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Teenage Idol
Rock 'n' roll idol Johnny Poke visits the Clampetts while in town to play the Hollywood Bowl. Granny's not too happy about it; she's worried Jethro will pick up his bad habits. Granny loses her temper and thinks she turned Jethro into a puppy when she says he needs to be taught a lesson.
The Widow Poke Arrives
Granny flies widow Emma Poke out to Beverly Hills to match-make with Jed. She figures she can trick Jed into marriage, though Jed finds out what is going on. However, Jed doesn’t want to marry her, and it turns out that Emma doesn’t want to marry him.
Marked Deck
Morganville's bully-boy, Dan Morgan - to his great misfortune - cheats Bat in a poker game. Bat executes a bold plan to retrieve his money: He discovers the names of Morgan's other victims - and sets out to settle scores for them as well as for himself.
Incident At Leadville
"Lady newspaper editors are a great and colorful Frontier tradition. One of them, Jo Hart, inveighs against Bat Masterson, calling him a ruthless gunman and scoundrel. When Bat calls on the lady to set the record straight, she exercises her "woman's prerogative" of changing her mind."
Gilman, captured by outlaws, hatches a daring escape plan.
Man And Money
Gilman poses as a bank robber to nab a thief.
Night The Town Died
Aaron Bell's brother was lynched during the Civil War. Eight years later, Aaron is released from prison and returns home to kill those responsible for his brother's death. Warren hires Paladin to protect the townspeople from Aaron and protect Aaron from them.
The Ledge
Paladin and four others debate what to do after a man falls off a ledge and it is uncertain whether he is alive or dead. Unresponsive and out of reach, the fallen man may be on the receiving end of a mercy killing if no one can find a way to get to him.
Keeping cool during a stage holdup, Bart catches a twinkle of recognition between his lovely traveling companion (Pat Crowley) and one of the outlaws.
The Nancy Palmer Story
A married couple use the wife's innocent face and winning way with children to gain the trust of their companions on the wagon train so that they won't be suspected when the husband pulls off a bank robbery nearby.
Tunnel Of Gold
Victoria extends credit to help an old friend open a store in Stockton, not knowing that the woman’s husband has a shady background and that his old associates have their eyes on a shipment of Barkley gold.
Father's Love
A woman learns that the man who tried to have his way with her is her husband's uncle.
The Ballerina
A dancer and her father are taken in as guests in the Cartwright household after Hoss injures the latter, who plays the fiddle for his daughter while she dances. His injury now makes it impossible for either to perform.
Incident Of The Wild Deuces
When Mushy wins $1,500 from saloon-owner Lorelie Mears, his troubles begin.
Witch Woman
In Mexico, Josh protects a sensible man and his pregnant wife. The villagers are angered because the man threw the town "witch" off his property.
Josh is hired to find Baa-Baa, a beloved pet of Mrs. Goode's. Her husband is desperate to find Baa-Baa as he is in the dog house with her until Baa-Baa returns. Josh reluctantly goes to look for the lost sheep amid much ridicule from other ranchers and cowboys alike.
Young Englishman
Lucas gets in trouble when he accuses the foreman of a neighboring ranch of rustling some of his cattle.
Back To The Woods, Three Smart Saps, Some More Of Samoa, Spook Louder, Half Wits Holiday, An Ache In Every Stake
The Thing
"Scientists and American Air Force officials fend off a bloodthirsty alien organism while at a remote arctic outpost."
The Galileo Seven
The Galileo, under Spock's command, crash-lands on a hostile planet. As the Enterprise races against time to find the shuttlecraft, Spock's strictly logical leadership clashes with the fear and resentment of his crew.
The Plot To Kill A City: Part 1
Buck goes undercover to stop an attack by masked assailants on New Chicago.
Mr. R.i.n.g.
An android murders anyone that threatens its survival.
Kidnapped In Space
After Dr. Smith answers a distress call from an alien space ship, he learns that the aliens need him to operate on their leader. They only problem is that the aliens are actually a race of robots; furthermore, they will all cease to function if their leader perishes.
On Now
The Peacemaker
Nelson battles a fanatic scientist in possession of a bomb that will destroy the world.
 Remind Me
The Crack Of Doom
Landing on Krakatoa in 1883, the time travelers try to convince a British scientist that the volcano is about to explode.
 Remind Me
The Miracle
A woman is given an alien crystal, which is soon believed to be a miracle.