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6:00am The Facts of Life
Adoption - Blair attempts to help Natalie by finding her birth mother.
6:30am Diff'rent Strokes
Push Comes To Shove - Arnold's unexpected confrontation with the new building manager's son leads to a chilling series of events that could get the entire Drummond family evicted.
7:00am The Beverly Hillbillies
The Clampetts And The Dodgers - Jed and Jethro play golf with a famous baseball coach who witnesses Jethro's pitching arm and wants to sign him to his team.
7:30am My Three Sons
Ernie Is Smitten - Ernie attempts to remold his image after the girl he has a crush on refuses to give him a second look.
8:00am Leave It to Beaver
The Party Spoiler - Wally asks June and Ward if he could have a party and with some prodding, Wally finally gets their permission. June quickly begins the plans and Beaver gets a look at the guest list and quickly finds that he's not invited. For revenge, Beaver decides to sabotage Wally's party with a variety of gags that he bought at a magic shop.
8:30am Leave It to Beaver
The Mustache - Wally's on-again off-again girlfriend, Julie Foster, seems to have thrown him over for a new guy in school who just happens to have a mustache. Wally's ego is bruised when Eddie tells him that Julie thinks he's naive and immature. This is the last straw and Wally decides to grow a mustache, much to the dismay of his family.
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9:00am Perry Mason
The Case Of The Final Fadeout - After an unscrupulous television star decides not to continue with his hit show, the producer is in hot water. It's not surprising that a murder soon occurs, but nothing goes as expected after that.
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10:00am Matlock
The Fortune: Part 2 - When the nephew of an eccentric millionaire is charged with his murder after the two had an argument, Matlock is hired for the defense and Cliff is sent to snoop around the millionaire's zoo for clues.
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11:00am Diagnosis Murder
Blind Man’s Bluff - After a woman is blinded in a car accident, it isn't long before her soon-to-be ex-husband winds up dead.
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12:00pm The Big Valley
Barbary Red - Nick is shanghaied at a saloon by a woman whom Jarrod once defended for that very crime.
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1:00pm Gunsmoke
Lynott - A former Marshall helps Matt by filling in for him after he is wounded and sent to bed so he can rest.
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2:00pm Bonanza
The Fighters - Hoss befriends a washed-up prizefighter who's having a hard time adjusting to life outside the squared circle.
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3:00pm The Rifleman
Short Rope For A Tall Man - Lucas and Mark are in another town to sell a bull to Joe Lovering. While there, Mark buys two horses from Mr. Schneider. Neither Mark nor his father knows that the horses have been illegally bought and resold to them.
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3:30pm The Rifleman
The Clarence Bibs Story - A janitor-turned-gunfighter's reputation hangs on one lucky shot—and a lot of gall.
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4:00pm Wagon Train
Around The Horn - Planning to sail to Boston, the Major, Hawks and Charlie are instead shanghaied to New Orleans where they meet a Captain who has different ideas on raising his child and running a ship.
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5:00pm The Wild Wild West
The Night Of The Red-eyed Madmen - A madman with a private army and an unusual political philosophy has designs on the Southwestern United States.
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6:00pm Hawaii Five-O
Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember - When a young female student is found murdered on campus, suspicions fall on her boyfriend but McGarrett senses that something is not right.
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7:00pm M*A*S*H
Deluge - A sudden deluge of wounded at the 4077th is followed by a fire and a rainstorm, which makes matters difficult for the staff.
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7:30pm M*A*S*H
The Interview - Clete Roberts has arrived in Korea to interview the staff of the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital because of its high 97% efficiency rating. In Roberts' interviews with Hawkeye, B.J., Frank, Radar, Klinger, Mulcahy and Potter, they talk about how they cope with their situation, what they miss about home, how they feel about who they work with and whether they see any good in coming from war.
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8:00pm The Andy Griffith Show
Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau - Aunt Bee begins to feel that she is preventing Andy and Helen from pursuing their relationship. She then conjures up a beau for herself—trouble is it's the butter and egg man and he's already married.
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8:30pm The Andy Griffith Show
The Arrest Of The Fun Girls - Andy and Barney arrest the "fun girls" for speeding. It turns out to be a big mistake because Helen and Thelma Lou become jealous.
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9:00pm Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
Sue The Pants Off 'em - Two shyster lawyers try to get Gomer and Sgt. Carter to file a false damage suit after a near miss from an automobile.
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9:30pm WKRP in Cincinnati
Never Leave Me, Lucille - Herb's wife Lucille finally kicks him out...and Johnny gets stuck taking in Herb
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10:00pm Hogan's Heroes
It Takes A Thief... Sometimes - A group of underground operatives that Hogan and his team begin working with is actually a group lead by a Gestapo captain who's set on capturing them.
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10:30pm Hogan's Heroes
The Great Impersonation - Hogan gets Schultz to portray Klink in order to free three of his men whom the Gestapo has captured.
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11:00pm Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Carl Reiner - In Terminal Hospital, a shy doctor masquerading as a male nurse must save a patient. Then, in The Writer #1, the characters in Harvey's story come to life as he writes them, but they have a hard time keeping up with the ever-changing plot. Finally, in The Plot to Hurt Hitler, the gang parodies a TV friendly version of the classic film "A Plot to Kill Hitler", with Carol playing Marlene Dietrich.
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11:30pm Perry Mason
The Case Of The Festive Felon - Wealthy but dying Bebe Brent gives the bulk of her estate to her loyal nurse. Needless to say, this act angers the remainder of the Brent clan and leads to a murder.
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12:30am The Twilight Zone
Third From The Sun - With all-out nuclear war about to ignite, a scientist and his pilot friend plot to escape on an experimental spaceship.
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1:00am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
You Can't Trust A Man - Guilt and fear plague a woman when her husband returns from prison after serving time for a crime she committed.
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1:30am Alfred Hitchcock Presents
A Gloating Place - Susan Harper craves attention so desperately that she makes up a story about being attacked by a man.
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2:00am Mannix
A Problem Of Innocence - The daughter of an ex-convict is the leading suspect in murders involving unrecovered loot from one of her father's robberies.
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3:00am Cannon
He Who Digs A Grave: Part 2 - A lady journalist is forced to reveal her sources in a murder news or she will go to jail on a contempt charge. She enlist Cannon's service to unravel the murder of a missing excursionist.
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4:00am 77 Sunset Strip
Violence For Your Furs - Undercover Roscoe falls in love while spying on a gang of hijackers, but his infatuation with a waitress proves dangerous for Kookie.