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The Waltons is based on the rural upbringing of creator Earl Hamner Jr. who detailed his childhood memories in the 1961 novel Spencer’s Mountain, which was made into a feature film two years later starring Oscar winners Henry Fonda and Maureen O’Hara. Following the success of a 1971 made-for-television movie based on the beloved characters, The Homecoming: A Christmas Story, and with urging from Congress for TV networks to air more family-oriented programming, The Waltons television series premiered on CBS in 1972

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  • 10/26 11:00AMThe Pearls
    "Corabeth returns to her family home to help a dying aunt"
  • 10/27 11:00AMThe Victims
    "A neighbor is being beaten by her drunken husband and the Waltons help"
  • 10/28 11:00AMThe Night Walker
    "An unknown person is walking around Walton's Mountain at nights and causing worry"
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Episode Guide

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Ep : Homecoming: A Christmas Story

The family takes in a deaf girl who was abandoned by her mother.

Ep 1: The Foundling

The family takes in a deaf girl who was abandoned by her mother.

Ep 2: The Carnival

Four carnival performers are stranded after the carnival leaves Walton's Mountain, so they stay with the Waltons while they try to get back home.

Ep 3: The Calf

The children are upset when their father sells a newborn

Ep 4: The Hunt

John-Boy goes on his first turkey hunt with his father and two of his friends

Ep 5: The Typewriter

John-Boy borrows an antique typewriter from the Baldwin sisters so he can submit a proper manuscript to a magazine

Ep 6: The Star

A meteorite crashes through the roof of the Baldwin sisters' "Recipe"" room

Ep 7: The Sinner

A young preacher, Matthew Fordwick (John Ritter), comes to Walton's Mountain fresh from seminary, where he has learned the currently-popular fire and brimstone style of preaching.

Ep 8: The Boy From The C.C.C.

A troubled teenager from Manhattan runs away from the Civilian Conservation Corps to Walton's Mountain.

Ep 9: The Ceremony

A Jewish Nazi-refugee family moves to Walton's Mountain from Germany

Ep 10: The Legend

John's World War I buddy (Jim Antonio) visits,

Ep 11: The Literary Man

A well-read man claiming to be a writer, comes to Walton's Mountain and befriends John-Boy, helping him with his writing

Ep 12: The Dust Bowl Cousins

John's cousin, her husband and children seek refuge in Walton's Mountain after losing their Kansas farm to the Dust Bowl

Ep 13: The Reunion

The Baldwin sisters plan to hold a family reunion when their cousin Homer visits.

Ep 14: The Minstrel

A young wandering musician visits the Mountain

Ep 15: The Actress

Alvira Drummond, a famous stage and screen actress, is invited to stay at the Walton home after her car breaks down in Walton's Mountain

Ep 16: The Fire

A girl whose mother died years ago, runs away from her father and new stepmother, back to her deserted house in Walton's Mountain.

Ep 17: The Love Story

John Boy falls in love with Jenny Pendelton.

Ep 18: The Courtship

The family sets up their cousin Cody, a 64-year-old bachelor, on a date with Cordelia Hunnicutt

Ep 19: The Gypsies

A band of gypsies are traveling through Walton's Mountain when they become stranded

Ep 20: The Deed

The validity of the Waltons' claim to their land is questioned when they cannot produce a legal deed to the property.

Ep 21: The Scholar

When Verdie Grant learns her daughter is graduating from college, she feels embarrassed by the fact that she never learned to read or write.

Ep 22: The Bicycle

John-Boy's meddling in a long-distance romance backfires.

Ep 23: The Townie

John-Boy refuses to take friendship with a neighbor's sheltered daughter to the next level

Ep 24: Easter Story, An

When Olivia is stricken with polio, John-Boy refuses to accept the doctor's prognosis that she may never walk again.

Ep 25: Easter Story. An

When Olivia is stricken with polio, John-Boy refuses to accept the doctor's prognosis that she may never walk again.

Ep 26: The Journey

An elderly neighbor reinforces John-Boy's feelings that despite hard times he is lucky to be surrounded by a loving family

Ep 27: The Odyssey

John-Boy seeks some solitude to write his stories, but finds a life-altering situation

Ep 28: The Separation

A misunderstanding and plain stubborn pride causes a rift between the Walton grandparents

Ep 29: The Theft

The disappearance of some valuable silver pieces throws suspicion on one of the Waltons

Ep 30: The Roots

An itinerant worker and his young son stay with the Waltons, causing the son to want his father to give up life on the road

Ep 31: The Chicken Thief

A local "Robin Hood"" who steals from the ""haves"" and gives to the ""have-nots"" causes a crisis of conscience for John-Boy "

Ep 32: The Prize

As the Waltons prepare their entries for the local fair, an old suitor of Olivia's visits

Ep 33: The Braggart

When a grownup Hobie Shanks visits the Waltons, John Boy seems to be the only one put off by his outlandish claims.

Ep 34: The Fawn

Erin adopts a wild animal while John Boy gets a life lesson with a new job

Ep 35: The Thanksgiving Story - Part I

Thanksgiving time on Walton's Mountain means a turkey shoot, a school play about early settlers, and the big meal. One year it also included a rekindled love affair and a life-threatening accident

Ep 36: The Thanksgiving Story - Part 2

Thanksgiving time on Walton's Mountain means a turkey shoot, a school play about early settlers, and the big meal. One year it also included a rekindled love affair and a life-threatening accident

Ep 37: The Substitute

When Miss Hunter is called away unexpectedly, a substitute teacher with ways of her own takes over

Ep 38: The Bequest

The promise of inherited money is behind some happy moments and unusual conflicts for the Walton Family.

Ep 39: The Airmail Man

Engine trouble on the air mail transport plane means the Waltons have a guest for a few days.

Ep 40: The Triangle

John Boy's growing attachment to Miss Hunter is rocked when she becomes interested in someone else.

Ep 41: The Awakening

Grandma is turning 68 and concerned about getting old

Ep 42: The Honeymoon

Olvia and John finally get a chance to take their postponed honeymoon to Virginia Beach

Ep 43: The Heritage

An offer to buy their land makes the Waltons think about what it would be like to have more money than they need

Ep 44: The Gift

Jason and John Boy's friend Seth is diagnosed with leukemia.

Ep 45: The Cradle

Olivia is happy to learn that she is pregnant again, but John worries that having another baby will be hard for her

Ep 46: The Fulfillment

Curtis and Ann are unhappy to learn that they are unable to have children of their own.

Ep 47: The Ghost Story

Strange things are occurring at the Walton home. The family uses a Ouija board to ask questions about the happenings

Ep 48: The Graduation

John Boy graduates from school. Needs a suit. Ends up with grandpa's suit

Ep 49: The Five Foot Shelf

Olivia buys books from a peddler who does not turn in the order

Ep 50: The Car

John Boy is in need of a car, now that he is in college.

Ep 51: The Conflict - Part 1

Grandpa's sister in law is being forced out of their home by a government project.

Ep 52: The Conflict - Part 2

Grandpa's sister in law is being forced out of their home by a government project.

Ep 53: The First Day

Everything seems to go wrong on John-Boy's first day at Boatwright University

Ep 54: The Thoroughbred

John Boy and his mule aim to get the Walton family name on a local race's trophy for the first time since Grandpa won the race years ago.

Ep 55: The Runaway

Everyone in the Walton house is too busy to pay attention Jim Bob so he takes matters into his own hands.

Ep 56: The Romance

In this episode, John Boy encourages his mother, Olivia's, talent in painting

Ep 57: The Ring

Mary Ellen finds a ring in a purse she got. Belongs to a neighbor. Loses it at a dance

Ep 58: The System

John Boy tutors another person on a scholarship

Ep 59: The Spoilers

A mountain man moves his family back to Walton's Mountain

Ep 60: The Marathon

John Boy participates in a dance marathon with Daisy

Ep 61: The Book

John Boy gets his book of short stories published

Ep 62: The Job

John Boy gets a job reading to a blind woman

Ep 63: The Departure

John Walton gets job in city because he wants an adventure

Ep 64: The Visitor

Former neighbor, an elderly man comes back to Walton's Mountain to live

Ep 65: The Birthday

Grandpa has heart problems. Thinks he is going to die.

Ep 66: The Lie

Ben secretly borrows John Boy's car and gets both into trouble

Ep 67: The Matchmakers

Cora Beth joins the series and marries Ike

Ep 68: The Beguiled

John-Boy encounters a sassy, spoiled, selfish gal whose selfish ways cause problems for John Boy and even for Jim Bob's friend

Ep 69: The Caretakers

Grandpa and Grandma feel left out and move to house-sit for for a neighbor

Ep 70: The Shivaree

A cousin who is named after Olivia visits

Ep 71: The Choice

John wants to expand the mill and call it Walton and Sons, but Jason wants to study music

Ep 72: The Statue

Grandpa wins a statue at a raffle

Ep 73: The Song

Jason writes a song to sing with Bobby Bigalow's band

Ep 74: The Woman

John-Boy falls for a poet who is visiting his college

Ep 75: The Venture

John takes on a loan to improve the business and he gets a big order

Ep 76: The Sermon

The reverend and teacher get married

Ep 77: The Genius

John-Boy's dean asks him to take care of a 16-year-old genius college student for a weekend.

Ep 78: The Fighter

A prize fighter arrives searching for work, living and training in the Waltons' barn

Ep 79: The Prophecy

John's 25th high school reunion is being planned; he thinks he is not successful, but at the reunion, everyone thinks he is the winner

Ep 80: The Boondoggle

A traveling reporter visits the mountain to write story about Judge Baldwin

Ep 81: The Breakdown

Jason spends too much time playing with a band

Ep 82: The Wingwalker

Jim-Bob falls in love with a wing-walker

Ep 83: The Competition

Mary Ellen and Erin both fall for a forestry student

Ep 84: The Emergence

Marsha, John-Boy's old girlfriend, returns to sell her family home at the urging of her fiance

Ep 85: The Loss

Cousin Olivia, who married on the mountain in The Shivaree episode, returns to Walton's Mountain following her husband's sudden death

Ep 86: The Abdication

King Edward VIII abdicates the throne and the Waltons follow the story

Ep 87: The Estrangement

The family helps Vera Walton and her husband, Wade, navigate a rough patch in their marriage

Ep 88: The Nurse

Mary Ellen is eager to begin nursing school, but is unhappy to learn that she lacks the education in algebra and chemistry needed to enter

Ep 89: The Intruders

Ben is upset at how he is treated at the mill

Ep 90: The Search

Olivia and Elizabeth take a car trip; Jim-Bob is forced to also go.

Ep 91: The Secret

Jim-Bob wonders if he is adopted because he does not look like other family members

Ep 92: The Fox

Ben starts to hunt animals for their skins to sell for profit.

Ep 93: The Burn Out - Part 1

John-Boy smokes a pipe and Grandpa leaves a heater plugged in and turned on and a fire breaks out

Ep 94: The Burn Out - Part 2

John-Boy smokes a pipe and Grandpa leaves a heater plugged in and turned on and a fire breaks out

Ep 95: The Big Brother

John-Boy sees a young innocent looking girl who appears to be traveling alone

Ep 96: The Test

Olivia gets a job in the city as a dressmaker

Ep 97: The Quilting

Mary Ellen resists joining in on a quilting when she reaches the marrying age

Ep 98: The House

An old abandoned home is condemned

Ep 99: The Fledgling

John-Boy wants to buy a printing press to start his own newspaper

Ep 100: The Collision

Selena Linville returns and talks to John-Boy about the rebellion in Spain

Ep 101: The First Edition

John-Boy publishes his first newspaper

Ep 102: The Vigil

Grandma is sick and Mary Ellen misdiagnosis the ailment.

Ep 103: The Comeback

Jason's scholarship at the music academy is canceled

Ep 104: The Baptism

A famous evangelist visits Walton's Mountain to preach and baptize converts

Ep 105: The Firestorm

John Boy publishes excerpts from Hitler's writing in his newspaper and the town is upset.

Ep 106: The Night Walker

An unknown person is walking around Walton's Mountain at nights and causing worry

Ep 107: The Wedding - Part 1

Mary Ellen is engaged to Dr David Spencer and they plan the wedding.

Ep 108: The Wedding - Part 2

Mary Ellen is engaged to Dr David Spencer and they plan the wedding.

Ep 109: The Cloudburst

A mining company comes to town and wants to buy land.

Ep 110: The Great Motorcycle Race

Jim-Bob fixes up Ike's old motorcycle and enters a motorcycle race

Ep 111: The Pony Cart

Martha Corrine, Grandpa's sister in law, comes to the mountain to visit.

Ep 112: The Best Christmas

Olivia wants this Christmas to be the best ever

Ep 113: The Last Mustang

A wild mustang is captured on Walton land and Grandpa wants it to remain be and remain free

Ep 114: The Rebellion

Another woman begins to play the church organ instead of Grandma which upsets Grandma

Ep 115: The Ferris Wheel

Elizabeth has nightmares about being trapped on a Ferris wheel.

Ep 116: The Elopement

The forestry student who previously visited Waltons Mountain (in "The Competition"") now returns

Ep 117: John's Crossroad

John takes a job away from home to make more money

Ep 118: The Career Girl

Erin graduates from high school still having no direction for her life

Ep 119: The Hero

The Waltons find out Sheriff Ep is a decorated war hero and John-Boy wants to write about it.

Ep 120: The Inferno

John-Boy won the right to accompany news reporters to a news event - the Hindenburg

Ep 121: The Heartbreaker

Curtis Willard's sister left her husband to pursue a singing career.

Ep 122: The Long Night

Grandma is in the hospital and Grandpa wants to bring her home

Ep 123: The Hiding Place

A Baldwin relative visits and John-Boy wants to interview her about events in Europe

Ep 124: The Go-Getter

John and Ben again come to blows about work at the mill.

Ep 125: The Achievement

John-Boy sent his novel to a publisher and does not hear anything.

Ep 126: The Hawk

A hawk is attacking the Waltons' chickens

Ep 127: The Stray

The Waltons find a 12 year old runaway in their barn

Ep 128: The Recluse

Jason helps a woman named Fern; she is withdrawn from the world because of a past relationship

Ep 129: The Warrior

An elderly Indian and his grandson visit the mountain to find their family burial ground

Ep 130: The Seashore

The Waltons visit the seashore and stay at the Baldwin's beach home

Ep 131: The Volunteer

GW Haines proposes to Erin

Ep 132: The Grandchild - Part I

Mary Ellen gives birth to the Waltons' first grandchild

Ep 133: The Grandchild - Part II

Mary Ellen gives birth to the Waltons' first grandchild

Ep 134: The First Casualty

GW Haines is in the army

Ep 135: The Battle Of Drucilla's Pond

Soldiers practice war at Drusilla's pond

Ep 136: The Flight

Jim-Bob meets a boy who is on his way to join the Air Corps, but the boy never actually leaves

Ep 137: The Children's Carol - Part I

As Christmas approaches, Mary Ellen and the baby leave to be near Curt

Ep 138: The Children's Carol - Part II

As Christmas approaches, Mary Ellen and the baby leave to be near Curt

Ep 139: The Milestone

Olivia becomes emotional (menopausal symptoms) and runs away from home to visit a relative

Ep 140: The Celebration

The Waltons have one remaining payment on their mortgage

Ep 141: The Rumor

Members of Flossie Brimmer's family visit the mountain

Ep 142: Spring Fever

Ben and Jim-Bob get on each other's nerves. They end up dating each other's girlfriends.

Ep 143: The Festival

In spring of 1940, Jason practices his music for a town festival

Ep 144: The Anniversary

John and Olivia celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary

Ep 145: The Family Tree

Jason helps Verdie research her family tree

Ep 146: The Ordeal - Part I

Elizabeth falls while standing on top of a wood pile and fractures her leg

Ep 147: The Ordeal - Part II

Elizabeth falls while standing on top of a wood pile and fractures her leg; Doctors doubt her ability to walk ever again.

Ep 148: The Return - Part I

John-Boy returns to Walton's Mountain to write about the failing economy and lack of jobs

Ep 149: The Return - Part II

John-Boy returns to Walton's Mountain to write about the failing economy and lack of jobs

Ep 150: The Revelation

John-Boy proposes to Daisy and she says yes.

Ep 151: Grandma Comes Home

Grandma returns from the hospital but the family does not let her do anything

Ep 152: The Empty Nest - Part 1

Grandpa Zeb has died and everyone is mourning.

Ep 153: The Empty Nest - Part 2

Grandpa Zeb has died and everyone is mourning.

Ep 154: The Calling

A cousin of the Baldwin sisters visits

Ep 155: The Moonshiner

Boone Walton returns after he was convicted of moon-shining andJason promises to keep watch on him

Ep 156: The Obsession

Mary Ellen starts taking pills to stay awake, and then to sleep.

Ep 157: The Changeling

Elizabeth is turning 13 years old - not quite a child, not quite a woman

Ep 158: The Portrait

Erin meets a painter who wants to paint her portrait.

Ep 159: The Captive

Corabeth Godsey feels trapped by her unchanging life on Walton's Mountain

Ep 160: The Illusion

Verdie Foster's daughter Esther returns to the mountain. After graduating with honors from college, she cannot find a job.

Ep 161: The Beau

A former boyfriend of Grandma's comes to visit

Ep 162: Day Of Infamy

Mary Ellen packs to go to Hawaii to join Curtis at Pearl Harbor.

Ep 163: The Yearning

A new minister joins the community at Walton's Mountain.

Ep 164: The Boosters

Ben starts an autocourt venture with Corabeth.

Ep 165: The Conscience

Jason expresses doubt to the army recruiters that he could ever kill a person.

Ep 166: The Obstacle

John-Boy asks his family to help Mike Paxton, a friend who was recently handicapped

Ep 167: The Parting

Olivia is always tired these days. When a rest does not help, she sees a doctor and learns what is wrong

Ep 168: The Burden

While Jim-Bob is working underneath a car, it falls and Jim-Bob has a close call with death

Ep 169: The Pin-Up

Ben has a new camera and takes pictures of Erin that becomes a pin-up

Ep 170: The Attack

Ike has a heart attack and is hospitalized

Ep 171: The Legacy

Ashley Longworth returns to Emily Baldwin

Ep 172: The Outsider

Ben surprises his family by bringing home a woman - his new bride

Ep 173: The Torch

An old girlfriend of John Walton buys the Drew Drop Inn where Jason works.

Ep 174: The Tailspin

Jim-Bob finds out he is not eligible to fly in the Air Corps due to bad vision

Ep 175: Founder's Day

The town prepares for a Founder's Day Celebration

Ep 176: The Home Front - Part 1

John has been appointed to the local draft board

Ep 177: The Home Front - Part 2

The family members all seem involved in the war effort

Ep 178: The Kinfolk

Rose arrives at the Waltons' home with her grandchildren

Ep 179: The Diploma

John has to prove he graduated from high school in order to continue getting contracts and security for government contracts

Ep 180: The Innocents

The parents who work at Picket's defense plant leave their children in the parking lot while the parents work

Ep 181: The Starlet

Film makers film a documentary at Picket's Plant and make Erin the "star"". "

Ep 182: The Journal

John-Boy is still missing, but a publisher has his journal and wants to publish it

Ep 183: The Lost Sheep

Ashley Longworth Jr returns to the mountain. He proposes to Erin and she accepts

Ep 184: The Violated

A soldier is sending his wife mail, but getting no replies

Ep 185: The Waiting

John-Boy is no longer missing in war

Ep 186: The Silver Wings

Jim-Bob delivers a package to a woman whose husband is in the war

Ep 187: The Wager

A run (on foot) and ride (on horse) race is being held. Mary Ellen and Erin bet two guys that they will win

Ep 188: The Spirit

Things begin to disappear from stores and homes as it gets closer to Christmas

Ep 189: The Fastidious Wife

Corabeth tries to sell a book at the store about being a perfect wife

Ep 190: The Unthinkable

A soldier in Jason's company is Jewish. He tells the Waltons what is happening to Jews by the Nazis

Ep 191: The Idol

There is a new teacher at school who is fun and modern.

Ep 192: The Prodigals

Jeffrey and Josh steal from Ike's store and Josh gets caught.

Ep 193: The Remembrance

Zadok Walton visits the mountain. He seems eccentric, but turns out he is held in esteem by Boatwright University for his work

Ep 194: The Inspiration

Mamie Balwin has a cataract, but does not want an operation

Ep 195: The Last Straw

John thinks about giving up the lumber mill when it seems like everything is going wrong

Ep 196: The Travelling Man

A former boyfriend and dance partner of Rose's comes to visit

Ep 197: The Furlough

John-Boy is released from the hospital and returns to Walton's Mountain

Ep 198: The Medal

Mary Ellen receives a medal that was awarded to Curtis after he died

Ep 199: The Valediction

Jim-Bob's class is graduating and he has the high grade

Ep 200: A Decade of the Waltons

All the family is preparing for Grandma's birthday and her present is to be a photograph album. This allows us to look back on important moments throughout the series

Ep 201: The Outrage - Part 1

Verdie's husband Harley is arrested for an old crime

Ep 202: The Outrage - Part 2

Verdie's husband Harley is arrested for an old crime

Ep 203: The Pledge

Mary Ellen wants to attend medical school

Ep 204: The Triumph

Jason and his squad find out the war is over, but there is a German soldier still shooting at them

Ep 205: The Premonition

While happy the war is over, Cindy has a premonition that Ben is in trouble

Ep 206: The Pursuit

A woman accuses Jim-Bob of fathering her unborn child

Ep 207: The Last Ten Days

Ben and another captured solider are led from camp on an unknown trip

Ep 208: The Move

Ben returns home. He plans on leaving the Waltons' mill and becoming an engineer

Ep 209: The Whirlwind

Jonesy arrives in town and meets Mary Ellen.

Ep 210: The Tempest

Mary Ellen travels to Florida.

Ep 211: The Carousel

When Cindy's father dies, she goes through his things and she finds adoption papers

Ep 212: The Hot Rod

Jim-Bob and Jody open an auto repair place

Ep 213: The Gold Watch

Stanley Perkins is retired and returns to the mountain to see Rose

Ep 214: The Beginning

Another new minister begins at Walton's Mountain. The church is in disarray, but he gets the community involved.

Ep 215: The Pearls

Corabeth returns to her family home to help a dying aunt

Ep 216: The Victims

A neighbor is being beaten by her drunken husband and the Waltons help

Ep 217: The Threshold

John-Boy needs a job. At the university, he convinces them to let him set up a television media program.

Ep 218: The Indiscretion

Corabeth finds a romantic letter in Ike's belongings and wants a divorce

Ep 219: The Heartache

Rose and Stanley plan to get married.

Ep 220: The Lumberjack

A new company starts in the area and wants to sell wood to the Waltons.

Ep 221: The Hostage

One of Mary Ellen's mountain patient dies, leaving his young teen to the helping hand

Ep 222: The Revel

John-Boy returns to New York with a new book - that is not good