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The Lost Patrol (s2, ep12)
When the Army conducts maneuvers near the Shady Rest, the soldiers seem to be more interested in Kate's girls than war games.
Smoke-eaters (s2, ep13)
The Hooterville volunteer fire department band decides that it is time to raise the funds needed to create an actual fire department for the town.
The Happy Bank (s7, ep22)
Drysdale is sick of the Clampetts running their various businesses on the fifth floor, but many of the bank employees visit J.C. Enterprises. One secretary, Carol, is scheming to get Jed to take interest in her, after learning how much he’s worth, while Granny is treating Louise Cats, who she tells Drysdale is a bank employee, but actually is a pregnant cat of Elly May’s.
Sam Drucker's Visit (s7, ep23)
The Clampetts return from giving up J.C. Enterprises, and Granny gets a telegram saying that Sam Drucker, who won a trip to Hollywood, is going to visit, thinking he is coming to propose. When he arrives, she tries to get him to believe she is the goddess of the handsome Hollywood actors, as does Jethro, who doesn’t want Granny to move to Hooterville.
How Green Is My Spinach, We Aim To Please, Child Psykolojiky, The Jeep, A Job For A Gob, Axe Me Another, For Better Or Nurse
"To finally defeat Popeye, Bluto sets out to destroy the spinach crop., Popeye and Olive Oyl open a new diner., Popeye and Poopdeck Pappy disagree on how Swee'pea should be raised., Popeye and the Jeep, his magical pet, visit Olive and learn Swee'pea has crawled out of his crib and disappeared., Popeye and Bluto compete for the job of Olive's ranch hand., Popeye challenges Bluto for throwing Olive Oyl into the river., When Olive takes a job as a nurse in a hospital, Popeye and Bluto try to impress her."
The Tom and Jerry Show
Flying Cat, One Droopy Knight, Half Pint Palamino, The Mouse From H.u.n.g.e.r., Screwball Squirrel, Droopy Leprechaun, Hic Cup Pup
"Jerry and a canary save one another from Tom, and take refuge in the Canary's birdhouse., Sir Droopalot and Sir Butchalot vie with each other to kill a dragon that is terrorizing their kingdom. Whoever vanquishes the dragon will marry the king's daughter., A millionaire puts up a large prize for the capture of the smallest horse in the world and Barnery Bear is given the task., Jerry, the Mouse From H.U.N.G.E.R., sets out to find the food guarded by Tom, the Cat From T.H.R.U.S.H.., Screwy Squirrel abuses Meathead dog with numerous gags until the dog has finally had enough and begs for the cartoon to end., Droopy gets mistaken for a leprechaun while visiting Ireland., Tom must help the bulldog and his pup cure a case of the hiccups."
Hare Lift, Wild About Hurry, Bill Of Hare, The Rebel Without Claws, The Eggcited Rooster, Good Noose, Oily Hare
"Bugs takes the 50-cent tour of a giant plane which Sam hijacks and Bugs is forced to fly at gun-point. , The Coyote is trying everything to catch the Road Runner including a giant slingshot, rock, roller skate and giant magnet. , Bugs is interrupted from his dinner cooking when Taz breaks loose on the pier and tries to eat the rabbit. Bugs outwits Taz and convinces Taz that he should eat moose, the two then go off hunting... , All the Confederate Army's carrier pigeons have been shot down, leaving the task of delivering an important message to Tweety. , Foghorn's wife forces him to sit on their baby egg. The dog starts annoying him and Foghorn must get someone else to sit on the egg so he can get back at the dog. , Daffy is found as a stowaway aboard large ship. In an effort to avoid being thrown off board he tries entertaining the captain with amateur magic tricks. , A Texas oilman and his assistant, Maverick, try everything to get Bugs to move his hole from their oil fields. "
The Night Of The Tartar (s2, ep19)
President Grant gives orders to agents James West and Artemus Gordon to deliver prisoner Rimsky to Vladivostok, Russia, in a prisoner exchange for American vice-consul Millard Boyer. When Rimsky dies in an escape attempt, Gordon assumes his identity. The agents are drugged en route and when they come to, led to believe they're in Russia. West is imprisoned and forced to reveal Rimsky's whereabouts. His captors tie him to a stake while saber-swinging Cossacks ride straight for him. Still in disguise, Gordon meets Rimsky's contact Sazanov, in an effort to uncover the Russians' racket.
The Swamp Devil (s5, ep27)
"A section of the wagon train splits to attempt a crossing of a dangerous swamp. On the way they hear stories from the local Indians of a strange creatures living in the swamp. Flint has a secret worry as he leads them."
Wagonload Of Dreams (s2, ep16)
The Barkleys help a Greek immigrant deliver his fruit to San Francisco via wagon after the railroad manager jacks up the freight price to make a windfall profit.
The Deadly Innocent (s19, ep13)
Festus does what he can to help a mentally challenged young man, but soon learns the responsibility is more than he can handle.
A Hot Day For A Hanging (s4, ep4)
On behalf of his father, Hoss sets out to deliver a large sum of money to the town of Dutchman Flats. Upon his arrival, however, Hoss is arrested by Sheriff Stedman on a charge of bank robbery.
Incident At The Top Of The World (s3, ep12)
There's a new drover who has spent the past five years in an Army hospital and is addicted to morphine.
Have Gun, Will Travel
Show Of Force (s1, ep9)
After winning a batch of old rifles in a poker game, Paladin finds himself involved in a range war.
The Prodigal (s2, ep31)
To keep his invalid mother happy, an outlaw forces Lucas and Mark to go along with a masquerade that he is the owner of Lucas' ranch.
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The Fourflusher (s2, ep32)
A sharecropper enters his colt in a horse race, hoping to win enough money to buy his farm from the owner, who has bet on Mark McCain's entry.
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Restless Knights, Tassels In The Air, Hokus Pokus, Income Tax Sappy, Listen, Judge, I Can Hardly Wait
"Set in Medieval times, the Stooges learn they are of royal blood and vow to save the kingdom. , Moe pretends to be trendy interior designer. , The Stooges are defense workers who have trouble getting to sleep when Curly gets a toothache. Moe and Larry try various ways to remove the offending tooth, but nothing works so they take Curly to the dentist. While Moe gets in the chair to show Curly how easy it's going to be, the dentist enters and pulls Moe's tooth by mistake. Curly then wakes up and realizes its all been a dream and a punch to the mouth from Moe dislodges the tooth. , When the boys witness a hypnotist, "The Great Svengarlic", doing his act on the street, they think he might be able to hypnotize a friend so she can walk., Tax cheats Moe, Larry and Shemp decide they're so good at cheating the government, that they start a business as crooked tax advisors. They become rich, but an undercover agent from the IRS gets the goods on them, and it's off to jail for the Stooges. , Includes 3 hilarious episodes: "Listen Judge", "Bubble Trouble" and "Dunked in the Deep." "
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Man-made Monster
"Mad scientist turns a man into an electrically-controlled monster to do his bidding."
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The Joker Is Wild (s1, ep5)
After the Joker escapes from prison, Batman and Robin search for him, certain he'll attack. However, Batman's secret identity is in jeopardy when the Joker finally surfaces.
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The Empath (s3, ep12)
On a planet doomed to destruction, Kirk, Spock and McCoy become involved with two aliens who use them as laboratory animals in a bizarre series of tests on an alien empath who may be the savior of her planet.
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They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be (s1, ep3)
An invisible alien sucks down the bone marrow of its victims while it makes repairs and looks for directions home. This is the only story where Kolchak fails to stop the "monster."
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Deadliest Of The Species (s3, ep11)
The Robinsons encounter two aliens who are on a mission to destroy an escaped robot prisoner. Meanwhile, the Robinsons' robot meets and falls in love with the mechanical femme fatale.
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Monster From The Inferno (s3, ep1)
A creature that is purely brains tries to take over the Seaview.
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The Chase (s1, ep26)
Inspector Kobick forces the Earthlings to help him deal with a ring of counterfeiters by holding some of their number hostage.
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The Ghost Of Nero (s1, ep19)
In 1915, the travelers try to keep the ghost of Nero from taking revenge on a descendant of Nero's rival.