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Gem Robbery (s4, ep19)
When an employee of a diamond importing firm goes missing, Highway Patrol suspects foul play.
The Big Dog (s2, ep11)
A purse-snatching dog? This is the case Friday and Gannon must solve. Making things more difficult, victims give different descriptions of the four-legged thief.
The Pyramid Swindle (s2, ep12)
A female con-artist uses an evangelistic approach to lure buyers into her pyramid scheme. The Bunco division can't charge her with false advertising, so they prosecute her for operating a lottery.
Going Steady (s3, ep14)
Steve realizes Robbie is becoming a man.
Fantastic Friday #13
On Now
Don Juan Beaver (s6, ep32)
A school dance has Beaver with a major dilemma. He has two girls who ask him to go with them. However, he has a little problem, he accepted the first invitation but now wants out of it when he's asked by the second girl. This leads him to take some of Eddie's poor advice.
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Beaver's Graduation (s6, ep34)
It's come down to the final week before junior high school graduation and Beaver is having a ball and even skips a class with Gilbert. However, Beaver becomes convinced he won't graduate after Gilbert and him take a peek at the diplomas on Mrs. Rayburn's desk and find Beaver's diploma to be missing.
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The Case Of The Left-handed Liar (s5, ep11)
Health club instructor Ward Nichols wants to marry the daughter of his employer, but his estranged wife is pressuring him for money and claiming to be pregnant.
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The Talk Show (s4, ep)
When talk show host Dan Galloway is murdered after publicly humiliating three woman on the air and firing his executive producer, Matlock has no shortage of suspects as he looks for clues in the death of the despised man.
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Hot Nights (s2, ep6)
Bubba is seduced by an alluring writer who has more on her mind than romance. Bill and Virgil worry that he is in over his head. Bubba tries to protect her from her estranged husband, but things get complicated after she shoots someone.
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The Thoroughbred (s3, ep4)
John Boy and his mule aim to get the Walton family name on a local race's trophy for the first time since Grandpa won the race years ago.
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Helping Hand
"A would-be tough guy picks on the wrong man in an attempt to make a name for himself when he tries to involve Marshal Matt Dillon by staging a street fight."
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Tap Day For Kitty
"An old sodbuster comes to town and decides he wants to marry Kitty. When he won't leave her alone she declares she'll shoot him if he pesters her anymore. Out at night, he's shot in the back and Kitty is suspected, but then she is shot at too."
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The Lonely House (s3, ep4)
A wounded bank robber holes up in a widow's house, keeping an eye on both her and Little Joe.
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Outlaw's Shoes (s4, ep31)
A head wound wipes out Lucas' memory, leaving him with only one clue: he's wearing an outlaw's gun.
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The Executioner (s4, ep32)
A former neighbor of the McCain's is released from jail after serving his sentence for stage coach robbery, but the money was never found. Lucas agrees to let the man work for him, but the new work hand holds a secret.
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The Johnny Masters Story (s6, ep18)
"On his way to Fort David, wagon scout Duke Shannon rescues Sgt. Johnny Masters being sent to prison for twenty years; a man caught between two worlds. The world of his ancestors the Cherokee, and the world of his loyalty, the U.S. Army."
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Taking It Easy (s6, ep17)
Reed gets stuck manning the front desk after spraining his wrist, where he must deal with a caller who claims to have planted a bomb at the station, a young man who wants to file a claim of police brutality and an elderly man who walks in with a shotgun. Meanwhile, Malloy is assigned a partner who is a first-day rookie, and they deal with three young children from Oklahoma who are abandoned by their mother, and engage in a high-speed pursuit that ends in a most unexpected way.
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Krash (s6, ep23)
Malloy's brand new car gets dinged up when he has to bail out to chase down a purse snatcher, but Sgt. MacDonald promises him his kid brother in Beverly Hills can fix it on the cheap. Out on patrol, he and Reed search for a drunk man accused of randomly shooting arrows, respond to a robbery at a deli that results in tragedy and search for a drug store robbery suspect who gets away after being shot.
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My Son, The Chimp (s1, ep28)
An organ grinder's chimp wanders into Addams home and quickly becomes Pugsley's friend. Meanwhile, Uncle Fester has been busy conjuring spirits in the playroom. During one of his spells, Uncle Fester causes an explosion which knocks Pugsley through a wall and into a secret room. Uncle Fester soon believes he turned Pugsley into the chimp.
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The Spirit Is Willing (s11, ep14)
Fonzie meets a beautiful woman, Nancy Haley, at his garage and ends up driving her home. But when he goes back later to return her forgotten purse, he is informed that the Haleys moved out 10 years ago—after their daughter was killed in an automobile accident.
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Guerilla My Dreams (s8, ep3)
The arrival of a wounded Korean woman sparks a conflict at the 4077th: Hawkeye wants to heal her, but a steely ROK officer, Lt. Park, is more anxious to "question" her about alleged guerilla activities.
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Good-bye Radar: Part 1 (s8, ep4)
On leave in Tokyo, Radar is desperately needed back at the crisis-stricken 4077th, but his return is delayed by outside events. While casualties continue to pour in from the front, the 4077th's generator conks out, and the backup has been stolen.
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High Noon In Mayberry (s3, ep17)
Barney gets hysterical when Andy receives a letter from a man he arrested and sent to prison. The convict is to be released soon and says in the letter that he is coming to settle the score with Andy.
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Jealousy (s6, ep3)
Eb won't stop badgering "Dad" to buy him a car, though an increasingly irritated Oliver keeps saying no. Meanwhile, Lisa is busy lavishing gifts on Little Lori. Feeling he's been replaced in the Douglas family, a dejected Eb runs away to find a new job.
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D-day At Stalag 13 (s3, ep3)
Hogan pulls a hoax to get a general to believe Klink is replacing him as chief of staff.
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Sergeant Schultz Meets Mata Hari (s3, ep4)
The Gestapo gets a female to pry information out of Schultz.
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Guest Paul Sand
In Honeymoon Sweet, newlyweds Carol and Paul have honeymoon jitters. Then, Carol and the gang perform classic TV Commercial parodies, including Diaper Dampers, E.F. Mutton, the Innersplotch Water Mattress, Matador, Scoop Mouthwash, and Cross-My-Body-Bra. Finally, in Astronauts Going to Mars, Paul finds out that he wasn't invited to a barbecue back on Earth and rubs it in Harvey's face.
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The Case Of The Rolling Bones (s1, ep39)
When Daniel Reed finds himself being blackmailed by an old business partner from his time in Alaska, Mason must first save him from the insane asylum and then the gas chamber.
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Mr. Bevis (s1, ep33)
An eccentric loser gets a new life from his guardian angel, but there is a price to keeping it.
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Gratitude (s6, ep27)
When the syndicate turns against the owner of a casino, he fears for his life.
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The Pearl Necklace (s6, ep28)
A young man convinces his girlfriend to accept the marriage proposal from an old, sick and very rich man.
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Lifeline (s5, ep1)
After a nightclub singer, and friend of Mannix, begins displaying erratic behavior, he soon becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.
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Missing At Fl307
"An ex-convict boards an airplane in Atlanta for a reunion with his daughter but when the plane lands he's nowhere to be found."
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Poisoned Pigeon (s3, ep22)
A pair of con artists murder a victim who's found them out.