Barnaby Jones

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The exploits of milk-swilling, geriatric private eye Barnaby Jones (Buddy Ebsen).

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  • 7/16 4:05AMProgrammed for Killing
    "A genius and his partner use a computer to commit murder and larceny."
  • 7/17 4:05AMA Gold Record for Murder
    "In order to preserve his reputation for genius, a rock star kills the ghost writer who always complained for never getting credit."
  • 7/18 4:05AMFriends Till Death
    "A friend of Betty's is now smuggling heroin."
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Episode Guide

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Ep 1: Requiem for a Son

A pair of men pretending to be Barnaby and J.R. murder a writer employed by a publishing empire.

Ep 2: To Catch a Dead Man

A sportsman's plans for a new life begin with murder.

Ep 5: Perchance to Kill

An affair leads to an accidental murder.

Ep 4: Murdering Class, The

Barnaby investigates a murder at a prep-school.

Ep 6: Loose Connection, The

Barnaby is used to smuggle narcotics.

Ep 7: Murder in the Doll's House

Barnaby matches wits with a debonair killer.

Ep 8: Sing a Song of Murder

The managers of a rock music star, whom they think drowned in his pool, cash in on his "tragedy""."

Ep 9: See Some Evil, Do Some Evil

A blackmailer and murderer pretends to be blind.

Ep 10: Murder Go Round

It's one killing after another as Barnaby investigates a hit-and-run accident while wealthy townspeople plot his murder.

Ep 3: Sunday: Doomsday

Barnaby engages in a game of cat-and-mouse with a murderer who blames him for his jail time.

Ep 11: To Denise, with Love And Murder

A philanderer murders his mistress.

Ep 12: Little Glory, Little Death, A

A blackmailing actress gets pushed off a cliff.

Ep 13: Twenty Million Alibis

A jewel thief writing his memoirs accidentally kills a butler while making off with a diamond necklace.

Ep 4: Day of the Viper, The

Barnaby suspects that a desert rancher's death was no accident.

Ep 2: Death Leap

A man attempting suicide is really a diversion for a jewelry heist.

Ep 1: Blind Terror

A blind girl is Barnaby's only lead in his search for a missing coed.

Ep 5: Trial Run for Death

A race-car driver murders his brother-in-law, then stages a smashup to cover it up.

Ep 3: Echoes of a Murder

The owner of a mountain lodge asks Barnaby to prove he didn't kill his wife, even though his guests swear they saw him do it.

Ep 7: Divorce Murderer's Style

A woman blackmails a husband she knows arranged for his spouse's death.

Ep 6: Catch Me If You Can

Barnaby is on the hunt for a psychopathic murderer.

Ep 8: Deadly Prize

Barnaby is hired by an insurance company to investigate a waterfront murder involving a merchant sailor.

Ep 9: Stand in for Death

A husband kills a man he thought was his wife's lover.

Ep 11: Killing Defense

The prime suspect in a jewel heist is robbed of his gems, his spouse and his life by his own lawyer.

Ep 10: Black Art of Dying, The

Barnaby tries to determine if a psychic had anything to do with a lawyer's death.

Ep 12: Fatal Flight

Barnaby investigates a plane crash that resulted in a corporation president's death.

Ep 13: Secret of the Dunes

A weekend motorcyclist witnesses a gangster burial, then pays for it with his life.

Ep 14: Venus as in Fly Trap

A male-chauvinist author murder's her feminist lover's wife.

Ep 15: Deadly Jinx

Barnaby is on the case when a rich woman's affairs seem to be ending in terrible accidents.

Ep 16: Platinum Connection

After a jeweler swindles his insurance company, he comes to suspect that his secretary is on to him.

Ep 17: Programmed for Killing

A genius and his partner use a computer to commit murder and larceny.

Ep 18: Gold Record for Murder, A

In order to preserve his reputation for genius, a rock star kills the ghost writer who always complained for never getting credit.

Ep 19: Friends Till Death

A friend of Betty's is now smuggling heroin.

Ep 20: Rendezvous with Terror

Barnaby is hired to find the son of a South American ruler.

Ep 21: Dark Legacy

A couple murders young men.

Ep 22: Woman in Shadows

When a plastic surgeon accidentally kills his patient, he remodels his nurse to look exactly like her.

Ep 23: Image in a Cracked Mirror

A fortune hunter marries rich women and makes off with their valuables.

Ep 24: Foul Play

The owner of a basketball team accidentally kills a man who intended to blackmail the team's star player.

Ep 3: Challenge, The

As Barnaby attempts to uncover the motives for a man's alleged suicide, another detective tries to cover up the facts.

Ep 1: Gathering of Thieves, A

A real-estate scam leads to four murders, including that of a professor who was not pleased with his new property.

Ep 7: Blueprint for a Caper

Recently released from prison, the leader of a burglary ring murders his partner for taking his girlfriend.

Ep 5: Odd Man Loses

An industrialist is accidentally killed in a holdup before he's able to close a shady deal.

Ep 10: Time to Kill

When a dinner guest falls asleep, his host steals his diamond.

Ep 2: Dead Man's Run

A comptroller fakes his death to avoid getting arrested for embezzling from an investment firm.

Ep 6: Forfeit By Death

When a bondsman's client fails to deliver stolen valuables in exchange for bail, the bondsman kills him.

Ep 9: Dark Homecoming

Barnaby must find out what happened to a woman who disappeared after dating a country singer's ex.

Ep 8: Mystery Clycle

An insurance settlement hangs on the result of an investigation of a motorcycle manufacturer's death.

Ep 4: Conspiracy of Terror

A Pulitzer Prize-winning author ends up dead after he gains a prisoner's confession of innocence.

Ep 12: Web of Deceit

A newsman takes pictures of evidence showing that an industrialist is involved with the mob.

Ep 11: Death on Deposit

A cattleman is murdered in his own corral on the day he was to withdraw his money from the bank.

Ep 13: Last Contract, The

A mother asks Barnaby to help her find her runaway daughter, who's married to a contract killer.

Ep 17: Dangerous Summer

A friend hires Barnaby to find his missing son.

Ep 16: Counterfall

An escaped convict asks Barnaby to help him prove he didn't kill a judge.

Ep 18: Image of Evil

A film director arranges for the death of his leading man.

Ep 14: Trap Play

After a marital spat, a wife leaves her spouse to meet a football player in an ultimately fatal rendezvous.

Ep 19: Fantasy of Fear

A series of strange events lead the victim of a nervous-breakdown to the edge of a relapse.

Ep 21: Deadlier Species, The

A lawyer is killed when he finds out who's been swindling women.

Ep 20: Doomed Alibi

An actor-turned-business frames his double for the murder of his partner.

Ep 23: Jeopardy for Two

Barnaby follows a double agent who's stolen a porcelain collection.

Ep 22: Poisoned Pigeon

A pair of con artists murder a victim who's found them out.

Ep 24: Bond of Fear

Barnaby is hired to reinvestigate a case in which a woman is found innocent of murder by a jury, but found guilty by the townspeople.

Ep 15: Murder Once Removed

A woman murders her father-in-law when he refuses to give her any money.

Ep 6: Alpha-Bravo War, The

A test missile misfires, causing a death and raising Barnaby's suspicions.

Ep 5: Honeymoon with Death

Barnaby searches for a woman who disappeared on her wedding day.

Ep 7: Flight to Danger

Barnaby tracks a pair of heroin dealers who are using unsuspecting flight attendants as couriers.

Ep 8: Double Vengeance

A woman plots her revenge on the two men who conned her deceased father out of his land rights.

Ep 4: Price of Terror

Barnaby probes the murder of a reporter who was investigating a Vietnam veteran's past.

Ep 10: Beware the Dog

A dog is the prime suspect in the fatal mauling of a man whose stepson is the dog's owner.

Ep 3: Orchid Killer, The

As soon as a man is released from a mental institute for the criminally insane, he's accused of killing one of the nurses.

Ep 11: Blood Relations

Barnaby is hired to replace a detective who was murdered while looking for a woman's biological mother.

Ep 9: Fatal Witness

Barnaby must vindicate a doctor accused of murder by a girl subject to hallucinations.

Ep 2: Theater of Fear

A former actress believes that someone is trying to foil her comeback.

Ep 13: Final Burial

A woman hires Barnaby to find her missing husband and the detective's investigation uncovers bigamy, blackmail and murder.

Ep 14: Portrait of Evil

An art collector's wife plots to steal one of his paintings, but her plan is complicated by her husband's death.

Ep 12: Taste for Murder

A young man's long-range plans clash with his girlfriend's personal ambition, leading them to commit murder out of greed.

Ep 15: Dead Heat

A father willing to do anything for his son to be on the Olympic swimming team gets himself involved in a murder.

Ep 16: Lonely Victims, The

A con man sets up robberies using information he gains from working women looking for love.

Ep 17: Hostage

A crazy man abducts Betty.

Ep 18: Silent Vendetta

A former gangster goes into hiding to finish an indictment he'd been writing about the mob.

Ep 19: Shadow of Guilt

Barnaby looks for a member of Chicano street-gang who is the only witness to a millionaire's death.

Ep 20: Deadly Reunion

Due to circumstantial evidence, Betty's old flame is a prime suspect in a restaurant tycoon's death.

Ep 21: Dangerous Gambit

While investigation a fatal automobile accident, Barnaby uncovers a complex scheme to defraud a bank.

Ep 22: Wipeout

Barnaby probes the death of a girl who was a supposedly skilled surfer.

Ep 23: Eyes of Terror

The residents of a small town being terrorized by a rapist falsely accuse a stutterer.

Ep 24: Stalking Horse, The

Barney poses as the brother of an eccentric millionaire he's hired to protect.

Ep 5: Final Ransom

A man returns from prison and learns that his partner in a ten-year-old kidnapping never gave back the abducted child.

Ep 1: Blood Vengeance

Barnaby sets out to avenge his cousin's murder.

Ep 3: Sins of Thy Father

A pilot's body, slashed by a propeller, is found on an airship.

Ep 7: Voice of the Night

A woman who allegedly killed herself a year ago is now the unlikely suspect in a series of murders.

Ep 8: Bounty Hunter, The

Barnaby must beat a bounty hunter to an escaped convict who can vindicate a prison trustee charged with murder.

Ep 9: Renegade's Child

Barnaby's search for a 6-year-old boy leads him to the boy's father - a vagrant who deals in illegal arms.

Ep 4: Fatal Dive, The

Treasure hunters falsify the facts of a diver's death to prevent anyone from meddling in their quest.

Ep 6: Band of Evil

Barnaby and J.R. help a cowgirl look for a missing broncobuster, unaware that he's already been murdered.

Ep 2: Deadline for Dying

A journalist's investigation of a land scandal ends in murder and blackmail.

Ep 11: Sister of Death

A nun is accused of taking her terminally ill sister off life support.

Ep 10: Fraternity of Thieves

A pair of amateur thieves attempt to cover up the death of their cohort during a holdup - at the risk of the diamonds they've stolen.

Ep 12: Deadly Charade

Betty falls for a playboy who's planning a murder to gain an inheritance.

Ep 13: Testament of Power

The executors of a millionaire's estate attempt to get rid of a new will putting them out of their jobs.

Ep 14: Copy-Cat Killing

A husband kills his wife's lover.

Ep 15: Simple Case of Terror, A

A man is tricked into thinking he committed a murder, but the real killer is his own friend who smuggles diamonds.

Ep 16: Marathon Murders

Barnaby probes the death of a heavily-insured man that is believed to be an accident.

Ep 17: Duet for Dying

A pair of amateur singers commit larceny and murder in an attempt to finance a record.

Ep 18: Circle of Treachery

As a thief awaits trial, his accomplice puts out a contract on the only witness to the crime.

Ep 20: Killer on Campus

Barnaby probes the supposed suicide of a college professor who had been the victim of his student's pranks.

Ep 21: Deadly Valentine, The

A murderer is sending valentines to his victims before killing them - and Betty may be the next target.

Ep 22: Duet for Danger

The two amateur singers that Barnaby put in jail escape and head for Nashville.

Ep 23: Inside Man, The

An aspiring robber is declared a hero for facing his double-crossing partner.

Ep 19: Anatomy of Fear

A rapist threatens to get more violent with Betty's friend if she tells the police.

Ep 24: Run Away to Terror

A runaway thinks she committed a murder.

Ep 9: Reincarnation

Barnaby looks into a 20-year-old case hoping to find clues to an elderly doctor's death.

Ep 8: Captives, The

A runaway housewife gets involved with a gang of thieves plotting an armored-car heist.

Ep 6: Gang War

A gang kidnaps J.R. and demands that he find out who killed the leader.

Ep 10: Shadow of Fear

While on vacation, Betty meets a doctor who's being stalked by a trio of bikers.

Ep 5: Damocles Gun, The

The victim of a hit-and-run disappears as the sole witness calls an ambulance.

Ep 11: Devil's Handmaiden, The

A girl begins to see future fatal accidents while exploring the occult.

Ep 15: Scapegoat, The

A lawyer plans to botch the defense of a murder suspect in order to protect the real killer - his own son.

Ep 1: Death Beat

Barnaby investigates a TV reporter who fakes stories just to get big ratings.

Ep 17: Prime Target

Barnaby believes that a parolee who served time for hit-and-run charges is connected to a year-old robbery case.

Ep 16: Ransom in Diamond, A

The manager of a jewelry-store steals a fortune in order to get a ransom for his kidnapped wife.

Ep 18: Final Judgment (Part 1)

Barnaby comes to suspect that the wrong man was convicted in an 11-year-old kidnapping case.

Ep 7: Daughter of Evil

Barnaby trails a jewel thief who's using call girls to distract his victims.

Ep 14: Child of Danger

A friend dupes Betty into caring for her son while she secretly tries to straighten out her life of crime.

Ep 12: Prisoner of Deceit

Barnaby investigates the death of a reporter who was about to break a huge story.

Ep 13: Deadly Homecoming

A rancher believes his son's death was not an accident.

Ep 19: Final Judgment (Part 2)

Barnaby comes to suspect that the wrong man was convicted in an 11-year-old kidnapping case.

Ep 20: Uninvited Peril

Betty searches for a couple's missing son, unaware that he's a psycho and escaped from a mental hospital.

Ep 2: Mercenaries, The

J.R. is asked to find a man who hasn't been heard from since he became a mercenary.

Ep 3: Wife Beater, The

Barnaby investigates a vicious husband who beats his wife.

Ep 4: Yesterdays Terror

A woman with a shady past plots the murder of her blackmailer.

Ep 22: Coronado Triangle, The

The vanishing of boats and their crews may be caused by supernatural forces.

Ep 21: Terror on a Quiet Afternoon

The heir to a fortune makes trouble for the woman who jilted him.

Ep 1: Blind Jeopardy

Barnaby must find a key witness to a murder hiding in a remote area before hit men do.

Ep 7: Frame for Murder, A

J.R. attempts to save his reputation when he's framed for rape.

Ep 8: Stages of Fear

Betty's former drama coach asks her to look into a series of unexplained events that are scaring a young actress.

Ep 2: Dangerous Affair, A

A salesman murders a customer who was going to expose his corrupt business practices.

Ep 3: Deadly Sanctuary

A rapist terrorizes a resort where Betty is vacationing.

Ep 4: Hitch-Hike to Terror

A young woman claiming to be Barnaby's daughter asks him to clear her of false drug charges.

Ep 13: Medium, The

J.R. goes from skeptic to believer when he helps a psychic investigate the disappearances of several young women.

Ep 15: Echo of a Distant Battle (Part 2)

Barnaby tangles with violent veterans of the Vietnam war as he attempts to clear the name of an Army deserter who's still missing.

Ep 9: Victim of Love

J.R.'s old flame asks him to protect her from her desperate ex-husband.

Ep 17: Dance with Death

When a friend of a disco dancer is found murdered, she believes she's a killer's real target.

Ep 16: Enslaved, The

While investigating a death at a posh sanitarium, Betty discovers a sinister plot to defraud the patients.

Ep 12: Academy of Evil

Betty investigates a series of mishaps terrorizing the faculty of a private girls' school.

Ep 14: Echo of a Distant Battle (Part 1)

Barnaby tangles with violent veterans of the Vietnam war as he attempts to clear the name of an Army deserter who's still missing.

Ep 11: Picture Pirates, The

While investigating a murder in Hollywood, Barnaby discovers that it was committed to cover-up the theft of a movie print to be used in a film-piracy racket.

Ep 10: Memory of a Nightmare

Betty's escort is killed in a car crash, leaving her with partial amnesia and on suspicion of drunken driving.

Ep 18: Protectors, The

An assault on a businessman leads Barnaby to work with a firm that specializes in preventing terrorist kidnappings.

Ep 21: Short Happy Life, A

Betty's cousin is unaware that she's carrying a locker key that the two men stalking her are willing to kill for.

Ep 5: Nest of Scorpions

J.R. goes to a mountain resort to find real estate developer who's gone missing.

Ep 6: Death of a Friendship

A millionaire hires Barnaby to rescue his son from kidnappers.

Ep 20: Master of Deception

A man marries many women involved in electronics projects to steal their industrial secrets.

Ep 19: Fatal Overture

A husband and wife are framed for the death of the husband's ex-lover.

Ep 24: Target of a Wedding

An heiress doesn't know that the fortune hunter she's fallen for has murdered her benefactor.

Ep 23: Child of Love, Child of Vengeance (Part 2)

A member of the cult that Barnaby has encountered may be the key to solving the murder of a lawyer the detective's been investigating.

Ep 22: Child of Love, Child of Vengeance (Part 1)

Barnaby's probing of a lawyer's murder leads him to a religious cult.

Ep 25: Temptation

As a police lieutenant ends up falling for the ex-girlfriend of a murderer in trying to make her a witness to have the murderer convicted, he's framed for the murder of a second witness, so Barnaby and J.R. try to clear him.

Ep 1: Man On Fire

Barnaby works with a claims adjuster in an arson-and-murder case.

Ep 2: Nightmare in Hawaii (Part 1)

In Hawaii, J.R. is framed for murder and thrown in jail by a vengeful cop.

Ep 3: Nightmare in Hawaii (Part 2)

In Hawaii, J.R. is framed for murder and thrown in jail by a vengeful cop.

Ep 9: False Witness

Betty probes the rape of a friend who was in shock when she identified her attacker.

Ep 5: Design for Madness

Barnaby tries to help her emotionally disturbed niece when she's suspected of murdering her husband and his lawyer during memory lapses.

Ep 6: Girl on the Road

A runaway girl discovers that the glitter of the drug world has a deadly underside.

Ep 7: Indoctrination of Evil

While on the search for a missing girl, Betty uncovers a center for white slavers.

Ep 8: Homecoming for a Dead Man

Barnaby finds a man who vanished ten years ago - along with a fortune in stolen gold.

Ep 10: School of Terror

Drug dealers infiltrate a treatment center and murder J.R.'s counselor friend.

Ep 13: Price of Anger, The

A black cab driver runs from a murder scene on the grounds that circumstantial evidence - and racism - would make him the prime suspect.

Ep 12: Run to Death

Betty's friend dies of an alleged heart attack during his constitutional.

Ep 16: Murder in the Key of C

Barnaby is hired to find a composer's fiancé who disappeared running away from unscrupulous music publishers.

Ep 17: Killer without a Name

While on a cruise, Betty falls for a man who's being targeted by South American street police.

Ep 4: Desperate Pursuit, A

Betty's testimony in a trial puts herself in danger and gives her attention from an impressed reporter.

Ep 11: Cry for Vengeance

An ex-policeman, whose son was killed as a warning not to interfere with the local protection racket, leads a vigilante group in a barrio.

Ep 20: Silent Accuser, The

Betty responds to an SOS from her teacher friend, only to find her dead.

Ep 18: Death Is the Punchline

A comic is suspected of killing the nightclub owner who fired him after his act proved to be a flop.

Ep 19: Final Victim, The

A columnist writing about prostitution focuses on a murdered girl whose reputation Barnaby is trying to save.

Ep 22: Killin' Cousin, The

Betty is suspected of killing two members of her family by father and son detectives. This was intended to launch a spinoff called Tarkington (named after the father and son).

Ep 14: Killing Point, The

Barnaby looks for a millionaire's mistress, unaware that she's stolen a priceless objet d'art.

Ep 15: Focus On Fear

Thugs steal a photographer's negatives and blind her after she does an assignment at an air-freight terminal.

Ep 21: Deadline for Murder

A pair of men pretending to be Barnaby and J.R. murder a writer employed by a publishing empire.