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Uncle Joe Retires
Lazy Uncle Joe, who fancies himself a human dynamo, announces his retirement.
The Organ Fund
The Hooterville folks are faced with a larcenous fundraiser when they try to find enough money to buy the church a new organ.
Jed Buys The Freeway
A confidence man tries to sell Jed the Hollywood Bowl, Griffith Park and the Hollywood Freeway.
The Palace Of Clampett San
The members of Women's Lib decide to teach Jed, Jethro and Drysdale a lesson after learning the glorious life they are leading at the Clampett mansion.
The Lady Plays Her Hand
"Daphne Kaye, blackjack dealer at Bat Materson's casino, officiates while gambler George Winston breaks the bank. She ends up out of work and Bat ends up out one casino."
Tempest At Toiga Pass
"Western-Developer Bat Masterson helps Clyde Richards' crew build a road westward from Nevada to California. Chief obstacles to progress: the bitter mountain cold, conspirators against the railroad and miner Sod Smith's cabin which stands squarely in Bat's path."
Tenner Smith
Gilman's quarry: a gambler on the run from a group of angry cowhands.
Gilman's investigation of a payroll robbery is stymied when the chief suspect is murdered.
Taffeta Mayor
"John Kellaway, who is running for mayor of Colton, Wyoming, hires Paladin to protect him from his opposition. When he is killed before Paladin can get there, Paladin persuades John's widow to run for mayor."
Lady On A Stagecoach
"Paladin is traveling on a stagecoach with four others, one of whom is Della White Cloud, the educated daughter of an Apache chief. The stage is also carrying a strongbox full of gold, which Ed Rance wants."
Day Of Reckoning
Fearless Bret feels it's about time someone did something about the town bully.
On Now
The Julia Gage Story
Julia Gage is an independent woman who refuses to admit that she needs a man's help to drive her wagon. Major Adams persuades the shy Tobe Cannon to give her a hand anyway.
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My Son, My Son
Audra wants to flirt with Evan Miles, a childhood friend back from the east. Little does she know that he suffers from a dangerous emotional instability.
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Odd Man Out
"Cyrus Tucker tells the Marshall his wife has disappeared. When Hody Peel shows up in town selling used women's clothes it looks like he had something to do with her disappearance."
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Muguel's Daughter
"Two drunken cowboys assault Chavela (Miguel's Daughter). When they come to talk to her later, they hit her father and while running away Chavela falls and hits her head. Miguel says the law has to be by a man's own hands. Matt says that he is the law not Miguel. "
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The Tax Collector
At the behest of a local bureaucrat, good-for-nothing Jock Henry becomes Virginia City's tax collector. Jock also becomes drunk with power, levying huge, unfair assessments against everybody in the vicinity.
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Incident Of The Married Widow
In Calvin, Miss Abigail owns The Silver Slipper Salon, a very posh saloon. There Rowdy sees the picture of the dead war hero, Gil Favor, Abigail's husband.
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Josh in a federal prison plotting the great escape? The government employs Randall to portray an escaped prisoner in order to trick his cellmate into leading authorities to the $50,000 he stole and stashed away in a secret location.
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After Randall rescues Jake Pringle from a lynch mob's rope, he learns he's not the only one with an interest in keeping the killer alive.
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The Actress
A deathbed request from an old friend sends Lucas to a neighboring town in search of the man's long-lost sweetheart.
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Face Of Yesterday
Lucas thinks he has seen a ghost when a young man, eerily similar to a man he killed in the Civil War, challenges him to a gunfight.
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Horses' Collars, Three Smart Saps, Pest Man Wins, For Crimin' Out Loud, Space Ship Sappy, Goofs And Saddles
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Billy The Kid Vs. Dracula
"Dracula travels to the American West, intent on making a beautiful ranch owner his next victim. Her fiance, outlaw Billy the Kid, finds out about it and rushes to save her."
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The Way To Eden
The Enterprise picks up a group of space "hippies" looking for Eden.
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Buck’s Duel To The Death
Buck is asked to pose as a prophesied leader but soon finds himself in a duel to the death.
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The Saucer
David finds a man who can predict when the next flying saucer will land.
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A Visit To Hades
After a harp unlocks a passageway to another world, Dr. Smith believes he has ended up in Hell and met the devil.
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When a foreign power makes a simultaneous launching of 25 communications satellites, which the United States mistakes as nuclear missiles, the U.S. is placed on war alert and the Seaview goes into a fail-safe maneuver.
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Deadly Pawn
An eccentric industrialist with an obsession for chess captures several of the Earthlings and forces Barry to play his own twisted version of chess... with his friends as the pieces, and on a board rigged with deadly traps.
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June 1944. Near Cherbourg, France, Tony and Doug are captured by the Gestapo just before the Allied invasion.