Andy Griffith Show season 3: Fill in the blanks!

So, do you know your stuff?

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If you've been following along with our Daily Andy Griffith Quiz, you'll know we recently began the show's fourth season.

But before we cross that 100-episode mark, we want to take a look back on the season that was. The Andy Griffith Show's third season ranks among the best of all time. So how well do you recall the episode titles?

We'll write out an episode's name, but we'll leave one word out. Then, it's your job to fill-in-the-blank!

Good luck, and be sure to share your score in the comments section below.

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  1. "Andy's ________ Girlfriend"
  2. "Andy and the New ________"
  3. "Andy and Opie— _________"
  4. "The _______ Thief"
  5. "Barney Mends a Broken ________"
  6. "Floyd, the Gay _________"
  7. "The _____ Jacket"
  8. "One-Punch ________"
  9. "The Loaded ________"
  10. "Opie and the ______ Kid"

Andy Griffith Show season 3: Fill in the blanks!

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STTOS 1 month ago
You got 10 out of 10 - Now that's a score anybody could be proud of! Yes, very easy indeed.
Edddie 1 month ago
Well, will you at least talk to her?
GMACARVER7 1 month ago
10/10 answered these in about 20 seconds. Easy
8176Morgan 1 month ago
10/10 No problem with this one. The third season is far and away my favorite season. So many good episodes. "Convicts At Large", "The Bank Job", "Man In A Hurry", "The Darlings Are coming", "Barney's First car", and "The Rivals". Just to name a few.
Edddie 1 month ago
You mean an "old fashion wood shed" oops ,,, that's gonna leave a mark.
2016jessica 1 month ago
10/10 Got those titles right in my hip pocket. I'm so proud.
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