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Retired Gangster (s1, ep11)
Dan Mathews personally takes on the task of protecting a former crime boss who is scheduled to testify before a grand jury.
The Interrogation (s1, ep4)
A new officer has been arrested for robbing a liquor store while on an undercover assignment.
The Masked Bandits (s1, ep5)
Four bandits wearing red masks commit a series of robberies.
A Horse For Uncle Charley (s8, ep22)
Uncle Charley buys an 11-year-old trotting horse in the hopes of capturing past racing glories.
Toony In 3-d
"Bill and Toony attempt to present an episode in 3-D, but it doesn't go as planned. Classic cartoons feature Tom & Jerry, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig. "
Mother's Helper (s4, ep23)
A neighborhood cleaning woman, Mrs. Manners, gets a request from June asking her to help out a couple times during the week. Mrs. Manners is too busy herself but instead sends over her daughter, a girl whom Wally instantly falls for.
The Dramatic Club (s4, ep24)
After joining the dramatic club at school, Beaver is given the lead role in a play. However, after reading the script, he discovers he must kiss a girl and wants out of the production.
The Case Of The Jilted Jockey (s2, ep8)
Jockey Tic Barton is in a mess of trouble. First, he's fired when his horse loses a fixed race and then he's charged with murder after confronting Johnny Starr, the man actually responsible for the fix. And, oh yes, Tic's wife was having an affair.
The Good Boy (s4, ep)
Hating his mother's new boyfriend, Tony Morgen kills the man and frames his mother. Matlock takes the case to prove the woman's innocence.
Quick Fix (long Version/short Version) (s4, ep7)
The investigation into the death of an abandoned infant leads to a mentally handicapped teenager.
The Courtship (s1, ep18)
The family sets up their cousin Cody, a 64-year-old bachelor, on a date with Cordelia Hunnicutt
Innocence (s10, ep12)
The hatred between two men is intensified by their affections for the same girl.
The Late Ben Cartwright (s9, ep22)
After an attempt on his life Ben lays low, allowing even his close friends to believe him to be gone in an effort to thwart the plans of a scheming politician.
Seven (s3, ep3)
Seven condemned murderers escape and take over the town of North Fork.
The Pitchman (s3, ep4)
When Mark finds gold on their property, a fast-talking salesman who tried to sell Lucas a new lightning rod offers instead to buy the ranch's mineral rights.
The Swamp Devil (s5, ep27)
"A section of the wagon train splits to attempt a crossing of a dangerous swamp. On the way they hear stories from the local Indians of a strange creatures living in the swamp. Flint has a secret worry as he leads them."
Citizen With A Gun (s7, ep17)
Officer Wells appears to have met his match with a new partner who always insists on doing things his own way. Today's shift features a hot-headed husband who's decided he needs a gun to protect his home, and a neglected girl who causes a scare while playing.
Blood, Sweat And Cheers
"The A-Team helps a race-car driver who is being threatened by a mob boss's nephew."
The Colonel's Horse (s5, ep11)
While Colonel Potter goes to Tokyo on R&R, his horse develops colic. Klinger becomes chronically depressed, and Hot Lips gets appendicitis. The horse is flushed out with a hose, Hawkeye and B.J. perform an appendectomy on Hot Lips, and all are well when Potter returns, except Klinger. Potter offers Klinger a discharge for severe depression, and Klinger gets very excited, which loses him the discharge.
Exorcism (s5, ep12)
After Potter orders Radar to move a Korean spirit post believed to ward off evil spirits, things mysteriously begin to go wrong. When an old Korean man is brought into camp for medical attention, he refuses surgery unless the spirits in the camp are exorcised. A priestess is brought in, who exhibits her dance and her bells and chants. All is well, and Radar returns the spirit post to its original position.
Andy Forecloses (s1, ep28)
Grumpy businessman Ben Weaver insists that Andy foreclose on a down-on-his-luck neighbor.
All You Need Is One Good Break (s5, ep6)
Gomer and Sgt. Carter clash as they vie for an actress' affections.
The Spot Remover (s6, ep19)
Lisa's Uncle Boris sends her a jar of his incredibly effective cleaning fluid. It removes stains from suit coats and rugs, not to mention green from toupees. Seeing dollar signs, Haney sneaks a sample and has it analyzed; the secret formula ends up being a magical recipe for cabbage soup.
Hogan's Trucking Service... We Deliver The Factory To You (s4, ep4)
Colonel Crittendon shows up again and messes up Hogan's plans to destroy a ball bearing plant.
To The Gestapo With Love (s4, ep5)
The Gestapo gets three beautiful girls to pry secrets out of the guys.
Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Steve Lawrence
In Stella Toddler and the Oldest Man, Carol plays an accident-prone woman who buys shoes from the Oldest Man. Then, in Flora, the gang parodies classic film-noir "Laura", with Carol as Gene Tierney and Steve as Dana Andrews.
The Case Of The Wooden Nickels (s8, ep12)
Mason becomes embroiled in a case involving coin collectors, counterfeit coins, fraud—and murder.
The Self-improvement Of Salvadore Ross (s5, ep16)
A man finds that he can trade anything he has, including youth and personality, with anybody else.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Mother, May I Go To Swim? (s5, ep26)
A young man tries desperately to free himself from the women who would control his life.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents
The Cuckoo Clock (s5, ep27)
An escaped mental patient terrorizes a woman left alone in a remote cottage.
The Man Outside (s5, ep1)
Mannix is hired to retrieve compromising negatives showing a retired U.S. general stolen by a spy ring. His mission is to buy the confidential documents—no matter the price.
"Frank Cannon believes that this time he has accepted a peaceful job. He must protect the bar of a friend, Millie Carroll, against robberies. However, suddenly he finds himself amid a complex love story."
On Now
Honeymoon With Death (s4, ep5)
Barnaby searches for a woman who disappeared on her wedding day.