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A botched gas station robbery results in murder and abduction.
The Greek Connection
Tootie decides to pledge a sorority and clashes with Natalie when she begins to investigate rush week for a newspaper article.
Post Christmas Card
Natalie goes on a spending spree when the bank approves her for a credit card.
Arnold And Lisa's Mother
Arnold thinks the school science fair is the perfect opportunity to sabotage the project of his least favorite female classmate, but with a closer look he wonders if her aggravating behavior is really a cry for help.
Hair-raising Holiday
A doctor blows the whistle on Granny's mountain-medicine practice.
After You, Alphonse
Uncle Charley does his best to be more polite, which nearly drives Barbara out of her mind.
On Now
Beaver Gets Adopted
Wally wins a trophy at school and Beaver accidentally breaks it. This leads Ward to accuse Beaver of being jealous of Wally and that he broke it on purpose. Upset, Beaver decides to get new parents and heads to an adoption agency.
The Bus Ride
June and Ward allow Wally to escort Beaver on a bus headed to a friend's house in Crystal Falls. However, on one of the stops, Beaver inadvertently gets on the wrong bus, a bus that takes him back to Mayfield.
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The Case Of The Impatient Partner
Paint manufacturer Amory Fallon suspects that his partner, Ned Thompson, is behind a mysterious fire and explosion.
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The Obsession
Even from his hospital bed Matlock can't get the case of a TV star accused of killing a therapist out of his mind.
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Murder Murder
Dr. Sloan tries to solve a friend's murder while Steve investigates the deceased's ex-wife and her identical twin sister.
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A Trip Upstate
In this thought provoking episode. Gillespie is surprised when a man he arrested asks to see him on the eve of his execution. He must confront his feelings about the death penalty when the prisoner asks him to witness his death.
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Ring Of Darkness
In an attempt to help his blind daughter, farmer Ben Hurley steals horses for an outlaw gang. Deputy Newly O'Brien arrives at his farm investigating, followed by the outlaws.
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Night Of Reckoning
An outlaw named Dibbs takes Hoss, Joe and Candy prisoner at the Ponderosa. He wants the $60,000 that the foreman, Donny Buckler, has hidden, and he is determined to get it.
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The Sixteenth Cousin
A Japanese nobleman seeks revenge when his servant is insulted.
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And The Devil Makes Five
A snake crawls into Lucas' bed, and Mark must lure it away before it strikes.
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Around The Horn
Planning to sail to Boston, the Major, Hawks and Charlie are instead shanghaied to New Orleans where they meet a Captain who has different ideas on raising his child and running a ship.
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The Blue Angels
Charlie's Angels rejoin the police department. In order to investigate possible police corruption within the local massage parlor industry, Sabrina goes undercover as a vice officer, while Kelly impersonates a cadet and Jill poses as a masseuse.
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The Entertainer
With Wilma away, Fred tries to earn extra money and his boss assigns him to entertain an important buyer.
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Wilma's Vanishing Money
Fred finds funds Wilma is hiding and spends the money on himself.
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Lend A Hand
Irritated that the 4077th is planning a "surprise" party for him, Hawkeye volunteers to go to the aid of a wounded surgeon at the front. An additional irritant to Hawkeye is the arrival of Dr. Borelli, a wisecracking medical advisor with whom he habitually disagrees.
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Goodbye, Cruel World
Klinger redecorates his quarters, but the resultant ridicule he receives drives him to new heights in his efforts to get out of the Army. Meanwhile, the doctors are perplexed by the reaction of an Asian-American war hero who tries to kill himself.
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The Rehabilitation Of Otis
Barney tries to use psychology to reform Otis of his drinking habit but this eventually leads Otis to "take his business" elsewhere—the jail in Mt. Pilot!
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The Lucky Letter
Barney receives a chain letter, but Andy goads him into throwing it away. Suddenly things begin going wrong for Barney and he's convinced he'll soon be out of a job.
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Old Man Carter
When the platoon celebrates Sgt. Carter's birthday, he begins to worry about getting old.
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A Prize In Every Package
Criminals rob a jewelry store in Chicago and stash their haul in a grain bin. The expensive gems end up packed in boxes of Crickly Wickly cereal shipped to Hooterville. Lisa knows real jewels when she sees them, but Oliver's sure they're just costume. After taking them to be appraised, the sheriff arrests Oliver for the jewelry store heist.
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Fat Hermann, Go Home
Hogan plans to get a trainload of stolen paintings back to London, but things get complicated when Marya uses Schultz to impersonate Reich Marshall Goehring.
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The Softer They Fall
Kinchloe fights a German boxing champ, creating a diversion for a heist Hogan is planning.
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Tv Commercials / Friends / Lucky Lady / Old Folks, The
In TV Commercials, Carol and the gang parody classic TV products, including Phyllis' Milk of Magnesia, and Hostel Cupcakes. Then, in Friends, Carol misinterprets a man's kindness as flirting. Next, in Lucky Lady, a poor Carol is pitted against a rich Vicki for the contest title. Finally, in The Old Folks, a grumpy couple waits in line for gas.
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The Case Of The Daring Decoy
Daniel Conway is involved in a vicious proxy war with Warner Griffith for control of an oil company. Conway's secretary, Rose Calvert, is spying for Griffith. When Rose is found dead, Conway fears he's being framed for murder and approaches Mason.
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The Self-improvement Of Salvadore Ross
A man finds that he can trade anything he has, including youth and personality, with anybody else.
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The Crocodile Case
A man murders his lover's husband to have her for himself.
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A Dip In The Pool
A man comes up with a desperate plan to win a bet while crossing the Atlantic on a liner.
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Little Girl Lost
Mannix tries to help a girl who witnessed her father's murder and was driven over the edge mentally by the event.
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Child Of Fear
Paul Stubber taps the computer of the railroad company to be able to rob cars with valuable goods. However, nothing can be proved against him. Cannon finds Stubber's weak spot: The crook fights for the right to keep his son.
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Foul Play
The owner of a basketball team accidentally kills a man who intended to blackmail the team's star player.