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6:00am Petticoat Junction
The Camping Trip - Bobbie Jo invites her new boyfriend, Orrin, along on a family camping trip, much to the chagrin of Uncle Joe.
6:30am Petticoat Junction
The Golden Spike Ceremony - Uncle Joe discovers that the 75th anniversary of the railroad between Hooterville and Pixley is approaching, and seeks to take control of the ceremony.
7:00am The Beverly Hillbillies
Brewster's Honeymoon - The Clampett money keeps rolling in as more oil is discovered on their land. And Mr. Brewster is coming out to marry his fiancée, Edythe. Granny is planning to go back home to the hills, but Jed decides to put up the cabin.
7:30am The Beverly Hillbillies
Flatt, Clampett, And Scruggs - Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs visit the Clampetts and solve the problems they are having at the mansion. They cure Jethro’s hunger by making him biscuits and red-eye gravy, and the duo cures Granny’s homesickness by letting her perform on stage with them.
8:00am Trackdown
Avenger - Gilman's investigation of a payroll robbery is stymied when the chief suspect is murdered.
8:30am Trackdown
Schoolteacher - A gunslinger puts a damper on a teacher's efforts to give his students a good education.
9:00am Have Gun, Will Travel
Alaska - Paladin plays chess by mail with Boris, who is living in Alaska. Paladin receives what he assumes is Boris' next move but instead is a request for help. Boris is being forced out of territory he has hunted and trapped on for years. Paladin heads for Alaska to help.
9:30am Have Gun, Will Travel
The Man Who Lost - Paladin goes after Benjamin Coey, who brutally murdered James Bryson and attacked Mrs. Bryson. Coey has already killed two members of the posse which is after him. Mrs. Bryson's two brothers, Joseph and William Gage, are also after him and don't intend to allow him to live long enough to stand trial.
10:00am Maverick
Relic Of Fort Tejon - Bret wins an "Arabian mount" in a card game. He's ecstatic until he sees the animal: a lop-eared, long-faced, overly friendly...camel.
11:00am Wagon Train
The Tracy Sadler Story - David Forest always believed his father to be as he claimed. When Tracy Sadler joins the wagon train his beliefs are altered when he slowly and painfully learns the truth about his father's past.
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1:00pm Gunsmoke
The Town Tamers - Marshal Dillon teams up with old friend Marshal Luke Rumbaugh to tame the town of Hilt.
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2:00pm Bonanza
Blood Tie - A band of outlaws enact a scheme to rob the Ponderosa, by tricking Hoss and Joe away from the ranch and leaving a wounded Ben alone at home.
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3:00pm Rawhide
Incident Of The Stalking Death - Gil shoots and wounds a puma while out scouting for the cattle drive. The puma escapes and kills the young son of a local rancher's widow. Gil and the guys go on the hunt for the puma along with a friend of the widow, who also happens to want to kill Gil because he's jealous of the attention the widow shows him.
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4:00pm Wanted Dead or Alive
Rope Law - Josh and Brace Logan are met on the range by a group of men who want Logan, Josh's prisoner. When the men take Logan by force, Josh goes to town to file a complaint. He's surprised to find the sheriff was the leader of the men. Josh is now determined to find the truth about the situation before Logan is lynched.
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4:30pm Wanted Dead or Alive
Six-up To Bannach - Josh needs a ride to Brannach fast in order to stop an unjust hanging. The only mode of transportation available is a coach carrying a load of dynamite with a surly driver who doesn't take well to Josh. After the driver reluctantly agrees to allow Josh and his prisoner to travel with him, they encounter a number of obstacles along the way that slow them down.
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5:00pm The Rifleman
The Spiked Rifle - Mark is kidnapped as he and Lucas try to protect Banker Hamilton's gold.
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5:30pm The Rifleman
Letter Of The Law - Lucas makes a life-or-death decision when Micah is held hostage and the kidnappers demand the release of a notorious outlaw.
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6:00pm The Wild Wild West
The Night Of The Tartar - President Grant gives orders to agents James West and Artemus Gordon to deliver prisoner Rimsky to Vladivostok, Russia, in a prisoner exchange for American vice-consul Millard Boyer. When Rimsky dies in an escape attempt, Gordon assumes his identity. The agents are drugged en route and when they come to, led to believe they're in Russia. West is imprisoned and forced to reveal Rimsky's whereabouts. His captors tie him to a stake while saber-swinging Cossacks ride straight for him. Still in disguise, Gordon meets Rimsky's contact Sazanov, in an effort to uncover the Russians' racket.
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7:00pm Wonder Woman
Judgement From Outer Space: Part 1 - Wonder Woman must rescue an alien ambassador from the Nazis. The alien, however, has passed judgment on mankind, deciding that the planet should be destroyed.
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8:00pm Svengoolie
The Night Walker - "A woman is haunted by recurring nightmares, which seem to be instigated by her late husband who supposedly was killed in a fire."
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10:00pm Batman
The Wail Of The Siren - Using her hypnotic voice, the Siren sends Commissioner Gordon on a mission to find the location of the Batcave and Batman's secret identity.
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10:30pm Batman
The Unkindest Tut Of All - After being hit on the head, Nabob of the Nile returns as King Tut, under the guise as a public crime predictor and secret crime perpetrator. When he discovers the Batcave is under Wayne Manor, he threatens to unveil Batman's secret identity.
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11:00pm Star Trek
The Tholian Web - When the Enterprise investigates the disappearance of another starship, they lose Kirk in a dimensional interphase and must deal with a hostile alien race while trying to recover him.
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12:00am Battlestar Galactica
Experiment In Terra - Apollo and Starbuck follow the escaped Eastern Alliance ship back to Terra, where they help the Terrans overcome a nuclear holocaust, with the help of the race of white lights that had earlier helped them defeat Count Iblis.
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1:00am Kolchak: The Night Stalker
The Werewolf - In snowy Chicago the INS Christmas party is to send off Tony Vincenzo, but he gets audited instead, and it is Carl who gets to go on the singles cruise, where a werewolf goes on a killing spree.
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2:00am Lost in Space
Ghost In Space - Dr. Smith holds a seance to contact his Uncle Thaddeus. Instead a spirit creature is contacted and creates havoc for the Robinsons. It is later discovered that the "spirit creature" is a physical creature, rendered invisible by the properties of the "ionized gas" in the bog from which it came.
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3:00am Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
The Human Computer - The Seaview set out with Commander Crane, supposedly the only human being aboard.
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4:00am Land of the Giants
The Chase - Inspector Kobick forces the Earthlings to help him deal with a ring of counterfeiters by holding some of their number hostage.