''Hey, it's a living!'' The many animal tools of The Flintstones

Bedrock had some wild inventions!

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The Animal Tech of The Flintstones
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Who says the Stone Age shouldn't have all our modern amenities? Just because someone is from the BC era means they don't get great kitchen appliances? Feh! Not in Bedrock!

One of the best recurring gags in cartoon history is the cavalcade of animal inventions throughout The Flintstones. The writers were great at keeping the action grounded in the past, while also providing characters with the trappings of modern living.

Here's a list of 10 of our favorite animal inventions that helped with chores on The Flintstones.

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1. Monkey Mixer


Sometimes that batter's a little too thick for human hands! That's when this guy's useful. Look at him pump his little legs to beat that bowl into some consistency!

2. Alarm Guy


Forget buying an alarm clock... This creature is an alarm clock! Look at him! Sitting up there in the tree with his sundial watch, just waiting to let you know it's time to wake up.

3. Duck Horn


Barney pulls up in front of Fred's house. Now, any ol' chump could get out and go knock on the door, but Barney is equipped with the latest technology!

4. Bird Knife


Ok, this one seems cruel... Wilma utilizes this animal's bill like a saw, cutting through a ham steak. The bird/dinosaur thing doesn't look happy at all, though.

5. Speed Bag Bird


This bird is actively being traumatized. Fred takes away its agency and then throws punches mere inches away from its face, all just to stay agile in the ring.

6. Pushpin Porcupine


Sure, porcupines have quills. Yes, those quills naturally grow back at roughly the same rate as hair. No, that does not give you the right to use those quills for tailoring needs. That porcupine's not getting paid for his labor!

7. Needle Beak


The Flintstone family has forced this bird into captivity to use as an accessory for their music collection. THERE WERE ONLY THREE SONGS BACK THEN!

8. Turtle Cymbal


Was man ever truly meant to be the ruler of his domain? This turtle does not want to be a crash cymbal for Barney's drumkit!

9. Garbage Disposal


Ok... This guy looks like he's actually having a pretty good time! Cheers, buddy. More life!

10. Needle Beak 2


A second Needle Beak bird raises a series of troubling implications. Did the first one quit? Perish? Why is there so much turnover within the Flintstone household?

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Wiseguy70005 10 months ago
Usually the appliances' comments were unheard by the characters but there was one episode where Wilma responded to the comment.
Hollie 10 months ago
i own this whole series all 6 seasons i turn it on sometimes when my grand kids are over and i messing around the house they are 4 and 5 and they love it
Michaeljscheibn 10 months ago
I thought the garbage disposal always had the best gig and always seemed pretty happy.
tootsieg 10 months ago
The gadgets on the show are a big favorite and the animal’s comments are very funny.
Bapa1 10 months ago
Simpsons and Family Guy did bits about this. Pretty funny.
cperrynaples Bapa1 10 months ago
Yes, but the best might be Robot Chicken where Barney murders Fred and then the "appliances"...LOL!
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 10 months ago
I'd enjoy the article more without the comments about cruelty to animals. This is a CARTOON, no real animals were harmed! I doubt any real people tried to play a record with a bird as the needle or cut a steak using a bird for a knife, and a monkey riding a bicycle as a mixer isn't likely to happen.
Everything has got to be PC now or risk upsetting someone. I miss the good old days when we had freedom of speech and everyone wasn't so weak minded and soft.
PhilK chris70 10 months ago
These 20 to 30 somethings brains are damaged from all the socialist nonsense they got in college.
Kramden62 chris70 10 months ago
Amen to that!
cperrynaples 10 months ago
Could someone explain the deal with Fred's hair in 5? He looks like Little Orphan Annie!
Coldnorth cperrynaples 10 months ago
Freddy your so handsome with Little Annie Hair. I don’t remember ever seeing him look like that
Wiseguy70005 Coldnorth 10 months ago
You're = you are not your
Coldnorth Wiseguy70005 10 months ago
Wiseguy I don’t need your grammar lesson. I am sure there are many people in this room who have eye problems and arthritis problems and a host of other problems. I have some of those problems so I don’t want or need you to add another problem. You have never picked on my grammar before, please don’t start now.
lynngdance 10 months ago
Did I dream it or didn’t there used to be mobile app game a few years ago where you would fix up the Flintstones house and put in all those animal gadgets?
lynngdance lynngdance 10 months ago
Haha didn’t dream it. Looked it up. It was a thing 😄

harlow1313 10 months ago
Well, things haven't really changed all that much. This morning, I brushed my teeth with a hedgehog.
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LoveMETV22 Coldnorth 10 months ago
" Had no idea Airy existed."
There's also Shout TV. Good variety of Films and TV programs.


Coldnorth LoveMETV22 10 months ago
Added Shout too. I’m really missing out on things. Thanks for the info. I very much appreciate your help
LoveMETV22 Coldnorth 10 months ago
" Added Shout too. I’m really missing out on things. Thanks for the info"
Your very welcome. There's one other site called Retro TV that has a live link view, however much of their schedule is paid programming, M-F, a few good programs on Saturdays and Sundays.


Live feed is at the top of the page/Schedule at the bottom.

I'm sure there are other abstract sites out there, but I tend to shy away from those.

However on the free side there are several reputable websites for TV Programs/ Movies:
( I'm guessing you may know about some of them, but figured I'd mention them anyway).

Crackle, Pluto TV, Tubi TV, The Roku Channel ( Free), Xumo. Youtube also has a free link for
TV shows /Movies- meaning what they post not what random users post.

So all in all, there is no shortage of TV Shows/Movies, free to view without the need of subscribing to say Hulu, Paramount+, Etc.... Yes some of the paid services have what's not found elsewhere, however if your patient and wait those other shows and movies do make their way to the free websites. If you need any links let me know, be happy to forward them.
Kramden62 lynngdance 10 months ago
No, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" TV series is unavailable on DVD at this time. Most likely because Disney/ABC, by virtue of their purchase of 20th Television (who produced "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir") in early 2019, now owns (and is most likely *hoarding*) the show.

Sad. I remember I was only 7 when ABC first aired the show during the 1969-1970 season. I believe "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" came on after "The Brady Bunch" on Friday nights. It would bring back many pleasant, untapped childhood memories if I ever saw "The Ghost" again.
MrsPhilHarris 10 months ago
I’ve always loved the animal gadgets.
Andybandit 10 months ago
How sad how those poor animals to do those jobs for TF. But back then, they use animals to do everyday things.
LoveMETV22 10 months ago
Nice follow-up story to several MeTV has done in the past on "Technology on the Flintstones."
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