William Shatner sold his kidney stone for thousands

Shat did it for the greater good.

William Shatner is many things. He's best known as an actor. But the Shat sings, too. Oh, yes. He's directs, as well. Captain Kirk was at the helm of the Enterprise and the production as director of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. William Shatner is an author, too. He's written about a dozen nonfiction works, including several books about his life and his time as Kirk. Then, there's the TekWar novel series and all its adaptations, telling the 22nd-century story of a cop framed for selling "Tek," a mind-altering drug that creates simulated realities. 

Shatner has been a horse breeder, a wrestling manager, a Priceline spokesperson, a producer, and the oldest person to visit space. But of all the multihyphenate's many identities, the most telling of who William Shatner is as a person is his work as a philanthropist. It's clear straight away that Shatner has an earnest love for horses. Beginning in 1990, he hosted the yearly Hollywood Charity Horse Show, which raised money for charities benefiting kids. As producer and host, Shatner helped raise millions for programs such as the afterschool enrichment program L.A.'s BEST, the Children's Museum of Los Angeles, and a developmental therapy nonprofit called Ahead with Horses.

Habitat for Humanity is another of Shatner's favorite organizations, and he once raised money for them in a much more unorthodox manner. In 2006, the Shat sold his kidney stone to GoldenPalace.com for $75,000. The online casino paid the handsome fee after Shatner drove a hard bargain. GoldenPalace initially offered $15,000, which Shatner politely declined.

"I turned down their initial offer of $15,000," Shatner told CanWest News Service in 2006. "I turned it down knowing that my tunics from Star Trek have commanded more than $100,000. And it went from $15,000 to $25,000, and then, when this thing got to Calgary, I said, 'Look, even Calgary's talking about it, give me $75,000.'"

The figure was no arbitrary sum; William Shatner knew how much it would cost Habitat for Humanity to build a house.  

"I said to [GoldenPalace.com], look you're getting more publicity than you ever imagined," said Shatner. "And they upped it to $75,000. It's amazing. And then with the $20,000 that the [Boston Legal] cast had raised as a Christmas gift, it gave us $95,000, which is enough to buy an entire house for Habitat for Humanity, and they're constructing it at the lot. They're going to send us pictures of developments on the way and then eventually of the family that will be residing there."

A 2006 article from GoldenPalace's website stated the business intended to tour the calcified piece of TV history. "We are confident that this will be our most enterprising advertising campaign to date with the Captain on board," said CEO Richard Rowe.

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Coldnorth 10 months ago
I asked to have my gallstone to take home and the hospital wouldn’t let me. I told him it was mine but he said no was his final answer. I wonder how much money I could have made from it. So my point, kinda is, once again the rich get richer. Besides,I bet mine was better than Shats
Bethois Coldnorth 10 months ago
Skewz me, but Mr. Shatner did not get $$$ richer for doing this.
He did it for Habitat for Humanity and got others to contribute as well.
Not monetarily richer, but ethically, morally and righteously richer.
Coldnorth Bethois 10 months ago
Take a chill pill, I certainly was not serious. Those who read my comments probably figured that out
JERRY6 10 months ago
he is an N D G boy done welll good for him
PhilK 10 months ago
The Shat? Never heard that one. You know shat is a plural of another word.
musicman37 PhilK 10 months ago
It's not a plural - it's past tense.
kb7rky 10 months ago
I've met The Shat in person one time. While he seems like a nice enough guy, it is well documented what an irascible jerk he can be.

Remember, too...even in our own world, sometimes we are the aliens.
Bethois kb7rky 10 months ago
Yes...like every other human on this planet can be--and no, I don't mean aliens.
Zip 10 months ago
I appreciate why he did it, but I don't think I would want ANYBODY'S kidney stones. Or any other body wastes.
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Coldnorth Snickers 10 months ago
He autographed it?
Snickers Coldnorth 10 months ago
Maybe he has one of those rubber stamps, a quick stamp and there you go.
Coldnorth Snickers 10 months ago
Lol I would say it’s the better way. Whenever I see your name I want a certain candy bar. Nice name
Snickers Coldnorth 10 months ago
harlow1313 10 months ago
In light o this story, one must wonder how much money Shatner's shat might bring. We are a strange species.
KJExpress harlow1313 10 months ago
What an awful thing to think about while I'm eating my lunch! LOL. 💩
harlow1313 KJExpress 10 months ago
Honestly, I try to present myself as a gentleman. I am ashamed of my original comment.
musicman37 harlow1313 10 months ago
You could delete it......
texasluva 10 months ago
I do not think I will be heading to a museum or place where Shatner's Kidney Stone are located. Not quite on my bucket list. Interesting though and William has done many great things for others in life so why not cash in on it. I've always liked him on ST and other TV shows and movies. Remember him on Judgment at Nuremberg, TJ Hooker, TZ and so many others.
AnnieM texasluva 10 months ago
And remember........Denny Crane. He & James Spader were so great together on 'Boston Legal'.
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