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Insulin (s3, ep17)
Two hoodlums attempt to murder their former cellmate by withholding his insulin.
D.h.q. - Medical (s4, ep4)
Friday and Gannon investigate cases in a hospital emergency ward.
Burglary - Mister (s4, ep5)
The police zero in on a rat: a forger, bigamist and thief who even robs from the blind.
The Big Bank Robbery (s1, ep17)
Fred and Barney get involved in a bank robbery when crooks throw their stolen money in Barney's backyard.
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Beaver The Athlete (s2, ep37)
After getting a poor grade in gym class on his report card, Beaver becomes determined to prove to everyone that he is a good athlete, so he signs up to play baseball—where it's the boys versus the girls.
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Found Money (s2, ep38)
Larry invites Beaver to the carnival and tells him that his mother will treat him. However, when Mrs. Mondello refuses to give Larry money, Larry decides to find some. So Larry throws some of his mother's money out the window and when Beaver comes over, Larry pretends as if he's found it.
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The Case Of The Wrathful Wraith (s9, ep9)
Louise Self finds herself in the unfortunate position of having to stand trial for the murder of her husband twice.
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The Fatal Seduction: Part 2 (s8, ep)
In North Carolina for a funeral, Matlock, Leanne and Cliff end up getting involved in a pair of murders connected to two young women.
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Lake Winahatchee: Part 2 (s6, ep21)
Bill discovers the motivation behind a crime syndicates attempt to muscle in on Sparta and the reason they are determined to get Lana's land.
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The Car (s2, ep25)
John Boy is in need of a car, now that he is in college.
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Prime Of Life (s11, ep32)
Young Kyle Stoner is involved with a pair of thieves who beat up Festus.
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The Witness (s14, ep14)
When Candy is framed for robbery and manslaughter, his fate rests in the hands of a confident yet inexperienced attorney.
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Ordeal (s2, ep8)
When their wagon breaks down, Mark and an injured Lucas are stranded in the desert.
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The Spiked Rifle (s2, ep9)
Mark is kidnapped as he and Lucas try to protect Banker Hamilton's gold.
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The Ruth Owens Story (s1, ep4)
A woman's brother kills a man who made a derogatory remark about her, only to discover later that the remark was true.
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The Grandmothers (s4, ep3)
Malloy and Reed are on the lookout for a hype who robbed a hand-made craft store run by elderly women, only to later return the money after robbing an antique store. In the meantime, they engage in a high-speed pursuit, and pull over a priest in possession of marijuana.
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Foreign Affairs (s11, ep3)
The Army tries to get a North Korean pilot to defect, and Charles gets a rude shock when he falls for a French nurse with a Bohemian past.
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The Joker Is Wild (s11, ep4)
Tired of reminders about Trapper John's skill as a practical joker, B.J. bets Hawkeye he can prank everyone present.
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Who Knew? (s11, ep5)
Hawkeye volunteers to deliver the eulogy for a dead nurse that he briefly dated, and belatedly discovers her deep feelings for him.
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Bombshells (s11, ep6)
Posing the theory that people will believe in anything, Charles and Hawkeye start a rumor that Marilyn Monroe plans to visit the 4077th, which gets everyone excited. Meanwhile, B.J. feels responsible when he's unable to rescue a wounded soldier, and is less than impressed when he is presented with a Bronze Star.
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The Rehabilitation Of Otis (s5, ep18)
Barney tries to use psychology to reform Otis of his drinking habit but this eventually leads Otis to "take his business" elsewhere—the jail in Mt. Pilot!
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The Lucky Letter (s5, ep19)
Barney receives a chain letter, but Andy goads him into throwing it away. Suddenly things begin going wrong for Barney and he's convinced he'll soon be out of a job.
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A Real Nice Neighbor (s4, ep9)
The Clampetts get a new next-door neighbor, and when Aggie, the maid of Mrs. Phillip Brentwood Carrington III, drops by to the use the phone, the Clampetts mistake her for Carrington. This is the first rich neighbor who has proven to be kind and considerate. Drysdale is happy because this rich woman has moved next door and might be a wife for Jed. Granny also sees her as a match for Jed. The two try to set Jed and Aggie up in different ways.
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Ralph's Nuptials (s5, ep11)
Ralph finally squeezes a proposal out of a medicated Hank Kimball, sending a delighted Lisa into wedding planning mode. Even though the Haney-produced ceremony goes off without a hitch, the honeymoon with an absent-minded Hank doesn't.
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The Battle Of Stalag 13 (s2, ep5)
Two German officers interfere with Hogan's operations when one tries to turn Stalag 13 into an officer's retirement home the other wants to use the facilities to interrogate the citizens of the local town.
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The Rise And Fall Of Sergeant Schultz (s2, ep6)
Hogan is stymied in the rescue of a captured member of the underground until a potential diversion appears in the form of an old WWI buddy of Sgt. Schultz.
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The Case Of The Double-entry Mind (s6, ep4)
Timid bookkeeper Clem Sandover is irate when his longterm embezzlement scheme is discovered by a fellow employee. When that co-worker turns up dead, however, it's Sandover's wife who's charged with the crime.
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A Nice Place To Visit (s1, ep28)
After being shot to death, a gangster finds himself in a place where he gets everything his heart desires.
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The Contest For Aaron Gold (s6, ep4)
A young man devotes his entire stay at a summer camp to modeling a one-armed clay knight.
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The Five-forty-eight (s6, ep5)
A philandering senior manager finds himself being stalked by a previous secretary.
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Nothing Ever Works Twice (s1, ep6)
When an old flame is found dead, Mannix is named the prime suspect.
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A Lonely Place To Die (s1, ep9)
A syndicate boss may just be next in line to be murdered when Cannon investigates a case involving a triple homicide.
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See Some Evil, Do Some Evil (s1, ep9)
A blackmailer and murderer pretends to be blind.