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Kidnap Copter (s2, ep2)
Highway Patrol races to the rescue when a kidnapped victim is injured in the mountains.
The Big Departure (s2, ep25)
Petty theft from drug and hardware stores leads to a group of four teens who are determined to start their own nation on a remote island off the California coast.
The Big Investigation (s2, ep26)
Friday and Gannon are screening applicants for the Police Academy. One seems to have all the right qualifications, except that six months are missing from his application.
Bad Day For Barbara (s12, ep20)
Although Barbara is feeling ill, she is saddled with the responsibility of looking after the entire Douglas household.
The Safety Dans
"An accident-prone Bill gets assistance from the "Safety Dans." Plus, Bugs, Daffy and a rarely-seen MGM cartoon, "The Tree Surgeon." "
Beaver's Ring (s2, ep7)
Being Beaver's godmother, Aunt Martha sends him a gift of a ring that had once belonged to an uncle who was also named Theodore. June cautions Beaver that she doesn't want him taking it to school, but he sneaks off to school with it anyway. This leads to a confrontation between his peers that ends with him getting the ring stuck on his finger.
The Shave (s2, ep8)
When Eddie and some of his other friends brag about shaving, Wally decides it's time he try. After nicking his face, Ward tries to discourage him but this just leads Wally to continue to shave. When Ward catches him again, he scolds him right in front of Eddie which leads to Wally being made fun of.
The Case Of The Curious Bride (s2, ep5)
Rhoda Reynolds is charged with murdering her blackmailing ex-husband, Arthur Kane. At the trial, Mason moves the proceedings to the room in which Kane was murdered in order to re-enact the fatal night.
The Dating Game (s9, ep)
When Cliff's friend is accused of murdering a woman he met through a dating service, Cliff and Matlock are on the case, while Jerri goes undercover to investigate.
Family Matters (s4, ep11)
Virgil's dream of a better relationship with his Aunt Ruda and her son is shattered when his cousin takes part in a string of burglaries that result in murder.
The Silver Wings (s8, ep11)
Jim-Bob delivers a package to a woman whose husband is in the war
Pike: Part 1 (s16, ep23)
Riding away from Dodge after a $2,800 robbery, four bandits escape into the night. With one of them wounded it seems like a three-way split until Pike, the wounded one, surprises the other three.
Rock-a-bye Hoss (s13, ep4)
Hoss is reluctantly made to judge a contest for the most beautiful baby in Virginia City.
Flowers By The Door (s3, ep16)
Lucas unmasks a killer posing as a door-to-door seed salesman.
Long Trek (s3, ep17)
Lucas and Marshal Torrance run into trouble transporting a captured killer back to face trial.
The Benjamin Burns Story (s3, ep19)
One dry water hole is normal but when the wagon train has two to worry about, Flint and Ben Burns lead a party to find a legend only indians speak of, Shining Water. Troubles await them but the worst may be a too-green city boy.
Van Nuys Division (s6, ep7)
Malloy returns from vacation sporting a mustache, but finds it difficult getting his colleagues to accept his new look. On patrol, he and Reed respond to a small plane crash by a drunkard that critically injures his young son, investigate the theft of valuable stamps from a mansion, search for a jewelry store armed robber with the aid of a talented witness, deal with a very unlucky purse snatcher and interrogate an evasive department store shoplifter with a big surprise in her purse.
Training Division (s6, ep8)
While assisting in a tactics training course, Malloy and Reed meet Officer Wells' new partner, an overconfident probationary officer who seems destined to put himself and his colleagues in danger. On patrol, they deal with an unconventional bank robber, come to the aid of a motor officer who is injured during a traffic stop and investigate a credible bomb threat at a grocery store.
Ophelia's Career (s2, ep30)
Ophelia arrives in tears as usual, as she's been jilted again. Morticia thinks she should take up a career to distract her from her bad track record with men. Chemistry is a failure, so Cousin Itt offers to teach her singing. This doesn't work too well, and she sings like he talks. Gomez hires Signor Bellini to help with the effort. He gets furious with her and threatens to quit.
The New Arnold's (s7, ep18)
As 50/50 partners, Fonzie and Al are at odds about various aspects of the new Arnold's and threaten to not build it at all.
Say No More (s11, ep12)
A military strategist refuses to accept responsibility for the war games that have mortally wounded his own son. And Margaret develops laryngitis, as she is about to meet her hero, Dr. Chesler.
Friends And Enemies (s11, ep13)
Potter must deal with an old Army friend who is getting his own soldiers killed through his incompetency.
Wedding Bells For Aunt Bee (s2, ep26)
After Clara convinces Aunt Bee that Andy won't be able to find a wife as long as she's around, Aunt Bee begins searching for a man whom she can marry.
Three's A Crowd (s2, ep27)
Every time Andy tries to be alone with Mary, Barney shows up. After Andy explains that he wants to be alone with her, Barney believes that Andy is planning to propose.
Private Ralph Skunk (s1, ep3)
Gomer befriends a skunk while on a hike and attempts to show Sgt. Carter what an asset a skunk can be to the platoon.
Getting Even With Haney (s2, ep25)
Tired of Doris' nagging about having to beat their laundry on a rock in the creek, Fred buys a Grabwell washing machine from Mr. Haney. The boat motor in a barrel goes berzerk, spraying water and clothes everywhere before chasing the Ziffels out their front door. Oliver is more than happy to take their case and stick it to Haney in the courtroom.
Praise The Fuhrer And Pass The Ammunition (s2, ep19)
Hogan and his men create chaos during staged war games that a ruthless Nazi colonel has scheduled near Stalag 13, replacing the exercise's fake explosives with live ammunition.
Hogan And The Lady Doctor (s2, ep20)
Hogan resents having a lady scientist in charge of a mission to destroy a lab.
The Case Of A Place Called Midnight (s8, ep8)
In an offbeat case, Mason becomes involved in international intrigue wheh he travels to Switzerland to meet a friend's future daughter-in-law.
Long Distance Call (s2, ep22)
A young boy finds he can communicate with his dead grandmother through a toy phone.
The Hidden Thing (s1, ep34)
Dana needs to find the license plate number of the car that killed his fiancée.
The Legacy (s1, ep35)
A prince sets his eye on Irene and her money.
To The Swiftest, Death (s2, ep1)
Ellen Kovak suspects her husband's death in a racing accident wasn't an accident at all, and she hires Mannix to prove it.
On Now
Pilot (part 2)
"A private detective investigates the murder of his ex-girlfriend's husband and gets entangled in small-town corruption."
 Remind Me
Echo Of A Distant Battle (part 2) (s7, ep15)
Barnaby tangles with violent veterans of the Vietnam war as he attempts to clear the name of an Army deserter who's still missing.