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The Trap
The Highway Patrol transports a convict to the state prison.
Bunco - $9,000
The search is on for a swindler who conned an old vaudevillian out of $9,000 he found on a sidewalk.
Burglary - Helpful Woman
Police track down a thief who specializes in elderly people.
On Now
The Courtroom
The Ricardos give the Mertzes a television set for their anniversary, but Ricky's zealous tuning causes it to blow up. Fred retaliates by breaking the Ricardos' set (by kicking it!) The foursome end up in court, where they manage to destroy the judge's TV, too!
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The Clampett Curse
Granny is getting tired of the clan’s sixty-eight million dollars. When three struggling college girls visit the Clampetts asking for a donation to help them out, Jed hands over a check for their entire fortune. The Clampetts are flat broke, and they have never been happier, though Drysdale is now in a wreck. They pack up to head back to the hills, but end up running out of gas.
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Soap-box Derby
Unaware of each other's problems, Steve and Robbie engage in what seem to be widely varied projects.
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Wally's Girl Trouble
Wally and Beaver dread attending dance school, so when Wally suddenly takes a liking in it, June and Ward are dumbfounded. It seems Wally has developed a crush on a girl named Penny and Beaver soon feels neglected and left out when Wally begins spending all his time with her.
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Beaver's Short Pants
When June goes on a trip to visit her sister, Peggy, June's Aunt Martha steps in and stays with Ward and the boys. They do their best not to hurt Martha's feelings, but Beaver has the hardest time, when she buys him a suit, knee socks, a cap and short pants and makes him wear the outfit to school.
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The Case Of The Nautical Knot
Mason is summoned when Harvey Scott's efforts to retain temporary control of the family mining company lead to murder.
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The Genius
When Matlock's nephew, Irwin, is charged with murder, his investigation leads to a high-tech computer firm.
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The Leftover Man: Part 2
A white supremacist politician plans to have his wife's lover murdered and blame it on black radicals.
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The Heritage
An offer to buy their land makes the Waltons think about what it would be like to have more money than they need
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To Ride A Yeller Horse
The schemes of a mother trying to control the lives of her son and daughter lead to tragic results.
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Shadow Of A Hero
Ben discovers that an Army general whom he supports as the next governor is all for killing Indians.
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Gavin and Ezra Martin think that Lucas killed their son, Clemmie, while taking part in a train robbery. Lucas refuses to tell them what really happened.
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Eddie's Daughter
After the daughter of Lucas' friend arrives in North Fork, two strangers threaten her life.
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The Martin Onyx Story
"A man finds a corpse that looks remarkably like himself. On an impulse he takes on the persona of the dead man only to find he was a living legend of west and had made a lot of enemies along the way."
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After apprehending a couple of juvenile delinquents who are ransacking a house, Reed is inspired to submit an idea on how to deal with truants, which ultimately gets implemented on a trial basis by the captain, but draws the ire of Officer Wells. Back on patrol, they apprehend a couple of high-level drug dealers who run into bad luck, and nearly get run over by two men using stolen automobile parts to build a high-powered go cart.
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Malloy and Reed are ambushed by two men who want to silence the prisoner they are transporting from Malibu to Los Angeles. Their problems are compounded by the lack of radio communication in Malibu Canyon, which ultimately results in Reed being taken hostage.
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Return Of Stoney Curtis
Fred quits his job and envisions life as a movie star when actor Stoney Curtis tells him he has talent.
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Disorder In The Court
When jury foreman Fred announces a verdict of "guilty," the convicted criminal escapes and vows revenge on him.
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Potter's Retirement
Potter is upset when General Waldo Kent informs him that people in the 4077th are complaining about his leadership. Potter returns to camp and discovers that the complaints are coming from a Corporal (actually Lieutenant) Benson, who had been sent by a disturbed Colonel Frank Webster.
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Dr. Winchester And Mr. Hyde
Charles takes amphetamines to keep up his energy level, and even drugs Radar's mouse, "Daisy," so that it will win a race against a Marine's mouse, "Sluggo."
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Ellie For Council
Ellie's decision to run for town council sparks a battle of the sexes.
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Christmas Story
A modern-day Scrooge (businessman Ben Weaver) causes trouble on Christmas Eve.
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The Price Of Tomatoes
When Gomer finds a farmer on a far-off part of Camp Henderson, everybody tries to throw him off. That is, until they realize he has legal papers that allow him to live there.
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Horse? What Horse?
Lisa belives that Oliver's beginning to crack under the pressure of running the farm. After Oliver claims to have seen a spotted horse and a zebra, she calls Doc Watson to give him a checkup. Lisa's attempt to slip Oliver a sedative backfires, resulting in her taking a very long nap.
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Eight O'clock And All Is Well
Hogan finds that a new prisoner is a German spy right after he tells the man all about their secret operations.
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The Big Record
Klink gives the prisoners a recorder so they can send messages home, but Hogan plans on using the device to record a top-secret SS meeting.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Steve Lawrence
In The Oldest Man, the only person to help fight an airport epidemic is the Oldest Man. Then, in The Guardians, Carol and Steve fake an argument so they won't be named the guardians of their friends' kids.
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The Case Of The Duplicate Daughter
A mixed-up mess involving blackmail, murder and a boyfriend confounds Mason as he struggles to put all the pieces together.
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Uncle Simon
After her mean-spirited uncle dies, an old maid inherits the crotchety inventor's estate, with the stipulation that she cares for his latest invention, a robot.
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Three Dreams Of Findlater
A husband dreams constantly of a beautiful woman who prompts him to kill his wife.
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Night The World Ended
A group of newspapermen plays a joke on a man who in return decides to get payback.
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Merry Go Round For Murder
The demolition of a boarding school reveals old evil: a corpse linked to a missing quarter of a million dollars.
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Death Chain
The death of a bank manager's mistress leads Cannon into a case of murder and betrayal.
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Coronado Triangle, The
The vanishing of boats and their crews may be caused by supernatural forces.