Get ready to 'Toon In With Me' weekday mornings starting January 4

Meet the new faces of MeTV mornings!

On Monday, January 4, at 7AM | 6C, it's time to… Toon In With Me! Who needs caffeine when you have cartoons and comedy? 

MeTV's Toon In With Me is a new, original weekday hosted morning show for audiences of all ages. The show promises to brighten everyone's day by combining witty original characters, quick comedy sketches, special guests, surprises, and more.

It's all wrapped around the greatest classic theatrical cartoon shorts ever made. Spend your mornings with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, the Road Runner, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Tweety, Tom, Jerry, Droopy Dog, Popeye, Olive Oyl, and many, many more!

Much like the hosted cartoon shows you remember growing up, now updated with the MeTV fan in mind, Toon In With Me is a morning show for everyone.

Let's take a look at some of the new friends you'll meet on MeTV's Toon In With Me!

Watch Toon In With Me on MeTV!

One Full Hour

Weekdays at 6 AM

*available in most MeTV markets

Bill the Cartoon Curator

Bill is our show's host and MeTV's official "cartoon curator." Dependable, relatable, and knowledgeable, Bill is… often hit in the face with pies. He may seem like the average Bill, sporting his ballcaps and hoodies, but this Bill has refined tastes. Not just in classic cartoons. We're talking peanut-butter-and-sauerkraut sandwiches and lingonberries, too. In a studio filled with zany characters, our host keeps the morning show moving and everyone on task. Well, he tries to.

Toony the Tuna

Toony the Tuna is not your everyday talking fish puppet. His appetite for cartoons is a big as his appetite for… well, everything. Donuts, fried cheese, worms, you name it. More than just a loveable "sidekick," Toony thinks he's the star of the show, with plenty of big, fish-brained ideas overflowing his small tank.

Goldie Fisher

Goldie Fisher is always on the go! As she jets around the globe in five-star style, Toony's owner has entrusted Bill to look after her little red-and-yellow fellow. She also happens to be the significant other of the "Big Kahuna" who runs MeTV. Which is why Bill can't stop calling her "Mrs. Fisher." Now, if only she could remember his name…

Mr. Quizzer

Mr. Quizzer is the game show host who knows the most! Straight out of the Seventies, with the leisure suit to prove it, our resident emcee has a resumé that stretches longer than his vintage microphone. Always ready with a fun sliver of trivia, Mr. Quizzer really knows a lot! Or, well, a little about a lot.

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mstrunk4 5 days ago
Sucks. They want show it on all metv channels. They do not show it on 32.2. because it's free tv.
JarOCats 6 days ago
Stop! Stop! For the love of all things holy and Tex Avery, please STOP with the torturous kiddie program built around these classic, beloved toons!

I've stopped myself from commenting, repeatedly, over the first two weeks of the year because I really wanted to give this a chance. I really did. I know how difficult it is to entertain.

But no, I'm sorry: As likable a fellow as this Bill seems, that thoroughly unlikable fish puppet gives me a strange desire for sushi for breakfast. I'd like to say the writing is an interminable chain of end-to-end dad jokes, but that would be too charitable.

If you're trying to turn today's kids on to these classics, I doubt you'll find them in front of a television anyway; they stream everything. (Which is another thing: Why MEtv has no streaming option is beyond me -- but that's another topic for another day.)

Folks, these cartoons (particularly Chuck Jones) were not made for children, but for adults -- a fact reinforced with every adult viewing. Kids enjoy them, but the real humor is aimed at grown-ups.

And that's where MEtv has gone wrong: talking *down* to its audience (and are they really certain who's watching at 7:00 a.m.?). As a child, I knew when my intelligence was being insulted; I'm sure today's kids are at least as savvy as I was. At least, I hope they are. I hope this isn't a natural result of the dumbing-down of America -- in which case, the target audience may not be children at all. Chew on that disturbing prospect for a moment.

Again, I tried to warm up to the foolishness stuck between the toons. But then I watched this morning's indescribably awful "rap" bit, which pushed me right over the edge: After many years of watching MEtv, I finally registered just to post this comment:

It's horrible. Make it stop. Please make it stop.

Just show the cartoons. Let Bill introduce them with a little historical trivia (yep, like Svengoolie does) on the breaks, and then just show the blinkin' cartoons.

GinnyGarrisonHaas 6 days ago
For the love of everything please just show the cartoons! I can't stand these hosts or the lame skits in between the cartoons and feel like they are not needed. I watch the toons on Saturday and it's perfect because they're not interrupting the toons!
Weezel 7 days ago
Love the old cartoons. The adult humor of nighttime animation and the gentle morality plays that are modern cartoons for children are all well and good in their place, but sometimes you just need too see an anvil fall on a coyote.
bubbletop_watson 7 days ago
I totally agree with gtunsion! He took the words right outta my mouth! Everyone who is watching these older cartoons is AT LEAST 40-50 years old! These corny and ridiculous skits are targeted toward kids under the age of 10. Kids today don’t even watch TV! They stream everything online! So PLEASE stop the irritating, annoying banter and skits! To quote gtunsion, #I totally agree with gtunsion! You took the words right outta my mouth! Everyone who is watching these older cartoons is AT LEAST 40-50 years old! These corny and ridiculous skits are targeted to kids under the age of 10. Kids today don’t even watch TV! They stream everything online! To quote gtunsion, #JustShowTheDamnCartoons!!
Keeferst123 10 days ago
Hello METV 😊

Just thankful that yunz guys created this. Possibly even younger generations MIGHT check out the classics. Know when I was a kid I loved to check out the classics in black and white when on . Just a GREAT blessing to see this back out there !
Yuuji 11 days ago
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers is coming to MeTV along with The Jetsons
Yuuji Yuuji 11 days ago
Also with DuckTales and Sailor moon

gtunison 12 days ago
You really have no idea or do know and don't care who your demographic is. Stupid does not fit how the host and the other crap on this are but ther had yet to be a word made that discripts what a bag of crap it it is. Just show the damn cartoons.
I totally agree with gtunsion! You took the words right outta my mouth! Everyone who is watching these older cartoons is AT LEAST 40-50 years old! These corny and ridiculous skits are targeted to kids under the age of 10. Kids today don’t even watch TV! They stream everything online! To quote gtunsion, #JustShowTheDamnCartoons!
brachytherapy 12 days ago
Love the toons. Keep them coming!!
KevinJNewell 12 days ago
The cartoons are great all my favorites. The rest not so much.
dianalipscob1260 12 days ago
I love cartoons and toony the tuna,Bill
Moparguy62 12 days ago
I am glad that METV has cartoons how, I just wish the host part was not geared towards six year olds. I think the people watching are older than that, Baby Boomers like myself. I would like to see the hosts tell us the date of release and give up the corney stuff.
JamesBanks 12 days ago
Wow, there sure are a whole lot of bitter old folks here. Guess what, this format wasn't meant for you. It was meant to introduce classic cartoons to a new generation. While I don't particularly care for the silly format, it was meant for elementary school children getting ready to go to school, and it really isn't bad compared to every other program geared at children on free television and most pay services these days. Also, while MeTV is geared mostly toward the geriatric crowd, people don't live forever, so, why not gear some programming for the youngest members of our society? So, old folks, stop being bitter and lighten up. This is no worse that Howdy Doody or Bozo the Clown. Yes, I grew up with those as well. We all grew up. And those shows are just as silly to us now if we were to sit and watch them. Try it sometimes. They weren't geared for adults. Get your children up, get your grandchildren up. Get them in on the fun of our youth. This sure beats shows that barely ran one season that were being run in this time frame like my mom the car or some other horrid filler. I sure would like it to stay. It's a nice refreshment of a stagnant timeframe.
wyo307pink JamesBanks 12 days ago
First off, your disrespectful rant about the ‘geriatric’ generation makes your entire diatribe hard to take seriously. You’ll be there someday and I can only hope some young punk treats you with the same disrespect. As to the classic cartoons being shown on METV, legendary animator and director Chuck Jones once stated in an interview these cartoons were not made for children. Not to say that they were ‘adult’ type, but that the subtle references and sight gags were geared to older people, especially in the 40’s and 50’s, and even into the 60’s. When the 70’s rolled in and advertisers realized the marketing potential of cartoons, they started gearing them more towards children, and the sophistication of the classic era disappeared. Not to say a new generation shouldn’t be introduced to these classics, but if they want the mindless drivel that the host sketches are giving out, there are channels geared specifically towards children. Lots of them. I just want to see the cartoons I remember watching. Cut out the host parts and they could show a few more. One last thing. No, people don’t live forever, but that doesn’t mean we should just throw them away to make room for “the youngest members of our society”. Many of them are too busy with their technology to truly appreciate the fine artwork that went into these classic cartoons.
eurogenes JamesBanks 12 days ago
You did not grow up with Howdy Doody or Bozo, so shut up with your put downs of the geriatric aged folks in which MeTV is geared towards.
Keeferst123 wyo307pink 10 days ago
TELL'EM !! Yeah that's just about it . . Many people out there watching the cartoons such as myself, well we just grew up with the Saturday morning CARTOONS traditional status. Now it's just time to " Pass the Torch " . . Giving a younger generation a GREAT sample of our youths . . I myself don't have children; was in comas for my 20s, had a brain tumor after I graduated. Kinda stuck with that childhood love, just as I said : " SO THANKFUL THAT WE CAN PASS THE TORCH ! " . . Our parent's generation did : Seeing cartoons from the 40s, 50s . .
Keeferst123 wyo307pink 10 days ago
True . . Adressed as " The Geriatric Genera5" is a bit TOO MUCH !
Doctor_Clu 12 days ago
Have enjoyed the themes for cartoons... yesterday cartoons on how cartoons are made, and today cartoons about airplanes and flying. Fun live portion and introductions.
gtunison 12 days ago
Please just stop embarrassing yourself. We just want the cartoons. We don't need the corn. It is annoying and stupid. Please stop it.
LittleMissNoName 13 days ago
Try to include some clips and soundbits from The Flintstones in the future. Also, consider paying Svengoolie and Kerwyn to record some segments for the show(safe at home in the secret Svencave).

During the middle of the week, have Mr. Quizzer ask the fans at home a trivia question and have them email the answer to METV to win a small prize and get their name mentioned on the Friday show. Maybe even consider letting the fans submit haikus or silly poems.

ArleneSlenzakLeigh 13 days ago
So disappointed.. the format is horrible.. Bill is annoying.. the stupid fish is too, and what is up with Goldie Fisher (more annoying than the Bill guy) and the quiz guy? Too much talking and useless info. We were led to believe there would be more classic cartoons from before the 60's not the same Warner Brothers and MGM Tom & Jerrys that run for 24 hours on Boom and Cartoon Network.. and certainly more Popeye. How about Mighty Mouse?, Heckle and Jeckle, Woody the Woodpecker, Felix the cat, Beanie and Cecil, and if you really want to get us excited, Rocky and Bullwinke? Thought you'd dig deeper for real classics and show them. This format makes me just turn it off.
deanancy78 13 days ago
Cartoons are just Ok but the format is not good. I’ve been watching MeTV for a long time especially during the early morning hours but I’m now looking for other programming options. Please go back to the old sitcoms
Johnnyquest 13 days ago
Love the Cartoons hate the format it seems more geared towards the 6 year old kids The Muppets it aint!
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