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After his wife and child are killed in a car bomb meant for him, Frank Cannon (William Conrad), detective with the Los Angeles Police Department, resigns from the force to become a private investigator. Cruising for justice in his signature Lincoln Continental Mark IV, Cannon makes an effort to take clients from every walk of life, though he charges the rich hefty fees in order to satisfy his penchant for the finer things in life.

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  • 6/25 3:05AMDevil's Playground
    "A former motorcycle officer who was disabled when a thief tried to steal the payroll from an armored car, seeks Frank's help for the purpose of exacting his revenge."
  • 6/26 3:05AMTreasure of St. Ignacio
    "Stolen precious artifacts from a church in Mexico, has Cannon in search of three suspects."
  • 6/27 3:05AMBlood on the Vine
    "A doctor who is conducting a medical research project at the state prison is the victim of harassment."
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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: The Salinas Jackpot

Frank Cannon is called in to investigate a robbery and murder of six people at a rodeo. The police had come up with nothing after six weeks except for the knowledge that there was a film taken of the rodeo at the day of the crime. Cannon believes that there is a possibility that the rodeo clowns may have played a part in the crime and must now learn where the clown suit came from.

Ep 2: Death Chain

The death of a bank manager's mistress leads Cannon into a case of murder and betrayal.

Ep 3: Call Unicorn

Cannon goes undercover as a truck driver to investigate a series of hijackings.

Ep 4: Country Blues

Cannon is hired to investigate when a famous singer is killed in a plane crash. But for some reason, his family is not cooperating and wants the case closed quickly.

Ep 5: Scream of Silence

Young Charles Lassiter has been kidnapped and the crime seems to be an inside job. But when Charles escapes, he must be silenced before he can reveal who the kidnapper was.

Ep 6: Fool's Gold

The townspeople of the deserted city of Julien, create a conspiracy by using stolen money as a means to make their area look like a boomtown again.

Ep 7: The Girl in the Electric Coffin

A search for a missing girl leads Frank into a case of murder and a romantic triangle when Cannon is hired by the child's mother.

Ep 8: Dead Pigeon

A murderer has blamed his crime on a innocent cop and Cannon is out to prove who the real killer is.

Ep 9: A Lonely Place to Die

A syndicate boss may just be next in line to be murdered when Cannon investigates a case involving a triple homicide.

Ep 10: No Pockets in a Shroud

When an heir of a millionaire who prefers to live like a hermit is discovered to be missing, Cannon in hired to investigate and uncovers a mysterious case of murder and embezzlement. But the case is hampered by the hermit's attorney.

Ep 11: Stone Cold Dead

The reopening of the cold case of a salesgirl reveals that a bicycle she sold may be a clue to her death.

Ep 12: Death Is a Double Cross

Cannon is hired to be a bodyguard for the daughter of a broker and his grandchildren, but is drawn in when the broker reveals that he believes his son in law is involved in a murder.

Ep 13: The Nowhere Man

An accountant wants to teach the world a lesson about the production of a deadly nerve gas when he steals a can of the substance.

Ep 14: Flight Plan

A political refugee gets a unwilling helping hand from Frank when he creates a change of identity to help flee the country.

Ep 15: Devil's Playground

A former motorcycle officer who was disabled when a thief tried to steal the payroll from an armored car, seeks Frank's help for the purpose of exacting his revenge.

Ep 16: Treasure of San Ignacio

Stolen precious artifacts from a church in Mexico, has Cannon in search of three suspects.

Ep 17: Blood on the Vine

A doctor who is conducting a medical research project at the state prison is the victim of harassment.

Ep 18: To Kill a Guinea Pig

Cannon discovers that a man is posing as the son of a wine maker is likely the suspect of the three death attempts already tried against his "father."

Ep 19: The Island Caper

An ex-con is threatened when his safe cracking skills are needed for a theft of 1 million dollars.

Ep 20: A Deadly Quiet Town

The parents of a teen girl hire Cannon when they discover a charismatic young man is trying to lure their daughter into a cult.

Ep 21: A Flight of Hawks

A suicide by a pilot leads to the discovery of a plan by a mercenary group to launch a coup of a small African country.

Ep 22: The Torch

Cannon is hired by a man who is charged with arson and murder by burning down his textile company which killed his wife who was trapped inside.

Ep 23: Cain's Mark

Cannon is hired when a young brother of a gun manufacturer and collector vanishes from sight.

Ep 24: Murder by Moonlight

A young convict is being harassed by a prisoner who is running a gambling operation inside of the lock up.

Ep 1: Bad Cats and Sudden Death

Public prosecutor Mike Arnold needs Cannon's help. He is suspected of the murder of his wife. His problem: Dubious friends want him to finish a corruption investigation.

Ep 2: Sky Above, Death Below

A trade union boss dies in the mountains of Colorado. His daughter believes it was murder and hires Cannon to investigate. While the detective is inspecting of the scene someone pursues him.

Ep 3: Bitter Legion

A paramilitary troop wants to rob the income of a football stadium. In search of one of the gangsters Cannon approaches the gang and pretends to want to take part in the foray.

Ep 4: That Was No Lady

Lawyer Jane Butler is threatened. She is told to give up the defense of two burglars. When the menace becomes incendiary the lady begins to fret. Jane asks for Cannon's help.

Ep 5: Stakeout

Ep 6: The Predators

Frank Cannon believes that this time he has accepted a peaceful job. He must protect the bar of a friend, Millie Carroll, against robberies. However, suddenly he finds himself amid a complex love story.

Ep 7: A Long Way Down

An illegal immigrant from Mexico has died in a coyote's case. Sheep grower Rita McBain is accused of the deed. Cannon must prove Rita's innocence and deal with a human smuggler ring.

Ep 8: The Rip-Off

Dr. Simeon is accused by orderly Duran of stealing drugs in the Metropolitan Hospital . Cannon has to find out whether this is right.

Ep 9: Child of Fear

Paul Stubber taps the computer of the railroad company to be able to rob cars with valuable goods. However, nothing can be proved against him. Cannon finds Stubber's weak spot: The crook fights for the right to keep his son.

Ep 10: The Shadow Man

Frank Cannon is hired to search missing rancher Dale Lucas following his wife's order. He notes that the guard service of the ranch has been replaced.

Ep 11: Hear No Evil

Reporter Molly Stoner needs the help of her friend Frank Cannon. The police wants to take her in coercive detention. Molly affirms that infamous gangster Benje Canto has been murdered. Yet her source cannot be revealed.

Ep 12: The Endangered Species

Bill Coates, Cannon's old friend, a boat builder, finds himself charged in his son's hunting-accident death. Unbeknown to Coates his lawyer is the man behind the homicide.

Ep 13: Nobody Beats the House

Cannon faces a mob kingpin threatening the life of a gambler's wife. Toby Hauser has accumulated 200,000 dollars in game debts. When he hides away his wife asks Cannon for help. Toby wants to put everything on a map. This game should be his last. Either he wins, or he dies.

Ep 14: Hard Rock Roller Coaster

Ep 15: The Dead Samaritan

Mrs. Manning, a former policewoman, hires Cannon when her husband becomes the victim of blackmailers. The man is an electrician specialized in wiretapping. Three criminals find that the electrician has recorded one of his conversations.

Ep 16: Death of a Stone Seahorse

A smuggler is attacked by mobsters interested in learning where he has hidden his booty. He escapes in Raymond Durstin's gallery. He turns to Cannon.

Ep 17: Moving Target

A murderer believes there's no other way out than putting the blame of a crime he committed on his sister, a retarded girl.

Ep 18: Murder for Murder

A writer was murdered. His latest book would deal with the biography of an industrialist. Cannon must protect the co-author and investigate the activities of the industrialist.

Ep 19: To Ride a Tiger

Ep 20: The Prisoners

Gordon Bell gets involved in a fight. When his opponent dies, Gordon is arrested and charged with murder. Cannon has to bring the truth to light . The corpulent detective soon discovers that Gordon is only a pawn in a devilish scheme.

Ep 21: The Seventh Grave

Cannon investigates a kidnapping case. The lawyer David Rackham has been abducted. Because he is diabetic and needs a certain drug, Cannon questions the pharmacists of the surroundings.

Ep 22: Catch Me If You Can

A young girl turns up dead at the yacht party thrown by two jet set brothers, Edgar and Norman Bruce. Her father, George Able, wants to exact revenge, but before he can even get close to the siblings he is beaten up by his henchmen. Cannon is hired by Abel's second daughter.

Ep 23: Press Pass to the Slammer

Tim Jardine was persuaded by his friends Amy and Claude to blackmail his father for 50,000 dollars. Nevertheless, Jardine's father is facing bankruptcy and Claude loses his patience and becomes a criminal.

Ep 24: Deadly Heritage

Publisher Quigley asks Cannon for help. He believes that hotel proprietor Rawdon has killed six girls. When the seventh victim is found, however, it's Quigley himself who becomes the prime suspect. A lab assistant manipulates the samples used in the framework of the murders.

Ep 1: He Who Digs a Grave: Part 1

A serial murderer targets Cannon as his next victim. At first, the killer wants to be finally released from his compulsion to kill. Cannon accepts the challenge to help him. But Cannon gets too involved in the maniac's demands.

Ep 2: He Who Digs a Grave: Part 2

A lady journalist is forced to reveal her sources in a murder news or she will go to jail on a contempt charge. She enlist Cannon's service to unravel the murder of a missing excursionist.

Ep 3: Memo from a Dead Man

A rich lady, Cecilia Lasher, hires Cannon to locate the son her husband abandoned years before. She turns to Cannon after being blackmailed and terrorized.

Ep 4: Hounds of Hell

Frank travels to a small ranching town to help out a writer friend charged with a double murder. Frank's only clue is a cryptic note left by the man's wife.

Ep 5: Target in the Mirror

Frank struggles to prove his friend did not commit murder, but someone (the real killer) is working equally hard to thwart him.

Ep 6: Murder by Proxy

A dead man hires Cannon! The man's will requires than an investigator look into his death, so Christopher Grant hires Cannon to see if any of the man's scheming relatives might have helped him to an early exit.

Ep 7: Night Flight to Murder

A man hires Cannon to find out who is using trained dogs to kill the man he served with in Vietnam, and why. It might have something to do with the unit's commanding officer, permanently disabled, perhaps by his own men.

Ep 8: Come Watch Me Die

A mob killer murders Cannon's client. But the killer is someone Cannon will never suspect, and that leaves him unprepared when he is accused of the crime.

Ep 9: The Perfect Alibi

Cannon tries to extract reporter Peggy Angel from a clever frame. Who is the real murderer, and why frame this particular person?

Ep 10: Dead Lady's Tears

When a plane carrying three million in negotiable securities vanishes, the insurance carrier hires Cannon to find out what happened to it.

Ep 11: The Limping Man

A murderer confined to a psychiatric hospital escapes. He's looking for his wife, whom he believes framed him for murder.

Ep 12: Trial by Terror

The victim of a burglary hires Cannon. He's sure he knows who stole $50,000 from his wall safe and only needs Cannon to prove it. The problem is, the suspect was in jail at the time of the robbery!

Ep 13: Murder by the Numbers

After a model ends up dead, the man last seen with her hires Cannon. He insists the girl was alive when he left her, so Cannon starts to dig - and turns up quite a collection of motives.

Ep 14: Valley of the Damned

When a counterfeiting suspect escapes custody, rumors fly that Jim Farragut, the cop in charge of him, succumbed to either greed or cowardice. Jim's an old friend, so Cannon agrees to find a witness Jim claims can prove that he neither took a bribe nor experienced a failure of courage.

Ep 15: A Well Remembered Terror

Ep 16: Arena of Fear

Socialite Doris Hawthorne's fiance disappears. Only then does she learn he was actually married to a Swiss woman, and also a blackmailing extortionist with a long list of enemies, many of whom want his files.

Ep 17: Photo Finish

Frank agrees to look into a murder, convinced the Indian suspect did not commit the crime. His investigation unearths dozens of missing Indians and a drug smuggling ring.

Ep 18: Duel in the Desert

Years earlier, Mel Danvers organized a successful hijacking and walked away with a cool million. But there is a witness: a stewardess. Danvers engineers a campaign of terror to keep her mum, until Cannon puts a stop to it.

Ep 19: Where's Jennifer?

Boxer Ron Johnson's manager convinces him that he killed a man in a barroom brawl, and uses that control to get the fighter to throw a bout so he can collect a fortune in unfair wages. Johnson's fiancee hires Cannon to dig him out from under.

Ep 20: Blood Money

Ep 21: Death of a Hunter

General O'Hara, now a mercenary, hires Cannon to find his brother's killer. But the mercenary knows more than he's admitting, and Cannon finds himself in someone's cross hairs.

Ep 22: The Cure That Kills

Ep 23: Bobby Loved Me

Cannon delivers a ransom, but the deal goes bad and Cannon winds up with no memory of the event, kidnappers on his trail, and people willing to exploit his lack of memory.

Ep 24: Triangle of Terror

Ep 25: The Stalker

Reclusive Virginia McKellar insists her sister did not die five years earlier, as everyone believes, and she'll willing to pay Cannon to prove it.

Ep 1: Kelly's Song

The man who arranged the death of an embezzler cannot find the loot. But Cannon might, when he investigates on behalf of the man framed for the murder. But Cannon's client might be closer to the case than he lets on.

Ep 2: The Hit Man

An expert hunter and gamekeeper dies, mauled to death by a lion that was supposedly tranquilized. His widow hires Cannon to figure out what happened and who is responsible.

Ep 3: Voice from the Grave

"Reverend" Will can heal the sick by the power of faith. Or can he? Either way, his "powers" won't keep a witness to murder from coming forward, and that means... another murder.

Ep 4: Lady in Red

A young dancer who teaches at a lonely hearts club winds up dead. One of his clients hires Cannot to find out who killed him. It isn't long before Frank discovers the dancer was also a con man who had bilked several women out of their life savings. And that lengthens the list of suspects considerably.

Ep 5: The Deadly Trail

Kathy Ackers hires Cannon to find out why her father, a banker, committed suicide at a Caribbean resort. She thinks he was murdered, and wants Cannon to prove it. But the man was embezzling from his own bank, so maybe he did have a motive to kill himself...

Ep 6: The Exchange

Private eyes so rarely get a vacation free of peril, and Cannon is no exception. He goes fishing, little knowing that someone from his police past is hunting him: a murderer determined on revenge for the time he spent in prison.

Ep 7: The Avenger

Ep 8: A Killing in the Family

A former prostitute aids Cannon in an investigation involving mobsters.

Ep 9: Flashpoint

Ep 10: The Man Who Couldn't Forget

Cannon is in a full blown jam when he gets mistaken for the assassin of a bishop.

Ep 11: The Sounds of Silence

Cannon stirs up a hornet's nest worth of trouble after re-opening the case of an old shooting.

Ep 12: The Prisoner

Ep 13: Daddy's Little Girl

Ep 14: The Conspirators

Ep 15: Coffin Corner

Cannon gets hired to be a bodyguard for a courier of securities.

Ep 16: Perfect Fit for a Frame

Ep 17: Killer on the Hill

A military general hires Cannon to find the daughter he put up for adoption years ago but it appears as though someone doesn't want the girl to be found.

Ep 18: Missing at FL307

Ep 19: The Set Up

Ep 20: The Investigator

Ep 21: Lady on the Run

Ep 22: Vengeance

Ep 23: Tomorrow Ends at Noon

Cannon is hired by a Cuban exile to investigate the death of the man's brother at the hands of law enforcement officials.

Ep 24: Search and Destroy

Ep 1: Nightmare

Ep 2: The Deadly Conspiracy

Ep 3: The Wrong Medicine

Ep 4: The Iceman

Ep 5: The Victim

Ep 6: The Man Who Died Twice

Ep 7: A Touch of Venom

Ep 8: Man in the Middle

Ep 9: Fall Guy

Ep 10: The Melted Man

Ep 11: Wedding March

Ep 12: The Hero

Ep 13: To Still the Voice

Ep 14: The Star (1)

Ep 15: The Star (2)

Ep 16: The Games Children Play

Ep 17: The Reformer

Ep 18: House of Cards

Ep 19: Revenge

Ep 20: Cry Wolf

Ep 21: Quasar Kill

Ep 22: Snap Shot

Ep 23: Point After Death

Ep 24: Blood Lines

Ep 25: Mad Man