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One of television's most iconic series, 'Leave It to Beaver' follows the adventures of inquisitive but often naive Theodore "The Beaver" Cleaver. Along with parents June and Ward Cleaver and brother Wally, "The Beaver" lives in the sunny suburb of Mayfield, where the boy is no stranger to trouble or meeting the consequences of his misdeeds — but not without learning a valuable life lesson in the process.

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  • 7/26 8:00AMCommunity Chest
    "Beaver volunteers to go around the neighborhood and collect for the Community Chest in June's place after she decides to attend Wally's open house at his school. Beaver brings along Gilbert and thanks to Beaver's astronomical mistake of losing the collection can, chaos erupts."
  • 7/26 8:30AMJunior Fire Chief
    "Beaver decides to run for Junior Fire Chief and, to his surprise, wins. However, as soon as he's elected, Beaver lets the responsibilities go to his head and begins issuing citations to not only his family but his neighbors as well."
  • 7/28 1:00PMBeaver's Frogs
    "Beaver wants a canoe and makes a deal with Ward that if he can come up with half the money, Ward will pay for the other half. So Beaver, comes up with a way of making money by selling frogs. However, little does he know that the man who's going to buy the frogs, uses them for class disections."
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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Beaver Gets 'Spelled'

Ep 2: Captain Jack

Beaver and Wally send away for an alligator and they secretly keep it in the bathroom. When the alligator falls ill, the boys get some advice from Captain Jack, an owner of an alligator farm. However, keeping him a secret is going to be hard; the alligator is growing and they need a new place to keep him without June and Ward finding out.

Ep 3: The Black Eye

Beaver comes home with a black eye and Ward is upset when he learns that Beaver didn't fight back. This leads Ward to teach Beaver how to defend himself. Little does Ward know, the person who punched Beaver is a girl, Violet Rutherford, the daughter of one of Ward's co-workers.

Ep 4: The Haircut

After losing his lunch money three days in a row, Ward gives Beaver one last chance by letting him handle his haircut money. However, when he loses that too, Beaver decides to give himself a haircut just days before he's scheduled to be an angel in a play.

Ep 5: New Neighbors

The Cleavers have new neighbors, the Donaldsons, and June sends Beaver over to welcome them with a vase of flowers. However, when Mrs. Donaldson thanks Beaver by kissing him on the cheek, Beaver becomes convinced that Mr. Donaldson will kill him because he let a married woman kiss him, and it's all thanks to Eddie Haskell, who planted that idea in Beaver's mind.

Ep 6: Brotherly Love

June has had it with Wally and Beaver's fighting and demands they make a pact to be nice to one another and do things together. However, when each boy gets an invitation for individual social outings, they each attempt to break the pact.

Ep 7: Water, Anyone?

Ep 8: Beaver's Crush

Beaver has a crush on his teacher, Miss Canfield. When Judy, Whitey and Larry tease him for being a "teacher's pet," Beaver tries to prove them wrong and places a spring snake in her desk. However, Beaver has second thoughts and becomes determined to remove the snake before she finds it.

Ep 9: The Clubhouse

Wally and his friends build a clubhouse, and Beaver wants to join. Although the dues are $1 for 8th graders, Beaver has to come up with $3 in order to join their club. How can Beaver earn the money?

Ep 10: Wally's Girl Trouble

Wally and Beaver dread attending dance school, so when Wally suddenly takes a liking in it, June and Ward are dumbfounded. It seems Wally has developed a crush on a girl named Penny and Beaver soon feels neglected and left out when Wally begins spending all his time with her.

Ep 11: Beaver's Short Pants

When June goes on a trip to visit her sister, Peggy, June's Aunt Martha steps in and stays with Ward and the boys. They do their best not to hurt Martha's feelings, but Beaver has the hardest time, when she buys him a suit, knee socks, a cap and short pants and makes him wear the outfit to school.

Ep 12: The Perfume Salesmen

Wally and Beaver want to win a fancy film projector and in order to get it they have to sell 24 bottles of perfume. However, the appalling aroma of the perfume quickly leads to zero sales and has Ward trying to think up a sales gimmick.

Ep 13: Voodoo Magic

June and Ward make Wally and Beaver promise that they won't go see a scary movie. However, Wally and Beaver are talked into seeing it, thanks to Wally's so-called best friend, Eddie Haskell. The movie has quite an influence on Beaver, who makes a voodoo doll, names it Eddie Haskell and sticks it with pins.

Ep 14: Part Time Genius

After taking an IQ test, Beaver scores the highest in his class and Mrs. Rayburn suggests that it would be best if Beaver went to a special school, where his abilities can be challenged. However, little does anyone know, everything is not as it seems.

Ep 15: Party Invitation

Beaver is invited to Linda Dennison's birthday party and quickly discovers that he is the only boy that she invited. Fearing for his reputation, Beaver tries his best to get out of attending but June and Ward are insistent, not aware of the situation Beaver's in.

Ep 16: Lumpy Rutherford

The local bully, Lumpy Rutherford, has been picking on Beaver and Wally and, thanks to a story Ward tells them, the boys decide to play a joke on Lumpy. However, their ploy catches the wrong person: Lumpy's father and Ward's co-worker, Fred Rutherford, is caught in the trap.

Ep 17: The Paper Route

Wally and Beaver want to get brand-new bikes so they ask Ward for some money; however, he suggests that they earn the money. This leads Wally and Beaver to get a job delivering papers. Later, while trying to help the boys out, Ward and June inadvertently almost get Wally and Beaver fired.

Ep 18: Child Care

After Ward's bragging about Wally and Beaver being responsible, Herb and Janet Wilson assume that it would be alright to leave their four-year-old daughter in Wally and Beaver's care while they go out to a party with Ward and June. However, the trouble begins when the youngster locks herself in the bathroom.

Ep 19: The Bank Account

Ward tries to teach Wally and Beaver the importance of saving by giving them a piggy bank. The boys quickly save up a handful of change and are all ready to spend it on some baseball equipment. However, unknown to their parents, they change their minds and decide to spend the money on a most unselfish gift.

Ep 20: Lonesome Beaver

Wally goes away on a trip with the Boy Scout troop that he belongs to, leaving a lonesome Beaver behind. Finding his friends to be busy, Beaver takes up other means to make the time go by.

Ep 21: Cleaning Up Beaver

Wally begins to outgrow his "sloppy" phase and becomes much neater. This is noticed by Ward and June who try to encourage Beaver to undergo the same transformation. However, Beaver changing like that just seems too extraordinary of a task.

Ep 22: The Perfect Father

Ward becomes a bit jealous when Wally and Beaver begin spending time playing basketball at Willie Dennison's house after Willie's dad put up a backboard and a basket. This prompts Ward to do the same thing but it just seems like things are working against him in his quest to be the perfect father.

Ep 23: Beaver and Poncho

Beaver makes a trade with Larry Mondello, a glass doorknob for a chihuahua. Larry had found the dog in his garbage can, so when Beaver brings it home, Ward immediately breaks the news that he's going to place an ad in the lost-and-found and that Beaver probably won't be able to keep the dog. Despite this, Beaver quickly begins to grow close to the little dog.

Ep 24: The State vs. Beaver

Ward helps Beaver and Wally build a miniature race car powered by the lawn mower motor, and Ward makes the boys promise not to use it without his supervision. Later, Larry talks Beaver into taking it for a spin, resulting in the boys being pulled over by a traffic officer.

Ep 25: The Broken Window

While playing baseball in the street with Wally, Chester and Tooey, Eddie hits a baseball through the Cleaver's window resulting in Ward forbidding the boys to play baseball so close to the house. However, later, Beaver talks Wally into pitching one, and this results in a broken car window.

Ep 26: Train Trip

After a week-long visit with their Aunt Martha, Wally and Beaver prepare to head home to Mayfield on a train. After talking Martha into letting them buy their own tickets, they discover they're short the money after spending it on junk food and find themselves wondering how they are going to get home.

Ep 27: My Brother's Girl

An 8th grade dance has Wally being pressured into attending with a girl, instead of going stag with Eddie. However, Mary Ellen Rogers becomes determined to have Wally take her and goes through Beaver to get to him.

Ep 28: Next Door Indians

Wanting to be liked by Wally's friends, Beaver makes up a wild story about the vacant lot next to his house being an Indian battle ground. After making a bet with Eddie, Beaver has Wally help him plant artifacts in the lot. However, that is forgotten when the kids make a discovery that they believe will make them rich.

Ep 29: Tenting Tonight

After a weekend spent at the movies goes awry for Ward, he decides the boys should spend their weekends outside and plans a camping trip. However, when Ward's called into work, Wally and Beaver decide to camp out in the backyard.

Ep 30: Music Lesson

Wally makes the baseball team and Ward openly shows how proud he is of him, leaving Beaver feeling inferior. Trying to impress his parents, Beaver tries out for the band and begins practicing the clarinet. However, Beaver soon finds himself with more problems when he's let go from the band.

Ep 31: New Doctor

June has Wally stay home from school when he comes down with a sore throat and suddenly Wally is immersed in attention from his parents, friends and doctor. Jealous and feeling left out, Beaver fakes illness, seeking that same attention.

Ep 32: Beaver's Old Friend

Wally and Beaver are helping Ward clean out the garage when they run across Beaver's old teddy bear, Billy. Beaver reluctantly throws him away after Ward and Wally tell him he's too old for dolls. However, Beaver changes his mind but he's too late: the garbage truck came, which leads Beaver to take drastic measures to get him back.

Ep 33: Wally's Job

Wally jumps at the chance to paint a couple of garbage cans for Ward, who offers 50 cents a piece. However, when Eddie tells Wally that his father was charged $3.00 to have his painted, he becomes disinterested in the job and Beaver takes it over.

Ep 34: Beaver's Bad Day

An incident at the park leads to Beaver ripping the pants on his gray flannel suit. When he's questioned by Ward and June he makes up a wild story that his parents quickly see through. Lectured in telling the truth, Beaver does just that when the pants of his other suit are ripped but Ward and June don't believe him.

Ep 35: Boarding School

An old friend of Wally's stops by with stories about how great it is at the military school he attends. This leads Wally to decide that he would like to attend military school, despite a wary Ward and June.

Ep 36: Beaver and Henry

An animal is chewing up June's flower bed, so Ward and the boys set a trap to catch it. They soon catch a white rabbit, which Beaver talks Ward and June into keeping. Beaver names him Henry only to later discover Henry is really a Henrietta and she's expecting.

Ep 37: Beaver Runs Away

Larry gets Beaver into trouble when he goads him into trying out Ward's drill. Discovering that the boys damaged the garage wall, Ward hits the roof and scolds Beaver, who in turn decides to run away.

Ep 38: Beaver's Guest

Beaver is all excited to have his friend, Larry Mondello, stay over for the weekend. However, things start off on the wrong foot when Beaver and Larry get into a fight, which ends with Beaver punching Larry in the stomach.

Ep 39: Cat Out of the Bag

The neighbors are going away for the weekend and Beaver and Wally have been put in charge of taking care of their lawn and their cat, Puff Puff. When Eddie shows up with his dog, Wolf, chaos erupts and Wolf chases Puff Puff away.

Ep 1: Beaver's Poem

Beaver comes to Ward for help on the night before a poetry assignment is due. This prompts Ward to totally take over the project and write the whole poem himself. Things get complicated when Beaver wins an award for the poem and Ward is faced with explaining the truth to Beaver's principal.

Ep 2: Eddie's Girl

A school dance has Eddie swooning over his so-called "girl," Caroline. However, it's obvious Eddie has made up their relationship when Wally and him visit her and she instantly becomes smitten with Wally.

Ep 3: Ward's Problem

Ward must make a decision when a conflict develops concerning which son to spend the weekend with. He can either go on a fishing trip with Wally or take Beaver on a father-son weekend. Thinking Ward is going to go fishing with Wally, Beaver makes up a wild story when his classmates start to tease him.

Ep 4: Beaver and Chuey

Beaver makes a new friend in Chuey Varella but the boy only speaks Spanish. So Beaver asks Eddie, who has taken Spanish, for some help but Eddie plays a joke on Beaver by feeding him a sentence in Spanish which ultimately insults Chuey.

Ep 5: The Lost Watch

While watching Wally and his friends play baseball, Beaver is put in charge of looking after everyone's coats and watches. However, after the game is over Lumpy comes to claim his watch, but Beaver has no watch to give him.

Ep 6: Her Idol

Beaver becomes good friends with a classmate, Linda Dennison. However, their relationship is blown out of proportion by Beaver's classmates who begin to tease him and goad him into insulting Linda to prove that she isn't his girl.

Ep 7: Beaver's Ring

Being Beaver's godmother, Aunt Martha sends him a gift of a ring that had once belonged to an uncle who was also named Theodore. June cautions Beaver that she doesn't want him taking it to school, but he sneaks off to school with it anyway. This leads to a confrontation between his peers that ends with him getting the ring stuck on his finger.

Ep 8: The Shave

When Eddie and some of his other friends brag about shaving, Wally decides it's time he try. After nicking his face, Ward tries to discourage him but this just leads Wally to continue to shave. When Ward catches him again, he scolds him right in front of Eddie which leads to Wally being made fun of.

Ep 9: The Pipe

Ward receives an antique pipe as a gift from Fred Rutherford and a curious Larry and Beaver decide to try it out. First they use coffee but then they try tobacco. When Ward discovers someone has used the pipe, he jumps to the conclusion that Wally is the culprit.

Ep 10: Wally's New Suit

Wally needs a new suit for an upcoming dance and he convinces his parents that he's old enough to pick out his own clothes. So he and Beaver go down to the shop and pick out the loudest, cheapest plaid suit in the entire shop.

Ep 11: School Play

A school play has Beaver and his classmates assigned parts and Beaver is assigned the role of a canary. However, he doesn't seem to be graceful enough to fly around like a bird. To make matters worse, on the night of the play, Ward's words of encouragement lead to Beaver coming down with a case of stage fright.

Ep 12: The Visiting Aunts

Beaver and Wally are all excited about going to the carnival; however, Aunt Martha throws a wrench into their plans when she makes an unexpected visit with a friend of hers, forcing Wally and Beaver to count the hours away, hoping she will leave soon enough so they can still go to the carnival.

Ep 13: Happy Weekend

Ward takes June and the boys away on a trip to a cabin in hopes of experiencing the "great outdoors." However, as he quickly discovers, getting away from today's modern conveniences will be more difficult then he anticipated.

Ep 14: Wally's Present

Wally decides that he is going to have a birthday party, and Beaver jumps to the conclusion that he won't be invited. While shopping for Wally's present, Larry talks Beaver into spending his money on a bow and arrow set for himself and buying a cheap gift for Wally.

Ep 15: The Grass is Always Greener

Beaver and Wally make friends with the garbage man's kids, Chris and Pete. They quickly learn that they take for granted what they have. Simple things like just having a yard to play in leave Chris and Pete in awe.

Ep 16: The Boat Builders

Wally, Chester and Tooey are building their own boat and plan to sail on it, despite Ward and June's forbidding Wally. Once at the lake, Beaver is the only one small enough to get in it and once on the water, the boat tips over leaving a soaked Beaver behind. However, it's trying to keep their afternoon of boating a secret from Ward and June, that's really going to wipe Wally and Beaver out.

Ep 17: Beaver Plays Hooky

Larry and Beaver find themselves tardy for the third time this week and decide to skip altogether. However, they quickly find themselves caught when they accidentally walk on the set of a live TV show.

Ep 18: The Garage Painters

A lazy weekend leads Ward to direct Wally and Beaver to read a book, Tom Sawyer. The book influences them so much that they take on the job of painting the garage doors. However, they soon find the job to be awfully boring and messy. Chaos erupts when neighbor Bengie Bellamy stops by wanting to help.

Ep 19: Wally's Pug Nose

When the new girl, Gloria, tells Wally that he has a pug nose, he becomes incredibly self-conscious and purchases a contraption that is suppose to give him a strong Roman nose. When Ward discovers the device, he gives him a pep talk which just makes matters worse.

Ep 20: Beaver's Pigeons

Beaver, Larry and Whitey begin a pigeon club and they each purchase pigeons of their own. Beaver names his two Miss Canfield and Miss Landers, after his two teachers. However, when Beaver comes down with chicken pox, Wally is forced into caring for them, but soon finds Beaver isn't the only one ill, Miss Canfield and Miss Landers are also ailing.

Ep 21: The Tooth

Beaver learns he has to go to the dentist and that's when his friends tell him some horror stories about the drill the dentist is going to use. This prompts Beaver to become downright scared of going to the dentist.

Ep 22: Beaver Gets Adopted

Wally wins a trophy at school and Beaver accidentally breaks it. This leads Ward to accuse Beaver of being jealous of Wally and that he broke it on purpose. Upset, Beaver decides to get new parents and heads to an adoption agency.

Ep 23: The Haunted House

Beaver and Larry become convinced that the Cooper house is haunted by a witch and Beaver and Larry are scared to death. So when June gets Beaver a job walking Mrs. Cooper's dog, Beaver's fear gets the best of him.

Ep 24: The Bus Ride

June and Ward allow Wally to escort Beaver on a bus headed to a friend's house in Crystal Falls. However, on one of the stops, Beaver inadvertently gets on the wrong bus, a bus that takes him back to Mayfield.

Ep 25: Beaver and Gilbert

The Cleavers have new neighbors in the Gates family and Beaver befriends their son, Gilbert Gates (changed to "Bates" in later episodes). However, Ward, June and Wally quickly realize the obvious when Beaver comes home with all kinds of wild stories that Gilbert has told and that Beaver is convinced are true.

Ep 26: Price of Fame

While staying after school cleaning the chalkboards, Larry convinces Beaver that Mrs. Rayburn keeps a spanking machine in her office closet. Later, a curious Beaver sneaks a peek but soon finds himself locked in the principal's office. Beaver's fame doesn't go over well with his family, but Beaver has another problem on his hands: he's just gotten his head stuck in an iron fence in the park.

Ep 27: A Horse Named Nick

Beaver and Wally get jobs at the circus cleaning the animals and a promise to each be paid $10 dollars at the end of the week. However, the end of the week comes and there is no money in sight; instead, Beaver and Wally become the proud owners of a horse named Nicholas, which they hide in the garage.

Ep 28: Beaver's Hero

Beaver discovers that Ward was in WWII and brags to his classmates that Ward was a war hero. As usual, his classmates don't believe him and Beaver promises to bring in some momentos to prove it. However, at home, Beaver discovers that Ward was an engineer in the war and didn't actually fight in combat, thus leaving Beaver to take drastic measures so as not to look like a fool in front of his classmates.

Ep 29: Beaver Says Good-bye

Ward makes an offer on a house located in a neighboring town and Beaver believes moving is going to be a sure thing. This leads him to tell all his classmates that he's moving, but when the deal falls through Beaver must tell his class that he won't be moving after all—after they've just thrown him a goodbye party and shoved a handful of presents in his face!

Ep 30: Beaver's Newspaper

While cleaning in the garage, Beaver and Wally come across an old typewriter. Beaver decides to fix it up and begin his own newspaper with Larry. However, someone is standing in his way, Wally, who claims the typewriter is his property.

Ep 31: Beaver's Sweater

Beaver sees an Eskimo sweater in a store window and becomes determined to get one. He finally convinces Ward and June to get him one, but the first day he wears it he sees Judy Hensler wearing the same sweater.

Ep 32: Friendship

Beaver spends the weekend at Larry's but the first night there they get into a terrible argument and Beaver goes home angry. After Ward tells Beaver a story about Damon and Pythias, Beaver and Larry swear to die for each other. Larry then promptly demands that Beaver give him his homework to prove himself.

Ep 33: Dance Contest

Wally gets an invitation to attend a cotillion with Mary Ellen Rogers. At first he wants to turn down the invitation, but then decides to go anyway, despite the fact that Mary Ellen has signed them up to do the cha-cha in a dance contest.

Ep 34: Wally's Haircomb

Wally begins combing his hair a new way, which was inspired by a fad started by Eddie that has swept his school. However, June and Ward are aghast by his hairdo and June becomes determined to get Wally to change his haircomb back to his normal style.

Ep 35: The Cookie Fund

Beaver and Larry have been put in charge of the class cookie fund and are taking turns guarding the money. A new kid takes advantage of them and cons Beaver and Larry out of three dollars from the fund.

Ep 36: Forgotten Party

An old friend of Beaver's, David Manning, invites him to a birthday party and Beaver promises to attend, but as the week passes Beaver forgets all about it. When the day arrives, June, Ward and Wally scramble to find the Beaver, who is spending the day with Larry, wandering around town.

Ep 37: Beaver the Athlete

After getting a poor grade in gym class on his report card, Beaver becomes determined to prove to everyone that he is a good athlete, so he signs up to play baseball—where it's the boys versus the girls.

Ep 38: Found Money

Larry invites Beaver to the carnival and tells him that his mother will treat him. However, when Mrs. Mondello refuses to give Larry money, Larry decides to find some. So Larry throws some of his mother's money out the window and when Beaver comes over, Larry pretends as if he's found it.

Ep 39: Most Interesting Character

Miss Landers assigns Beaver's class to write a short essay about the most interesting character they know. While Judy writes about her dad, Beaver debates over whom he should write about. Beaver finally decides to write about Ward, but Beaver isn't sure if Ward is interesting enough.

Ep 1: Blind Date Committee

Wally becomes the chairman of the blind date committee for an upcoming dance. However, Wally quickly wants to resign from the position when he can't find anyone to go with the new girl, Jill Bartlett.

Ep 2: Beaver Takes a Bath

Ward and June allow Wally to babysit Beaver one evening while they attend a party. However, things go awry when Beaver gets ready to take a bath. He accidentally lets the bathtub overflow, causing the water to leak onto the bathroom floor and into the downstairs ceiling.

Ep 3: School Bus

A new school year has the bus service being extended to those students living in town. However, after not even a week, Beaver gets suspended from riding the bus after getting into a fight.

Ep 4: Beaver's Prize

After leaving the cap off the ink, Beaver is grounded to the house for a whole day after spilled ink ruins some of Ward's papers. However, Larry and Beaver sneak out to the movies and when Beaver wins a bike, he must find a way to keep it a secret from his parents.

Ep 5: Baby Picture

Beaver's class holds a "Most Beautiful Baby" contest in which each student is supposed to bring in a baby picture. To make the deadline, June picks out a cute picture of Beaver at the last minute and sends it to Miss Landers, not realizing that the cute picture may cause Beaver embarrassment.

Ep 6: Beaver Takes a Walk

Ward saves an old pedometer from being thrown out and gives it to Beaver, but not before telling him a story about when he was a kid he would walk 20 miles a day. Taking the story literally, Beaver makes a bet with Whitey that he, too, can walk 20 miles in a day.

Ep 7: Borrowed Boat

Larry and Beaver spend the day at the lake, which is where they encounter two kids who let them borrow their boat. However, little do Larry and Beaver know, the boat is stolen.

Ep 8: Beaver's Tree

While his class is reciting a poem about trees, Beaver remembers a tree that Ward had given him for his birthday when they lived at their old house. Wanting "his" tree back, Beaver and Larry go to Beaver's old home and promptly dig it up.

Ep 9: Teacher Comes to Dinner

Beaver gets a surprise when June invites Miss Landers over for dinner and Larry convinces him that something bad might happen. This leads Beaver to become a nervous wreck as he tries to make sure his parents don't do anything to embarrass him. Meanwhile, Larry charges a quarter to anyone who wants to spy on Miss Landers eating dinner at the Cleavers.

Ep 10: Beaver's Fortune

Beaver has his fortune read by a machine and becomes convinced nothing but good luck is headed his way. However, he doesn't feel that way when Larry sets it up so that Beaver will have to fight a 5th grader, Sonny Cartwright.

Ep 11: Beaver Makes a Loan

Ward loans Beaver 25 cents but gives him a dollar, expecting 75 cents as change. However, Larry manages to convince Beaver to loan him the 75 cents. When Larry doesn't pay him back when he said he was going to, a feud erupts.

Ep 12: Beaver the Magician

Beaver buys a common magic trick but is disappointed by everyone's "that's nice" reaction. He gets a totally different reaction out of Bengie, however, when Larry and Beaver convince him that Beaver has been turned into a rock.

Ep 13: June's Birthday

June's birthday has Wally and Beaver fighting over what to buy with the $5 dollars that Ward gave them. Wally buys her a wallet while Beaver buys an ugly blouse that June kindly thanks him for, but she has a hard time bringing herself to wear it.

Ep 14: Tire Trouble

Beaver wants to raise chinchillas and begins building a cage in the garage. However, when Beaver changes his mind, Ward tries his best to get Wally and Beaver to clean up the mess. Things get worse when Ward unknowingly runs over some of the wood and nails left laying around with the car, causing the boys to try to patch a flat tire before Ward finds out.

Ep 15: Larry Hides Out

While Beaver is staying at the Mondellos, Larry sneaks a peak at his sister's diary and his mother discovers him and yells at him right in front of Beaver. This prompts Larry to run away to Beaver's house, where Beaver secretly hides him in his bathroom.

Ep 16: Pet Fair

A pet fair at school has Beaver feeling left out because he doesn't have a pet, but he tells everyone he does, a parrot. Meanwhile, Ward tries to find a pet for Beaver and buys him a hamster.

Ep 17: Wally's Test

An upcoming test in history, Wally's weakest subject, has Wally studying all weekend and has Larry and Eddie coming up with a plan that will give them good grades on the test.

Ep 18: Beaver's Library Book

Ward allows Beaver to check out a book on his library card but when Beaver loses the book he becomes convinced that Ward will be put in jail, thanks to Eddie Haskell's wiseguy comments.

Ep 19: Wally's Election

Eddie nominates Wally for class president but Wally has no interest in the position; that is until Ward gives him some encouragement. Wally quickly gets wrapped up in the election and his friends see a change in him—a change that prompts them to vote against him.

Ep 20: Beaver and Andy

An old acquaintance of Ward's stops by and offers to paint the trim on the house. However, June and Ward are both apprehensive about the prospect of an alcoholic coming in contact with Wally and Beaver, despite the fact that he says he's cleaned himself up.

Ep 21: Beaver's Dance

Both Beaver and Larry are forced into attending dancing school by their parents and after one lesson, they find that they absolutely detest it, like they knew they would. This prompts them to skip class next time and they hide out behind a barn until it's time to go home.

Ep 22: Larry's Club

Larry is furious when Beaver leaves him out when he joins a club called the Bloody Five. To get revenge, Larry makes up a story that he is starting his own club and that people are waiting in line to join. This prompts Beaver to resign from the Bloody Five and he tries to join Larry's bogus club.

Ep 23: School Sweater

Wally lends his school sweater to Frances and quickly finds getting it back is going to be difficult because the girl keeps making up excuses. Things reach a boiling point when Ward and June overhear Frances bragging to her friends how Wally is chasing after her.

Ep 24: The Hypnotist

After seeing someone being hypnotized in a movie, Beaver sets out to do the same. He tries hypnotism on Eddie—who pretends Beaver has hypnotized him—and Beaver gets scared when Eddie won't snap out of the trance.

Ep 25: Wally and Alma

After drawing Alma's name for a school picnic, Wally finds himself meeting her parents and her mother takes an immediate liking to Wally, setting him and Alma up on numerous dates, but then turns around and accuses Wally of monopolizing Alma's time.

Ep 26: Beaver's Bike

Beaver asks his parents if he could ride his new bike to school instead of the bus, and after some hesitating they finally agree to it. However, on the first day, a naive Beaver gets his bike stolen.

Ep 27: Wally's Orchid

Wally asks out a rich girl who drops hints that she would like an orchid for her corsage. Wally quickly discovers that getting one is going to be more difficult then he originally thought.

Ep 28: Ward's Baseball

Ward's cherished autographed baseball becomes the object that Larry and Beaver just can't keep their hands off of. They decide to play catch with it and it ends up getting run over by a truck.

Ep 29: Beaver's Monkey

Beaver wants a pet and Ward and June object to his latest one, a mouse. They tell him they can have a sensible pet, so when Beaver and Larry see an ad at the market giving away a free monkey, Beaver jumps at the chance and Ward and June find their house the new home for Stanley, the Monkey.

Ep 30: Beaver Finds a Wallet

Beaver and Larry find a wallet that contains $89 while on their way to the grocery store to pick up some groceries for June. Surprisingly, Beaver and Larry decide to turn it in at the police station and Beaver finds himself waiting an agonizing week to see if he can keep the money.

Ep 31: Mother's Day Composition

Beaver must write a composition about his mother but soon finds himself the only one with a seemingly "boring" mother while Richard, Larry and Judy have colorful mothers. Beaver decides to make his mother colorful, too, even if it means making up things.

Ep 32: Beaver and Violet

Beaver finds himself in a most uncomfortable situation when Fred Rutherford practically plays matchmaker and pairs Beaver up with his daughter, Violet. Fred organizes a picnic and invites the Cleavers, which is where the situation culminates into Beaver getting kissed by Violet.

Ep 33: The Spot Removers

For an upcoming dance, Wally is ready to wear a grey suit but when Beaver brings his new friend, Richard, over to the house, he accidentally spills oil on it, leaving a big stain. This leads Richard and Beaver to try to bleach the stain out with disastrous results. Beaver finds himself with another problem, when later Eddie discovers what Beaver is hiding from Wally.

Ep 34: Beaver, the Model

Ep 35: Wally, the Businessman

Ep 36: Beaver and Ivanhoe

Assigned to read one more book before the end of the school year, Ward suggests Ivanhoe, and Beaver reads it and takes the ideas of knighthood and chivalry to heart. He begins defending girls and begins charging his friends to make them knights.

Ep 37: Wally's Play

Wally has joined an all-male club at school and learns that they are putting on a play. He's not too happy when he learns that the part he's supposed to play is that of a chorus girl. Later, Beaver and Gilbert make matters worse when they stumble upon Wally's costume, a dress.

Ep 38: The Last Day of School

The last day of school has each one of Miss Landers' students bringing her a gift. June orders some nice handkerchiefs for the gift and a slip for herself. Beaver mistakes the slip as the gift for Miss Landers and debates on whether or not to give her this very "personal" gift.

Ep 39: Beaver's Team

While coaching Beaver's football team, Wally makes up a secret play and Beaver just happens to mention it to Penny who inadvertently passes it on to the opposing team.

Ep 1: Beaver Won't Eat

Beaver is determined not to eat brussels sprouts and adamantly refuses to eat them when June serves them for dinner. In order to go to a football game, Ward makes Beaver promise that he will eat brussels sprouts the next time they are served. Beaver quickly finds himself confronted with the "deadly" vegetables when the Cleavers go out to eat at a posh restaurant.

Ep 2: Beaver's House Guest

A friend Beaver made at summer camp, Chopper, stays with the Cleavers for the weekend. Beaver is quickly introduced to Chopper's unusual life; he is the son of parents who have been married and divorced many times.

Ep 3: Beaver Becomes a Hero

While Beaver and Wally are fishing an abandoned canoe floats up and they responsibly return it to the owner, whose name had been carved in the paddle. However, after telling his friends the story, they adjust it to make it sound as if Beaver had saved a girl from drowning.

Ep 4: Wally, the Lifeguard

Ep 5: Beaver's Freckles

When Clarence gets fed up with Beaver calling him Lumpy, he gives Beaver a new nickname, Freckles. This leads Beaver to become self-conscious about his freckles and takes steps to try to remove them.

Ep 6: Beaver's Big Contest

Constantly entering contests, Beaver's latest one has him selling raffle tickets in hopes of winning a prize. Surprisingly, he does indeed win third prize and the prize is a $3,500 sports car. However, his dreams are dashed when Eddie's premonition comes true, Ward breaks the news that Beaver can't keep the car.

Ep 7: Miss Lander's Fiance

Ep 8: Eddie's Double-Cross

Ep 9: Beaver's I.Q.

After learning that he's going to be taking an I.Q. test, Beaver hits the books, scared after his friends tell him that if he doesn't pass he will be sent to "dumb school."

Ep 10: Wally's Glamour Girl

Wally is shocked to learn that the glamorous Kitty Bannerman is visiting Mayfield and he's afraid that she will find out that he's not the rich hot shot that he told her he was in the letters that he had sent her.

Ep 11: Chuckie's New Shoes

A neighbor gives Wally the responsibility of taking her son, Chuckie, down to the shoe store to pick out a pair of shoes. However, when Wally gives the job to Beaver, Beaver finds himself searching for Chuckie, who has gotten himself lost.

Ep 12: Beaver and Kenneth

While at a parent's meeting, June leans from Miss Landers that someone has been stealing in Beaver's class. So far a baseball glove, a lunch box and a baseball cap were heisted. Later, June makes a shocking discovery; she finds the stolen items under Beaver's bed. This leaves June and Ward wondering if they're raising a thief.

Ep 13: Beaver's Accordian

An advertisement in the mail for a free tryout of an accordion has Beaver sneaking around behind Ward's back. After rescuing the flyer from the trash, Beaver sends it in and indeed gets an accordion that he quickly finds hard to hide from his parents.

Ep 14: Uncle Billy

Ward's Uncle Billy arrives in Mayfield for a visit and begins telling Wally and Beaver exaggerated stories. Not realizing this, Beaver expects Billy to come through after promising Beaver a fishing reel.

Ep 15: Teacher's Daughter

Wally's latest girlfriend is Julie Foster, who just happens to be the daughter of a Mr. Foster, who teaches English. Meanwhile, at school, a new semester lands Wally in Mr. Foster's class and he quickly finds himself feeling uncomfortable—especially after Eddie tells him that his relationship with Julie will determine his grades.

Ep 16: Ward's Millions

Wanting Ward to become a millionaire, Beaver buys him a book called "I Became a Millionaire in Twelve Months." Ward thanks him for it but Beaver quickly learns that Ward is just being polite as to spare his feelings.

Ep 17: Beaver's Secret Life

After revealing that he wants to be a writer when he grows up, Ward buys Beaver a diary to practice writing and Beaver begins keeping a record of his daily activities. However, June and Ward pick the lock and sneak a peek at his diary after Beaver neglects to come home on time.

Ep 18: Wally's Track Meet

Wally is all set to compete in a track meet but after the coach catches him "horsing around" in the locker room, he's ousted from the meet, even though Lumpy and Eddie were egging him on.

Ep 19: Beaver's Old Buddy

An old friend of Beaver's spends the weekend at the Cleavers and Beaver is all ready to have a great time like they used to. However, Beaver quickly discovers that people change and in this case Beaver's old buddy has indeed changed.

Ep 20: Beaver's Tonsils

When Beaver becomes sick, the doctor thinks Beaver may need to have his tonsils taken out. Ward quickly puts Beaver's fears to rest by telling him everyone will bring him presents when they visit him in the hospital. This leads Beaver to tell everyone that he's going to have surgery, but then he finds out he may not need the operation after all.

Ep 21: The Big Fish Count

Eddie makes it known to everyone that he's just gotten a job down at Parker's Pet Store, which happens to be holding a contest in which you guess the number of fish in a tank. After hours of counting and re-counting, Gilbert suggests to Beaver that they ought to just ask Eddie for the count, but Beaver is a bit hesitant about cheating.

Ep 22: Beaver's Poster

Miss Landers is having Beaver's class do projects on the colonial period and Beaver is one of three students creating posters. Whoever makes the best one gets a prize and Beaver is sure that Ward will paint the poster for him.

Ep 23: Mother's Helper

A neighborhood cleaning woman, Mrs. Manners, gets a request from June asking her to help out a couple times during the week. Mrs. Manners is too busy herself but instead sends over her daughter, a girl whom Wally instantly falls for.

Ep 24: The Dramatic Club

After joining the dramatic club at school, Beaver is given the lead role in a play. However, after reading the script, he discovers he must kiss a girl and wants out of the production.

Ep 25: Wally and Dudley

A close friend of June's moves into the neighborhood and June arranges to have Wally show the new kid, Dudley, around school. However, everyone thinks Dudley is a creep and Eddie and Lumpy plan to make a fool of Dudley at a party.

Ep 26: Eddie Spends the Night

Wally invites Eddie to spend the night. However, during a game of chess, Eddie accuses Wally of cheating and they get into a big argument ending with Wally ordering Eddie to go home.

Ep 27: Beaver's Report Card

Beaver gets out of school early to go to the dentist, which prompts Gilbert to drop off his report card. However, Eddie and Lumpy get a hold of it and Eddie decides to alter Beaver's arithmetic grade from a D- to a B+.

Ep 28: Mistaken Identity

A police officer catches Richard throwing rocks at the windows of an old abandoned house. When asked for his name, he tells the officer it is Theodore Cleaver. Meanwhile, Ward has joined a committee to organize a youth center.

Ep 29: Wally's Dream Girl

Wally falls head over heels for a popular girl in school, Ginny Townsend. To get them together, June slyly invites Ginny on a picnic and the Cleaver's quickly discover that Ginny is not exactly a barrel of laughs.

Ep 30: The School Picture

While Beaver's class is having a group picture taken, Gilbert goads Beaver into making a face with him when they snap the picture. However, when the picture is actually taken, Gilbert backs out and Beaver is the only one making a face.

Ep 31: Beaver's Rat

Beaver making trades with his classmates is beginning to get on Ward and June's nerves because he seems to be the one who always walks away shorthanded. June especially thinks Beaver got the short stick in his latest trade when he comes home with a pet rat.

Ep 32: In the Soup

Wally is throwing a party and is successful in getting Beaver out of the house, who is planning to spend the night at Whitey's. However, on the way to Whitey's house, he and Beaver get into an argument over a billboard that is advertising soup, leading Beaver to fall into the giant soup bowl mounted at the top of the billboard.

Ep 33: Community Chest

Beaver volunteers to go around the neighborhood and collect for the Community Chest in June's place after she decides to attend Wally's open house at his school. Beaver brings along Gilbert and thanks to Beaver's astronomical mistake of losing the collection can, chaos erupts.

Ep 34: Junior Fire Chief

Beaver decides to run for junior fire chief and, to his surprise, wins. However, as soon as he's elected, he lets the responsibilities go to his head and begins issuing citations to not only his family but his neighbors as well.

Ep 35: Beaver's Frogs

Beaver wants a canoe and makes a deal with Ward: If Beaver can come up with half the money, Ward will pay for the other half. So Beaver, comes up with a way of making money by selling frogs. However, little does he know that the man who's going to buy the frogs, uses them for class dissections.

Ep 36: Beaver Goes in Business

Beaver and Gilbert begin a lawn mowing business and plan to go door to door in seach of lawns that need to be mowed. However, shortly after they venture out, Eddie gives the boys some advice that leads them into trouble and Gilbert to bail out of the business when their first client appears.

Ep 37: Kite Day

An upcoming father-son kite day has Beaver getting all excited when Ward agrees to participate with him. They do a great job building a kite together but when Gilbert talks Beaver into testing it out, the kite crashes and falls apart. This leaves Beaver with the duty to tell Ward just what happened.

Ep 38: Beaver's Doll Buggy

Beaver buys a rundown mini-race car from Eddie and needs to find a set of wheels for it. Beaver decides to ask Penny Woods if he could have the wheels off her old doll buggy but finds himself in an awkward position: pushing a doll buggy down the street.

Ep 39: Substitute Father

Before leaving on a business trip, Ward asks Wally to look after June and Beaver and Wally does indeed. However, when Miss Landers hears Beaver swear at a bully, Beaver turns to Wally to handle the situation and be a "substitute father."

Ep 1: Wally Goes Steady

Ward and June find themselves in the dark when they hear through the grapevine that not only is Wally going steady with Evelyn Boothby but that wedding bells may be heard soon. Meanwhile, Wally gets a different picture of marital life through Evelyn's sister and her husband.

Ep 2: No Time for Babysitters

Ep 3: Wally's Car

For $25, Wally buys a car and signs a contract with the owner knowing full well what he's getting, a car that doesn't start. Wally quickly finds himself with more trouble then he bargained for when the lemon becomes a fixture in front of the Cleaver home.

Ep 4: Beaver's Birthday

Beaver has told his parents that he doesn't want anything big for his birthday and they decide to respect his wishes and give him a gift of money. Beaver also gets quite a bit of money from other relatives and finds himself debating on whether or not to spend it or put in the bank, like his parents suggest.

Ep 5: Beaver's Cat Problem

A strange cat appears at the Cleaver's door and Beaver takes it in and feeds it. However, when the owner is found, and the cat is returned, Beaver finds himself with a dilemma: The cat keeps coming back!

Ep 6: Wally's Weekend Job

Wally gets a job at the ice cream parlor leaving a gaggle of girls swooning and Eddie and Lumpy feeling neglected. So to get back at him, Eddie and Lumpy concoct a plan of revenge that involves Mary Ellen Roger's slumber party.

Ep 7: Beaver Takes a Drive

When Beaver and Gilbert are pretending to go for a drive in Ward's car, Beaver accidentally releases the parking brake, causing the car to roll down the driveway and into the street, backing up traffic. Wally steps in and drives the car back in the driveway and clears up the traffic mess, but he soon finds himself being issued a citation for driving without a license.

Ep 8: Wally's Big Date

Wally's school is having an exchange dance and Wally and Eddie must take girls from a rival school that they chose out of a hat. Eddie asks to trade with Wally and he agrees, like a shot, after seeing the picture of Eddie's intended in a yearbook. Suspicious, Wally soon quickly discovers why Eddie wanted to trade; the girl is a few inches taller than Wally.

Ep 9: Beaver's Ice Skates

Beaver wants a new pair of expensive ice skates and asks Ward to borrow $13. Wanting to pick them out himself, he goes to the store and is conned by a salesman who sells him skates that are three sizes too big.

Ep 10: Weekend Invitation

Wally and a bunch of other guys are invited to spend the weekend at Scott's cottage on the lake. However, Scott doesn't mention to Wally that there will be no parent supervision.

Ep 11: Beaver's English Test

Beaver has been having trouble in English and Ward persuades Wally to tutor him. Wally has Beaver look over an old exam that he once took. To Beaver's surprise, the next day his teacher gives him the exact same test, which, of course, he aces. However, Beaver is left with a guilty conscience.

Ep 12: Wally's Chauffeur

Wally plans on going to a big dance with Evelyn Boothby and they plan on getting there cramped with six other people in Lumpy's car. When June and Ward refuse to allow that, Wally and Evelyn must find another way to get there. However, what Evelyn has in mind doesn't go over well with Wally.

Ep 13: Beaver's First Date

A party is being thrown at the dancing school where Beaver and Wally once took lessons and they're both invited. This prompts Beaver to ask one particular girl who caught his eye, Betsy Patterson, if he could escort her to the dance. However, once at the dance, he finds that Betsy has promised other boys that she would dance with them.

Ep 14: Ward's Golf Clubs

During a particularly awful golf game, Ward happens to break his driver and decides it's not worth repairing it, so he just puts it in the closet. Later, Gilbert talks Beaver into hitting around some golf balls with Ward's clubs and one hit with the broken driver has Beaver thinking he broke it.

Ep 15: Farewell to Penny

Penny learns that she will be moving away and Beaver deals with mixed feelings for the girl with whom he shares a mutual dislike. However, after a farewell party at school, Beaver and Penny openly show their true feelings for one another.

Ep 16: Beaver, the Bunny

Ep 17: Beaver's Electric Trains

June runs across Beaver's old electric trains while cleaning and because he hasn't played with them in years, finds someone who will take them, with Beaver's consent. However, Beaver quickly re-discovers the fun of playing with the trains and wants to withdraw from the arrangement, even though the new owners-to-be are expecting them.

Ep 18: Beaver's Long Night

Beaver has Gilbert over to spend the night but after they watch a gangster movie things get out of hand. A suspicious car has just pulled up to the front of the house with two strange characters sitting inside, and they just happen to be Lumpy and Bill, dressed for a masquerade party. Not knowing this, Beaver calls the police and Lumpy and Bill are arrested.

Ep 19: Beaver's Jacket

Richard has just gotten, as Beaver describes it, a "keen" new jacket and this prompts Beaver to ask his parents for one exactly like it. June and Ward are hesitant after learning the price but decide to give in. However, when Richard loses his jacket, he coerces Beaver into a plot to trick his parents.

Ep 20: Nobody Loves Me

Beaver becomes convinced that he's ugly and unwanted after constantly being reminded how cute he used to be and from being yelled at by his parents for how messy he is currently.

Ep 21: Beaver's Fear

Wally is rounding up some guys to go to an amusement park and he's one short from getting a discount so he settles on Beaver. However, Beaver begins having second thoughts when he hears stories about one of the roller coasters.

Ep 22: Three Boys and a Burro

Beaver, Gilbert and Richard find a burro for sale in Mayfield and they each decide to go in $10 for it. After getting their parent's permission, Richard and Gilbert fight over who gets to keep the burro, which they name Pepe. However, once they get a load of just how destructive a burro can be, they dump the problem of room and board on Beaver.

Ep 23: Eddie Quits School

Eddie pompously announces that he's dropping out of school to get a high paying job at a gas station. However, all is not as it seems when Wally and Lumpy get a glance at Eddie's new free spending life.

Ep 24: Wally Stays at Lumpy's

A communication gap ensues when Wally wants to spend the night at Lumpy's and Beaver wants to have Gilbert spend the night. Beaver asks June and she tells him he can sometime when Wally spends the night somewhere and Wally asks Ward, who tells him he can sometime when Beaver has someone spend the night.

Ep 25: Beaver's Laundry

Beaver agrees to help Richard cart his family's clothes down to the laundromat; however, half way there they discover that Richard has lost the three dollars his mother gave him. This leads him to ask Beaver if he could use the Cleaver washer. They soon find themselves in another jam when the washing machine overflows after Beaver put in too much soap and starch.

Ep 26: Lumpy's Car Trouble

Ward allows his car to be driven by Lumpy, who must get Eddie, Wally and Beaver to a sporting event in a neighboring town. However, on the way back, Lumpy disobeys Ward's orders and takes a shortcut home.

Ep 27: Beaver the Babysitter

Ep 28: The Younger Brother

Beaver decides to join the basketball team but finds himself trying to live up to Wally's performance. However, after not making the team, Beaver allows his family to believe that he did.

Ep 29: Beaver's Typewriter

Seeing an ad for typewriters on sale, Beaver talks his parents into letting him get one as long as he learns how to use it. However, Beaver discovers learning to type is not as easy as it looks and soon finds himself making a deal with the shady Eddie Haskell.

Ep 30: The Merchant Marine

Ward comes down hard on Wally after he comes home two hours late, this fuels June and Ward's suspicions that Wally is contemplating joining the Merchant Marines. June had discovered some pamphlets hidden in his dresser drawer. However, little does anyone know, Wally has been getting the information for Lumpy who's seriously thinking of joining.

Ep 31: Brother Versus Brother

Beaver gets a new girl in his class and is instantly smitten. He begins walking her home from school but he soon realizes that the girl has an agenda on her mind. Her sole purpose is to get close to Beaver in order to get close to Wally. This leads Beaver to accuse Wally of stealing his girl.

Ep 32: The Yard Birds

Ward doesn't take any excuses when he puts his foot down and demands that Wally and Beaver clean the yard. They each reluctantly cancel their plans with Richard and Eddie and get to work but soon find themselves with distractions. This causes them to miss the deadline to call the hauler who is suppose to take all the yard waste away and this leads them to pay Eddie and Lumpy to take care of it.

Ep 33: Tennis, Anyone?

Ep 34: One of the Boys

Eddie and Wally finally get a chance to join the most exclusive social club in school, the Barons. However, after hanging out with the Barons on a Friday night, Eddie and Wally realize they don't want to be in this club because the guys really aren't who everybody thinks they are.

Ep 35: Sweatshirt Monsters

Beaver, Richard, Whitey and Alan each buy sweatshirts that have monster faces on the front of them. They like them so much they each decide to wear them to school the next day. However, each one finds that their parents forbid them from wearing such hideous sweatshirts to school. However, Beaver manages to sneak out of the house with his on.

Ep 36: A Night in the Woods

Beaver and his friends are all psyched to go on a camping trip with Gilbert's father as an escort. However, when Gilbert's father suddenly has to work, Wally agrees to take them. Meanwhile, Eddie and Lumpy decide to secretly tag along and scare the boys with animal noises.

Ep 37: Long Distance Call

Beaver and his friends decide to make a call to California to talk to Don Drysdale and they agree to chip in on the cost of the call, assuming that it's only going to be a couple dollars. However, when they're put on hold, the cost quickly jumps up to $9.

Ep 38: Stocks and Bonds

Beaver and Wally become interested in the stock market and Ward decides that they should try their hand at it. However, Wally and Beaver have different ideas about what to invest in compared to Ward who wants them to play it safe and invest in Mayfield Power and Electric, while they want to invest in a more risky venture.

Ep 39: Un-Togetherness

Ep 1: Wally's Dinner Date

Wally has been constantly spending his time at Julie Foster's house and June suggests that he's old enough to take her out on a dinner date. Julie suggests a new expensive restaurant called The White Fox. However, during the meal Wally discovers that he forgot his wallet at home.

Ep 2: Beaver's Football Award

Beaver is scheduled to receive a football award at a father-son dinner being held in the school gym. While talking with his friends, Beaver learns that none of them are planning on wearing a jacket and a tie so when June and Ward insist that he wear one, he adamantly refuses.

Ep 3: Wally's License

Now that Wally is 17, he feels it's about time that he get his drivers license. However, June and Ward are a bit apprehensive about the idea of Wally driving, but Wally is persistant and finally gets his parents to agree to let him take a drivers class.

Ep 4: The Late Edition

Beaver has his heart set on taking a swing at being a paper boy again but another kid beats him to it. This leads Beaver to think about using sabatoge to get the new paper boy fired. However, the boy may just do that himself when the service becomes terrible leading Beaver to confront him only to discover he is a she.

Ep 5: Double Date

Wally's new girlfriend, Carolyn, can't go out to the movies on Saturday night because she has to watch her little sister, Susan. Carolyn suggests that Beaver take Susan out to the movies and that they all double date. Not wanting to let Wally down, Beaver decides to go along, despite being nervous.

Ep 6: Eddie, the Businessman

Wally and Eddie get jobs at the Mayfield Dairy thanks to Ward pulling some strings. They soon unknowingly find themselves involved in a plot started by the foreman and his assistant, who are secretly stealing the merchandise. When Ward learns of the plot, he warns Wally who in turn tries to warn Eddie, but Eddie doesn't buy it.

Ep 7: Tell It to Ella

After coming home late on a school night, Ward and June punish Beaver by not allowing him to go anywhere on school nights. Beaver feels the punishment is unfair, so Eddie suggests Beaver write to an advice column.

Ep 8: Bachelor at Large

Ep 9: Beaver Joins a Record Club

Ep 10: Wally's Car Accident

June and Ward go away for the weekend and Wally asks to borrow Ward's new car to go to a dance. Although hesitant, Ward finally gives in and lets him take it. However, after the dance, Lumpy runs into some car trouble which results in Wally smashing the headlight on the car. Wally is now faced with having it repaired and paying for it himself and trying to find a way to break it gently to Ward.

Ep 11: Beaver, the Sheep Dog

At school, Beaver gets into an argument with a girl who retaliates by making fun of Beaver's hair, calling him a sheepdog. Incredibly self-concious, Beaver goes out to the store and buys different hairsprays and gels to try to improve his hairdo. He doesn't get the reaction he was expecting when he tries his new hairdo out on his family.

Ep 12: Beaver, the Hero

During one of his football team's games, Beaver is sent in and scores the winning touchdown, which results in a picture in the paper. Soon, Beaver finds himself swamped with attention and quickly lets it goes to his head. He begins acting like he's better than everyone and begins to alienate Gilbert, Whitey and Wally.

Ep 13: Beaver's Autobiography

Beaver has been given an assignment in which he must write a autobiography for class but isn't sure about his abilities at writing. So, he convinces a girl, who likes him, to write it for him. When she discovers that he is merely using her, she writes an outrageous life story and hands it in, causing embarrassment for Beaver when the teacher reads it in class.

Ep 14: The Party Spoiler

Wally asks June and Ward if he could have a party and with some prodding, Wally finally gets their permission. June quickly begins the plans and Beaver gets a look at the guest list and quickly finds that he's not invited. For revenge, Beaver decides to sabotage Wally's party with a variety of gags that he bought at a magic shop.

Ep 15: The Mustache

Wally's on-again off-again girlfriend, Julie Foster, seems to have thrown him over for a new guy in school who just happens to have a mustache. Wally's ego is bruised when Eddie tells him that Julie thinks he's naive and immature. This is the last straw and Wally decides to grow a mustache, much to the dismay of his family.

Ep 16: Wally Buys a Car

A friend has a car for sale and Wally is interested; however, Ward and June are, as usual, hesitant about the whole thing. Ward decides to give in to Wally and allow him to buy the used car, with the condition that he inspect it first. Ward quickly finds problems with the car and he helps Wally look elsewhere giving Wally tips on the process of used car shopping.

Ep 17: The Parking Attendants

The social event of the season, according to Fred Rutherford, is a big party that a wealthy family is throwing and he rubs it in due to the fact that June and Ward didn't get an invitation. However, Wally and Eddie will be there after they get jobs parking the guest's cars. However, trouble ensues when Eddie parks Fred's car in a no parking spot and the car gets towed away by the city.

Ep 18: More Blessed to Give

Beaver and Gilbert go to a carnival and Beaver surprisingly wins a fourteen caret gold locket in one of the carnival games. Beaver thinks about giving it to June but, thanks to Gilbert, decides to give it to a girl whom he has a crush on. However, soon it becomes apparent that this was a mistake when the girl's parents discover Beaver's gift.

Ep 19: Beaver's Good Deed

Beaver seems to be on a selfish streak after backing out of a babysitting and later not wanting to do a simple favor for Wally. Ward gives Beaver a stern lecture and he soon takes Ward's advice when a tramp comes to the door wanting some kindness. However, the tramp quickly takes advantage and helps himself to more than a glass of water.

Ep 20: The Credit Card

Eddie brags about getting a credit card to his high school friends. When Wally's battery dies on his car, Eddie comes to the rescue by getting him a brand new battery. Everything is fine until Mr. Haskell finds out that Eddie charged it on their charge account.

Ep 21: Beaver the Caddy

Ep 22: Beaver on TV

Beaver comes home with the news that he applied to appear on a local television show called 'Teen Forum' and has been accepted. Beaver gets out of classes for the taping and all his classmates are treated to being able to watch him on TV during class. However, what Beaver, his friends and family don't know is that the show tapes each episode a week in advance.

Ep 23: Box Office Attraction

June and Ward have noticed the Wally has been spending quite a bit of his time at the movie theater but it's not to see the movies. He's been eyeing the pretty young lady who works in the box office. Thanks to Eddie, Wally works up enough courage to ask her out but quickly sees another side to the young lady that is a bit too mature for Wally's taste.

Ep 24: Lumpy's Scholarship

Wally is let down when he learns that he didn't get the sports scholarship from State University. However, he does learn that Lumpy did get one and this leads him to throw a party in Lumpy's honor. However, half way through the party, Fred calls with some unfortunate news for Lumpy, the scholarship is no longer available due to Lumpy's grades.

Ep 25: The Silent Treatment

Beaver is all set to go with Eddie and Wally to hook up a AM/FM car radio in Eddie's car but June stops him and insists he go to the grocery store to pick up the items he had promised. This leads Beaver to give June the cold shoulder treatment while playing up to Ward.

Ep 26: Uncle Billy's Visit

June and Ward go away for a couple of days and leave Uncle Billy to stay with Wally and Beaver. Beaver quickly realizes Billy runs a much looser ship than Ward and June and feels as if he can get away with more things. However, he's soon in for a rude awakening when he helps Gilbert sneak into the movies.

Ep 27: Beaver's Prep School

June and Ward are excited when they learn that Aunt Martha has made arrangements to send Beaver to a prep school in New England. However, Beaver quickly realizes he will miss his friends as they are all entering Mayfield High School next year. This puts Beaver in a delicate position: how to tell Aunt Martha he doesn't want to go without hurting her feelings.

Ep 28: Wally and the Fraternity

Wally has his mind pretty much made up about going to Ward's alma mater, State University, and he's even considering joining Ward's old fraternity. However, both Eddie and Wally think twice when they hear from a college student that that's the worst fraternity on campus, but Ward has already sent out his letter of recommendation for both of them.

Ep 29: Eddie's Sweater

Eddie has been seeing one particular girl, Cindy Andrews, and she wants to give Eddie a birthday gift, so she decides to knit a sweater. She uses Wally as a model and he begins spending so much time at Cindy's he arrouses the suspicions of Julie, Eddie, Lumpy, Beaver and his parents.

Ep 30: The Book Report

Beaver has been assigned to write a book report on 'The Three Musketeers.' However he's waited right down to the wire to get reading and quickly realizes that he'll never get finished. So, he decides to watch the movie that's going to be on TV and write his book report based on the movie.

Ep 31: The Poor Loser

Ward is given two tickets to a baseball game and is faced with an impossible decision. Should he take Wally or Beaver? Beaver lets him off the hook when he announces he has plans with Gilbert. However, when they fall through, Beaver changes his mind about the game and becomes convinced because he's the youngest he gets the short stick.

Ep 32: Don Juan Beaver

A school dance has Beaver with a major dilemma. He has two girls who ask him to go with them. However, he has a little problem, he accepted the first invitation but now wants out of it when he's asked by the second girl. This leads him to take some of Eddie's poor advice.

Ep 33: Summer in Alaska

Eddie is happy to break the news that he plans to spend his summer on a fishing boat in Alaska and this prompts Wally and Lumpy to think about signing up to do the same thing. However, they all get a dose of reality when they discover just what kind of conditions they would be living in.

Ep 34: Beaver's Graduation

It's come down to the final week before junior high school graduation and Beaver is having a ball and even skips a class with Gilbert. However, Beaver becomes convinced he won't graduate after Gilbert and him take a peek at the diplomas on Mrs. Rayburn's desk and find Beaver's diploma to be missing.

Ep 35: Wally's Practical Joke

Wally and Eddie fall prey to Lumpy's practical joking after he plants cherry bombs under the hoods of Eddie's car and Wally's car. Both Eddie and Wally want to get him back but their plan goes awry when they destroy Lumpy's car after chaining it to a tree. All fingers point to Wally after Fred finds that the chain has Ward's name printed on it.

Ep 36: The All-Night Party

After graduation, an all-night party is set to begin, which has June and Ward very wary. They aren't sure if they should allow Wally to attend. Meanwhile, Wally's date for the party has the same problem. This leads her to invite Wally to meet her folks and put their worries to rest.

Ep 37: Beaver Sees America

Beaver has the chance to travel around the country for six weeks during the summer and he's all excited about it. However, he quickly realizes when he's gone Gilbert will go after the girl Beaver has a crush on, Mary Margaret. But he quickly realizes, there's more to life than Mary Margaret.

Ep 38: The Clothing Drive

Beaver's school is having a clothing drive and whoever brings in the most clothes will be awarded 1,000 school points. June, Ward and Wally round up all the old clothes they can find and put them in a box. However, next to the box are three good suits of Ward's that are to be cleaned, and, of course, Beaver mistakes them as items for the clothing drive.

Ep 39: Family Scrapbook

While cleaning, June runs across an old family scrapbook and gathers the family together to reminisce about the past six years. The Cleavers recall scenes from previous episodes including: 'Beaver Gets 'Spelled,'' 'New Neighbors,' 'My Brother's Girl,' 'The Shave,' 'Beaver Runs Away,' 'Larry Hides Out,' 'Teacher Comes to Dinner,' and 'Wally's Election.'