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Amnesia (s2, ep17)
Dan Mathews finds an injured woman victim of amnesia on a lonely mountain road.
The Interrogation (s1, ep4)
A new officer has been arrested for robbing a liquor store while on an undercover assignment.
The Masked Bandits (s1, ep5)
Four bandits wearing red masks commit a series of robberies.
Guest In The House (s10, ep19)
While Steve is away on business, Barbara is forced to confront one of Chip's teachers when he and another student are accused of cheating on an exam.
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Sweet Home Alabama
"Bill and Toony embrace Bama's rich landmarks; including a common tradition that doesn't sit quite well with Toony."
Beaver Gets "spelled"
"Beaver's teacher, Miss Canfield, sends a note home with Beaver and the other kids convince him that it's news that he's getting kicked out of school. So Beaver and Wally take steps to hide the note from Ward and June."
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Captain Jack (s1, ep2)
Beaver and Wally send away for an alligator and they secretly keep it in the bathroom. When the alligator falls ill, the boys get some advice from Captain Jack, an owner of an alligator farm. However, keeping him a secret is going to be hard; the alligator is growing and they need a new place to keep him without June and Ward finding out.
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The Suspect: Part 1 (s6, ep)
Matlock defends a wealthy widow charged with the murder of her husband, while Michelle defends a father accused of murdering the drug dealer who got his child hooked.
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The More Things Change (s5, ep7)
A man murders his business partner and frames the man's illegitimate daughter for the crime in an attempt to gain the man's business and his wife.
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The Minstrel (s1, ep14)
A young wandering musician visits the Mountain
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Breckinridge (s10, ep25)
A lawyer from the east questions Matt's every move.
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A Time To Die (s12, ep25)
Ben helps an old friend, April Christopher, and her daughter when April is bitten by a rabid wolf while visiting the Ponderosa.
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The Man From Salinas (s4, ep20)
Banker Hamilton is closing up for the day when Rudy Gray persuades him to stay open for one more transaction—a withdrawal at gunpoint.
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Log 72 -- El Presidente (s1, ep8)
Malloy teases Reed about calculating the cost of a new house while their first baby is still six months away. In the meantime they settle a domestic dispute between arguing neighbors and help a taxi driver who was just robbed as well as a local man mistaken as the president by a group of rural Mexicans. Finally, they must arrest a psychotic shooter holed up in his house.
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Log 101: Someone Stole My Lawn (s1, ep9)
Reed wants an early dinner when his wife puts him on a low-cal diet. However, one after another events prevents them from going code 7 all night long. Events include the theft of a man's sod, stolen credit cards and a suspected car theft.
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Of Moose And Men (s4, ep11)
Hawkeye tangles with a tough Army colonel, Colonel Spiker; B.J. helps Zale, who's received a Dear John letter; and Frank looks endlessly for Korean saboteurs.
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Soldier Of The Month (s4, ep12)
Frank has a fever and makes a will, leaving all his money to his wife and all his clothes to Hot Lips.
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The Gun (s4, ep13)
A wounded colonel's gun, a showpiece, disappears, and Hawkeye and B.J. play a hunch and bluff Frank, who has it, into returning it.
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Mail Call, Again (s4, ep14)
Mail brings a letter to Frank saying his wife is divorcing him, and one to Potter telling him he's going to be a grandfather.
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Andy And Opie, Bachelors (s3, ep4)
Andy and Opie are left alone while Aunt Bee goes out of town. Peggy, Andy's new girlfriend, takes great delight in helping the boys handle things. Floyd warns Andy that Peggy is using her feminine wiles to "snare" him.
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Back To Marineland (s3, ep7)
Jethro wants to serve his country as a 007 spy. When he is dissuaded from this, he has to decide what branch of the military to join. Granny gets him to join the Marines because she still wants to catch the whale she saw a year ago.
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Guess Who's Not Going To The Luau? (s4, ep1)
Peterson's Poi Juice is giving away a trip to Hawaii and Arnold Ziffel is chosen as the winner. When the ad agency rep meets Arnold and discovers he's not a human, he tries to disqualify the swine. Famous pig lawyer Oliver Douglas is retained to fight for Arnold's winnings.
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How's The Weather? (s5, ep15)
Hogan throws an anniversary party for Klink so the POWs can make a weather forecast by using party balloons.
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Get Fit Or Go Fight (s5, ep16)
Hogan convinces Klink to get back in shape so he won't be sent to the Russian front.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Family, The / Peace Treaty
In The Family, Mama remembers her sister life. Then, in Peace Treaty, Japan and Russia try to sign a peace treaty but can't agree on anything.
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The Case Of The Duplicate Daughter (s4, ep26)
A mixed-up mess involving blackmail, murder and a boyfriend confounds Mason as he struggles to put all the pieces together.
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Black Leather Jackets (s5, ep18)
Three tough-looking, motorcycle-riding men disrupt a peaceful suburb when they move in. Yet, their neighbors could never imagine just how dangerous these men really are.
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The $2,000,000 Defense (s4, ep4)
A desperate man makes a deal with his defense lawyer in order to get acquitted.
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Design For Loving (s4, ep5)
A man plots to get away from his wife for a while without her knowing.
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Race Against Time: Part 2 (s7, ep14)
Mannix travels to a Latin American country and gets himself involved with a revolution against its dictatorship.
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Search And Destroy
"Cannon tries to find a girl who went missing after witnessing a murder."
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Master Of Deception (s7, ep20)
A man marries many women involved in electronics projects to steal their industrial secrets.