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The Judge (s3, ep33)
Red Baker escapes from prison and sets out to destroy the judge who sent him there.
The Hit And Run Driver (s1, ep12)
Friday and Gannon use newspapers, radio and TV to publicize their clues to the identity of a hit-and-run driver.
The Big Bookie (s1, ep13)
Friday goes undercover with the department's chaplain in order to bust a gambling ring.
Dr. Osborne, M.d. (s9, ep2)
Controversy erupts in the Douglas household over the selection of a doctor for Katie during her pregnancy.
Parks And Record
"All aboard the RV! Bill and Toony are hitting some of the lesser-known National Parks."
Mistaken Identity (s4, ep28)
A police officer catches Richard throwing rocks at the windows of an old abandoned house. When asked for his name, he tells the officer it is Theodore Cleaver. Meanwhile, Ward has joined a committee to organize a youth center.
Wally's Dream Girl (s4, ep29)
Wally falls head over heels for a popular girl in school, Ginny Townsend. To get them together, June slyly invites Ginny on a picnic and the Cleaver's quickly discover that Ginny is not exactly a barrel of laughs.
The Con Man (s4, ep)
When a victim of a group of con men is charged with murdering one of them, Matlock takes the case while Michelle attempts to get close to the remaining con artists.
Crackdown (s3, ep5)
Someone is selling crack to teenagers and Sweet tries desperately to save a young addict.
The Unthinkable (s8, ep15)
A soldier in Jason's company is Jewish. He tells the Waltons what is happening to Jews by the Nazis
My Sister's Keeper (s9, ep6)
A grief-stricken widower gets a job as a hired hand for two sisters.
A Ride In The Sun (s10, ep30)
When Tobias, April Horn and a former Army scout pull off a daring robbery, injuring Ben in the process, Hoss and Joe join the search posse, bent on catching the thieves.
The Boarding House (s1, ep22)
Reformed card shark Julia Massini now runs a respectable boarding house in North Fork, but Sid Fallon is threatening to reveal her sordid past unless she lets him turn the establishment into a saloon and gambling hall.
The Second Witness (s1, ep23)
Lucas puts his life in jeopardy when he agrees to testify in a murder case involving a witness killed before he could testify and a killer still at large.
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The Selena Hartnell Story (s5, ep4)
"Selena Hartnell joins the train after bandits attack her wagon. Later, she reveals she is a bounty hunter looking for William Barrett, a murderer on the run. It turns out that Barrett is Will Cottrell, the leader of pacifists on the train."
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Citizens All (s4, ep14)
Malloy and Reed deal with a surly victim of a purse snatching and search for her assailant, who is driving a vehicle that should be easy to spot. In the meantime, they surveil a disabled vehicle with a suspicious driver, respond to a loud music call at a residence that's been transformed into a hippie party house by its recently widowed owner, and break up a fist fight at a lunch stand.
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The Princess And The Pig (s4, ep15)
Malloy and reed report to a disturbance at a night club caused by a young folk singer whose career has been derailed by drug addiction and contends that she is being threatened with death by the manager who is a member of a large drug ring. Reed agrees to
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Your Hit Parade (s6, ep18)
With the arrival of a shipment of records, Radar plays the part of a disc jockey and helps to get everyone through the incredibly long deluge of wounded.
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What's Up, Doc? (s6, ep19)
Hot Lips, believing herself to be pregnant, asks Hawkeye to test her. The only rabbit available to use for the test is Radar's pet, Fluffy. Meanwhile, Martinson, a patient, holds Charles at gunpoint, demanding he be sent back to Ohio.
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Mail Call Three (s6, ep20)
After a delay of three weeks, five sacks of mail arrive, and everyone in camp reacts to good and bad news from home. Hawkeye receives love letters addressed to another Benjamin Pierce, another man has approached B.J.'s wife, and Radar's mom has found a boyfriend.
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The Rumor (s4, ep29)
When Barney sees Andy kissing Helen in a jewelry store, he gets the idea that they are engaged. So he starts planning an engagement party and gets the whole town involved.
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Barney And Thelma Lou, Phfftt (s4, ep30)
After Gomer naively tells Thelma Lou that Barney thinks "he has her in his hip pocket." Thelma Lou decides to teach Barney a lesson by flirting with Gomer.
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The Clampetts Entertain (s1, ep31)
Granny is feeling lonely, so the family tries to get her riled up so she can start a fight with someone, because that always makes her feel better. The plan backfires though, and the family apologized to Granny. So to get Granny in higher spirits, Jed invites the Drysdales and Jane to supper. But the chairman of the board, Marty Van Ransohoff, stops by and invites the Drysdales to dine on his yacht.
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His Honor (s2, ep15)
Oliver misunderstands when the Hooterville bigwigs ask him to be a judge. He thinks he's being appointed an appellate judge but they just want him to judge apples at the county fair. The Douglases travel to New York so Oliver can get some judging advice while Lisa shops for a robe and wig for His Honor.
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Tanks For The Memory (s2, ep9)
Hogan is ordered to photograph and destroy a model for a radio-controlled tank that is being tested at camp.
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Will The Real Adolf Please Stand Up? (s2, ep12)
With camp security raised, Hogan and his men are desperate to smuggle top-secret German fortifications information to the Allies. The solution? Make liberal use of Carter's remarkable impersonation of Adolf Hitler.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Guest Steve Lawrence
In Double Calamity, the gang parodies the film-noir classic "Double Indemnity", with Carol as Barbara Stanwyck and Steve as Fred McMurray.
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The Case Of The Golden Fraud (s3, ep7)
Richard Vanaman's shot at a big promotion is sabotaged when he is framed for murder.
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The Obsolete Man (s2, ep29)
In a future state where religion and books have been banned, a librarian is judged obsolete and sentenced to death.
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The Gentlemen From America (s1, ep31)
Howard Latimer accepts a peculiar bet: to spend the night at a supposedly haunted manor.
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The Baby Sitter (s1, ep32)
Lottie Slocum is excited to be the center of attention after the woman she babysits for is murdered.
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Moving Target (s5, ep1)
Mannix is convinced that the man who is intending to kill Ken Mitchell is his own partner, Paul Anders. Yet the whole thing becomes muddled when Ken confesses that Anders is a fictitious character he came up with only for tax purposes.
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Hounds Of Hell (s3, ep4)
Frank travels to a small ranching town to help out a writer friend charged with a double murder. Frank's only clue is a cryptic note left by the man's wife.
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Killer On Campus (s5, ep20)
Barnaby probes the supposed suicide of a college professor who had been the victim of his student's pranks.