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Kate's Day In Court
Kate decides to contest a jaywalking ticket she receives in Pixley.
Uncle Joe And The Master Plan
When Uncle Joe tries to get the Shady Rest in a Master Plan for hotel reservations, everyone bends over backwards to please a guest, whom they think is a secret representative of the Master Plan.
The Woodchucks
Jethro is desperate to meet a girl, planning to mail himself to Paris. However, Jed talks him out of it. When the Biddle Bird Watchers come to visit for a recruitment gathering, Granny suggests he tries to date one of those girls, but Jed knows that the female bird lovers aren’t exactly his type—attractive. But Jed sees one girl, Athena, that he knows Jethro will like. And sure enough, he does. Jethro spends the afternoon trying to impress Athena, but she isn’t interested.
Foggy Mountain Soap
Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampetts, just as Jethro and Elly are preparing to go to Hollywood for them and their new movie. But the pair has come to contribute a song for the Foggy Mountain Soap commercial, ruining Elly and Jethro’s plans. Jed and Granny meet the man responsible for the commercial, Commodore Stewart, who wants the Clampetts in the commercial.
The Inner Circle
"Equal rights for all is Bat Masterson's motto in his fight against the "Inner Circle." The all-male Inner Circle is determined to keep the women from voting. Bat, however, espouses the cause of female suffrage and finds himself knee-deep in trouble."
The Pied Piper Of Dodge City
"The famous "Peace Commission" photograph - a treasure in the archive of western history - results from a unique adventure involving Bat Masterson, Luke Short, Charlie Basset, Wyatt Earp, Neal Brown, Bill Harris and Frank McLean. Bat imports pretty Dolly McGregor to play the piano in Luke short's saloon. Rival saloonkeeper Mayor Webber changes city ordinances to outlaw Dolly. Bat using bad conditions of Dodge City law as a lever, gets the governor to set up a peace commission. The Commission is made up of the law - and their second chore is to sit for the famous Peace Commission picture. The first chore: get rid of Webber and clean up the town."
Law In Lampasas
When a vengeful lynch mob mentality takes over a small Texas town, it falls to Ranger Hoby Gilman to see that justice prevails.
San Saba Incident
En route to the state prison in Huntsville, Hoby discovers that he and his wagonload of prisoners, including a young woman convicted of manslaughter, are being tracked—through Indian territory.
The Reasonable Man
A rancher having a dispute with his foster son hires Paladin to keep one of them from killing the other in a duel.
The High Graders
When his tailor is killed in an accident at a supposedly worthless gold mine, Paladin discovers that the man was murdered and his heirs are being swindled.
Guatemala City
While trying to straighten out his romance with a woman, Bret works to solve a million-dollar jewel theft and becomes the target for a ruthless murderer who won't stay dead.
The Jim Bridger Story
"An Army general announces he is taking over the wagon train and requiring all members to act as soldiers in helping him rescue a trapped cavalry garrison of 120 men who are otherwise likely to be slaughtered by hostile Utes. Flint, temporarily in charge of the wagon train, has little choice but to agree to the general's demand, as much as he hates it and his passengers want him to fight back. Particularly upsetting to Flint is learning that the man who recommended this takeover was Jim Bridger, a legendary frontiersman and scout who mostly raised Flint and whom he ..."
The Secret
Adam Howard believes that his wife has been having an affair with Jarrod. He buys a neighboring ranch and sets out to harm the Barkleys in every way possible.
The Foundling
When the parents of a daughter who was raped refuse to accept the girl's baby, Marshal Dillon must find a home for the child.
The Gold-plated Rifle
Jamie runs off after getting in trouble for breaking a special rifle that Ben told him never to touch.
Incident Of The Portrait
After unintentionally killing a blind girl's father, a man signs on as a drover with Favor. When Favor is asked to escort the girl to another town. Favor unwittingly assigns the man as her driver where he comes to cherish her company.
Fatal Memory
When phony wanted posters put a price on the head of a retired Confederate officer, Colonel Sykes summons Josh Randall to help keep the bounty hunters at bay while also uncovering the person behind the bogus posters.
The Bounty
A reclusive old man with an Apache bodyguard is wanted for a crime committed long ago. Randall tags along with an overeager bounty hunter to ensure the man is brought back alive.
Blood Brothers
Lucas McCain gives blood to save a dying man and is surprised by Marshal Torrance's odd behavior toward the man. Then three men arrive from a nearby town and demand custody of the stranger.
On Now
Stranger At Night
Mark's finding the body of a murder victim starts Lucas, his friend, Artemus, and Marshal Torrance on a search for the killer.
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Cactus Makes Perfect, Busy Buddies, Stone Age Romeos, Three Dark Horses, Income Tax Sappy, Quiz Whizz
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The Mummy's Curse
"Kharis the mummy and his resurrected princess bring chaos to Louisiana's Cajun country."
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Spock's Brain
After Spock's brain is stolen from his body without surgery, Capt. Kirk initiates a search for the alien culprits.
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Planet Of The Slave Girls: Part 1
Poisoned food leads Buck on a mission to find the culprit.
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A bombing and a suspicious man leads Vincent to question an official with possible alien connections.
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The Challenge
An alien boy is sent to Priplanis to validate his prince status. Will is drawn into a battle to the death unbeknownst to his father. When his real intentions are learned, John substitutes himself in the challenge and the alien ruler substitutes himself for his son.
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Eleven Days To Zero
The Seaview, sent to avert worldwide tidal waves by detonating a nuclear device in polar regions, is harried by a determined enemy.
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The Weird World
The Earthlings find a fellow Earthling, Major Kagan, but the man has become paranoid from years of living on his own. His actions soon endanger the entire group.
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Attack Of The Barbarians
In 13th-century Asia, Tony and Doug aid Marco Polo in defending a fort against Mongols led by Genghis Khan's grandson.