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Hot Cargo (s2, ep8)
Dan Mathews struggles in hand-to-hand combat with a gang of hijackers.
Bunco - $9,000 (s4, ep12)
The search is on for a swindler who conned an old vaudevillian out of $9,000 he found on a sidewalk.
Narco - Missing Hype (s4, ep13)
This episode focuses on drugs, paying particular attention to addiction symptoms.
After You, Alphonse (s10, ep10)
Uncle Charley does his best to be more polite, which nearly drives Barbara out of her mind.
Time For Recess
"Oh butterscotch, Bill accidentally challenges Teddy Roosevelt to a hopscotch battle."
Beaver On Tv (s6, ep22)
Beaver comes home with the news that he applied to appear on a local television show called 'Teen Forum' and has been accepted. Beaver gets out of classes for the taping and all his classmates are treated to being able to watch him on TV during class. However, what Beaver, his friends and family don't know is that the show tapes each episode a week in advance.
Box Office Attraction (s6, ep23)
June and Ward have noticed the Wally has been spending quite a bit of his time at the movie theater but it's not to see the movies. He's been eyeing the pretty young lady who works in the box office. Thanks to Eddie, Wally works up enough courage to ask her out but quickly sees another side to the young lady that is a bit too mature for Wally's taste.
The Trail: Part 2 (s5, ep)
When Assistant District Attorney Howard Wright is murdered, the attorney general puts Matlock on the case. With Michelle and Conrad's help, Matlock begins to investigate Wright's past, realizing he was spending money he could not have earned legitimately.
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Just A Country Boy (s4, ep20)
Bubba travels to Los Angeles to arrest an arsonist. When the man is murdered to keep him from talking Bubba teams up with a pretty insurance investigator to solve the crime.
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The Typewriter (s1, ep5)
John-Boy borrows an antique typewriter from the Baldwin sisters so he can submit a proper manuscript to a magazine
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Hammerhead (s10, ep14)
When a wealthy gambler comes to Dodge to buy horses, rival traders race to demonstrate the speed of their steeds.
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For A Young Lady (s12, ep14)
The aunt and uncle of a young girl want to gain custody of her because they believe she holds the rights to a gold mine.
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The Lonesome Bride (s3, ep32)
Two pranksters write away for a mail-order bride, using Lucas's name.
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Death Trap (s3, ep33)
Lucas recognizes Dr. Simon Battle as an ex-gunslinger with whom he once traded shots.
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The Eve Newhope Story (s6, ep12)
"Patrick O'Shaughnessy has come to visit his daughter Eve, believing her to be a respectable married woman. Knowing that Eve actually is the popular owner of a saloon, Hawks, Wooster, Duke, and Eve's favorite patrons decide to change Eve."
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Victim Of The Crime (s7, ep14)
Malloy and Reed are left frustrated after investigating the theft of an elderly woman's old television set, but they have hope that a recently passed law may provide her and other victims with compensation. Elsewhere on patrol, they search for an armed robber who shot an over-trusting shopkeeper, and respond to a call of an unusual armed robbery at a drive-in.
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Pressure Point (s7, ep15)
Officer Woods' new partner is a nervous and quiet recruit, and the embarrassing secret he's trying to keep from his fellow officers might actually imperil them. On today's patrol, a real estate broker's well meaning but poorly thought out gesture nearly leads to a mob scene, a drug store owner discovers a way to profit from armed robbers and an armed robbery suspect opens fire during his escape attempt.
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The Chosen People (s2, ep19)
A Korean family sets up camp in the middle of the compound. A Korean woman with a baby comes looking for the father, and names Radar.
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As You Were (s2, ep20)
While there are no casualties, Hawkeye and Trapper crate up Frank while he sleeps and receive gorilla suits through the mail. Henry gets a tan and gives another sex orientation lecture. When the wounded start pouring in again, their own side shells the camp, hitting the generator, and Radar tries to get through to tell someone to stop the shelling.
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Crisis (s2, ep21)
The supply lines to the camp are cut. Radar, the housing officer, starts doubling people up to save fuel and Klinger is thrown out of the nurse's tent. People start burning everything to stay warm while Frank wears his heated socks. The toilet paper supply is worst hit, and then wounded start arriving.
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George (s2, ep22)
Burns tries to slap a dishonorable discharge on a decorated soldier who admits to being a homosexual.
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Keeper Of The Flame (s2, ep14)
Opie joins a secret club that meets in Jubal Foster's barn. When Jubal burns his own barn down, he attempts to blame the group of boys.
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Bailey's Bad Boy (s2, ep15)
Rich kid Ronald Bailey is jailed when he blatantly defies the law. As Bailey waits for his influential father to bail him out, Andy teaches him the lesson of self-responsibility.
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Cabin In Beverly Hills (s2, ep34)
Jed puts up the cabin for Granny's birthday, which Mrs. Drysdale is not happy about. During the celebrating, a sociology student stops by and sees the Clampetts. She thinks they are Drysdale's servants and works to liberate them from what she believes to be a life of servitude.
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My Mother The Countess (s3, ep22)
On learning that Lisa's mother is coming for a visit, the Hooterville residents go overboard in wanting to welcome the countess. Despite Oliver's protests that she's not royalty, they forge ahead anyway with plans for a parade and marching band.
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The Witness (s4, ep23)
Hogan faces a startling development: His captors are sending him to America to demand surrender—with a super weapon supposedly supplied by the Russians.
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The Big Dish (s4, ep24)
Hogan must destroy an anti-aircraft defense system designed by a beautiful English woman who may have defected to Germany.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Easy Openers / Jacques Touteaux / Fortune Cookies
In Easy Openers, a hungry Carol tries to open her food locked in its container. Then, in Jacques Touteaux, Harvey describes the great feats Tim the diver will do, only he's too scared to do them. Finally, in Fortune Cookies, Carol suspects her best friend and husband are cheating together after a fortune cookie tells her.
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The Case Of The Wintry Wife (s4, ep17)
Inventor Walter Randall wants a divorce from his cold-blooded wife, Laura, in order to be with Phyllis Hudson. Laura decides to get back at Walter by blackmailing one of his assistants into building a bomb that will destroy Walter's underwater sounding invention.
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Flight To The East
"A reporter goes from star to villain and then back to "star.""
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Bull In A China Shop
"A handsome homicide detective is befriended by four old ladies who invite him for tea and proceed to play out a variation of Arsenic and Old Lace for his benefit."
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Desert Run (s7, ep5)
A woman hires Mannix to investigate the disappearance of her husband's plane in the Rockies, but then the detective learns that she is not the missing man's wife.
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Coffin Corner (s4, ep15)
Cannon gets hired to be a bodyguard for a courier of securities.
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Picture Pirates, The (s7, ep11)
While investigating a murder in Hollywood, Barnaby discovers that it was committed to cover-up the theft of a movie print to be used in a film-piracy racket.