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That Was The Night That Was
Kate Bradley's Shady Rest is patronized by a guest who gives every indication of being from outer space.
The Eternal Rectangle
When Billie Jo goes out of town, Bobbie Jo and Betty Jo compete for the attention of Steve Elliott.
Start The New Year Right
When the Clampetts learn that Mrs. Drysdale is in the hospital, they decide to visit her to make sure she is doing well. Little do they know, she is there to spite her husband, and won’t leave until the Clampetts have moved away from Beverly Hills. At the hospital, the Clampetts try to make her room more cheerful while she is sleeping, even moving the bed so it faces the window.
Clampett General Hospital
Mrs. Drysdale wakes up to find she is no longer in the hospital but in her one hell—the Clampett mansion. After hearing she’s missing, her husband wants to sue the hospital. But when Jed and Jethro visit to return the mattress Mrs. Drysdale was on when they brought her home, the mystery of what happened is solved.
The Death Of Bat Masterson
"Most-Alive-Man-on-the-Frontier Bat Masterson is pleased to announce that reports of his death are much exaggerated. When he tries to with draw on his account in a Bonanza, Colorado bank, he learns the account was closed out and that he, himself is "deceased.""
The Secret Of Death
"A crime wave sweeps Cheyenne, putting a burden upon the Territorial Administrator. He turns to the one man he knows can handle his problem - Bat Masterson."
The Feud
Gilman steps in when a family feud threatens to erupt in bloodshed.
Rita Moreno and Chill Wills guest star in a drama of survival. On a lonely trail, a killer menaces a wounded Gilman and his two companions.
Lady Of The Fifth Moon
A tong demands that Kim Sing serve as payment for the debts of her deceased father.
Two Plus One
The Indian girl Paladin rescued is a bit too grateful: she vows not to leave him ... ever.
When Bret and Bart learn that their father is planning to wed a young girl against her will as part of a business arrangement, they set out to sabotage the wedding plans.
The Jess Macabbee Story
Flint, scouting ahead of the wagon train, is in search of fresh meat. With prospects none too good he comes upon a hidden paradise, green and lush and offering far more than he expected.
Jarrod arrives at a town to handle a land transaction only to find that the men he was to meet have disappeared.
The Legend
When two outlaw brothers of a troubled family attempt to get their other brother to join them in a robbery, Dr. John Chapman, filling in for Doc Adams, steps in to help.
Sweet Annie Laurie
Hoss offers to help Annie Laurie run away from her abusive husband, a career criminal who is determined to keep his wife under his control.
The Immigrants
Taken prisoner by a Prussian military officer, Clay, Wishbone and Jim incite upheaval among the European's slave workers when they speak about American freedom.
Criss Cross
A well-meaning doctor pays an innocent man to take the blame for his son's robbery. However, the son sets out to kill the man to make sure he never tells.
The Medicine Man
Josh and a phony medicine man help out a man who was framed and falsely accused of the theft of a huge sum of money.
The Martinet
A former army captain comes to North Fork to kill the man who shot down his son in a gunfight—Lucas McCain.
Miss Milly
A new store owner upsets the town by demanding that all credit accounts be paid off.
Three Little Pirates, Dopey Dicks, Hot Scots
I.r.a.c. Is Missing
IRAC believes she will be the next victim of a computer genius who is stealing the memories of the world's greatest computers.
On Now
The Two Faces Of Dr. Jekyll
"Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself."
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A Piece Of The Action
The Enterprise travels to a planet suffering from cultural contamination from an earlier expedition—the inhabitants mimic the culture of 1930's gangland Chicago.
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Mark Of The Saurian
While suffering from an alien fever, Buck fears that an ambassador and his entourage are really reptilian beings in human guise.
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Task Force
Vincent and the believers meet with a publishing magnate
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The Raft
The Robinsons manage to construct a small space ship that they plan to use to return to Earth. Dr. Smith and Will launch the craft but wind up returning back on the original planet.
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Crane finds every hand against him as he tries to stop Nelson's missile attack on Washington.
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The Crash
The Spindrift is drawn through a space warp and crashes on a planet where everything is twelve times larger than Earth. They must quickly learn to deal with a hostile environment while becoming the target of giant scientists who want to capture and study them.
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The Revenge Of Robin Hood
In 13th-century England, Tony and Doug join Robin Hood's revolt against evil King John.