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Hostage Family Copter (s3, ep6)
Dan Mathews finds a trigger-happy madman holding a terrified family at gunpoint.
The Big Senior Citizen (s2, ep7)
A series of daring daylight house burglaries are taking place perpetrated by an octogenarian who uses the wedding and obituary notices in the paper to select his victims.
The Big High (s2, ep8)
An elderly businessman concerned about the welfare of his grandchild informs Friday and Gannon that his daughter and son-in-law are using marijuana regularly. The young couple make no apologies for their lifestyle, which inevitably leads to disaster.
Fire Watch (s1, ep36)
Mike gets a summer job with the Forestry Service and he thinks it's going to be fun and games until he learns what he's expected to do.
Bill Is Part Of A Healthy Breakfast
Beaver's I.q. (s4, ep9)
After learning that he's going to be taking an I.Q. test, Beaver hits the books, scared after his friends tell him that if he doesn't pass he will be sent to "dumb school."
Wally's Glamour Girl (s4, ep10)
Wally is shocked to learn that the glamorous Kitty Bannerman is visiting Mayfield and he's afraid that she will find out that he's not the rich hot shot that he told her he was in the letters that he had sent her.
The Case Of The Gallant Grafter (s3, ep15)
Corporate intrigue is the backdrop of this episode when embezzling accountant Robert Doniger is murdered and Edward Nelson is charged.
Husband (s2, ep)
When Matlock agrees to defend Cassie's friend, Judy, he is shocked to learn that Judy's husband secretly had another wife. As the case continues, Matlock uncovers more shocking facts about Judy's husband.
An Occupational Hazard (s6, ep7)
A secretary takes drastic measures to protect herself from sexual harassment.
The Typewriter (s1, ep5)
John-Boy borrows an antique typewriter from the Baldwin sisters so he can submit a proper manuscript to a magazine
Jesse (s18, ep22)
Festus runs into Jesse Dillard who is wanted for shooting a black man. Festus wants to find out more and takes his friend to prison.
The Magnificent Adah (s1, ep10)
Famous actress Adah Isaacs Menken pays a visit to Virginia City. She is an old friend of Ben's and the two begin to renew their friendship much to the chagrin of Adam, Hoss and Joe. Ben's sons believe that Adah has plans to become the next Mrs. Ben Cartwright.
The Deadeye Kid (s1, ep20)
McCain befriends Donnel O'Mahoney, a tough kid from Brooklyn, and arranges with two men for the young man to continue his travels on their wagon. Things go wrong, however, when one of them is murdered, and the other accuses the boy.
The Indian (s1, ep21)
U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart arrives in North Fork in search of renegade indians suspected of the brutal killing of a Texas Ranger and his family. The townspeople are suspicious of him, however, when they discover that he, too, is an indian.
The Duke Shannon Story (s4, ep30)
"With his clever tall tales, old prospector Henry Shannon talks Charlie Wooster into coming with him to search for a gold mine. When Hawks finds out about this, he rides out after the two men, along with Shannon's grandson Duke. Also following the old men are three men who hope to grab the gold for themselves."
Log 34 -- Astro (s2, ep13)
Malloy and Reed become envious of officer wells, who has been given a coveted assignment in the newly established astro helicopter division. Out on patrol, they require assistance saving a wealthy elderly couple who get locked in their heavily fortified basement safe, and then use air support to track down robbery suspects who escape on a motorcycle.
Log 14 -- S.w.a.t. (s2, ep14)
Malloy and Reed are the first to respond to a downtown rooftop sniper who has been indiscriminately shooting at anyone he can find with his scoped rifle. After risking their lives to get civilians out of his line of sight, they become lead participants in the S.W.A.T. team's attempt to neutralize the suspect.
Cousin Itt's Problem (s2, ep6)
Cousin Itt comes home for a visit and the family surprises him with a pet, a shaggy dog. Later, at a homecoming party, the family discovers Cousin Itt is shedding hair, and the family is worried that he'll also lose his great good looks. This leads Fester to get out his chemistry set to produce a batch of hair-restorer and prevent a disaster.
Hello, Tough Guy (s9, ep11)
Dateless for an upcomming concert, Jenny is set up with Eugene Belvin by Joanie and Chachi. They, along with Fonzie, try to make Eugene appeal to Jenny by making him seem more manly.
It Happened One Night (s4, ep3)
It happened one night: freezing cold, an artillery barrage that's coming too close, a patient going downhill and Frank's searching Hot Lips' tent for his letters.
The Pageant (s5, ep11)
Aunt Bee gets the lead role in the Centennial Pageant as Lady Mayberry. She is, however, not up to the challenge, and Andy must find a way to tell her.
The Darling Baby (s5, ep12)
The Darlings come to Mayberry looking for a boy whom they could engage to Charlene's new baby. Opie becomes the prime target.
Gomer Minds His Sergeant's Car (s2, ep13)
Sgt. Carter asks Gomer to drive his car straight home from the airport after dropping him off. But sure enough, the car gets stolen, and Gomer has just one day to find it—or suffer the consequences.
Handy Lessons (s4, ep6)
Wanting to be a bigger help to Oliver, Lisa decides to learn carpentry. She buys overalls and begins to study the craft from the inept Monroe brothers. Lisa's talents result in destruction in Monroes' workshop and earns Oliver a punch in the nose.
Is There A Traitor In The House? (s5, ep13)
Hogan plans to send information to London by using a German radio propaganda program.
At Last, Schultz Knows Something (s5, ep14)
After Schultz is assigned to guard a secret atomic installation, Hogan must get him to spill the beans on where it is located.
The Case Of The Golfer's Gambit (s9, ep18)
Washed up golfer Chick Farley has made many enemies throughout the years and it's not really a surprise when he turns up murdered. But when fellow golfer Jim Harrell is charged with the death, Mason gets a mysterious envelope containing $2,500 and a request from Harrell to defend him.
A Kind Of A Stopwatch (s5, ep4)
A man is given a stopwatch that allows him to halt time.
The Safe Place
"A bank teller schemes the perfect plan."
The Canary Sedan (s3, ep37)
A woman hears voices in her car when she arrives in Hong Kong to join her husband.
Who Is Sylvia? (s3, ep20)
Kathy Graves feels as though someone is stalking her, and asks Mannix to investigate.
Death Of A Stone Seahorse (s2, ep16)
A smuggler is attacked by mobsters interested in learning where he has hidden his booty. He escapes in Raymond Durstin's gallery. He turns to Cannon.
On Now
Sing A Song Of Murder (s1, ep8)
The managers of a rock music star, whom they think drowned in his pool, cash in on his "tragedy""."