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Mistaken Identity (s3, ep5)
Dan Mathews rigs an ingenious trap to snare a kidnapper.
Robbery - Dr-15 (s3, ep7)
The detectives tackle cases for the department's robbery division.
Public Affairs - Dr-12 (s3, ep8)
Police and Secret Service undertake maximum security for a Presidential visit to Los Angeles.
The Swimming Pool (s1, ep3)
Fred and Barney's friendship is tested when they become partners in a backyard swimming pool.
Gold Rush
"Bill takes his quest for gold a bit too seriously."
School Play (s2, ep11)
A school play has Beaver and his classmates assigned parts and Beaver is assigned the role of a canary. However, he doesn't seem to be graceful enough to fly around like a bird. To make matters worse, on the night of the play, Ward's words of encouragement lead to Beaver coming down with a case of stage fright.
The Visiting Aunts (s2, ep12)
Beaver and Wally are all excited about going to the carnival; however, Aunt Martha throws a wrench into their plans when she makes an unexpected visit with a friend of hers, forcing Wally and Beaver to count the hours away, hoping she will leave soon enough so they can still go to the carnival.
The Case Of The Duplicate Case (s8, ep27)
After his cheating wife's body is recovered from the burned-out department store where she worked, a man finds $72,000 in his briefcase.
The Juror (s7, ep)
Called to jury duty, Matlock butts heads with the other jurors, who think the defendant is guilty of murder. Matlock implores them to reexamine the evidence before sentencing the man to death.
When The Music Stopped (s6, ep9)
Singer Eddie Larran returns to Sparta for a concert, but not everyone is a fan. An angry man insists that Eddie owes him money. And their dispute soon ends in violence.
The Bequest (s2, ep13)
The promise of inherited money is behind some happy moments and unusual conflicts for the Walton Family.
The Raid: Part 1 (s11, ep18)
A band out of outlaws terrorize Dodge.
On Now: 2:00pm
One Ace Too Many (s13, ep26)
Ben's evil twin, Bradley Meredith, begins to liquidate the Ponderosa assets while Ben is away on a vacation.
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The Deadeye Kid (s1, ep20)
McCain befriends Donnel O'Mahoney, a tough kid from Brooklyn, and arranges with two men for the young man to continue his travels on their wagon. Things go wrong, however, when one of them is murdered, and the other accuses the boy.
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The Indian (s1, ep21)
U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart arrives in North Fork in search of renegade indians suspected of the brutal killing of a Texas Ranger and his family. The townspeople are suspicious of him, however, when they discover that he, too, is an indian.
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The Wanda Snow Story (s8, ep16)
"Wanda Snow has several times seen events before they have happened, causing several people on the wagon train to accuse her of being a witch. A medicine show peddler/magician gets the idea to use her in his act, but this creates friction between him and his devious partner."
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Log 45 -- Bright Boy (s3, ep4)
Reed and Malloy report to a burglary call that was witnessed by a boy with a photographic memory. Afterward, they are called to the scene of two drunk men shooting at a box of dynamite at close range in a residential area.
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Old Soldiers (s8, ep18)
Hawkeye is appointed temporary commander of the 4077th when Colonel Potter rushes off to Tokyo on a mysterious mission. While in command, Hawkeye's main problem is housing a large group of Korean refugees comprised mainly of rambunctious children who need medical care.
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Morale Victory (s8, ep19)
Tired of their constant complaints about the quality of recreational activities at the 4077th, Colonel Potter appoints Hawkeye and B.J. as the new morale officers. Winchester's morale has already reached a new peak: He's ecstatic about his operation on a wounded soldier, Sheridan, which saved the boy's leg, leaving only "negligible" side effects—less use of his right hand. However, the soldier was a concert pianist before the war.
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Goodbye, Cruel World (s8, ep21)
Klinger redecorates his quarters, but the resultant ridicule he receives drives him to new heights in his efforts to get out of the Army. Meanwhile, the doctors are perplexed by the reaction of an Asian-American war hero who tries to kill himself.
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Bargain Day (s4, ep24)
Aunt Bee, in a flurry of cost-cutting measures, saves money on beef by buying a whole side of it. Unfortunately, this happens at the same time her freezer breaks.
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Luke's Boy (s3, ep31)
Luke Short's boy, Beau, comes to town, and Granny has him set up with Elly. But Elly wants no part of this and tries to turn him off, first as a Hollywood siren, then as a scrubwoman. When this doesn't work, Jane convinces Beau and Jethro they should become international playboys and belong to all women.
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The Milk Maker (s4, ep25)
Local inventor "Looney Luke" Needlinger has built a contraption that turns hay into milk. Convinced it will make them rich, Haney and Fred pitch Oliver on investing in the machine, but he thinks they're being conned. After seeing the milk maker in action, Oliver convinces a chemist to give the devise a once-over. What he discovers insures that cows will always have work.
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Hogan's Hofbrau (s1, ep13)
Hogan visits a local Hofbrau to get the plans to a German army division that is camping out nearby.
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Oil For The Lamps Of Hogan (s1, ep14)
Hogan convinces Klink that there is oil underneath the camp in order to discourage the Germans from building a synthetic fuel plant there.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Ham Actor, The / Oldest Man, The
In The Ham Actor, Carol and Harvey try to survive an outdoor performance despite a coming storm. Then, in The Oldest Man, the Oldest Man captains a ship headed toward an iceberg.
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The Case Of The Crippled Cougar (s5, ep22)
Mike Preston is a bitter man who despises Hugh Jamison because he mistakenly believes Jamison stole $100,000 from him and is responsible for him being crippled. Trying to entrap Jamison, Preston makes a mistake and is set up for murder by the real culprit.
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Third From The Sun (s1, ep14)
With all-out nuclear war about to ignite, a scientist and his pilot friend plot to escape on an experimental spaceship.
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Backward, Turn Backward (s5, ep18)
When a man is murdered, suspicion falls on his daughter's suitor.
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Not The Running Type (s5, ep19)
A man has an interesting way of making a small fortune.
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Chance Meeting (s8, ep16)
Two buddies from Vietnam meet and one of them ends up dead. The murder might be connected to a third man, a deserter still evading the authorities.
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Blood Lines
"Cannon is hired by the wealthy family of a young man, who is assumed to have died from an accidental death in Acapulco."
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Final Victim, The (s8, ep19)
A columnist writing about prostitution focuses on a murdered girl whose reputation Barnaby is trying to save.