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How Bugged Was My Valley (s4, ep9)
Hooterville is thrown into chaos when Uncle Joe tries to scare up some crop-dusting business for Steve Elliott.
Twenty-five Years Too Late (s4, ep10)
The presence of a competitor for Kate's hand motivates storekeeper Sam Drucker to confess his longstanding secret passion for her.
Greetings From The President (s6, ep6)
Just as the Clampetts are preparing to go home to the hills, Jethro receives a draft notice from the President. The women go ahead without them, and Jethro gets a few uniforms from the movie studio, one of a Prussian Field Marshall and one for General Patton. Jethro buys a tank and hopes for a crew, employing Drysdale and outfitting him with a Prussian Field Marshall uniform.
The Army Game (s6, ep7)
Granny and Elly arrive back home just as Jethro is going to head to the Army. Granny decides to give Jethro his physical examination so the Army doctors don’t touch him. Though, Granny’s medical tools consist of a hammer to test reflexes and a burning candle to examine his throat. She splints his busted knee and puts corks in his ear to keep the draft out of them.
Vim, Vigor And Vitaliky, Quiet Squad, Le, House Tricks?, I’ll Be Skiing Ya, Pink Paradise, Trick Or Retreat, The Pink Blueprint
"Popeye, the proprietor of a gymnasium for women, has Olive Oyl as one of his pupils., The stressed-out Commissioner is advised to stay in bed in absolute quiet by his doctor. Unfortunately, the Inspector is dispatched to keep the peace., Popeye and Bluto fight each other to prove they can build Olive Oyl's house., Popeye and Olive go skiing, and ski instructor Bluto tries to break them up., The Pink Panther is stuck on an island with a man and his dog., Out west, Roland protects a fort against an Indian attack led by Ratfink., The Pink Panther fights with a contractor to make sure his house is built to his specifics."
The Tom and Jerry Show
Southbound Duckling, Deputy Droopy, Bats In The Belfry, Half Pint Palamino, Barbecue Brawl, House Of Tomorrow, Baby Butch
"Tom is hungry for a duck meal and Quacker, Jerry's friend, plans to head south for the winter unlike all the other ducks., Droopy does his best to stop two villains trying to steal gold from a safe in the Sheriff's office., A trio of musically inclined bats eagerly show why they are associated with being crazy., A millionaire puts up a large prize for the capture of the smallest horse in the world and Barnery Bear is given the task., Spike's pool side barbecue is wrecked as Tom chases Jerry through it., The house of tomorrow will feature many custom and adjustable gadgets., Butch dresses as a baby and leaves himself on the doorstep as a means of gaining entry to the refrigerator but Jerry teams up with Tom to foil his plans."
On Now
The Unruly Hare, Lumber Jerks, Rabbit Transit, Hold The Lion, Please, Ding Dog Daddy, Daffy Flies North
"As a surveyor, Elmer Fudd is disturbing Bugs Bunny's peace. , As the Gophers prepare for winter, their tree is moved to a local saw mill., Bugs and Cecil Turtle decide to have their own "tortoise and the hare" race. , It seems the whole animal kingdom make fun of the lion as a has-been. Anxious to prove them wrong, the lion decides to try and catch Bugs. , A love-stricken dog mistakes a statue in the garden as his lover. The local bulldog keeps kicking him out but he just keeps trying to get back in. , Daffy needs to go south, but he doesn't want to fly. Instead he tries to find alternate means of getting there. "
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Duel At Sundown (s2, ep19)
Bret Maverick finds himself caught in a deadly love triangle with a lovely woman (Abby Dalton) and a young gunman (Clint Eastwood).
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The Naomi Kaylor Story (s6, ep19)
"Hawks rides to the John Kaylor ranch to buy horses for the train but John just died. His widow Naomi refuses to sell the horses at the price John had promised. Naomi shows no sorrow over her husband's death, only wanting to sell the ranch."
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Fall Of A Hero (s3, ep20)
Heath is sure to be acquitted of a crime he can’t remember committing if he trusts the unscrupulous methods of Jarrod’s co-counsel. Heath would rather honestly work for the truth to come out, even if that means learning he actually committed the crime.
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Indian Scout
"Twenty-three soldiers died at the hands of the Comanches at Cold Creek. Will Bailey lost his brother. Will says Amos Cartwright, the scout led them into an ambush. Matt tells Bailey let the cavalry handle it, and leave Amos alone."
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The Pest Hold
"Doc is using the jail to quarantine people as they fall ill. The common thread between them seems to be that they all had a dinner meeting together, about the upcoming German festival, at Bendino's restaurant."
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The Burma Rarity (s3, ep5)
Widow Hawkins tricks a couple of con men who first try to swindle her with an emerald known as "The Burma Rarity."
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Ride A Crooked Mile (s8, ep2)
Jed intervenes when a card player refuses to surrender the Arabian stallion he lost in a poker game.
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Have Gun, Will Travel
The Vigil (s5, ep1)
A nurse heads for a frontier town—aware that its citizens would prefer a doctor.
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Bad Gun (s2, ep8)
Against better judgment, Josh serves as guide for a dandified East Coast gun salesman who comes west to retrieve and replace a defective gun he sold to notorious outlaw Curly Bill Brocius.
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Waste: Part 1 (s5, ep1)
Marshal Torrance is heading home from a cattle sale with Lucas and Mark when the old lawman mysteriously disappears. They trace him to a nearby Mexican ghost town.
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Waste: Part 2 (s5, ep2)
After Alphonso's wife gives birth, the bandits holding Marshal Torrance relax their guard, enabling Lucas and Mark to rescue the old man.
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Ants In The Pantry, Sitter Downers, All Gummed Up, In The Sweet Pie And Pie, Half Wits Holiday, Ghost Talks
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The Crawling Eye
"A series of decapitations on a Swiss mountainside appear to be connected to a mysterious radioactive cloud."
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Elaan Of Troyius (s3, ep13)
The Enterprise must escort an alien princess to her marriage to seal an interplanetary alliance, but she becomes attracted to Kirk.
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Buck’s Duel To The Death (s1, ep22)
Buck is asked to pose as a prophesied leader but soon finds himself in a duel to the death.
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The Werewolf (s1, ep5)
In snowy Chicago the INS Christmas party is to send off Tony Vincenzo, but he gets audited instead, and it is Carl who gets to go on the singles cruise, where a werewolf goes on a killing spree.
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The Time Merchant (s3, ep18)
Will is conducting an experiment in a cave and captures a man who claims to be in control of time for the entire universe. After seeing the Time Merchant's time machine, Dr. Smith uses it to go back in time with the objective of not sabotaging the Jupiter 2 on the day it blasted off from Earth.
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Rescue (s4, ep9)
Nelson and the Seaview crew battle a saboteur spy and a mystery sub that tries to destroy them.
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Raiders From Outer Space (s1, ep29)
Tony and Doug are at Khartoum in 1883 when the world is menaced by conquerors from outer space.