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Fisherman's Luck (s2, ep4)
Dan Mathews investigates the strange theft of a wrecked car.
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Public Affairs - Dr-07 (s3, ep1)
Friday and Gannon appear on a TV panel. The topic: "The Police—Who Needs Them?"
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Juvenile - Dr-05 (s3, ep2)
Cases: an abandoned baby; a teenager on drugs.
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Lonesome Katie (s12, ep22)
Katie becomes disillusioned about life without Robbie, and seriously thinks about divorce after speaking with other wives in the same situation.
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Stuff & Nonsense #12
"Bill and Toony talk to a foley artist, a table lamp throws some shade, and artist Mel Attonin teaches sculpting. Classic cartoons feature Daffy Duck, Foghorn Leghorn, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. "
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School Play (s2, ep11)
A school play has Beaver and his classmates assigned parts and Beaver is assigned the role of a canary. However, he doesn't seem to be graceful enough to fly around like a bird. To make matters worse, on the night of the play, Ward's words of encouragement lead to Beaver coming down with a case of stage fright.
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The Visiting Aunts (s2, ep12)
Beaver and Wally are all excited about going to the carnival; however, Aunt Martha throws a wrench into their plans when she makes an unexpected visit with a friend of hers, forcing Wally and Beaver to count the hours away, hoping she will leave soon enough so they can still go to the carnival.
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The Case Of The Married Moonlighter (s2, ep7)
A moonlighting school teacher is charged with the murder of an acquaintance he had taken home after the man had earlier raised a disturbance at his night job at a cafe.
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Dead Air (s9, ep)
When a radio personality is accused of killing his partner, Matlock suspects the girlfriend of the deceased. The only problem is that she enjoys an airtight alibi on account of her dead boyfriend's neighbor.
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Blessings (s4, ep13)
In this Christmas episode the officers share memories with a reporter from the Sparta Herald.
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The Lost (s17, ep1)
When Kitty gets lost and wanders through the countryside, she encounters a feral little girl who has been on her own for years. Having befriended the child, Kitty is later horrified to learn that the girl has been captured and is headed for a freak show.
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Don't Cry, My Son (s13, ep7)
When the infant son of a Virginia City doctor dies in childbirth, his wife leaves him and the grieving doctor abducts another baby to have for his own.
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Closer Than A Brother (s3, ep22)
Lucas looks for answers when recovering alcoholic Micah Torrence returns to the bottle—and turns in his badge.
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The Lost Treasure Of Canyon Town (s3, ep23)
In a ghost town, Lucas, Mark and Micah tangle with the Newman family and learn the secret of the town's 20-year-old mystery of a lost gold mine.
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The Tracy Sadler Story (s3, ep22)
David Forest always believed his father to be as he claimed. When Tracy Sadler joins the wagon train his beliefs are altered when he slowly and painfully learns the truth about his father's past.
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Northeast Division (s6, ep11)
Reed has full faith that an Explorer Scout volunteering at the station can repair his television set in time to watch 'King Kong,' but Malloy thinks he's crazy for letting a teenager work on expensive electronics. On today's patrol, they engage in a high-speed chase with a teenager on a modified dirt bike, investigate a report of a woman who may have buried her husband in their backyard, search for a female bank robber, deal with a group of women illegally protesting outside a supermarket and respond to a call of a robbery in progress at a coffee shop.
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If The Shoe Fits (s6, ep12)
While Reed is having his shoes fixed at the repair shop, the squeakiness of his replacement shoes is driving Malloy crazy. On patrol, they deal with a deranged homeowner destroying his own possessions, stop a cargo van whose driver misunderstands the meaning of double jeopardy, search for a young boy hiding in an industrial building about to be demolished and create a hostage situation after shooting a bank robber.
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Morticia And The Psychiatrist (s1, ep2)
Gomez and Morticia are shocked when Pugsley joins the Boy Scouts, begins playing baseball and even gets a puppy. Fearing something is wrong, they turn to a psychiatrist, who begins to analyze the boy and makes the suggestion to Gomez and Morticia that they should cater to his every whim.
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Allison (s7, ep20)
Fonzie meets a deaf woman at the electric company office where he is attempting to straighten out a billing error for Howard. He gives Richie the indication that this girl may be the one.
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Pilot Episode
"At the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (M.A.S.H) unit in Korea, two army doctors by the names of Hawkeye Pierce and Trapper John McIntyre receive some exciting news in the mail. Their Korean house boy, Ho-John got accepted into Hawkeye's old college. Hawkeye and Trapper decide to hold a party filled with music, dancing, and alcohol to raise money for Ho-John's plane trip to the U.S. They achieve this by raffling off a weekend pass with a nurse, Lieutenant Dish for R&R in Tokyo."
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To Market, To Market (s1, ep2)
After black marketers hijack the 4077th's supply of hydrocortisone, Hawkeye and Trapper concoct a deal with local black marketer, Charlie Lee, to get some more. The catch: Henry's antique oak desk, which they must trade in order to get the medicine.
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Cousin Virgil (s2, ep30)
Barney tries to help out his visiting cousin, Virgil. When Virgil makes one too many mistakes, Barney rails against him and storms out. Leave it to Andy to put things right.
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Deputy Otis (s2, ep31)
Otis has been writing letters to his brother and sister-in-law for some time on courthouse stationary. Because of this, they have come to believe that he is a deputy, something they expect to see on their upcoming visit.
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Gomer Learns A Bully (s1, ep5)
A troublemaker transfers into the platoon and decides to make Pyle his patsy. Gomer handles him with kindness, but soon learns that he needs to stand up to the brute.
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The Vulgar Ring Story (s2, ep27)
Lisa says that woman in her family must marry an American every fourth generation to keep the huge ring she now wears. She regales Hooterville with the story of her great, great grandmother, the Queen of the Gypsies, and her courtship of an American artist, Cornelius. Much stealing and dancing is involved.
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Everyone Has A Brother-in-law (s2, ep23)
Hogan's plot to destroy an ammunition train is foiled by Burkhalter's brother-in-law.
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Killer Klink (s2, ep24)
Hogan uses an incredibly original ruse to get Schultz a weeklong furlough in Heidelberg. While there, Schultz is to deliver needed radio parts to the underground.
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The Case Of The Reckless Rockhound (s8, ep10)
When a businessman responsible for decimating a local mining business returns to town, it is not long before he is found murdered.
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The Silence (s2, ep25)
A talkative man takes a $500,000 offer to keep silent for a year.
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The Creeper (s1, ep38)
A serial killer known as “the strangler” terrorizes a New York neighborhood.
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Momentum (s1, ep39)
A man ends up running to the Mexican border after trying to collect money his employer owes him.
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A Copy Of Murder (s2, ep8)
The key to a murder suspect is in a manuscript. But part of it, the most vital part, has disappeared.
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Death Chain (s1, ep2)
The death of a bank manager's mistress leads Cannon into a case of murder and betrayal.
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Dance With Death (s7, ep17)
When a friend of a disco dancer is found murdered, she believes she's a killer's real target.