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The Betrayed (s1, ep12)
David's personal life threatens his mission when aliens resort to foul play to recover a computer tape.
Give Or Take A Million
"On Christmas Eve, two crooks break into the Second National Bank in New York. When the alarm is raised, they flee the crime scene and stow away inside a rocket which is delivering presents to a local children's hospital. One of those presents is an invitation to be a guest at Tracy Island for Christmas."
Sats (s4, ep)
Jessie's self-esteem takes a dive when she gets a lower score on her SAT than Zack, hurting her chances at getting into Stansbury College.
The Bayside Triangle (s5, ep)
Screech realizes that Zack and Lisa have fallen for each other while Zack helps her put on a fashion show.
Student-teacher Week (s5, ep)
It's student-teacher week. Belding and Zack switch places while Kelly becomes Slater's teacher. When Kelly gives a test and everyone in her class fails, Zack faces a hard decision: to either be their friend or their leader.
The Teacher's Strike (s5, ep)
To go on a ski trip, the gang conjures up a teacher's strike only to learn that it could affect the academic bowl.
Screech's Spaghetti Sauce (s5, ep)
While working on a cable television show for communications class, the gang starts promoting Screech's new flavor of spaghetti sauce. Trouble is afoot, however, when a snobbish girl takes an interest in Screech's success.
Mystery Weekend (s4, ep)
The gang wins a mystery weekend at a mansion where they will all play a part in a murder mystery. The trouble begins when the game goes awry and Zack is left as the prime suspect.
Carry On Nurse Fred (s3, ep22)
Fred's effort to achieve tranquility is tested by the nurse who takes over his home.
Ventriloquist Barney (s3, ep23)
Barney fools Fred into thinking that the Flintstone's new daughter, Pebbles, can talk.
Space Car, The (s1, ep4)
A mix up causes George and Jane to get into the identical flying car of bank robber, Knuckles Nuclear.
The Big Sprain (s1, ep19)
Carol is out of town visiting her sick aunt when Alice sprains her ankle, leaving Mike and the kids to fend for themselves. Meanwhile, Alice's boyfriend Sam wonders whether or not he should take someone else to the upcoming Meatcutters' Ball.
Brace Yourself (s1, ep20)
Marcia is distraught after getting braces, and is convinced that they've made her ugly. Her brothers and sisters try their best to make Marcia feel less self-conscious, but they have little success.
Chuckie's New Shoes (s4, ep11)
A neighbor gives Wally the responsibility of taking her son, Chuckie, down to the shoe store to pick out a pair of shoes. However, when Wally gives the job to Beaver, Beaver finds himself searching for Chuckie, who has gotten himself lost.
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Beaver And Kenneth (s4, ep12)
While at a parent's meeting, June leans from Miss Landers that someone has been stealing in Beaver's class. So far a baseball glove, a lunch box and a baseball cap were heisted. Later, June makes a shocking discovery; she finds the stolen items under Beaver's bed. This leaves June and Ward wondering if they're raising a thief.
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Elly Comes Out (s5, ep22)
Elly shows Granny an article about an old school mate getting engaged after having a coming out party. Granny tells Jed about this, and the clan decides to give Elly May a coming out party. Drysdale isn’t happy about hearing this, especially the spare-no-expense part and seeing the Clampetts’ country decorations. Drysdale decides to get someone to help with the task so the Clampetts don’t embarrass themselves, getting his wife to tend to them.
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The Matador (s5, ep23)
Jethro wants a job to make money and stops by the movie studio looking for work. He sees El Magnifico, a bullfighter, who gets flocked by girls and makes millions, and Jethro decides that bullfighting is what he wants to do. The family isn’t too happy, but Jed decides to get a bull for Jethro, figuring he’ll give up fighting the bull to barbecue it instead. Jethro gets the bull, but has no luck fighting it, and Elly starts making a pet out of it, naming it Marvin.
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A Nose By Any Other Name (s1, ep36)
A fall from a coconut tree gives Gilligan an inflated nose and a deflated ego.
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Gilligan's Mother-in-law (s2, ep1)
A native family from another island comes seeking a husband for their lovely but large daughter.
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Mama's Silver (s1, ep)
When Vint's troublemaking friend is thrown in jail, he hocks Mama's silver to bail his buddy out. But when Mama discovers this, Vint ends up on the streets.
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Alien Marriage (s1, ep)
Vint schemes to make money by pretending to be married to a girl from Portugal in need of a green card—until Mama catches wind of the plan.
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Spider Serenade / Next Door Wife / Harder They Fall
"Gopher finds romance with a recently separated passenger--until her estranged husband suddenly shows up and announces his intention of winning her back. A woman tries to pry her soon-to-be-ex-husband away from his girlfriend by coming on the cruise and rooming in the cabin next to theirs. Two distinguished passengers, who squared off in a boxing match decades earlier, renew their rivalry. They schedule a fight on the ship to settle the score once and for all."
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Goober And The Art Of Love (s5, ep20)
Andy and Barney try to set the perpetually unlucky-in-love Goober up with a woman.
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Props/costumes- Jennifer Klein
"Jennifer Klein grew up in LA with a dad who worked in Hollywood, and her screen used Props & Costumes collection from TV shows like "CHIPs" and films like "Back To The Future" is stunning. Expert and longtime costume dealer Marcia Tysseling appraises Jen's collection and has brought some classic TV costumes to offer in trade."
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Settling Debts (s11, ep7)
Hawkeye and the crew surprise Colonel Potter with a party to commemorate Mildred's final payment on the couple's mortgage.
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The Moon Is Not Blue (s11, ep8)
With the camp facing prohibition and a severe medical supply shortage during another heat wave, Hawkeye resolves to lift morale by importing a racy new movie.
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Mike And Gloria Mix It Up (s4, ep16)
One evening, Edith and Archie go out for the evening to a party that Edith's Cousin Amelia is having, leaving Mike and Gloria with the house to themselves. When Gloria makes sexual advances on Mike, the two become embroiled in a huge argument, in which Mike insists that the man is supposed to make the first move.
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Archie Feels Left Out (s4, ep17)
It's Archie's 50th birthday and Edith, Gloria and Mike are planning a surprise party for him. However, Archie finds out about the party and Edith insists that he act surprised when he walks through the door. Meanwhile, Archie isn't so happy about celebrating his birthday when Archie insists that he's 49, but Mike confirms that he indeed is 50 years old, according to his birth certificate.
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Et Tu, Archie (s4, ep18)
Archie is all excited when an old friend whom he used to work with, Joe Tucker, stops by for a visit. Archie soon discovers that Joe, who has been unemployed for quite some time, is trying to get a job at Archie's plant. Archie soon tries to sabotage Joe's efforts to land a job at the loading dock because he's afraid the man might be in line for his position.
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Gloria's Boyfriend (s4, ep19)
Gloria befriends the box boy, George, who works at the local supermarket and happens to be mentally handicapped. When Archie discovers this, all of his misconceptions come pouring out and he encourages Gloria not to lead him on. Meanwhile, Archie encourages George to take a break at the Bunker's while George is still on the clock. George's father storms over to the Bunker's home with the bad news that George has been fired.
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Janis Joplin, Ed Ames, And More
Today's episode features Janis Joplin, Honey LTD, Les Samurai, Ed Ames, the Carals, Chet Atkins, Floyd Cramer, Boots Randolph, Buddy Hackett.
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Carol Burnett and Friends
Guests Dick Martin And Anthony Newley
In The Wine Tasters, two wine tasters battle it out to enter the Hall of Fame for Wine Tasters. Then, in Send in the Clowns, Carol helps her boss prepare for his wedding and sings the classic song. Finally, in Stella Toddler, Carol's klutzy alter ego is honored with a footprint outside of Grauman's Chinese Theater.
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The Night The Roof Fell In (s2, ep9)
Two bad days lead to a worse night when Rob and Laura argue.
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The Secret Life Of Buddy And Sally (s2, ep10)
Rob thinks Sally and Buddy are having an affair.
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A Man's Pride (s4, ep39)
Ralph tells Alice's ex-boyfriend that he runs things at the bus company.
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Nightmare As A Child (s1, ep29)
A schoolteacher finds a strange and very serious little girl on the stairs outside her apartment. The girl seems to know her, and tries to jog her memory about a man she saw earlier that day.
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Goodbye, George (s2, ep)
A motion picture star receives a surprising stopover from her ex-convict companion, whom she thought was dead.
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Passage To Helena (s4, ep23)
After being arrested in a small Montana town for a minor loitering charge, Kimble is put in jail next to a suspect in a race-related killing. A determined black deputy becomes determined to transport Kimble and the racist murderer to the state capital for
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The Elixir (s3, ep7)
Riva Santel is the recent widow of the president of San Cordova. Deputy Premier Avilla plans to announce free elections, but Riva will declare herself dictator in a coup. The IMF must stop her. Pretending to be a film crew, the IMF team gets in.
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The Missing Night Watchman (s1, ep18)
A body gets dumped off the pier, and Peter is hired by the proprietor of an antiquities shop to locate a stash of diamonds owned by an eccentric collector.
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Murder On The Midway (s1, ep19)
Peter Gunn is hired by a man known as the Baron to protect Rowena, the roommate of a murdered carnival dancer. Rowena is the Baron's girlfriend, and when she becomes infatuated with Gunn, trouble soon follows.