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Stolen Car Ring (s2, ep12)
Dan Mathews almost gets the wrong man in a ring of clever car thieves.
Missing Persons - The Body (s4, ep20)
Working with the slimmest of leads, police attempt to identify a woman's body.
Forgery - The Ranger (s4, ep21)
Other people's credit cards are found in the possession of a forest ranger.
Table For Eight (s10, ep14)
Barbara faces a fiasco when she prepares her first dinner party for Steve's business associates and their wives.
Toon Cruise
"Ship ahoy! Bill and Toony enjoy a luxury cruise, waterslides and all."
The Book Report (s6, ep30)
Beaver has been assigned to write a book report on 'The Three Musketeers.' However he's waited right down to the wire to get reading and quickly realizes that he'll never get finished. So, he decides to watch the movie that's going to be on TV and write his book report based on the movie.
The Poor Loser (s6, ep31)
Ward is given two tickets to a baseball game and is faced with an impossible decision. Should he take Wally or Beaver? Beaver lets him off the hook when he announces he has plans with Gilbert. However, when they fall through, Beaver changes his mind about the game and becomes convinced because he's the youngest he gets the short stick.
The Case Of The Drifting Dropout (s7, ep28)
Mason defends a mixed-up man accused of killing his former boss. The young man's uncle had been a business partner of the deceased and was quite a crook. Scandal and intrigue run deep and it's up to Mason to dredge up the culprit.
The Witness Killings: Part 2 (s6, ep)
Matlock goes back to his hometown for a family reunion, but things turn sticky when a good friend of his nephew's son dies, and his rival is charged with murder.
Baby For Sale (s5, ep2)
After Bubba's cousin adopts a baby her husband is blackmailed by the child's real parents - they want him to help them steal the payroll where he works.
The Ceremony (s1, ep9)
A Jewish Nazi-refugee family moves to Walton's Mountain from Germany
Chief Joseph (s10, ep19)
A desperately ill chief causes tension when he lodges in the Dodge House.
The Desperado (s12, ep19)
A fugitive black man holds Hoss hostage—and has no problems killing a white man.
The Long Goodbye (s4, ep9)
Stubborn Grandpa Fogarty is Lucas's main roadblock as he tries to get young Woody Fogarty to attend school.
The Davey Baxter Story (s6, ep17)
"When his wagon falls down a cliff, Davey Baxter's mother is killed, and his arm is crushed. The doctor is unavailable, so Chris is forced to make the decision to amputate. This changes everything for Davey and the girl he plans to marry."
Dana Hall (s7, ep22)
As Malloy continues his fill-in assignment for Sgt. MacDonald, Reed is paired with the department's first female officer, which presents both of them with a series of unique challenges. On patrol, they detain an underage drunk driver with a dismissive mother, search a parking garage for car strippers and help round up a large group of young people causing trouble outside a rock concert.
Something Worth Dying For: Part 1 (s7, ep23)
After a well known hype is released because of a lack of probable cause, Reed decides to temporarily join the narcotics squad to hone his skills. The demands of the assignment quickly take their toll on him personally, and his worst fears are realized when Malloy assists in a narcotics bust.
Mad Dogs And Servicemen (s3, ep13)
A local dog bites Radar, and the camp conducts a search to find the pooch so that Radar doesn't have to undergo a series of painful rabies vaccinations. Hawkeye defies Frank, to take care of a GI who's suffering from a case of hysterical paralysis.
Bombed (s3, ep15)
The camp is under fire and is swamped with wounded. They are being attacked by their own artillery in a frightening "friendly fire" incident. After Trapper and Margaret get trapped in the supply tent together, Frank's jealousy of Trapper drives him to propose to Margaret.
Bulletin Board (s3, ep16)
Camp activities include Henry's nervous delivery of a sex lecture, with Hawkeye and Trapper heckling, a Shirley Temple movie and a cookout.
Aunt Bee The Warden (s2, ep23)
When the Mayberry jail is filled to capacity with a group of moonshiners who blame Otis for their capture, Andy takes Otis home to serve his term.
Clampett City (s3, ep2)
Because Mammoth Pictures is losing money, Drysdale decides to tear down the studio and turn it into Clampett City. The Clampetts are excited about getting a town and streets named after them, and when they go to explore their town, they come to a Western set, which they fall in love with.
The Hungarian Curse (s3, ep26)
The man who saved the life of Lisa's uncle moves in on the Douglases seeking repayment for his good deed. Lisa feels an obligation to help Lazlo, but Oliver is simply irritated by his constant money-grubbing. Oliver's also unfazed by Lazlo's threats to cast a Hungarian curse on him.
Unfair Exchange (s5, ep5)
Hogan kidnaps Burkhalter's sister in order to exchange her for a captured Allied agent.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Maggie Smith
In Kitchen Crumbles, Carol tests her newly remodeled kitchen, and everything goes wrong. Then, in The Family, Eunice meets with her son's teacher, who thinks the problem may start at home.
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The Case Of The Difficult Detour (s4, ep21)
Contactor Pete Mallory is charged with the murder of a vacation resort developer.
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Post Mortem (s3, ep33)
A woman learns that a winning sweepstakes ticket is in the suit her husband was buried in.
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The Crocodile Case (s3, ep34)
A man murders his lover's husband to have her for himself.
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Search In The Dark (s7, ep11)
A blind crook and Mannix are both on the trail of some valuable stolen jewels.
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The Set-up
"Cannon is a victim of mistaken identity and later almost killed."
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Echo Of A Distant Battle (part 2) (s7, ep15)
Barnaby tangles with violent veterans of the Vietnam war as he attempts to clear the name of an Army deserter who's still missing.