm Hogan's Heroes
The General Swap - Hogan captures a German general to trade for an American general who dislikes Hogan.
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10:30pm Hogan's Heroes
The Great Brinksmeyer Robbery - Hogan robs a bank to help pay for a map to German rocket installations.
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11:00pm The Carol Burnett Show
Guests Eydie Gorme And Vincent Price - "First, Carol is an operator stuck in an elevator with zany characters. Then, in "Horror Playhouse", Carol unknowingly marries a mad scientist. Guests Eydie Gorme and Vincent Price. Originally aired on 02/09/72."
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11:30pm Perry Mason
The Case Of The Golden Girls - A club owner is found dead, his partner charged. The men's animosity towards each other makes the case appear to be an open-and-shut ordeal, but Mason is not so sure.
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12:30am The New Twilight Zone
Crazy As A Soup Sandwich - A man sells his soul to a demon for some racing tips.
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1:00am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Our Cook's A Treasure - A real estate agent becomes obsessed with the idea that his new cook is a serial killer.
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1:30am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Long Shot - A gambling addict cannot resist the lure of $200,000.
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2:00am Mannix
A Choice Of Evils - When his secretary, Peggy, is abducted, Mannix finds a note from her captors. He must track down an FBI undercover agent within 72 hours or she will die.
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3:00am Cannon
The Reformer - "Cannon is hired when a crusading newspaper editor is found near a dead body, while drunk and unconscious in a hotel room."
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4:00am 77 Sunset Strip
The Laurel Canyon Caper - Rex is suspected of murder when he tries to help a friend deal with blackmail.