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Fake Cop
A hold-up artist impersonates a Highway Patrol officer.
Homicide - Cigarette Butt
A murder victim's smoking habits help Friday track down the killer.
D.h.q. - Missing Person
A high school student is missing.
Ricky's European Booking
Ricky's band is going on a European tour but he can't afford to take Lucy, who's not about to take this lying down. Her plan: raffle off a TV set to benefit Ladies Overseas Aid. "We're ladies," Lucy tells Ethel (who's scheming to go, too). "We want to go overseas. And, boy, do we need aid." The Pied Pipers perform the theme from Ball and Arnaz's 1956 movie, 'Forever Darling.'
Love Finds Jane Hathaway
Elly is starting her new job as a secretary, though not finding success in it. After Jane gets out some of her old typing books for Elly, Dick Bremerkamp, a tenant in her building and unemployed actor, sees the two girls and starts asking Finney about the gorgeous blonde. After Finney tells him all about it, he gets in good with Miss Jane by posing as an Autobahn and Drysdale by posing as a Getty.
Chip, Robbie and Mike find a wild bird and a frightened girl.
Wally's License
Now that Wally is 17, he feels it's about time that he get his drivers license. However, June and Ward are a bit apprehensive about the idea of Wally driving, but Wally is persistant and finally gets his parents to agree to let him take a drivers class.
The Late Edition
Beaver has his heart set on taking a swing at being a paper boy again but another kid beats him to it. This leads Beaver to think about using sabatoge to get the new paper boy fired. However, the boy may just do that himself when the service becomes terrible leading Beaver to confront him only to discover he is a she.
The Case Of The Corresponding Corpse
Mason receives a telephone call from George Beaumont, a man who supposedly died in a plane crash nearly three years earlier. In reality, Beaumont missed the plane and after hearing about the accident decided to disappear.
The Suspect: Part 2
Matlock defends a wealthy widow charged with the murder of her husband, while Michelle defends a father accused of murdering the drug dealer who got his child hooked.
Execution Of Trust
A psychiatrist tells Gillespie that one of her patients has confessed to a crime that another man is about to be executed for, but she refuses to divulge his identity.
The Children's Carol - Part I
As Christmas approaches, Mary Ellen and the baby leave to be near Curt
Til Death Do Us
"Jezra Cobb is shot at but the man gets away. Kitty overhears a drifter named Puggy say that he was paid $300 to kill Jezra. Matt rides out to Jezra's ranch to talk to him but his wife insists they have a piece of pie first before going to see Jezra in the barn."
The Tragedian
"Edward, as washed up actor, gets caught cheating at cards. Matt gets him a job washing dishes but Edward steals money and gets drunk. Matt has Chester lock him up while he looks for the brother of a murder who's out to shoot him so his brother won't stand trial."
Cutthroat Junction
Virginia City is about to become a ghost town when the lifeline to the outside world, the stage line, is threatened to be cut off.
The Clarence Bibs Story
A janitor-turned-gunfighter's reputation hangs on one lucky shot—and a lot of gall.
The Score Is Even
Lucas looks for help when he is shot after witnessing a murder.
The Luke O'malley Story
Luke O'Malley, fleeing Mexican bandits whom he double crossed, joins the wagon train disguised as a minister.
Malloy and Reed search for a six-year-old boy who was apparently abducted while walking home from school, and later fear that an elderly witness's wildly inaccurate account may actually pertain to a different crime. They also respond to a barking dog complaint and become suspicious of the dog's owner, mediate a domestic dispute caused by a husband's obsession with watching football, respond to a very creative college prank and pursue armed robbery suspects through a crowded train depot with the aid of a police helicopter.
The Wednesday Warrior
Reed becomes preoccupied with the well being of a friend, an electrical engineer by profession, who has just qualified as a reserve police officer and has the bad luck of drawing Officer Wells as his partner. On patrol, Reed and Malloy help out a group of distrusting young adults who are planning to illegally camp in a public park after a rock concert, pull over a young couple in a stolen car and aid wells and the reservist in the foot chase of a heavily armed man who has been coercing innocent strangers into committing bank robberies.
Here's Snow In Your Eyes
Trouble ensues when lodge delegates Fred and Barney attend a convention at a ski resort.
A Date With Fonzie
The Fonz picks two of his favorite chicks out of his not-so-little black book to help Richie out of a dating dry spell.
Hanky Panky
Nurse Carrie Donovan receives a Dear Jane letter from her husband, and practically falls apart. B.J. consoles her, and they spend the night together. Feelings of guilt come over B.J. until he discusses them with Donovan and the air is cleared.
Father Mulcahy comes down with infectious hepatitis, and Hawkeye has to give the whole camp antibiotics, while dealing with a psychosomatic back pain. Meanwhile, B.J. has to perform a very difficult operation.
Those Gossipin' Men
After Andy teases the fairer sex about gossiping, Aunt Bee pulls a prank to prove that men are gossips, too.
The Beauty Contest
Andy is chosen to be the sole judge of a local beauty pageant. The entrants include Floyd's niece, the mayor's daughter and Ellie Walker.
Gomer, The Peace Maker
When Bunny gets mad once again at Sgt. Carter, he sends Gomer in to explain what really happened.
The Road
Oliver's angry over Hooterville's dirt road, especially after learning the money to pave it was appropriated thirty years earlier. Never content to leave well enough alone, he descends on the state capitol demanding that something be done. He makes little headway until Lisa mentions the name of powerful hot dog vendor Big Joe Haney.
The Flight Of The Valkyrie
Because of all the "funny business" going on, Klink brings in Colonel Crittendon to replace Hogan as officer in charge of POWs. His arrival louses up plans to help a German baroness escape to England.
The Prisoner's Prisoner
A British commando gives Hogan the assignment he failed at: blow up an ammo dump. Once done, Hogan uses a German general to find out where he is planning to attack.
On Now
Guests Ken Berry And Cass Elliot (part 1)
"Guests Ken Berry and Cass Elliot. Originally aired on 10/13/71."
The Case Of The Sleepy Slayer
When a man is accused of killing his employer, who still owed him $50,000 for an accident years before, it's up to Mason to find the real killer.
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The Trade-ins
An elderly couple visits the New Life Corporation, hoping to transport their personalities into youthful artificial bodies.
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Terror At Northfield
A pious extremist embarks on a killing spree to retaliate for the death of his son.
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The Faces Of Murder
A man and his sister both confess to the same crime. Mannix gets involved to sort things out.
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Tomorrow Ends At Noon
Cannon is hired by a Cuban exile to investigate the death of the man's brother at the hands of law enforcement officials.
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Time To Kill
When a dinner guest falls asleep, his host steals his diamond.